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Now that the story of Father Rory Coyle is in the public domain and his naked pictures are secured in the safe of the newspaper THE IRISH NEWS maybe it is time to put the story in its overall context?

First of all let us acknowledge that the story is a human tragedy. A very prominent outwardly conservative young priest sees his personal life all over the media - and that must be painful and embarrassing for him, his family and his friends. He has obviously known that he was gay for over 20 years but he did his best to keep that side of his life a secret  - and it would still be a secret had he not gone on the gay sex site GRINDR looking for sexual relief. 

Of all the people that he could have met on Grindr he was unfortunate enough to link up with a former pupil of a school where he used to be the Catholic chaplain. He then very foolishly sent that man naked pictures of himself, had a sex chat with him and even gave him his real mobile number.  He must also have shown that man his face - as we can presume that the man did not recognise him from the normally hidden parts of his body.

What did the man do with all this material he had gleaned from Rory? He sent it to the Catholic newspaper The Irish News.

There is no suggestion that Rory ever met this man and since the story became public there is the suggestion that the young man led Rory into a trap - not to meet him - but to "out" him. 

In March Archbishop Eamon Martin obviously became aware that a scandal was about to break around Rory. So Eamon Martin sent him away on an indefinite leave of absence - while still officially leaving him posted on the Armagh Parish website as a curate of the parish. 

The Irish News, being a pro Catholic newspaper ( its motto is Pro Fide et Patria ) - For Faith and Fatherland) were obviously sitting on the story and may indeed have asked Eamon Martin for a comment. 


The overall context of this story is that the Catholic Church is gradually becoming homosexualised - that is that the majority of its priests are now gay. In turn and in time that will mean that the majority of its bishops will be gay.

These new, young gay men are theologically and liturgically very conservative - with a liking for Latin Mass, lace albs and surplices, ornate vestments and generally speaking "the smells and the bells".

They preach and lecture from the pulpit about chastity and sexual continence.

But they are also sexually schizophrenic - in that they are very sexually active themselves in a gay way - meeting other men on gay sites, attending gay saunas, prowling gay meeting areas, socialising in gay pubs and clubs and often going, alone or in groups, on gay themed holidays. 

They also seem to be quite shallow and seem to have a weak or non-existent faith and little or no prayer life. 

They live for designer clothes, expensive vestments, fine dining and their hidden gay life.

They are also clerically ambitious. They want preferment in the Church and some of then are willing to offer their superiors sexual services in return for that preferment.

They are much more likely to have the smell of Jean Paul Gaultier about them than Pope Francis' "smell of the sheep".

Their gay sex life starts in seminary with each other or with their priest teachers or lay fellow students. 

So it is in this context that we must view Rory Coyle's fall from grace - although we do not know anything, as of yet, about his sexual history. 

The Catholic Priesthood is in a huge state of crisis and no one is doing anything about it. Part of the reason for that is that there is a large gay cabal in the Vatican, some local bishops are themselves compromised and if bishops were to clear out the Grindr Priests from their diocese they might have to close down half of their parishes.

The answer? Its hard to say. But it has to involve a different type of priestly training, a spiritual and theological renewal and the ordination of married men and women.

If you grow your priests in all male, all single, primarily gay hothouses do not be surprised if you produce Grindr priests.      

Father Adam (left) with Father Steve



  1. Just thinking - maybe this difficult time for Rory will turn out to be his LIBERATION - free from having to pretend, from having a troubing secret, from having to seek love and friendship furtively, from living a lie, from fear of being found out etc.

    So often in life the thunder, lightening and rain are harbingers of the coming sun?

    1. And good Bishop, the hand that hurts is often the hand that heals.

    2. He was on the prowl for sex with no strings and he ensnared himself in his own folly. He is deeply dysfunctional to have been engaged in such activities. I hope he does get healthy but he is going to have to undergo a massive conversion of mind and heart, away from egotism, narcissism and self-centredness. He has my prayers.

