Wednesday, 23 March 2016



FATHER RORY COYLE is still missing from Armagh and for some strange reasons the diocese and the parish are trying to pretend that he is still there and that nothing at all has happened?

The picture below shows the parish website at the beginning of the week with Father Rory's picture having been removed in a hurry with a press of the DELETE button - leaving his name and details where his picture used to be:

Rory gone !!!!

After people began enquiring about Rory and after this Blog highlighted his disappearance someone in the diocese or the parish decided to put his picture back on the website in a hurry as you will see below:

RORY back !!!
 Rory's reappearance on the parish website was accompanied by a couple of very vicious comments submitted to this Blog by a priest - comments that were too obscene and personal to publish.

Rory was prolific on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and both his Facebook and Twitter accounts have disappeared.

- What you see below is what you get if you try and look at Rory's Facebook account today:

What you see below is what you get if you try and access Rory's Twitter account:

So what have we now:

1. The diocese and parish pretending that nothing happened to Father Rory.

2. The diocese and the parish pretending that he is still in the presbytery.

3. The people of the parish not getting any explanation.

4. A full close down on ALL Rory's internet activities.

If this happened in Russia under President Putin we would say that it was horrible but what you would expect.

But is is happening in what is supposed to be a CHRISTIAN diocese and parish under the control of what are supposed to be CHRISTIAN bishops and priests. 

It reminds me of the expression that used to be very common among clergy:

"The best way to treat the laity in the Church is like mushrooms. Keep them in the dark and throw plenty of shit on them".

Thank God there are fewer and fewer people willing to be kept in the dark and fewer and fewer people willing to accept clerical shit.


  1. That last sentence of yours, Pat: couldn't have put it better!

  2. Well wherever he is I hope whatever situation he is in is congenial, even if he has an element of ambivalence or the decision has been forced.

  3. What can I say..... What are Fr Coyle's friends saying on social media....

    1. They are asking what happened and if he is ok.

  4. Jarlath Vaughan23 March 2016 at 20:12

    Bishop Pat, with further reference to the last sentence, I fully understand the profound clergy-laity chasm. I grew up in the '50s /60s (I'm a year younger than you) and the clerical-laity issue was as prominent as a drunk at a wedding reception. In today's Church, I have found many friendly, humble, courteous clergy; yes, there are a few I would not be dying about, but I generally find the clergy I meet to be friendly and humble. Looking back to my early days - when the Holy Bible - was not studied as it is today, I wonder what the laity would make of Chapter 10, verse 26 of the Book of Acts. With no flattery or servile / toady overtones intended, it was actually yourself and a dear Passionist friend of mine who broke the stern clerical mould by welcoming the laity with gentleness and a little bit of mirth.

    1. Thank you Jarlath for your compliment and your reminder that there are still good priests around.

  5. The disappearing Priest we are reading about here is only a symptom of the real problem of a disappearing Church. There are two outpourings of the Holy Spirit that are mentioned in scripture. The former outpouring which happened on the day of Pentecost which was the birthing of the church. The latter rain outpouring as mentioned in the Old Testament as well as in the book of James 5:7 is to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. It is the responsibility of the church to accomplish the ultimate will of God relating to these issues. The church, the Body of Christ, is the light to the world and the salt of the earth. If the church is not being to the world what Jesus said was two of the major responsibilities of the church; then the world (nations) will gravitate to absolute evilness. The condition of any nation is based on the church, the Body of Christ. "If my people are called by my name shall repent humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins, and will save their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14" The church in Ireland is seeking to build its own kingdom and not the Kingdom of God. It is failing to take its God given responsibilities of being the salt of the earth, and a light to the world. Dark days ahead for this country.

    1. MourneManMichael23 March 2016 at 23:43

      Can anyone please explain to me in plain English what Anon @ 22:33 means? [without regressing into cherry picking and quoting quaint ancient texts from the biblical hotch potch please!] I'd simply appreciate some rational intelligent explanation.
      Thanks in anticipation.

    2. Damned if I know, MMM.

  6. What a load of oul nonsense.Forget all this church and scripture codswallop. Just develop a straightforward relationship with your God. He ain't impressed with how much you know about scripture or how you interpret the bible. He'll want to know did you treat other folk kindly, did you live in a humble way and did you keep your own side of the street clean. Keep it simple!

