Saturday, 19 March 2016




The latest INDULGENCES "offer" comes from the Roman Catholic bishop of Wrexham in North Wales.

Bishop "Plenary Indulgence" Brignall

If you cannot get to the source of the indulgence His Lordship will bring the indulgence to you - courtesy of his car trailer and a Portable Indulgence Door !

The Catholic Church says:
"Like all previous Jubilees, the Jubilee Year of Mercy features a very special plenary indulgence (the complete remission of all temporal punishment due to sin).
Even though we can only obtain one plenary indulgence a day, if you perform the required actions for other plenary indulgences on the same day, you can still obtain multiple partial indulgences.

To receive the Jubilee Year indulgence, you must fulfill the usual conditions, (specified below) and perform the indulgenced act: passing through a designated Holy Door during the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy (between Dec. 8, 2015, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, and Nov. 20, 2016, the Solemnity of Christ the King) or performing one of the corporal or spiritual works of mercy.

You may receive the plenary indulgence yourself, or offer it for a person in purgatory.

To receive a plenary indulgence

  • It is necessary to be in the state of grace at least at the time the indulgenced work is completed.
  • A plenary indulgence can be gained only once a day. In order to obtain it, the faithful must, in addition to being in the state of grace:
    • have the interior disposition of complete detachment from sin, even venial sin;
    • have sacramentally confessed their sins;
    • receive the Holy Eucharist (it is certainly better to receive it while participating in Holy Mass, but for the indulgence only Holy Communion is required); and
    • pray for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff."
Our local Door of Mercy, where you can obtain ONE PLENARY INDULGENCE a day but as many PARTIAL INDULGENCES as you wish - by going through the door is at St Patrick'e Church in Donegall Street in Belfast.

If you are passing there and see a small number of old people going in and out of the door hundreds of times there is no need to panic or ring the police or the ambulance services.

They are simply devout Roman Catholics gaining a PLENARY INDULGENCE for themselves and multiple PARTIAL INDULGENCES for their living and dead relatives and for various souls at various stages of their sentences in Purgatory.

Remember Purgatory is not like Maghaberry Prison where you can get 50% off your sentence for good behaviour.

The only way to have your Purgatorial sentences reduced is to have people on earth going in and out through Doors of Mercy - whether those doors are stationary - or as in the case of Wrexham - mobile. 

So - get yourself to a DOOR OR MERCY near you!


  1. I've never herd of a indulgence door before but I've herd of many a rc priest using a glory hole . Maybe noel should get one of these doors erected up at the giants ring or Helens bay there's plenty of his priests use that area to get indulged

    1. Now! Now! You know as well as I do that what you suggest is a different kind of Indulgence.

      Noel has no need to to arrange any erections at Giant's Ring or Helen's Bay.

      PP D&C

    2. Yes I do I was being a smart arse . But do catholics really need to go through all that nonsense to have forgiveness? . I pray to God directly and ask for his mercy and what ever else I may wish to say .am I any less worthy than someone who walks through a door ? . Fair play to anyone who it gives comfort to I just think it's a load of b.s and if it has anything to do with rc church money will be involved somewhere

    3. I know the above comments are tongues in cheeks.

      But there is a serious side to the suggestion. If D&C and other diocese had private Glory Holes that were private, suitably staffed and health regulated, then priests could gain their indulgences without the fear of exposure and scandal.

      This development would be perfectly in line with Bishop Treanor's unspoken policy of voluntary celibacy in his diocese.

      Ballymena Bobby.

    4. What have all the above comments to do with the theology and practice of INDULGENCES?

      Are you all sex addicted?

    5. YES! But I can't get indulged. (Sigh)

  2. Gives a new meaning to "Heals on Wheels". Did you ever wonder why people connect so well with the ash of ash wednestay but are afraid of the eucharist of salvation

    1. They are made to feel afraid of the Eucharist through Canon Law. It makes them feel morally more rascally than righteous.

  3. Voluntary Celibacy...? Doesnt say much for the dignity of the partners What rights do they have

  4. Pat, I haven't fully read the terms and conditions of going through the door of mercy bur perhaps for the avoidance of doubt can you please tell me if I go through the door and I'm wearing a miraculous medal or have in my pockets a set of metallic rosary beads will the door go "bleep"? Will I still gain entry into St Patrick's or will I have to undergo a full body search by a member of SVdeP.
    Is it necessary for my whole body to pass through the door or could I gain a partial indulgence (say 10%) if I only put one leg through. If that were the case by putting my leg through and retracting it 10 times Could I gain the full boonah? I envisage a kind of hokey kokey action, right leg in- right leg out etc etc. This could be a lot easier if there was musical accompaniment by say the Young Conway Volunteers ( a musical group who have provided religious airs in the vicinity of St Pats before).
    If I have a mortal sin (one of those big sexy whoppers) am I right in assuming that no matter how often I go out and in it will be to no avail. The sin won't budge!
    Is there an admission fee to enter the door and if so is it reduced if you're a member of the GAA.?
    Dalriada Dick

    1. The idea of a walk through the Door of Mercy has as much credibility, morally and intellectually, as avoiding walking under a ladder to forestall 'bad luck'. In other words, it's a preposterous superstition which only Catholics would believe.

      No wonder Catholics are referred to as 'pope worshippers'.

      Catholicism is an international joke!

    2. MourneManMichael20 March 2016 at 17:39

      Must agree anonymous @ 00:27.
      I've just Googled "Wrexham Bishop+Indulgence", and read the diocesan info on how to gain the indugence.
      You couldn't make it up!
      "Prisoners may receive the indulgence in the prison chapel. In their case, the door of their cell may serve as the Holy Door".
      I'm sure the warders in Maghaberry will be delighted to open the cells so their customers can Hokey Cokey in and out. Maybe even the RC bishops could jointly request the prison authorities that 'holy door indulgences' could be considered for remission of time to be served as well as remission of sins. Two for the price of one: why not?

  5. MourneManMichael20 March 2016 at 01:34

    DD, I love your style. But in serious vein, you expose the incredible stupidity, illogicality and absolute idiocy of the whole indulgence farrago.
    In truth I'd forgotten about all that 'indulgence' aspect of the RC church's more unbelievably outlandish doctrinal pot pourri, so thank both, you for highlighting it's maddness, and Pat for raising the issue in first place.
    No wonder Luther nailed his colours to the mast!

  6. In D&C I've heard there are two holy doors!
    St Pats is the official holy door which covers all the usual misdemeanours and peccadillos of life. True, it can only be used once a day for the full Monty i.e. Squeaky clean wash. And, as your correspondent says, it gives limitless spit and shine washes. Not quite the same but the equivalent for our souls of all this car washes which have sprung up.
    The second holy door is at Clonard. It's highly decorated with that little bit extra in taste. I think they got a born again Rembrandt from the Ulster museum to do another prodigal theme! They have also little "off the shoulder" decorative items as is the speciality of redemptorists everywhere.
    More importantly, because there are two holy doors in Belfast could it be that:
    we could get two full montys a day? But since we can only use one- could the other one (at Clonard) be banked as used as equity for those occasions when we are very very naughty?
    In fact, we could be sin comfortably knowing that we have St Pats and Clonard. Isn't D&C so lucky. Having two Noels looking after our salvation.

  7. Could there be a shuttle bus arranged between St Pats and Clonard?

  8. There's no need to pay this modern day Tetzel in order to use his glory hole, sorry, indulgence door?