Sunday, 6 March 2016




On one occasion Napoleon Bonparte told a Roman cardinal that he was going to destroy the Church of Rome.

The cardinal replied: "You will not succeed - we priests have been trying to do that for 1800 years".

The cardinal was right - and his words are more true today than ever.

What kinds of priests and bishops are destroying the Catholic Church today? Those priests and bishops are:

1. The many priests and bishops who do not really believe in God but who are in the "job" for a comfortable life and prestige.

2. The many priests and bishops who never pray and are never seen to pray.

3. The many priests and bishops who abuse sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

4. The many priests and bishops who live in palatial bishop's palaces and presbyteries and live FIVE STAR lifestyles.

5. The many "straight" bishops and priests who pretend to be CELIBATE and who have both live in and live out girlfriends - and occasionally even children.

6. The many "gay" priests who pretend to be CELIBATE but who have live in and live out boyfriends and who cruise gay cruising areas and who go in groups of gay holidays.


7. The many priests and bishops who regard their life as a "profession" instead of a vocation to serve.

8. The many priests and bishops who are only in their dioceses and parishes on Sundays and special occasions and who spend the rest of their time on the golf course, travelling or wining and dining in each other's houses on in the houses of rich parishioners.

9. The many priests and bishops who are aloof from their people - the priests and bishops Pope Francis referred to who DO NOT have the "smell of the sheep about them".

10. The young priests coming out of seminaries now who not at all interested in pastoral work bit who are only interested in each other, clerical clothing, fine vestments and lace albs and surplices.

11. The young priests who are coming out of seminary now who are actually quite "thick" and who have no understanding of spirituality, theology, philosophy or pastoral care. 

Ordinary Catholics are looking on at all these so called bishops and priests and finding them hypocritical, immature, superficial, un-spiritual, unlearned, materialistic, sexist, misogynist, faithless, prayer-less and without principle. 

I live in the territory covered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Down and Connor in which there are 150 + priests.

With the exception of Father Des Wilson I cannot think of ONE of them I would go to for spiritual direction, Confession or even the so called "Last Rites".

As the Bible laments:


And that's why the Roman Catholic Church (and most churches) are becoming more and more irrelevant !!!


  1. Parishioners have become anaesthetised over the years. Many priests are stuck in a world of the need (valid) for financial security. While suffering personally they choose to carry on regardless. Some living a dual identity of Fr fekit aka Fr Jack D.A. Lad. People like you and I make some sort of a stand and become a five minute media wonder. Viva la revolution but where is it....

  2. Who is the young lady in the photograph at paragraph 5

  3. P S A nearby Vicar has a gay partner-not living in. Everybody knows including church authorities. Nobody gives a shite. Parishioners accept the situation and the wrath of God has not demolished the church

    1. Yes Sean. Good. But I bet you he is not PRETENDING to be celibate and constantly preaching about other's sexual sins!!!

    2. He is definitely not pretending. I have not heard any issues re sermons etc

  4. Apart from pat there isn't 1 decent priest in down and connor the whole works of them are nuthing but scum I'd gather the lot of them up and toss them over a cliff . Those who others wud say are genuine priests sit on there hands and say nothing while the rest of them are riding the country tellin lies about people and filling there fat faces like the glutenous tramps they are . That makes them just as bad and should be punished like the rest . I'm of the firm belief that the church of Rome and it's priests are not true Christians . To quote rev ian paisley I don't hate catholics I just pity the poor dupes . I don't hate anyone but why do intelligent people not see what's going on in the churches ? Priests standing up at the alter telling everyone how to live and yet they behave like swine themselves . When will people open there eyes and see what's going on ? . I've seen and I've walked away but my faith is as strong as ever I feel no need to go to a church or eat a piece of dried bread to feel close to god and I certainly dnt need to pray to saints or touch relics or pay some monk £20 to chant some nonsense while touching my head . These priests are nuthing more than power hungry vermin they choose the priesthood because there failures in life and it's the only job they can get where they will be treated with respect . This will continue as long as blind people keep paying up and saying nothing

    1. I appreciate your comments.

      But would you not think that SCUM and VERMIN are too harsh words?

      You have obviously been hurt by a D&C priest(s).

      They are generally speaking a bad lot :-(

    2. A bad farmer can fek up a good field-dont blame the dry bread. The true church is bigger than the stupid fekkers that are trying to run part of the "franchise"

  5. Pat, I respect what you say but do think that you're being a wee bit unfair. I'm a priest myself and never preach about sexual morality. I don't tell people how to live their lives as I'm only too aware of the huge struggles in my own life. I hope I'm doing the best that I can in every pastoral situation I meet. Yes, I've loads of faults but I acknowledge them and try to work through them. I often challenge my bishop and others in authority in the diocese and I'm seen as a troublemaker as a result. In 22 years of priesthood I've never 'sat on my hands' or nodded my head in agreement. I have no interest in climbing the greasy pole of promotion. I can inly hope that I'm doing my best.
    Pat, real genuine priests do actually exist!

    1. Please forgive me if I have misjudged YOU.

      I fully accept what you say.