  7. Orthodoxy versus orthopraxy is a fine balancing act the Church is always struggling with. As a former priest, now married and incidentally unemployed, I find this dichotomy at play in a very real and tangible way in my own personal experience.Leaving priesthood was traumatic on various levels. As a priest I was very safe when it came to orthodoxy. I pretty much accepted the Church's teachings on everything. My Achilees heel was celibacy, when in conscience I felt I was also called to marriage. I am now paying very dearly for following my conscience. The Church was ruthless in abandoning a loyal and obedient servant.When I chose to leave and marry all my celibate friends completely disowned and abandoned me.It was as if I were a raving heretic. I have paid very dearly for choosing another path. Unfortunately due to my lack of skills and training I have not been able to secure a job in any form, even the most menial. I am wondering if my CV stating I am a former priest is mitigating against me??? Who could trust a former priest in this climate anyway? My Bishop doesn't give a toss... all he was worried about is that I signed the laicisation papers to complete a neat canonical process...he doesn't give a crap about issues of basic survival...why should he, given that he is living in clover himself. That's the trouble with clerics. They live in the head. They can afford to. They get paid handsomely for living in abstractions. Disembodied servants of the Church.I know. I was one of them myself until I had to acknowledge my humanity! The hypocrites who really annoy me are the ACP priests. They shout and complain relentlessly, challenging orthodoxy. They pride themselves as liberals and fearless mavericks and rant and rave about the Church..that is until their bishop, superior or CDF offical threatens them. Then they realise their radical dissent may impinge upon their clerical priviliges i.e. income, roof over their head, material comforts etc. Suddenly mouselike, they retreat back into their comfort zones to lick their wounds. It's fools like me who suffer. Orthodox, quiet, non-confrontaional..people prepared to fall on their sword to follow their conscience with dignity.
    I can tell you I have followed my conscience with dignity, even apologetically, penitentially and sorrowfully,and all I have receieved is ostracisation, a complete withdrawal of material support, loss of position and so-called status.
    I have paid hugely for trying to live in an honest manner. For my honesty, I have been punished where it truly hurts, monetarily, materially, financially, only because of celibacy and nothing else. I fully accept all the doctrines of the Church. I failed in this one discipline and my life has been impacted upon in a very hard way.It's not an equal playing pitch. In my diocese there are pedophiles who have not been suspended..I know at least of two.. there are active homosexuals and heterosexuals... priests with children.. and here am I, the fool who is paying the ultimate price....loss of home, employment, vocation for choosing to be honest. It does make me sick...Anonymous

    1. This is one of the most honest and simply profound comments that have ever been contributed to this Blog.

      It made me very sad when reading it.

      I wish I had the funds to offer this man either a full time job or relieve his financial suffering.

      Is there anyone out there who can assist in anyway?

      Would the man involved be willing to get in touch and accept assistance?

      This comment leaves me very sad and concerned :-(

    2. I urge Anonymous @ 00:21 to get in touch with Bishop Pat. If there is one decent human and humane being who can advise you, it is he.

      Don't think about; please just act.

  8. Now,now, MMM you are being a very naughty boy. You are inviting all these biblical "experts" and fireside "historians" to break cover and,in trying to explain to you the incoherent and totally irrelevant ramblings of the saddo at 22.33,they end up exposing themselves as being as every bit as sad ! Anybody with a modicum of sense would see what you're up to but there will be some clown silly enough to fall for your ploy and will thus fulfill Barnum's observation that " there's one born every day"
    And if they do "explain " then your amusement and laughter at their stupidity will probably be eclipsed by the sound of my howls up here in the Glens.
    Dalriada Dick

    1. MourneManMichael25 March 2016 at 16:48

      Oh dear: you've rumbled me DD!
      And I haven't received any 'explanations' yet, so maybe your comment warned them off?
      Although there is a later comment again full of biblical 'quotextplanation' (just thought that word up), which I think is from same source. It's another Anon. Glad to see lots of name-handles appearing showing the broad range of contributors.

  9. Just an update - The Archbishop said during the Chrism Mass that Fr Rory had asked for a period of DISCERNMENT. He asked us to pray for him and not listen to any slander or rumours. In my opinion, HE IS FINISHED.

  10. Another wee update - from this week's Armagh Parish Bulletin

    A message from Fr Rory
    Dear Friends, Thank you for all the prayers and messages of support that I have been receiving over
    the past few weeks. As you may know, I recently asked the Archbishop for time off to get some
    personal and spiritual support. Following this, I have now asked him to extend my leave so that I can
    engage in a period of personal discernment and receive the further help that I need at this time. I am
    grateful to all of you, especially Archbishop Eamon, Fr Peter and my brother priests for your kindness
    and understanding. Please keep me in your prayers as I will keep you in mine. Fr Rory