    3. Yes he "outed" himself to "Eoin" or whatever his name is.

      Then Eoin, or whatever his name is, outed him to the world.

      Sadly, Rory was the "prime mover".

    4. There might be a "prime mover" before Rory and that might be the Roman Catholic Church's medieval approach to sex.

      No one denies the role that Rory played in his own downfall.

      But we must remember he is a victim of a very dysfunctional set of teachings when it comes to sex, homosexuality etc.

      Rory bought into that in his preaching and public views but fell foul of it in his own personal circumstances.

    5. These young fellas like Rory Coyle are certainly theologically and liturgically conservative but they are also lacking in intelligence. Let's face it - They're not that bright!

      I would say that their theology would not stand scrutiny. They would be better off joining the theatre.

      For them, the Sacred Liturgy is "a stage", "a costume drama", "pure theatre". Some of these guys would be better pantomime dames than priests.

      They are not fit to be priests. They are like wee girls who love to dress up! Very cute in a wee girl but not in grown men in their 20's, 30's and 40's, etc. It is very very worrying.

      The homosexualisation of the priesthood will result in a gravely dysfunctional priesthood - a priesthood that no one - not even homosexuals - will take seriously.

      Of course, we should welcome both homosexual and heterosexual men in the priesthood - the Church has always done so; but we must ensure that a man who offers himself for Ordination is a healthy human being - not perfect - but at least HEALTHY - integrated, balanced, rightly-motivated.

      This is not happening and it seems to be stemming from the seminary with this system of older gay priests taking younger gay seminarians and young priests "under their wings" - a bloody recipe for disaster!

      You can bet your last buck that Rory Coyle is not the only one of the "theatre troupe" clerics on grindr and living a life of grievous sin behind the silk, lace and starched linen curtains!

      There needs to be a clearing out, starting with Maynooth and the Irish College in Rome - and that includes some of staff!!!

      Rory Coyle won't be the last cleric of his vintage to bring disgrace on the priesthood. Brace yourselves and pray unceasingly.

    6. I agree. They are far from bright. You could not have a decent deep conversation with them.

      You are also right in the need of a total clear out.

    7. This is disgusting! I'm sorry a gay priesthood will lead to dysfunction! How dare you, how dare you! Gay men will be loving, kind and compassionate! The hypocracy will lead to dysfunction! Bishop I have been told about this blog! These comments about gay men are appalling and borderline hate speech!

    8. Should the church not reflect society - which is hardly 100% gay?

  2. Pat this is one of the finest summaries I have read of the state of the priesthood I have read. It is one hundred percent accurate. one hundred percent! I know as I am a priest, though no longer in public ministry, and I am gay. Like many a priest my 'Messiah Complex' could only get me so far and in my early 30's I started to discover my sexuality and started to cruise and seek out anonymous sex with disastrous results. I wasn't outed but was arrested in a public toilet by police near to where I was ministering. These sensible men where not shocked or condemning of me and let me away with a caution. They treated me with infinite sensitivity and kindness, unlike the diocesan authorities when they eventually found out a few years later as a result of something entirely unrelated. I was out on my ear with nowhere to live and no support. I suspect the same will happen to Fr Coyle. That was nearly 20 years ago and I have rebuilt my life outside of the Church and am a much happier and better integrated person. I used the priesthood to meet my own needs and as a cover for my own neediness; the usual reason for dressing up in cassocks, cotta's belly bands, birettas and fine vestments. The more you dress up, the more you cover up. I am sad for what happened to Fr Coyle. But in time he will see it as the best thing that could have happened to him. The wider problem remains though and that is the crisis at the heart of the Church about how it understand ministry. Pat you are right. The Catholic priesthood is a Gay Profession. I would also say that the majority of bishops under 65 and a good number above it (including Cardinals) are gay. In the last five years half a dozen of my classmates from Rome have been made bishops. Everyone of them is gay (I have no evidence of them as acting out as such) and another one (very good looking, who caught the eye of his archbishop (now Cardinal) and who was asked three times to accept nomination, had the good sense to say no. As he told the crestfallen Eminence "I have too much in my Gay past that if it were to come out would cause such damage." He has not been asked since and is a well integrated, if somewhat lonesome 50 yo PP in a large English city. Thank you Pat for continuing to shed light and offer support to those who find themselves in this toxic world, and for exposing the hypocarcy of GAy bishops and archbishops who choose these pretty boys as secretaries and MC's and then drop them like hot potatoes when it all comes out of the clerical closet.

