Friday, 8 July 2016




The senior clerical homosexual predator has been preying on and seducing young priests and trainee priest for years. His victims have been interviewed by senior Irish Catholic Bishops and by the Papal Nuncio and to this date the cleric is still in his job those who know about his attacks are protecting him!  

One of his victims, a heterosexual trainee priest, recently had a meeting with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin to inform him of the fact that this predator had attempted to seduce him. Archbishop Martin simply offered the young man an opportunity in the Church at a venue where the homosexual predator would not have access to him. The young man declined - preferring instead to leave the Church and find a new life elsewhere. 

Diarmuid Martin - No action!
But it seems that Diarmuid Martin too no action as this senior homosexual predator is still in place and is still targeting young men.

And this is the Diarmuid Martin who tells us that he cries when he thinks of people being abused !!!  Diarmuid - WITHOUT ACTION - your tears are crocodile tears! 

Another victim of the predator actually was granted a meeting with the Papal Nuncio to Ireland and have the Nuncio all the details about the predator. 
Papal Nuncio

The victim says: 

"I have done everything humanly possible to expose this priest. There are some good priests, who were in formation with me in, who know about this man. I met Archbishop Brown in his residence on the Navan Road, Dublin. At the end of our meeting he assured me that he would contact me and that he just needed some time. I never heard from him again. I end my contribution now with a plea to any priest or seminarian to have courage, trust in God and for goodness sake to come forward openly and disclose any information you may have regarding this cleric who holds a most important position in the Irish Church".


It is believed by the predator's victims that he is being protected because he has the support of senior people in the Irish and Roman Church - people like the disgraced Cardinal Sean Brady who covered up for years for Father Brendan Smyth.

It is also believed that the sexual predator has  information on other senior people in the Church. In other words - if the Church moves against him - he will retaliate by naming and shaming other senior homosexual clerics.  As another victim said to me: 

"As I said Bishop Pat, this man is well connected and liked by the likes of Cardinal Brady and other bishops. Archbishops Martin and Brown, unfortunately, appear to be victims of group-think and give too much credence to what Cardinal Brady and others think of this priest".

However this story is now at breaking point and it is going to explode in public.


  1. As a Priest and as a human being, I find this alleged behaviour truly shocking and moat disturbing. There is a need for an immediate and full investigation into these allegations of this alleged abuse of power. These men who have spoken are very brave and and innocent. We need to ask the AB of Dublin and the Papal Nuncico some very serious questions.

    1. Have the Church and the Bishops learned nothing at all from the child sex abuse scandal? I learned about this situation the Blog refers to from a young man in my parish who was propositioned. I communicated the information to my immediate superior. I too heard nothing back! PP Leinster.

  2. Dear Victim What a shame you had to run. Go get the alleged b*astard I say. Another dampened vocation Speak to Pat I'm sure he can help

    1. Sean, I think that the only real way to sort this out is that some of this man's victims come forward and give their statements to a reputable newspaper like The Irish Times - which carried the Eamon Casey story.

    2. PS: They can do this and still have their names and privacy protected.

    3. These young men should also go to the Garda / Police and report sexual harassment and assault.

      Dublin Solicitor.

  3. I remember auld Casey. He gave a retreat when I first came back from Manchester. Not my happiest of memories. I was on the beer then and my head was out of it at the time.

    1. Probably just as well your head was where it was at the time...given the pseudo-spiritual flatulence that typically issued from Casey.

  4. Is this Priest in Maynooth?

  5. Indeed Pat 16.25 if these people can give an interview to the newspapers and go on the record they can then run the story in such a way that a "feeding frenzy" begins among the papers.
    Without initially naming the suspect they can flush him out.
    Go for it guys
    The Spin Doctor

    1. This boyo needs to be flushed out. Maybe Pat could act as the conduit for the victim(s)?

      The picture of Brady with the big, set, stubborn aul jaw on him paints a thousand words!

