Sunday, 24 July 2016



This week saw an important coming together, for the first time of some members of VAMA - VOICES AGAINST MAYNOOTH ABUSE.

We also launched our simple LOGO - above

There are THREE things planned to take place now and in the near future.

1. A FIRST PROTEST - on a date to be decided involving members of VAMA and other concerned Catholic organisations and individuals.

2. A SECOND PROTEST - on a date soon after that by the same groups and individuals and hopefully others.

3. The launch of a MAYNOOTH REPORT.

This MAYNOOTH REPORT will be very important. It will consist of the following:

A. SUBMISSIONS / STATEMENTS we have already received from ex seminarians, seminarians, seminarian family members, former staff members and priests.

Those individuals who have submitted submissions / statements and who wish to have their names used will have their will have their wishes fulfilled.

Those individuals who have submitted submissions / statements and who wish NOT to have their names used will be referred to by a pseudonym - as in the Ferns, Bloyne reports etc.

B. SUBMISSIONS / STATEMENTS received from now onwards - again respecting people's wishes to be named or not.

C. ARTICLES PUBLISHED over the past number of years by respected people who have been concerned about Maynooth.



VAMA plans to launch its completed report at a press conference and also send copies to people it regards as relevant and also submit the report to the statutory authorities.

Any submissions / statements it has received / will receive, that VAMA considers has legal  or criminal implications will be referred to the Garda. 


This past week VAMA's attention was drawn to an alleged letter circulating in certain quarters in Maynooth naming a number of people who were at the centre of sexual activities within the college. 

Its attention was also drawn to the alleged author (s) of that letter and how they were dealt with by the seminary and by some named bishops. 

There have also been a number of people in touch with VAMA who have made various accusations against various people and these are being examined and studied at the moment by us and by one or two professional people who have offered VAMA their services. 

In that context this Blog received the following comment today:

"I'm not going to name names. But there is a young, recently ordained ******* priest who is currently on Grindr who likes to add young men, some are younger than the legal age" 

My response to the person who left this comment is:

"Friend, I have no reason to doubt you. If what you say is true, and if there are minors even remotely involved, please let us have the priest's name and it will placed in the right hands.

You can email me on:

Or VAMA on vamaunited

Or, if you do not want to reveal your email address send the details as an anonymous comment to the Blog. I will not publish names and details but will place the information where it needs to be places. 


My Friends,

We in the Church have experienced a whirlwind of abuse over the past number of years.

Much abuse by priests starts in the seminary.

MAYNOOTH has been problematic in this regard for a very long time.

We NOW have a chance to STOP this ONCE AND FOR ALL.

WE in VAMA and in other organisations will do the fighting FOR YOU.


PLEASE, in the name of Jesus Christ, help us by contacting us.

Pat - straight through to Pat. - will be received by an ex seminarian

ROI: 083 831 3151     OUTSIDE ROI: 00353 83 831 3151 - answered by ex seminarian


  1. Has the Irish Media shown any interest or are they bored by now

    1. There are not bored. We have been talking to some of them.

      Its only a matter of time.

    2. Sounds very likely, once again, that priests at the coalface, doing their level best, day after day, are going to have to steel themselves for another scandal.

      Once more, to have to face our daily and weekly congregations, when this latest scandal explodes in the papers.

      Yet another scandal, caused by men who, in "the real world", couldn't hold down a job serving chips in the local chipper (no disrespect intended to such employees).

      Useless men, who caught the eye of this bishop or that cardinal, who curried favour with "personages", or wormed their cunning ways, into the favors of equally dubious men, getting themselves appointed to positions for which they were eminently unsuited and, of which, they are utterly unworthy.

      Venal men, driven by foul lusts and sinful ambitions, ingratiating themselves with fools, in purple and red skirts, so as to get jobs that they cannot do; and which THEY SHOULD NOT BE DOING!!!

      Pat Buckley, I might not agree with you - and these morons might despise you - but you are doing the Church a service.