    1. I greatly admire the honesty of your comment.

      You are indeed a better person, Christian and priest now than you were then.

      Your personal insights to the promotion of the pretty ones are very informative.

  3. It takes an uncommon personal integration and psychosexual maturity to live a healthy life of celibacy in today's hypersexualised world. Might not just having a conversation about the possibility of optional celibacy be a positive step forward for the Church?

  4. It's interesting to note that the vast majority of comments from 'ordinary' folk on the Irish News' Facebook page are supportive of Fr Coyle, and grateful, regardless of his sexuality, or sinfulness, for the ministry they have received from him; moreover, they largely agree that the Irish News has served no useful purpose in publishing this story.

    Every person, public figure or not, even priests, are entitled to privacy, that is enshrined in law. Some will argue that this right is waived when you enter the public arena, but there seems to be little or no 'public interest' (the argument most often used for justifying intrusions into others lives) in the publication of this story, on this blog, in the Irish News or anywhere else. Has anyone complained that Fr Coyle has condemned, harassed or otherwise discriminated against homosexual persons in the course of his ministry? I don't know; If he has then he might well be held to account for hypocrisy, if not then his own moral struggles should not be laid bare for the world to see.

    There is in this case, no hint, suggestion or accusation of illegal activity, that would justify publication, therefore we are dealing with the sinfulness of an individual. Yes, we recognise that all sin has an effect on the whole Body of Christ, and that priests are called to a particular holiness of life, but we have long since done away with the practice of public confession, chapters of faults and public penance - rather than parading Fr Coyle's alleged actions in public, it would seem that the more compassionate, Christian response would be to allow him the space to reflect, repent and if it comes to that, recommit himself to his priestly vocation and promises without the added pressure of public comment and the salacious intrusion of the media. Surely, like every other Christian, struggling with his sinfulness, Fr Coyle is entitled to the privacy of the confessional?

    No human person is perfect, and when faced with our own sinfulness it is compassion that we require, not condemnation. I am glad that when I come to the end of my days, I will be judged, not by other humans, or even by other Christians, but by a loving and merciful God.

    It would be a true act of Christian compassion and mercy to forgive Fr Coyle whatever sin he might have committed, and allow him, should he so desire, to return to the obviously fruitful ministry that he exercised in the past. We would do well to follow the example of Christ in the Gospel where he encounters both the woman at the well and the woman taken in adultery, there is no condemnation, rather the call to conversion and to go and sin no more.

    humilis et peccator

    1. You make a very valid point.

      But Jesus did say to the woman: "Go and sin no more".

      Can Rory return and still be a Grindr priest?

      This is a bigger issue than forgiveness - which must always be available.

      But sorrow, a firm resolution etc are prerequisites for forgiveness, are they not?

    2. TO: ANONYMOUS 16:42

      You say "alleged".

      Where are the denials from Father Coyle, Archbishop Martin and the Archdiocese if these things are only "alleged".

      Frustrated PP, Armagh.

  5. I agree with humilis et peccator.Indeed self-deception is such a sad reality of all our lives. Is there no limit to our blindness and resulting hubris? Becoming aware of our own sinfulness can be punishment enough without having the whole world looking on. However, bringing to light what is dark can at least lead to repentance and conversion.Compassion and mercy must trump the demands of the law. We need more theology of the Prodigal Son, not less. There should always be provision for second chances. Unfortunately the Church doesn't always practice what it preaches and can do merciless, permanent and irrevocable hatchet jobs on its own clerics who step out of line. No wonder priests don't trust their superiors or see them as true fathers like the one in the aforementioned parable.

