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Vinny and Hugh are now living in London after Hugh left behind an unsatisfactory life in Belfast and decided to move to be with Vinny in London.

Fortunately for Hugh, Vinny was the CEO of a very large firm in the British metropolis and Vinny was able to find a niche for niche for Hugh in one of the firm's small outlying branches. Also poor Hugh had experienced difficulties with the firm he worked for in Belfast and his Belfast boss, Noel, was happy to see him go and even gave him a reference for his London position which made the transaction work well for Vinny and Hugh and kept everything looking kosher. 

Another facilitating factor was the fact that Vinny lives with his long time companion Carmel and Vinny got another lady called Kanon to let Hugh live with her and her friends in a central and well appointed area of the capital. In return Hugh has to perform some very light weight and limited duties around Kanon's house. 

Fortunately for Kanon and her friends, Hugh comes from a long line of bakers and pastry chefs (no, not Ashers) and apparently he creates a mean fairy cake with purple icing and a Black Forest Gateaux with red piping.

Of course the couple had one serious obstacle to overcome - how, when and in what circumstances could they arrange to meet regularly.

Their solution to this problem was nothing short of ingenious. Every weekend at a central London venue their firm holds a Fancy Dress Party and all employees and their families and friends are invited. In fact its a totally open shindig. So this is Vinny and Hugh's primary meeting place. 

Vinny and Hugh are both Tranvestmentites and this gives Vinny the opportunity to wear his favourite crimson evening gown. 

Hugh on the other hand has a nice little black number he likes to wear - accompanied by a purple Pashmina Shawl and a stunning necklace he managed to purchase in Malta.  Normally V and H wear these items indoors but on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon Hugh actually wore his outfit  through the streets of London - causing quite a stir. 

On other occasions Vinny and Hugh have been spotted wearing matching gold outfits with Vinny wearing a matching gold hat studded with semi precious stones and carrying a large gold umbrella. 

But why do we call it a strange relationship? I suppose it's strange because its so unequal. Vinny is powerful and Hugh is powerless. Vinny is prominent and Hugh is powerless. 

So what is in it for Vinny? We would not be so crude as to suggest that Vinny is after Hugh's family fortune. 

But then is it not the old story of so many partnerships consisting of the most unlikely of partners?

It certainly is a mystery. And its certainly the talk of Deal Old London Town. 

****Correspondent "John" sent me a picture of one of Vinny's predecessors - Cardinal Bourne out for a stroll in London

"An interesting image of Cardinal Bourne returning down Ambrosden Avenue to Archbishop's House after 12 o'clock Mass on Sunday 2 July 1922. To his left is the Bishop of Verdun, Rt Rev. Charles Ginisty, and to his right Archbishop Fumasoni-Biondi, Secretary of Propaganda Fidei at Rome.

Note the contemporary ladies' fashions, the Canons in their summer cappa parva, and that even the altar servers (members of the Guild of St Gregory) wear buckled shoes".

So there seems to be a precedent for Hugh walking London in his figura

If any of the very learned and wise contributors to this Blog could shed some light on the dynamic behind the V and H arrangement we would all be most grateful.



Here Hugh has added a purple biretta to his gear !



"The moment Sister Carmel grabbed his biretta and put it on her head (they travelled to and from the ceremony in the same car) was circulated among the priests of the Westminster diocese to huge amusement. Vincent found out and let it be known that if he heard of any priest reproducing the image there would be consequences"

(Sent to Blog by Westminster priest)

I wonder how Vinny will punish me for publishing it ????

I think that we can say that Vinny is well and truly CARMELISED !!!!


  1. Ah, good to see that this blog has returned to two of my favourite people - Card Vinny, and Dr Hugh !

    They have one great similarity, namely their unbouded ambition for themselves. ++ Vin probably does hanker afer a bigger job in Rome, even the top one, and Dr Hugh still thinks that he has a lot to offer and will have his eyes firmly set on some preferment in Westminster.

    I do not detect much love for ++ Vinny in the comments. It's not surprising. He is a cold fish. He will be all over you if you are going to be useful to him, but once your use is at an end he will just look straight through you. I know this from his time in Birmingham. I'm not sure his judgement is that great either. One of the more significant clergy abuse cases straddled his time in Birmingham - namely Father Bede (Alexander) Walsh. He was found guilty of child pornography, but ++ Vin was at pains to emphasis that this was at the lesser, vanilla, end of the spectrum and in his public statement was at pains to thanks Father Walsh for all good service he had given. And then a few years later Father Walsh was sent to prison for a considerable time (something like 18 years, and he is currently still there) for very serious offences against youngsters while at Cotton College. Arrogantly, he refused to accept any responsibility and ensured that the victims were dragged through the court and made to relive everything. His right in law, I guess, but an indication of his arrogance and self-centredness. Surely ++ Vin should have realised that the first offencess were an indicator of a deeper malaise and worse to come, and avoided minimising what Fr Walsh had done ?

