Wednesday, 20 July 2016



The child abuse survivor JOHN DEEGAN who also protests outside the Irish Catholic Bishops meetings in the sex scandal seminary of Maynooth has described the Irish Bishops as the "Goon Club".

You will find some of John Deegan's videos of him challenging the bishops on YOU TUBE under the name of SEAN IOSTA.

Of course the Irish Bishops and their apologists would like to write John Deegan off as a "nut case".

But John Deegan is no nut case. 


I think that in fact he is a modern day prophet railing against the modern day Pharisees. 

The Biblical Prophets were NOT perfect men. They were not saints. They were not necessarily "stable" as people use the word stable.

But they were passionate men whom God used to challenge all that had been and was wrong among his people.

They went to great and sometimes unusual lengths to point the accusatory finger at the hypocrites. 

The current, and recent batch, of Irish Bishops are pathetic. They appear to have little intellect. They certainly have no courage or testicular tissue.

To my mind there are no example of faith or prayer. They appear to only pay lip service to matters such as TRUTH and JUSTICE.

As we saw over the past number of days they are prepared to stand by and allow the national seminary of Maynooth to disintegrate.

They are caught up in that medieval Roman Catholic mindset that regards human sexuality as basically being an evil and a temptation. 

They are presiding over a church that is gradually imploding on itself - with fewer priests being ordained, more and more parishes being left without a priest and the evidence of dwindling congregations before their very eyes.

Even last Sunday at the Roman Catholic money making Las Vegas - Knock Shrine - which they "rededicated" the congregation was made up of older people - and even for an occasion like that they could not fill all the seats in their multi million pound basilica / casino. 


They are incapable of inspiring even their own people. They cannot and do not offer any leadership - whether theological, spiritual, intellectual or social.

They are like a Group of Nero's while their beloved Rome burns. 

One of their newest hopefuls, Kevin Doran their bishop of Elphin has equated being gay to having Downs Syndrome!


They have fought against same sex marriage.

They think that in a birthing medical emergency its better for the woman to die or even both mother and baby to die rather than have a medical intervention. 

I think that John Deegan is right. There are a "Goon Club".

But because they retain a behind the scenes influence in Irish politics and life ther are a dangerous "Goon Club".

 In that context I was shocked to see the current Prime Minister / Taoiseach of Ireland in the front row of their Co. Mayo Las Vagas at knock last Sunday.


Its no wonder the great majority of the Irish people have become anti church and  anti-clerical.  


  1. The first photograph says it all. This is the bunch who decide what couples should and shouldn't do in the bedroom ! F**k

  2. Indeed. Judging by their faces and attitude it looks like The Wounded Healer has just told them that the turnover for Vatican (Ireland)inc. has fallen by another 20% in the previous quarter.
    Can't fall far enough or fast enough !

  3. As usual, these men are talking when they should be listening to the voices of those who actually and by far make up the Body of Christ, the laity.

    As I said before, the laity need a strong voice in deciding who should or should not be made bishop. Until this happens, the bishops will continue to do what historically they
    are well known for: largely ignoring the wider Church (and, therefore, the Holy Spirit) when determining doctrine, policy and protocols.

  4. There is a joke among women to do with staying slim. " No carbs before Marbs ( Marbella)"
    Perhaps the lot in the photo are about to issue an edict to the clergy " No cock before Knock"
    Chance would be a fine thing !!!

  5. Not clever, in our opinion ---

  6. Really? So this blog has gone from sex abuse scandal to advocating for abortion now in certain circumstances. Your valid points are clouded in a mist of opionated nonsense it would seem

    1. I would never advocate abortion. Abortion is never a moral good. But I do believe that in rare circumstances it can be the lesser of two evils.

    2. I would never advocate abortion. Abortion is never a moral good. But I do believe that in rare circumstances it can be the lesser of two evils.