    1. I know!

      Far too many church superiors are worrying about covering their own backsides etc.

      But I am sure that you would agree that when one steps seriously out of line there is some duty upon the man who fails too.

      In the Parable you mention - the son needed to return in a true spirit of sorrow before being embraced by the father's arms.

      Its a two way street ???

  6. pat Buckley . You are so bitter and twisted. Your great love is denigrating the catholic church, Why don't you go and join Isis ?

    1. If you knew me you would know that I am not twisted or bitter.

      But what is the Catholic Church?

      The institution we now have - The Roman Empire Mk 11

      Or the family / community Jesus founded?

      I don't like the empire.

      But I love the family / community.

      I tried to join Isis in Turkey in January but they tried to blow me up !!!

    2. Pity they didn't succeed!

    3. what an uncharitable thing to say anonymous there is a far bigger difference with the things ISIS do than Bishop Pat speaking out and saying what the rest of us thinks of some of the catholic teachings etc. I for one would much prefer to attend mass with a priest like Father Rory or Bishop Pat who are true to their own selves than some of the paedophilia members of the priesthood that have destroyed others lives rather than themselves.

  7. I fully agree Bishop Pat that amends have to be made. There is a fine balancing act to act justly and compassionately without watering down the message or offending parishioners. I think by and large that the 'ordinary' faithful are far more understanding than some professional clerics who have reputations to uphold. Unfortunately those who more often than not become prelates are high on the power drive and can be ruthless or terrified in suppressing any perceived threat to their position. The average person in the pews will have had their fair share of relationship and family/financial problems and are not generally into power games. They will want to forgive.
    I totally agree that the man who fails has also to do something about it. I am not equating being given a second chance with being sent back into full active ministry. What I meant was that the man shouldn't be thrown out of the priesthood if he genuinely wants to continue in that vocation. That of course entails a full recommitment to celibacy. That might involve him spending a considerable amount of time under supervision, counselling etc in a setting like a monastery or rehabilitation centre. Parish ministry may never again be an option but surely there are other ministries of an academic or administrative nature that a priest can still engage in?

    1. Thank you. I agree about the fine balancing act - done in the spirit of The Nazarene.

      I agree that Rory should be given a second chance if he wants one - including the chance to return to full active ministry.

      Of course he should not be thrown away or out.

      He will have to face the question of celibacy as he has never faced it before.

      If his has a vocation NO ONE can take it from him and if he cannot be celibate maybe he would do well in another Christian Community?

      He has had his challenge.

      Now he deserves love, acceptance, understanding and support.

      And that Catholic Church must ask itself what is it about itself and its disciplines that made Rory do what he did.

    2. Anyone would think Rory was the victim in all this. He's on permanent leave of absence. End of.

  8. I appreciate the fact that most people are forgiving and considerate in their comments. Armagh Sam.
    I was one of those who requested that you should block those who use crude an unnecessary bad language on your blog. I have not seen such since - if you did to this I am very grateful. It scares my budgies, upsets my dog and upsets the children