      But you will have to agree that the D&C presbyterate is rather dismal???

  6. Father Pat Sheehan, Father Pat McCaffrey and Father Pat McWilliams are true good priests.

    1. I have no knowledge of Pat Sheehan.

      Pat McCafferty has suffered greatly but his conservatism and almost right-wing-is puts me off.

      I have known Paddy McWilliams for 38 years and find him very aggressive and is definitely not charitably inclined towards me. The last time we met was in Antrim Hospital he refused to acknowledge me. Is that Christ like?

    2. I have some experience of these three priests, Pat. Fr Paddy McWilliams (Paddy Mac - as he is known) is bullish and aggressive. That being said, he has done a lot of good in West Belfast - in his younger days.

      However, if you crossed Paddy Mac you were never forgiven and if you tried to stand in his way, he would do his best to bulldoze you. He was the sort of priest who would be quick to "take the collar off" - in other words, engage in fisty cuffs, if provoked. I am not surprised to hear that he ignored you in the hospital - that would be typical. He is a 'company man' after all, through and through.

      Fr Pat Sheehan and Fr Pat McCafferty are excellent priests, two gentlemen. If there were more priests like those two, Bishop Treanor would have no problems in Down and Connor.

      Fr Pat McCafferty helped our family with a very difficult and sensitive matter. He is very compassionate and loved by the people. Fr Pat Sheehan is also a true priest and loved by the people. Given all that Fr Pat McCafferty was put through - including by the Church - his continued ministry is remarkable and many people are glad to see him back in Belfast.

      Here are some other very good priests whom I have met: Fr Paul Byrne, Fr McGorrian and Fr Dermot in Lisburn, Fr Raymond McCullough, Fr Thomas McGlynn, Fr Martin Graham, Fr Peter Carlin, Fr Aidan McCaughan, Fr Vincent in Poleglass (can't remember his second name) Fr Colum McBride, Fr Brendan Hickland, Fr Brendan Beagon, Fr Brendan Smyth in Turf Lodge (unfortunate name but a good priest),Fr Aidan Denny, Fr Sean Moore, Fr Paul Turley, Fr Doran (all three in Clonard), Fr McCann in Twinbrook, Fr Henry McCann.

      My experience is mainly of Belfast and this not an exhaustive list. So while there are certainly some priests we could well do without, there also fine and holy priests who are doing their best in difficult times. God bless all of them.

      Belfast parishioner/

  7. As a Priest of Down & Connor Diocese it grieves me greatly to have to acknowledge that your blog speaks a lot of truth in relation to Priesthood.
    I condemn no-one, those in a collar and those without.
    However I see that Priesthood in D&C is in a perilous state, and a day of reckoning beckons ever closer.

    Priest of D&C.

  8. The Priest who prays sincerely, will preach from the heart and will touch the hearts of others; the Priest who fails to pray, will preach from the mind, and will transfer information from his own mind to the minds of others.
    Which of these 2 types of Priest can bring us closer to God; the one who loves God, or the one who knows a lot about God ?


  9. Fr McCafferty is theologically conservative quite possibly because he was abused.

    Those who psychologically ( and even physically) have lost control of events in their lives that brought them great pain sometimes retreat into ideological rigidity as a form of personal protection and security. They are hard on themselves and therefore hard on others.

    1. Why does "theologically conservative" have to equate with being "hard on others"? I have met so-called "liberals" who were/are unreasonable dictators - their way or the high way".

      I have known Fr Pat McCafferty for a long time. He is a very kind priest. I have never known or heard of him to be "hard" on anyone.

    2. Anon. at 22:25, theological conservatism, like its liberal counterpart, does not 'have to equate' with anything beyond what it actually is: ideological/ moral absolutism (or certitude). There is nothing inherently wrong with
      such positions; we all, in our own ways, adopt them. The problem lies in
      believing that one's absolutism must be the only one: that no others can be acceptable. This leads to judgements about the moral worth of people and
      their fitness to, for example, to receive sacramental grace.

      Fr McCafferty falls ito this category of person/priest. He is kind, yes; but I find him also narrowly judgemental of others morally. Judgement involves
      condemnation, either explicitly or implicitly, and imputes moral and spiritual unworthiness to people who might have acted in good faith from a
      perspective that Fr McCafferty and his like have never experienced, much
      less understood.

      This is not moral relativism in different words, but a distinguishing between personal experiences of life for which there may not be a one-size-fits-all moral code.

    3. I do know what you are talking about. All I know is that in all the years I have listened to Fr Pat, I have never heard him condemn anyone. He is not even the sort of priest who preaches those kind of sermons. i have never heard of him turning anyone away from the sacments or who needed help.

    4. I do not know Paddy McCafferty well enough to judge whether or not he is hard on others or turns people away.

      But he is famous for his condemnation of Bishop Paddy Walsh.

      And in that case he is perfectly justified.

    5. Fr McCafferty's condemnation of Bishop Walsh?

    6. He has spoken angrily to so many about Walsh.

    7. Having heard the story of Fr paddy's experiences of Bishop Walsh around Jim Donaghy, I would say he has every right to be absolutely furious for it is a shocking saga.