      The alleged predator is close to Brady and he is protecting him. Brady is an utterly useless judge of good character, shown by his penchant for a particular unctuous and desperate climber from a Northern diocese, who receives relentless preferment.

  6. Greetings from Australia. I am an ex-pat observer of Irish Church affairs.
    This latest blog is deeply disturbing and the abuser must be stopped. It is reported that he is close to Sean Brady.
    Sean Baptist Brady is a walking disaster. He was sent home from Rome to Balla Bay as PP and he must have thought: ‘now my arse is landed’ (though not in a good way).
    Then, one fine day, came the call from Navan Rd, ‘the Holy Father, with faith and trust in you, Mgr Brady, asks that you accept the See of Armagh”.
    No doubt, on the morning of the press conference to make known the ‘news of great joy’, SBB must have danced a little private jig of joy in his bathroom, after his morning evacuation.
    SBB, the big useless man from Balla Bay, went to Armagh and was clueless. He was ripe for the picking, for any relatively young and ambitious cleric, who saw him as a leg up the slippery pole of careerist clericalism.
    The big gombeen from Balla Bay, who allowed himself to be used to terrorise victims of Brendan Smyth, would now be used himself, by oily clerics (one in particular) who see the priesthood not as a vocation but as a career!
    SBB and Nuncio Brown both know the identity of this homosexual, predatory, high-ranking cleric being protected? Hmmmmm.
    Charlie Brown, by this stage in his career, probably is addicted to the sensation of being “brown-nosed” by driven and desperately ambitious clerics. So, if the suspect is good at brown-nosing nuncios, Charlie is loath to act??
    Now, this scenario well underlines that the Irish Church is currently at the mercy of psychopaths: a “high-ranking cleric”, an abuser of seminarians, who has been reported to Bugsy Martin and Charlie Brown, is allowed to continue to run amok in an Irish seminary??
    Maybe Bugsy is too much drained, by his crocodile tears for abuse victims, to act? Perhaps, Nuncio Brown is so much in the thrall of his brown-noser, that he is rendered too paralysed by pleasure to respond?
    There isn’t too many clerics whom it could possibly be, this particular predator. Already the grapevine is buzzing with the names of potential candidates. So, indeed, let him be flushed out. And quickly!! And let his protectors also be exposed.
    When a young lad enters a seminary, he does so, in faith, to try his vocation. Most of them start out with noble and generous hearts. I think we can all be certain that God, who does test people called to serve Him, did not decide that fighting off sexual abuse in formation, should be part of that testing and discernment.

  7. This is as good an analysis of the Institutional Church that I have seen in a long time and I speak as an ex pat former bishops secretary who has seen up at close hand the manipulation of good bishops by bad priests (including, and usually, their secretaries) and all "for the good of Holy Mother Church." Where does this madness find its source? All priests, however bad they turn out, surely start with an ambition to do good, to save and care for souls. Its the institution that turns them, in particular the seminary, were betrayal and concealment are learned as the necessary weapons for survival. The whole thing is very human and very far from the Gospel values of Jesus of Nazareth. One further point: the priest allegedly at the heart of this present situation has a right to his good name, until the opposite is proven to be the case. We have had too many people have their lives destroyed and their reputations trashed on the false allegations of mentally ill persons, or even men and women with grudges. For the sake of honesty and justice Pat if you know who this man is you must contact him and lay before him the evidence and give him an opportunity to account for himself. Trial by media (as you may know from something of your own life experience (I am thinking of the publicity surrounding your own private life) is rarely fair or nuanced, let alone entirely true.

  8. +Pat

    Send this blog and its associated posts to investigative journalists in the Sunday papers and let them do the business.
    The fact that Abs Martin and Brown know about this and seemingly have done nothing will be a delight to these scribes. That Ireland's unique clerical persona " The Wounded Healer" is also now implicated adds further juice to this very potent cocktail. The journalists will have a field day.
    Of course, the fact that the hierarchy read this blog will now make them aware that the sh*t is about to hit the fan and they may well now begin damage limitation.
    Another summer of discontent for the chaps in purple!