  9. Can I ask Patrick Buckley what his agenda is? Let me make it clear, I am a gay man, I respect religion as far as it respects me. I am 35, I have been out since 13 and I attended my first gay equality, or should I say, equality rally at 14 with the fantastic support of my family, friends and the community in Andytown. I have been reading about this priest from Armagh being caught on gay dating sites .......! Firstly that really is his own business, the man is a consenting adult. His partner sounds like a few gay men I know. They like to go for the public man, the wealthy man or someone that they can be cruel to, like an ill child slowly pulling the wings off a butterfly! However, this is very hypocritical of him to live a double live while preaching against equality, yes I'm talking about gay equality, but it is nothing more than equality! I have spoken to gay activists in Armagh who have and do keep a register of those who preach anti-gay sermons! Eoin is not an equality activist by the way, I have it that this is simply a broken heart lashing out! It is difficult being a young gay man, but to be a young gay man with integrity and dignity is better, my message to young gay lads during school visits. This blog plus yesterday's Irish news made this man's sexuality front page news. This is both hypocritical and homophobic of both this blog and the paper. I will be bringing this to our next meeting! If a gay rights group outed this man the press would call us homosexual terrorists and lecture us about the privacy of others (that's a matter of public record for three Belfast based papers). How is it that this blog and the Irish news can out people, Rory is not the only hypocrite here. If a gay rights group out this man or many others, we would do so to expose hypocracy - many a marriage would be ruined!!! But he has been outed purely because of his sexuality, pure homophobia! Yes, gay men make the worst homophobes! I have no thoughts on Catholic Church rules, nothing to do with me - but a priest like any human being had the right to express and have consenting adult relationships. If a priest wants to marry he can, the law says so! A priest, a married man, a gay man, we are human, we make mistakes ....... But we should all be free from exposure because we are gay but find ourselves in a difficult situation! Stop this homophobic exposure please! End all sexism and homophobia, end Church influence, separate Church and state. Defend and respect all LGBT people, ALL! End bigotry hypocracy... This blog, the newspapers and but assisting further regression, further repression and makes gay men afraid! STOP!!!!

    1. I also belong to a Gay Equality campaign group. I don't think it's the same one as the former contributor. Can I firstly suggest people check out what Rainbow Group in Belfast have said about this story in the Irish News today. Secondly, I am finding the whole tone of this blog quite homophobic and I know I am not alone in this. One one hand it is being touted as a tragedy, but then on the other there is an attempt to sensationalise it. I just find it very distasteful, especially on the blog of another gay cleric. it's as if this blog ignores the pain it is causing. Unlike the previous contributor we discussed this story at our meeting tonight and this blog was highlighted by an attendee and we find the entire coverage and comment on this extremely unpleasant and has made us question whether this blogger is on the side of the gay community. It certainly appears that he is not. we should be supporting each other as members of the gay community. Not revelling in it. Certainly not trying to sensationalise it. Like I say, it has made the members of my group question is Bishop Buckley is an enemy or an ally of the gay community. The conclusion was, he appears to be the former.

    2. Are you not over egging it my friend?

    3. To these two Gay Equality posters, I say - do you have any concept of what it means to be a priest?

      When a priest is ordained, he no longer belongs to himself and he forfeits the right to a "private life".

      Rory Coyle "outed" himself. He alone is to blame for his misfortunes. For him, as a Catholic priest, to venture into an area like grindr was utter madness.

      Priests are always in the public eye - Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, etc. There will always be someone who will recognise a priest even if he is in mufti.

      It is incompatible with the life of a Catholic priest to be engaging in promiscuous gay sex. These men, like Fr Coyle, have forgotten that on the day they were ordained they freely consecrated themselves to God and to His service.

      Either Rory Coyle is mad, or very stupid, or very arrogant, or just totally out of control - maybe a mixture of all of these.

      He played Russian Roulette with his vocation and he lost when, on this occasion, he pursued "Eoin" for sex!

    4. Nonsense, pure religious nonsense! I respect it as your nonsense however! No, stop outing gay men before they are ready.

  10. Talking of forgiveness for Fr Rory and him being given a "second chance" - I am all for rehabilitation. Nevertheless, let us be very clear about the nature of the beast we are dealing with in Fr Coyle and others like him: it's name is PROMISCUITY.

    It has nothing to do with the allegedly "medieval" approach to sexuality by the Church. Sexual licentiousness is condemned in the Word of God and those who indulge in it are warmed that they will never inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Fr Rory Coyle was indulging himself in orgies at hoe and abroad. Sexual promiscuity cannot be reconciled with a Christian life - never mind a calling to priestly ministry in the Church.

