Wednesday, 13 July 2016



WE have had a few days of highly charged discussion about Maynooth / Gaynooth and perhaps today we should slow down our pace a little, be a bit more reflective and consider what we have learned.

1. There have been concerns about Maynooth Seminary for a long time now and in particular concerns about its unhealthy "gay" ethos. Those concerns even attracted the attention of The Vatican and the Pope who asked Cardinal Dolan to conduct an enquiry into the seminary. It seems, if anything, the Maynooth problem has only got worse!

2. A primary concern is that the Maynooth student body is not only very gay but that those gays are a pretty vicious set of folk and often target and intimidate those who are either not gay (heterosexual)  or are gay and want to live a celibate existence. This often results in serious incidents of intimidation ( GAYS BULLYING STRAIGHTS) and even in innocent people being judged unsuitable for priesthood and been either expelled or being forced to leave in desperation.

3. Incidents of the gay ethos have been highlighted on this blog and elsewhere - senior seminarians propositioning junior seminarians, seminarians having baths or showers together, seminarians having sex with each other, seminarians frequenting gay venues in Maynooth and Dublin, seminarians thanking Maynooth thanking the seminary for helping them discover their true homosexual orientation, seminarians having accounts on the gay cruising side Grindr and many other expressions and activities.

4.   We have heard of one ex seminarian who says that he was sexually harassed and intimidated in Maynooth by a non student and that when it became unbearable he left of his own volition. But then he made a formal complaint about the person involved and attended a hearing of some kind. He then had two meetings with the college president, Monsignor Hugh Connolly, who asked him to come back and forget about all that had happened. His father attended one of these meeting and his mother another. His mother left in tears.

5. That seminarian then exhausted all the internal church channels and had a meeting with his bishop - Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin and then went to the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown. Archbishop Martin offered to send him to another non Irish university but the ex seminarian did not accept that offer. The Papal Nuncio promised him that he would look into the matter and write to him. After FOUR YEARS he has not heard from the Papal Nuncio!


6.  We have heard from another ex seminarian who says that his good friend, another seminarian was accused of writing an anonymous letter that he never wrote and was put on trial in some kind of kangaroo court situation and was dismissed from Maynooth. He says that this was a complete stitch up and he himself left Maynooth voluntarily as a result of this injustice. 


7. In all of this we are reminded of the story of the former college president Monsignor Michael Ledwith. He was a priest staff member who was having sex with young seminarians. It all came to a head one night when one of the seminarians he was abusing had a nervous breakdown at three in the morning in the college chapel and his parents had to be sent for to take him home. The very brave dean at the time - Father McGinnity - reported Monsignor Ledwith to the Irish Bishops.

What did the bishops - including Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich do? They did exactly as they are doing now. The shot the messenger and dismissed Father McGinnity from Maynooth and sent Monsignor Ledwith away to the US with a "golden handshake" reputed to have been hundreds of thousands of punts - and paid him his president's salary for at least another six months !

8. Yesterday we saw a picture of a well thought of Maynooth seminarian who has been recommended to his bishop by the college staff for ordination as priest posted on the gay cruising site Grindr. Other seminarians also claimed that this man had been previously asked to leave a religious order for bad behaviour and that he had tried to proposition a first year seminarian for sex.

We also learned that there are other seminarians and priests with Grindr accounts including Father Rory Coyle who was the Master of Ceremonies to Archbishop Eamon Martin and who is STILL LISTED as a curate at Eamon Martin's cathedral in Armagh!

9. We heard of the following letter sent recently to Eamon Martin:

“A number of seminarians have reported recently the existence of a homosexual subculture within Maynooth.

A seminarian who reported this behaviour was recently expelled from the seminary, while those reportedly engaging in said behaviour remain in formation. Those who protest it and stand for what is right are suspended from the seminary and their good names are tarnished. Often there are unfair and biased reports suggesting that seminarians take “time out” from formation because they are “theologically rigid”.
This is a matter of utmost seriousness and urgency. I therefore ask that you, the Primate of All Ireland, and the president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, initiate a serious discussion on this deplorable state of affairs in our national seminary at the earliest Bishop’s Conference meeting in Maynooth on June 7th – 9th.



I wish to acknowledge receipt of your email.
Please be assured that the formation of seminarians is of the utmost importance to me and to all the bishops.
With every blessing and kindest regards
Archbishop Eamon:

Eamon could not even respond personally. Maybe he was too busy in his Mammy's house eating his birthday cake!

I notice there are THREE candles on the birthday cake. Does that represent his emotional age I wonder?

10. We have seen the recent sudden disappearance of the Vocations Growth Counsellor Father David Marsden - a religious order priest.

