Wednesday, 15 June 2016


A contributor asks today:

Question for Pat, What do you think is the reason for the bishops continued reluctance to sack the authorities in maynooth and change the rotten system despite the constant feedback of corruption and favoritism to homosexual seminarians?

A journalist asks today:

Bishop Pat,

I was away all day today and have only just seen your blog and see that you have a statement from Maynooth on Hugh Connolly.

Can I ask you if this is an official statement issued by the college or where can I obtain a copy of this. Would you be willing to give me a comment on how this story is linked to The Irish Catholic story?


In order to understand all of this you have to understand "church speak".

When there is a problem in the church they do not say "we have a problem with Monsignor Blogs". Instead they say that Monsignor Blogs is going on a sabbatical or that Monsignor Blogs is being sent "for further studies". In exteme cases they say that "Monsignor Blogs is resigning on health grounds".

Maynooth College and The Irish College in Rome have been in deep trouble for decades - mainly due to the homosexual subculture that exists in both places. Staff and seminarians are supposed to turn a blind eye to this. Its called "obedience and discretion". 

If a staff member makes waves he is moved on and held in disfavour.

If a seminarian, who is heterosexual (these are rare) or wants to be "chaste" (these too are rare) he is dismissed for being "immature" or as "not having a vocation".

And so the carnival goes on.

Why do the bishops not act? There are a number of reasons:

1. By the time you become a bishop you are an "ecclesiastical fillet". Your balls are gone. Your guts are gone. Your backbone is gone. Your spine is gone. You have sacrificed your integrity to get where you are. You are incapable of thinking and acting.

2. On the way to the "top" you have covered up so much for the institution and about yourself you are compromised. They have you where they want you. They know too much about you. To oppose them is to press your own self destruct button.

3. No man can serve two masters. You have chosen the institution above your soul, your God and your faith. The Devil does not return souls who have done the deal with him! You are f.....

4. Bishops have convinced themselves that in serving the institutional church they are serving God. They must be obedient. They have full blown Nuremburg Syndrome.

I am sure there are many other reasons involved. But this is a blog and not a Ph.D. 

This is the world that The Right Reverend Monsignor Hugh Connolly inhabits.

This is the world of Maynooth - the world of sabbaticals, further studies and potential mitres. 


  1. More than puppets, this system breeds monsters. Once you've covered up for a paedophile, where do you stop? And then this system attracts other people with really dangerous problems, psychopaths and so on...

  2. Do these people not believe in the judgement after death?

    Do they think their mitres will get them into heaven?

    How can they live the way they do - doing daily injustices to others?

    1. No they don't, that is precisely why they carry on the way they do.

    2. You call it "Nuremberg Syndrome"; I call it "Sean Brady Syndrome". It involves not just the self-justification of acting under orders, but the massive self-delusion that such a person can actually be a "healer"..."wounded" or otherwise.

    3. You are right. We will call it Brady's Syndrome - except of course it existed before Brady.

  3. I think your analysis is spot on, Pat.

    Again, I'm wondering "who knows what about whom"???

    A fair number of them, without doubt, have each other by the short and curlies. You squeal on me? I squeal on you. You bring me down? You're coming down too.

    This could explain the continuous rise, preferment and promotion of hollow sycophants, shameless climbers and inveterate fraudsters.

    There is no spiritual discernment. There are very few, if any, genuine and HOLY men! The fiasco keeps on repeating itself.

    You can bet that some of those at the top now - and those desperately clambering up the ladder to the top - are the coddled "gay" seminarians of 20, 30 years ago!

    Yes, indeed, some of them, as stated above, do become monsters because they are sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths.

    Their egos are voracious and they will stop at nothing in the clamber to the top. They do sell their souls. They would sell their mammies!! I've been watching them for over 40 years.

    And so it goes on, until someone has the spiritual and moral courage of a St Peter Damian, to bring the rotten house down on top of their heads!..... And such men as that also are rare!