    Compassion and understanding is fine for Fr Coyle. However, the core of his problem would appear to be unbridled and voracious sexual appetite for other men. It would be exactly the same scenario if his attraction were towards women.

    The outpouring of "support" on the Irish News facebook page and the attack upon the Irish News, by supposed Catholics, for reporting the case should give no comfort to Rory.

    Most of the comments reveal ignorance of the nature of Christ, the Church and the demands of the Gospel and Christian discipleship. It is not enough for a priest to be a "nice guy" (others may not have found Rory to be such a "nice guy" anyhow). A priest must be HOLY! He must strive for holiness and his 'private' and 'public' life must not not "at odds".

    What the Word of God calls "double-mindedness" is repeatedly condemned: "being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways" (James 1:8); "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded" (James 4:8).

    Rory and co, you cannot serve two masters. "Choose, therefore today whom you will serve" Joshua 24:15. For, "You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons" (I Cor 10:21).

    You cannot stand at the Altar of God offering the Holy Sacrifice and then slip away afterwards to Grindr - the altar of the Devil.

    Senior priest, Northern diocese.

    1. I want to say something; we will never be the Christians that we should be unless we are whole people. When we came into this world we received the character and nature of our parents. When we are born again we receive the character and nature of Christ.
      Everything reproduces after its own kind. Scripture calls it the law of inheritance. Therefore we should portray outwardly the inner quality of the nature of Jesus. Peter says that we have been born again of incorruptible seed and God wants us to be conformed to the image of Jesus according to Romans 8:29. All the potential is in there, it just has to be developed. So how do I become Christ like? These Scriptures tell us what to do (Eph 4:22-24) ‘You must give up your old way of life; you must put aside your old self, which gets corrupted by following illusory desires. Your mind must be renewed by a spiritual revolution, so that you can put on the new self that has been created in the likeness of God (Phil 2:5) ‘In your minds you must be the same as Christ Jesus’. (1 Cor 2:16) ‘We are those who have the mind of Christ; (Rom 12:2) ‘Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. If you are Christ like then you will stick out like a sore thumb. Your conversation will be different, your behaviour will be different, you will not be following the flow.

    2. The Scriptures are quite clear that without holiness no one will see the Lord. It has nothing to do with being nice. From Matt 13 to Matt 18 Jesus taught the principles of the Kingdom of God and the Lord wants to establish his character and his nature within us, it’s no longer what I do, it’s who I am. You cannot establish character by works. How did unlearned, uneducated men turn the world upside down? Apart from Paul not one of them had any theological qualifications. Jesus learnt obedience through what he suffered. He was tempted and James tells us to treat all these trials and temptations as friends, not enemies (Jas 1:2-4). Trials and temptations are used by God to develop your character within you. And if we don’t go through those trials we will never develop the character of Jesus within. The Kingdom of God is like a little mustard seed, it has to grow. Instead of complaining about our troubles we are to give thanks. Are you treating you trials and temptations with joy? If you are not being tempted or tried get worried. Are you murmuring or complaining about them? Because if you do, you have opened the door for the enemy to come in and rob you and take away even that what you have (1 Cor 10: 10-13) Now do you understand why we have no power. Our trials and temptations if we respond in the right way will develop the nature of Christ within us. We have the choice of 2 responses, either a relative or absolute response. The world responds in a relative way through feelings or emotions an absolute response is made according to the word of God. Every time I resist that temptation I am crowned with the crown of life.

    3. Jesus did not learn obedience through suffering; that belief implicitly glorifies suffering, a consequence of evil, and renders it redemptive. There
      is only one redeemer, Christ.

      Christ suffered BECAUSE he was obedient.