He seems to have left as a result of recent happenings in Maynooth and almost in protest about the system in place. 



Unless you are in TOTAL DENIAL you have to admit that for many years now - and certainly at the current time - Maynooth is in an absolute and complete mess. 

There are only two ways forward now - reform it root and branch or keep letting it go on as it is until it explodes in some kind of a NUCLEAR event.

The kind of NUCLEAR EVENT I would envisage would be a suicide by a seminarian - a suicide pact by two seminarians - a serious assault on a seminarian or priest staff member - or even God forbid - a murder of some kind.

People might scoff at this and call it crazy.

But I warn you - TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION and human beings snap when pushed to breaking point!



Not that anyone involved with Maynooth would countenance any recommendations from me - but if I were responsible for Maynooth this is what I would do:

1. Announce that Maynooth is not re-opening in September 2016 but that the re-opening will take place instead in January 2017.

2. Remove ALL current priest and religious staff members and return those priests to their diocese and bishop to receive diocesan appointments. 

3. I would scour the world to try and find a number of priests / religious / lay people that were experts in and have a proven track record in priestly and spiritual formation and create a new non-hierarchical formation team to lead the Maynooth seminarians to spiritual, psychological, psychosexual, emotional and intellectual maturity.

This would also involve having discussions with Father Marsden and asking him to return?

4. To this formation team I would add a number of people who were experts and have a proven track record in therapy, counselling and psychology that would include each and every seminarian engaging in ongoing therapy - not to "cure" anything that was wrong with them but rather to explore their whole psyche so that they would become as much their real selves as possible and be in a position to minister as "real" people who could lead their future congregations / peoples to become their real selves and encounter the "real" God.

5. Instead of the current concentration on philosophy and theology I would have a triple intellectual model of philosophy, theology and spirituality with spirituality being the major component.

6. I would introduce a real emphasis on prayer that would involve not only the Mass and the Divine Office but would also involve a weekly retreat day, a monthly several day retreat and a long and meaningful yearly retreat conducted by heavy weight spiritual people. 

7. I would have a smart team in charge of pastoral experience who would introduce seminarian, both in theory and practice, to meaningful pastoral work that would expose all seminarians to ministry to the sick, the dying, prisoners, the homeless, people with addictions, the elderly, the mentally ill and to every other group in society they are likely to meet in later priestly ministry.

8. I would invite speakers into Maynooth to challenge the faith and thinking powers of the seminarians - people like atheists, agnostics, secularists, feminists, members of other churches, Jews, Muslims, capitalists, socialists, communists, Marxists, republicans, unionists etc etc. If their faith and thinking powers could not stand up to this then there is something wrong with their faith and thinking powers anyway.

9. I would have a yearly audit by experts with a proven track record to examine and produce a report on the colleges finances, intellectual standards, human rights practices, employment practices etc.

10. I would appoint a completely independent tribunal to examine disputes between college staff, college staff and seminarians, seminarians and seminarians with the power to issue binding judgements on the college and its trustees the Irish bishops. This tribunal should consist of people like lawyers, trade unionists, human rights representatives, a priest, a seminarian, a seminarian's father, a seminarian's mother etc. I would have the meetings of this tribunal take place in public and open to the public and the media. I would have this tribunals findings and judgements made public and open to challenge in the civil courts. 


These are but a few opening suggestions.

I would keep the whole college and its processes under constant review and initiate changes on a regular basis based on the emergence of shortcomings in the system coming to light.   


  1. When I was at Maynooth I experienced the same probing questions, was harassed and assaulted by a fellow seminarian and then made think I imagined it. This made Maynooth to be a living hell. Suicide was considered on a number of occasions. On the other side I was helped and supported by friends and by prayer. In this way they had no power over me. I would welcome a complete change of staff but will hold silence for both trust and confidence in bishops, visitors and Rome has waned. When will we see it on the headlines?

  2. Thank you for your comment - but a comment I found very sad reading.

    It was terrible that your had to endure intimidating and intrusive questioning by, presumably, a member of staff.

    It is worse that you were harassed ans assaulted by a fellow seminarian.

    And, God help you, you even considered suicide !!!! - not because you did anything wrong but just because you were a complete victim.

    I am afraid that someday soon someone like you will actually go ahead and kill themselves :-(

    Bishops, Visitors and Rome do not care !!!!!!

    For some reason the Irish Media is afraid to deal with this story as of yet.

    I have talked to them and am still talking to them.

    They are afraid the Church will use its millions and billions to sue them!!!!

    But I am sure one good decent journalist with testicular tissue will come along.

    In the meantime I will try to keep fighting the corner for you.

    They have already threatened to sue me and shut me down in the past few days.