    English/Irish observer.

    1. I agree. "There is neither priest or prophet to ply his trade in the land".

  4. Thanks for the analysis Pat. Sadly you are spot on. St Peter Damian, Intercede for the Church in Ireland.

    1. St Peter Damian was spiritually zealous to the point of madness. He was a nutter and, worse, a control-freak who insisted on imposing his brand of faux spirituality on others.

      God preserve us from people like him!

    2. That is certainly how the perverts and corrupt priests and bishops viewed him. May God send us such a man again!

    3. You are looking at Peter Damian through rose-tinted spectacles, refusing to see the man's flaws. Whether you like to hear this or not, Damian was seriously into self-harming (politely known as "self-mortification"). This was
      bad enough, but, worse, he insisted that others follow his atrocious example. Such was his self-regard, arrogance and control-freakery that he
      gave these others no choice: they had to join him in his self-delusion that holiness could be achieved through extreme self-harming. (An obvious delusion since God is love, not pain. Therefore the way to God is through

      This zealot put himself and others in love with pain, not with God. He actually damaged his God-given gift of health through excessive self-
      harming (he eventually became a severe insomniac) and such was his obession with self-flagellation that, under his intemperate direction, his
      madness began to affect the gullible to a degree that even he, an extremist, recognized was unacceptable. That this nutter is held up by the Church as an example to others boggles the mind.

    4. Desperate times call for desperate measures, Magna Carta.

      I have no doubt St Peter Damian had unhealthy aspects to his personality. The saints, after all, are all sinners - like all of us - in need of the grace of God.

      I still believe God used St Peter Damian in his time to attack the vice and corruption of bishops and clergy.

      A little bit of St Peter Damian - I emphasise a LITTLE - wouldn't go amiss today in places like Maynooth and in the Irish Church generally!!

  5. I see that Charlie Brown is going to be in Clonard on Sunday evening. I'm thinking of opening a book with Paddy Power on the certainty of Would-be bishop Timo being there too, hanging out of his coattails! LOL

    1. No doubt Timo will be there but it will very much be Rector Kehoe's gig!

      And Rector Kehoe, who is determined to become the 1st Redemptorist bishop appointed in Ireland, is not a man to let his glory go to another!!

    2. All these would-bees and wannabees would do very well to remember poor Fr Martin McAlinden RIP, whose funeral is taking place this afternoon, in Lurgan.

      Martin, God rest him, unlike some of those whose names popping up on this blog, was a genuine and good guy.

      He was at the pinnacle of his "career", having been appointed to the staff of Maynooth as director of pastoral studies.

      He got cancer a few years ago and died on Monday.

      These climbers and crawlers should be very careful. As Pat said, do they think mitres will get them into heaven??

      If they are not right with God when they leave this life, it will be too late for them to be sorry!

      Gagging for a mitre? Many a slip between the cup and the lip.

      And, even if you get one, you are still going to die and appear before God who will require His sheep at your hand.

    3. And I'm sure his funeral was presided over by that other great Maynooth illuminati John Dromore McAreavey - that life long campaigner for truth and justice in the church.

      Hopefully Martin's mitre-less head will be a factor in his salvation.

    4. The Bishop emerged from his corner only at the end and didn't look at all well. Michael Maginn presided and delivered himself of a very long speech:
      Martin would have been every bit as loved as a bishop as he has been as a priest, if ever he had slipped through the nuncio's net.

    5. Of course McAreavey does not look well or happy. Would you if you had come his road?

      The best "bishops" never become bishops and the worst invariably do.

      "The Devil looks after his own".

  6. I have noticed, Bishop, such statements - from you - that heterosexual students in Maynooth and Rome are rare!
    Have you any solidly based, verifiable evidence that this is, in fact, the case?