  11. I am from Armagh. I have never heard Fr Rory rail against homosexuals on or off the altar.

    1. No, it sounds like he was too busy having orgies, etc.

  12. MourneManMichael15 May 2016 at 02:08

    While everybody is entitled to have and express an opinion, frankly I have to indicate my reaction when I read comments like Anons @ 23:08, 23:09, and 21:15 above(possibly same person?).
    My reaction is to simply groan at this continual justification of a narrow minded moralistic, dogmatic belief system based on supercilious interpretation of selective oft quoted middle eastern tribal texts, otherwise known as the bible.
    Frankly it's laughable, and it seems that those quoting are mainly concerned with finding justification for their moralistic, outdated, and quaint views in highly selective tracts of that hotch potch of ancient writings, the origins, nature, and interpretation of which have been argued over by biblical scholars ever since the days of Roman Emperor Constantine demanding clarity concerning the basis of the (then) new Christian religion.
    Wise up guys, and live in the real world, not some Utopia governed by those ancient texts.

    1. Groan away there, MMM. Yes, indeed, it's called free speech. And plenty of people groan when they read the very frequent unveilings of your mind!!

  13. I wholly agree with MMM. Dear help us all. Can you imagine living life under the shadow of all that biblical stuff. What a load of tosh.
    God must be shaking the head and asking "Where did it all go wrong?"
    So all you folk who have dressed up and messed up " in Gods name", Everone from over adorned church dignitaries to guys with sashes in July. Here's a message for you and not from any mumbo jumbo scripture.
    God doesn't need holy processions, parades, demonstrations or fortnights in Keswick to know that you acknowledge him.
    How about "Good morning God."And "Thanks God" at night.
    How about recognising the good in others and encouraging them and helping those in difficulty with their lives rather than condemnation.
    How about living your life by doing onto others as you would wish done to you. Live and let live.
    Instead of all that biblical nonsense so often quoted here could I suggest that a much better,and healthier, code for living can be found in a poem by Rudyard Kipling called "If"
    Try practicing the sentiments in that poem for 24 hours.
    You might just find that your life is a wee bit better.

    Rosetta Robert

  14. I notice a petition has been set up on Care2 to boycott the Irish News for ‘... destroying the character of a good Irish priest.’

    If Rory Coyle is an example of “good Irish priest” then it doesn’t say much for the rest of them.

    1. The sheer brainlessness, blindness and stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. "Good Irish priest" - my ass! More power to the Irish News!

  15. I see Rory is still the main headline on the Irish News website.
    I don’t know who is more naive, Coyle, or Armagh parishioners believing he could somehow resume his ministry after this scandal.

  16. Secularists on this blog regularly denigrate Sacred Scripture and attempt to dismiss it, among many other things, "a load of tosh".

    Well, I will take God's Precious, Holy and Living Word anyday over the poetic musings of that old Masonic Little Englander, Rudyard Kipling.

    1. MourneManMichael16 May 2016 at 13:49

      Dear Anon @ 13:27, as one taking the precious, holy and living word of your god, and I assume you refer to the bible, perhap you would be so good as to enlighten we secularists. While now a humanist, at one time in a major catholic seminary I studied both the Old and New Testments, and know that neither I nor my fellow students ever questioned or debated the authenticity of the bible. We simply accepted it like you, as the holy 'Word of God'. And I suspect many, includng yourself never really study nor understand the many contradictory issues raised in and by the bible.
      So kindly please interpret and explain just this small sample of your 'holy living word'.
      "Slaves obey your masters" Ephesians 6:5
      "Thou shall not wear a garment mingled of linen and wool" Leviticus 19:19
      "Whoever does any work on the sabbath shall be put to death" Exodus 35:2
      "Wives be subordinate to your husbands" Colossians 3:18
      "If a man commits adultery with another man's wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death" Leviticus 20:10
      Now maybe it's better that people resist and deplore education, even in the scriptures, for after all Christ himself reputedly denigrated education! "I thank thee Father because you have hidden these things from the wise and prudent" Matthew 11:25
      But then again he may only have been referring to the Canaanite "dogs" as in Matthew 15:26, and the rest of us are okay, ...or are we? I have to ask, for didn't Christ forbid his disciples from healing non-Israelites? Matthew 10:5
      This is only a small number of examples cherry picked from the bible. But cherry picked to question the sense or otherwise of those writings: not cherry picked to justify the narrow moralistic dogmatic belief system I originally referred to.

