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THE IRISH CATHOLIC BISHOPS are aware that there is a serious problem in Maynooth revolving around a Gay Mafia and the abuse and ill-treatment of a number of seminarians and ex seminarians. 

If they were not aware of the problem before the CARDINAL DOLAN REPORT they have certainly been aware of it since that report.

This Blog has been told that The Irish Bishops only received a REDACTED version of The Dolan Report. I do not know whether that is true or not.

Our sources tell us that The Irish Bishops were furious with Dolan and accused him of having written the report before he ever got to Ireland and Maynooth.

Their response was to launch an unprecedented attack on Dolan and his report and dispatch that attack and rebuttal to Rome. 

In fairness I do not believe that Diarmuid Martin was among the anti Dolan brigade. This is signalled by his determination, since The Dolan Report to remove ALL his seminarians from Maynooth - a task he has just about accomplished. By next year Dublin will have NO seminarians in Maynooth.

This is Diarmuid Martin's way of giving Maynooth a public "thumbs down". 

What a slap in the face for Maynooth - that the Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland - in whose diocese Maynooth sits - thinks that it is an unfit place to train Irish priests.

But what about the other Irish Catholic Bishops? Why are they protecting Maynooth and its staff? Why are they sending seminarians into Maynooth when so many seminarians and ex seminarians have complained that things are just not right there?

1. Is it that the Irish Bishops are just a band of stubborn illegitimates who resent being told what to do about anything?

2. Is it that they know about the rottenness and are afraid to lance the boil - fearing another scandal engulfing the Irish Church and involving the clerical elite?

3. Is it that some of The Irish Bishops are compromised in some way and that some in Maynooth know about episcopal skeletons in the cupboard?

4. Is it that some among the Irish episcopate are secret homosexuals and favour a gay mafia scenario?

5. Is it that some among the Irish episcopate are sexually active themselves in some way?

Those of us in the clergy are aware of one Irish bishop with a homosexual past - and possibly even a present.

Maybe that man is not alone among the purple robed ones?

Those of you would dismiss this out of hand remember:

Bishop Eamon Casey, his girlfriend Annie Murphy and their son Peter.

Also, the auxiliary Bishop of Down and Connor, Michael (Mickey) Dallat had a secret girlfriend for 30 years and the bishops tried to keep her away from his death bed and funeral.

Another Irish seminarian, now a priest, told me of a dinner he had with an Irish bishop (no longer in office) who got very drunk over dinner and waxed lyrical about the beauty of the male penis!

Maynooth is on the way to being opened up and the activities there exposed for all to see.

That's not an opinion. That's a prediction. I, for one, will not give up until the underbelly of Maynooth is ripped open and it's intestines pour out.

I wonder, if somewhere among those pink intestines we will discover a mitre? A crosier? and an episcopal ring? 

Translation: "These Irish are a defeat for humanity"


Image result for fr fintan monahan

A well placed source in the Irish Church has told this Blog that before Fr Fintan Monahan (above) was announced as the new Bishop of Killaloe - several other Irish priests had turned down the appointment.

It seems that many priests currently do not want to become bishops in the Irish Church when that Church and its bishops are so little thought of.


  1. This is a horror story. This abscess needs lancing. The poison is seeping through the Church weakening it. Drain the poison - not the vitality of a faithful Church. Expose, dethrone and depose the wicked.


    On yesterday's blog our esteemed comment maker Magna Carta made an excellent argument about the tenor and tone of the article by Professor Fr Oko of Krakow.

    While I think that article has an unjust and horrible homophobic presence I did say that I thought that Fr Oko made good points about The Gay Mafia within the RC Church.

    Magna Carta wanted to know what a Gay Mafia was and where Fr Oko got his proof.

    To me a mafia is: "a group regarded as exerting a hidden sinister influence".

    If one googles Gay Mafia in the Catholic Church you will come across a great deal of information on this issue.

    It is also regarded as generally true that Pope Benedict resigned because of the Gay Mafia in the Church.