    I'm not sure ++ Vin is well loved in Westminster. He is very plausible and comes across well in the media, but on a one to one I think he is very cold, calculating and has his eye on what this person, or this situation, can do for him and his overaching ambition. I'd be interested to hear a different perspective, if there is one, from Westminster.

    Dr Hugh is just a posturing, self-important, and self-deluded twat ! The embarrassing sight of him wandering around the streets of London in ersatz episcopal colours and dress ! Does anybody know what work / ministry he actually is going ? Or he is just like a gentleman priest, akin to Mgr Gilby, self-sufficient financially and just able to use the priesthood as a vehicle for his own enjoyment and entertainment? Although, I think Gilby was a bit more serious that Dr Hugh. I am really surprised that Westminster took in Dr Hugh. Perhaps + Treanor was calling in a favour ?

  2. Mourne Man Michael2 June 2016 at 13:14

    Wonderfully descriptive of Kennedy, only bettered by Anon on 1/6@16:49....delusional buffoon, pretentious charlatan and inveterate snob!
    Never met him, but had I Gerald Scaife artistic ability, the wonderful cartoon in my minds eye would be priceless.

    1. At least the Cardinal has some ability - Hughie has none.

  3. Well, like Mgr Gilbey, Dr Hugh has "an eye for young men of the right kind". And he does use the priesthood for his own enjoyment and entertainment.

    However, it is written of Alfred Gilbey in his obituary in The Independent: "Alfred Gilbey was a man of regular and moderate habits; of elegance and charm; of wit and wisdom; of precision and contentment; of holiness and spiritual contentment. He was probably more widely loved than any Catholic priest of modern times"

    On all the above counts, there are no similarities to HK who scores a great big ZERO.

  4. Could we find an analogy for this whole scenario in a household situation?

    Every house needs practical working things like a fridge, a dishwasher, an iron etc.

    But then every house has its ornaments.

    Could Hugh be just an ornament in the House of the Lord - like those old china dogs that used to sit on my granny's mantle?

    1. Ornaments can be nice to look at and admire. The analogy that best suits HK, however, is "tits on a bull" - for he really is one massive tit!

  5. Is this really Thinking Catholicism - making fun of people, criticising them and gossiping about them?

    And you Pat, how can you criticise vestments etc when your Blog pic shows you in purple?

    1. Is satire and humour now non PC too?

      There have always been "characters" in the church and society and people have always poked fun.

      The difference between Hugh and me is that I am a bishop and he is not.

      Secondly those who know me and those who attend Mass here at The Oratory will tell you I am not a dresser upp-er.

      I cannot remember when I last wore a purple cassock and my normal dress for Mass is an alb, a stole, a metal cross I bought cheaply on Ebay and a ring that is made up of some gold that belonged to my mother.

      Also, I observe a very busy pastoral ministry.

      Just some thoughts in response to you.

  6. The image supplied by "John" of Cardinal Bourne et alia, shows men properly and validly appointed to high office in the Church, dressed in the appropriate attire of their station at that time.

    Big Hugh's masquerade is an entirely different affair altogether - for he is engaging in fantasy, pretence and wishful thinking.

    It is the difference between the 'real thing' and a Pantomime Dame.

    Westminster Wedgewood.

  7. Go to YouTube and enter Fra Fredrick Crichton Stuart requiem mass. Those with sharp eyes may well see among the processing clergy a figure, not unknown to contributors or readers of this blog.
    Such solemnity, such grace, such buffoonery, such an insult to the message of humility in the gospel.
    The Dark Knight

  8. Yes indeed, there he is - the big eejit! And the disgraced Keith O'Brien too - how apt!

  9. Not a clue what this rambling post is about.

  10. Vinnie has a remarkably red nose and cheeks. I don't know how he could have got that outdoorsy look as a Prince of the Church. After all I can't think of any other reason the blood vessels in his face would look like that, can you?

    1. MourneManMichael3 June 2016 at 09:35

      Unfortunately Fr Ted is dead, for I'm sure he would have been a good man to ask.

  11. Did Brahms Stoker write about transvestites. Was Gregor Fisher a transvestite in the show Rab C Nesbitt? Info below:
    Rab C. Nesbitt is a Scottish comedy series which began in 1988. Produced by BBC Scotland, it stars Gregor Fisher as an alcoholic Glaswegian who seeks unemployment as a lifestyle choice. Rab C. Nesbitt was originally a recurring character in the BBC Two Scotland sketch series Naked Video (1986–1990).

  12. So, presumably, the moral of the story is, if Rory Coyle is heir to a family fortune his future is secure within the Catholic Church.