  17. Believe me, as a man raised in the Catholic Church in Co Antrim and who has had the good fortune to get out when in my early thirties and live in many countries among many creeds and cultures I can tell the readers of this blog that there are few as brainwashed and gullible as Irish Catholics, especially the Northern variety.
    Worldly Wise

    1. MourneManMichael16 May 2016 at 14:03

      Good comment, and very valid. Those who have never thought deeply to question childhood imbued beliefs (indoctrination some would say), simly do not realise the extent to which they are manipulated by psychological, social and emotional factors into acquiescence in following the self serving edicts of the RC church.
      As you've put it, living outside the cocoon of Irish religiosity allows the 'scales to fall from eyes', to expose the hubris of the RC church as it has become.
      It's just regrettable that so many gentle living sincere and devout people are so badly served by the current RC institution.

  18. I am no secularist. I'm in living touch with God every day always mindful that if my relationship with him falters it's because of me. I'm not inhibited by the artificial intervention of third parties, "ministers of religion ". My contact with my loving God is very real, very active and fulfilling. Tempestuous at times.
    Your description of Kipling is obviously fashioned by your pathetic, parochial narrow mindedness so long the special preserve of the Irish Catholic. Try reading the message. Forget the messenger.
    Rosetta Robert

    1. Rosetta Robert, obviously I touched a raw nerve with you to elicit such a touchy response!

      Right back atcha with your insults of "pathetic", "narrow-minded", etc. You can dish it out but you can't take it served straight back.

      I repeat: I will take my chances with the Holy and Living Word of God and you can keep Mr Kipling!

      God has revealed Himself to human beings in His Word and Sacred Tradition, entrusted to His Church.

      You can stick with the "religion" you have made up for yourself - with yourself as your own "minister" and "pope". I will stick with what God Himself has revealed for the salvation of human beings.

      You can keep the "matey" 'god' you have invented for yourself. I will stay with the Living and True God revealed in His Word and proclaimed in His Church.
      Gilnahirk Gertrude.

  19. "Gilnahirk Gertrude", what is wrong with thinking of God as "matey"? If you were half as familiar with Scripture as you imply, you would know that God is sometimes addressed or described in such familiar terms. For example, the Aramaic word "abba", used by Jesus, expresses such relational intimacy (What else could there be between loving Father and Son?) that the word is better translated as "daddy" than "father".

    Jesus taught us to be familiar with a loving and respectful way. It was the Pharisees who were pretentiously formal in their prayers. And we know what Jesus thought of their show of piety?

  20. Gilnahirk Gertrude. You remind me of an old phrase my poor oul ma used to use. " The nearer the altar the bigger the rascal"

  21. I think if Gilnahirk Gertrude hadn't rushed to judgement and criticism of Rosetta Robert she would have seen that he claimed to live his way in the way Almighty God has asked us in the scriptures.
    That you should love God and love each other as you would love yourself.
    What's wrong with that Gertie?

  22. You're asking all the wrong questions Pat and haven't caught on to the bigger story yet. You call the Irish News coverage "Sanitised". I would call it extremely "cautious". Get back onto your sources, Pat; what they've told you is a long way short of the full story. You've only been told about one cog in the wheel.

    1. My only source for the Grindr story was the young gay man who entrapped Rory Coyle on Grindr.

      My source for the pictures / text was a journalist - not in The Irish News.

      If you want to point me in the right direction my email address is

  23. "Gay men will be loving, kind and compassionate!" - What an absolute load of tosh. I thought that they wanted to be equal not superior without exception. Much of the power in the Church and in the religious orders is in the hands of homosexuals, some of whom have shown themselves to be criminal hebephiles who have almost ruined the Church financially and reputationally. We have no shortage of warnings from saints and Doctors of the Church about the effects of their weaknesses on the Church which have been shown to be absolutely true.