    1. As regards MC's earlier expressed concern about Fr Oko's article and pandering to a stereotype of homosexual men's "predatory attraction to underage males":

      MC's concerns are justified. Oko is OTT. We do not want a "witch hunt" of gay priests and seminarians, many of whom are good men.

      Decent and balanced people know that all gay men are not lusting after teenage boys and younger men. Healthy gay men are drawn to age-appropriate partners.

      However, SOME gay men DO lust after teenage boys and younger men. They are ephebophiles. Gay men themselves call this type "chicken hawks" and describe their prey as "twinks".

      Tragically and scandalously, quite a sizeable cast of these "chicken hawks" have taken up roost in the priesthood and episcopate, nesting in seminaries, rectories and chanceries. And they are being protected and facilitated. The young "chickens" are being fed to the hawks!

      Hence the gay mafia and the need for a concerted spiritual and moral "cull" and clipping of these ecclesiastical "chicken hawks".

  3. Ever hear of Google, Magna Carta? Presumably you can type? So take your fingers and type "gay mafia" into Google. Anyone following this blog with a titter of wit knows exactly what Pat is describing

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I think that Magna Carta has every right to hold our feet to the fire about the truth of the Gay Mafia within the Church.

      I think at this stage there is sufficient material everywhere, including on Google, to allow us to conclude that such a mafia exists and is powerful.

      I certainly know it operates in present day Maynooth.

  4. In your article you pose 5 questions. I can tell you that 4 of them have hit the nail on the head. I personally have no concrete info on the other question,only rumour.
    As for the appointment you need to be careful. Quite often when a new bishop is announced we hear that X number had declined the opportunity to be bishop yet we never ever hear names and if we do it is denied.
    In The Know

  5. I knew Ray Browne in Rome and in Sligo. I remember him as the quiet man and a deep thinker. Is he naïve I don't know. Much has happened since I left Sligo

  6. Will Bishop Ray Brown comment on the current deacon scandel. I think if the allegation is false then Deacon Jones deserves an apology, if it is proven true that he was on grinder then he must be removed from the diocese immediately and prehaps undergo rehabilitation before he is readmitted

    1. If true, if that is him on Grinder, then under no circumstances should he proceed towards priestly ordination and he should be dismissed from the deaconate.

  7. Part of the problem in the Irish College in Rome was shipped over to Maynooth. He is close to Brady. The whole business cries out to Heaven. If Dolan had any integrity, he would release his full report. The sooner it is all out in the open the better.

  8. The Dolan led inquiry and the shenanigans surrounding the publication and redactions in his report is proof if ever it was needed that the whole scenario surrounding the Vaticans attempts to clean up the Irish problem was a falsehood and a sham.
    They are playing for time in the hope that the whole thing will blow over.
    So Pat and Co keep the pot boiling and turn up the temperature a bit more.

    1. If they (the Irish bishops and the vatican) think this is going to "blow over", then they are more crazy than we think! This is nuclear and their number is up.

  9. It's me again. The man with the direct line to God. We chat every day. Good meaningful conversation.
    I'm the guy who often asks on here when I see the cardinals and bishops all festooned in the dressy clobber what that all has to do with the simplicity of the innocent child,wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger.
    Tonight's questions for you religious apologists is what has the corporate style board meeting so vividly captured in the first photo on this blog got do do with the humiliation of the naked crucified Christ.?
    And once again where did it all go wrong?
    Keep it Simple

    1. A bit of a weird contribution at 23.08 - even in the scriptures after Jesus ascended into heaven the apostles and disciples frequently had to meet. the apostles also began to elect their successors who would continue their leadership roles elsewhere. is it so strange that in this day and age, their successors would meet at tables? it's hardly the only manifestation of the church, nor of the ministries of many of those shown. bureaucracy is a human habit and failing, but church leaders having a meeting is hardly it 'all going wrong.'

      In any case, Jesus died for our sins already. We don't need those guys trying to do the same - it wouldn't work!