  7. You're spot on Pat bar one thing. It is misleading and an error to say that heterosexual students are rare in Maynooth or Rome. The Homosexuals are a minority, but they hold power because of the faculty who are gay friendly.

    This is the great tragedy of this scenario that the Priesthood is seen as a gay Vocation. There are so many genuine Lads who value chastity and are devoted to serving the Lord but they have no support from the anti catholic authorities.

    1. Thank you. Can you back this up? Everyone I talk to says the opposite :-(

    2. Bishop,
      It is you who have consistently stated that heterosexual students are a minority in Rome and Maynooth!
      It seems to me that it is you rather than 14.12 and others such as myself to provide credible evidence that this is the case!

    3. Pip, You will understand that there are no hard statistics on this subject.

      I am basing my opinions on the basis of my 46 years experience in thr church and on my longstanding ongoing contacts with seminarians and priests.

    4. In that case, Bishop, you must have some reasonable estimate as to the percentages of homo/heterosexual inhabitants of Rome and Maynooth?

  8. Fanny Mullaney is the major stumbling block to renewal. How can this Mitre hunter be stopped Pat?

    1. In three words: Exposure, exposure, exposure !!!

  9. Here's a class one for you Pat. My sisters friend shared that her son had been propositioned by a local priest. My sis urged her to report thr offender to the bishop which she did.
    She and her son went to meet the bishop and explained what had happened. The bishop seemed dumbstruck when the young boy detailed the priests actions and they were given assurances that action would be taken. They heard nothing more.
    Some time later the boy's mother related the incident and the meeting with the bishop to another family friend who was a former seminarian.
    He told the mother that it was pointless going to the bishop as nothing would be done. He then volunteered that when he was in the seminary the very same bishop, who was seminary rector at that time, had tried to proposition him !!
    The bishop is now dead but the priest is still alive.
    What an effin sordid lot.

    1. Sad story but repeated over and over again......

      Its called "indicting the Devil and holding the court in Hell".

  10. There is a danger that Anthony Murphy's crusade against what he calls a homosexual sub-culture at Maynooth is turning into a witch-hunt against good, honest, homosexual seminarians. The problem is lack of chastity, regardless of whether its gay or straight. By pointing up the alleged homosexual nature of unchastity at Maynooth, Murphy has clearly exposed himself as a homophobe.


      We must distinguish between excellent gay seminarians and Jack the Lads.

      Otherwise we ARE dealing with homophobia which is irrational, immoral and a grave sin.

  11. I agree Sabbatical= Say nothing hope it all goes away. Homosexual sub culture in Irish College? I was a student there from 81-87 and never saw anything of the sort. I was never propositioned nor did I feel threatened. Have I missed something or has the place drastically changed since I left.

  12. I was a seminarian in Maynooth and straight. Two guys pestered me for aex and offered to change diocese to be with me. I had to leave :-(

    1. New film being released about Maynooth: NO PLACE FOR STRAIGHT MEN.

    2. I think another factor in this is the cultural change which has happened over the past fifty years. When I was a novice in a Benedictine monastery the then prior actually told us that he would have been homosexual if he had been born later. In reality the only heterosexual monk was an old lay brother.
      I think there are still people who genuinely see heterosexual as the default unless indicated otherwise and unless there is homosexual practice wouldn't necessarily see people as gay. On the other hand there are people who know their attractions to be homosexual, accept the Church's official teaching and believe it to be intrinsically disordered.
      Of course some people disagree with the Church's teaching but set out in priesthood intending to be celibate.
      Pat quite rightly draws attention to those who don't intend to be celibate, regardless of their attraction, and of course there are those who don't give a damn.
      I genuinely don't envy those who are supposed to sort out these categories from each other.

    3. I totally agree with Anon on June 15, at 22:56. The core of the problem is those promiscuous, cynical and faithless "don't give a damn" clergy and seminarians, who are making a mockery of everything for which we stand.

      And, indeed, when corruption is insidious, it is hard to excise.