      Take the vile scoundrels down.

      Deep South of Ireland.

    3. Fr, I totally respect your right to disagree with me.

      I have wanted to be a priest since I was four.

      I love the Church as the Body of Christ.

      I am appalled by the actions of many in the institution.

      I this case the current and future seminarians of Maynooth are my first concern.

  2. Of course this kind of report should be commissioned by the bishops concerned.
    The other 'of course' is that if anyone believes another person is grooming underage people, the police is the place to put that information.

    1. Of course it should. But the bishops will not commission a report and if they did it would be a white wash!

      Any information about illegal or potentially illegal activity WILL be passed immediately to the police.

      We already have received reports that will be passed on.

  3. The priest on Grindr adding men and minors is Father ***** *******

    1. Thank you for trusting me. I will inform those who should know - his bishop and the Garda - first thing tomorrow, Monday.

      You have done the right thing. Pat.

    2. PS: Sad thing is - another product of Maynooth !

  4. Bishop Buckley, I have solicited a group of circa 40 people, thus far, to picket the front gates of Maynooth this September and the next Bishops' Conference.

    God bless you again on your great work.

  5. Pat, it is most welcome, albeit far too late, that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Bishop Phonsie Cullinan are withdrawing their seminarians from Maynooth and sending them to Rome. However, this is far from enough. Maynooth needs to be closed down immediately, followed by a thorough Garda investigation of all staff members and seminarians.

    1. I completely agree. I have already come across two aspects / people that need referred to the Garda. I am in the process of doing this as we speak.

  6. I have spoken to the bishop of the priest who was mentioned above as having been on Grindr and was seeking men and minors. I am confident that action is and will be taken.

  7. I have spoken to the bishop of the priest who was mentioned above as having been on Grindr and was seeking men and minors. I am confident that action is and will be taken.

    1. Pat will you publish the name of that priest on grinder?

    2. Do you think I should?

      Why should I publish his name?

      Just asking. Would be interested in hearing the rationale for publishing.

      Some would say that it is "outing" someone - and that it is "unchristian to do so?

      Speak to me.

  8. Pat, I think if you sure what you are told is 100 % true and because minors are involved then you have a duty to. Make sure its true first though. You don't want to mark an innocent man.

    1. The priest in question is definitely or has been on Grindr. He has been spoken to his diocese about it.

      My informant has not claimed that the priest met any minors through Grindr - but that he has "added" them - meaning that he has at least initiated a conversation with them.

      He is in the process of being removed from his parish. Where is he being sent? To another parish? I hope not.

      But where do you send a priest so that he will not be in touch with other males - of whatever age?

  9. Pat, you should publish this priest's name for three reasons:

    1. In order to protect vulnerable young men;
    2. To expose his hypocrisy and lies;
    3. And, presuming he went to Maynooth, to further expose the completely corrupt and inept formation process there.

    1. In fact he is almost fresh out of Maynooth.

    2. There you go Pat. As you always say: EXPOSE, EXPOSE,EXPOSE!

  10. Pat, I believe that you have been anointed by the Holy Spirit to expose all the lies and hypocrisy in the Irish Church. Therefore, I firmly believe that this priest needs to be exposed as you have already done with Fr Rory Coyle and Deacon Sean Jones.

    1. I believe there are dozens, if not hundreds of seminarians and priests on Grindr and similar apps and sites.

  11. Expose all the hypocrites en masse Pat.

  12. Pat, is this priest Fr Chris Derwin?

    1. former barman at Tramco

  13. I missed your appeal for comments on outing the young priest... but I see it is too late. I hope you have 100% proof that what this man has been accused of is true otherwise his life could well be destroyed by the accusation of involvement with minors.
    This is not a question of protecting wrong doers but ensuring that justice is done. Tthe Irish Church and state now have robust procedures for dealing with safeguarding concerns relating to minors.. surely that is the best way to deal with such concerns.