    1. PS: If you are willing / interested I would like to hear more from you on


  3. Pat, I believe, too, that it will take a tragic occurrence like you mentioned above to finally force the bishops take action regarding the formation staff in Maynooth, and to wake up from their illusory world.

    In the meantime, at the next Mass/Catholic event I attend which will be celebrated/given by an Irish or American bishop (i.e., Charles Brown), and the homily/talk of which concerns vocations - I will stand up in front of everyone, look him straight in the eye and shout:
    "YOU HYPOCRITICAL, COWARDLY LIAR, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT ST.PATRICK'S SEMINARY, MAYNOOTH". I will then walk out to protect my ears from any more lies and hypocrisy.

    I would encourage any other person, who cares, to do likewise.

    1. Good man. If more did that they would sit up.

      I stood in silence before Cahal Daly on three occasions when he was preaching in all his regalia about brotherly love and refusing to talk to me.

      My silence spoke volumes.

      But your shouting one will say more.

  4. Homosexuality will always have been an issue in same sex institutions. In religious orders and seminaries there was once an hysterical suspicion of "particular friendships". However the flourishing of a gay sub-culture in Maynooth can be dated to 1993 with the decriminalisation in Ireland of sex acts between consenting men. Since then the seminary authorities have been terrified of the likely legal consequences of expelling a seminarian (or sacking a college official) for homosexual activity. It may be sinful but not too seriously so and according to the more rigorous canonists it is not even an infringement of celibacy. It is therefore of little interest to journalists, except perhaps the likes of Catholic Voice and maybe The Irish Catholic.

    1. Could a seminarian legally challenge the decision to expel him from Maynooth in a civil court?

      Would the Church not claim another exemption.

    2. The journalists would be terrified of being called "Homophobes". Sure how could a secular journalist understand the Church's teachings on homosexuality anyway? Much like the current Seminary Council and the larger tranche of the seminarian body!! LOL!

  5. It's a horrible joke Pat. At the next Episcopal Conference they will be looking out through the windows in their conference room in Maynooth, playing with their pectoral crosses and wondering what to talk about. Never, of course, mentioning the massive "pink" elephant in the room, and by which they are surrounded: GAYNOOTH!

    1. At the Bishop's Meeting there will be number of "Pink Elephants".

      Apart of course for Aimee Martin who publicly asserted her heterosexuality recently !!!!!!!!!!!

    2. We were all so relieved at Eamo's Hot Press assertion. And all the weemin are delighted!!

    3. 21:23 I just snorted coffee out of my nose reading your comment and trying not to laugh.

  6. Pat, Fr Marsden would be a wonderful appointment if he was he was given a central role in forming seminarians. The seminarians need fr Marsden as president or even as Dean. He would get rid of all this rubbish that is currently been permitted under the current regime.

    Maynooth cannot re open in September it such an evil place. Rotten to the core.

    1. I bet you they will try and forge ahead and reopen for business as usual.

      That's why we must keep the pressure up.

      Its why we need a large public protest at Maynooth on opening day.

  7. Fr. David Marsden hates women and all gay men. I walked out of a homily he gave about the referendum and he told me all gay people are mentally ill and have no place in the church. He made me cry. Go to his church and listen to him, he is dangerous and deluded. The type of seminarians that look up to him in maynooth are deeply conservative and also follow his ideas which are very very VERY extreme. Thats why they support him! They hate women and think they should have no role in the church!!!! They want to go back to the old church where priests are superior and everything is latin. They are a vicious gang who want to rid the church of gay men (celibate) or anyone they suspect of being gay or anyone seen as more liberal than them. You do not understand Bishop Pat they are using you to hurt real innocent people. Fr. Marsden has instigated them to rid the Church of anyone who does not meet their criteria. Please Bishop Pat do not support them. Investigate Fr. Marsden and you will see! I promise!!!!! God Bless you Bishop Pat i follow your good not be fooled by their games, these people would hurt you if they got the chance

    1. You shock me with your comment! Really!

      Can I ask you if you are / were a seminarian when you said Father Marsden made you cry?

      I support women's ordination - and 18 years ago ordained a hermit nun as a priest.

      I am taking your comment seriously but am shocked by it.

      Like to tell me more - even by email:

    2. That is a pile of rubbish Pat. Fr Marsden does not hate anyone. He never strays from Church teaching. If he hates women, then why is he best friends with Dr Mary McCaughey who also left Maynooth?

      Gays always playing the victim. Fr Marsden has never preached anything that the Church doesn't teach.

  8. I wish I had millions to offer you, or the necessary expertise, because I know that this is a very strong card the Church holds:- threaten legal action immediately, and yes they have the money to back it up. Surely there are some great lawyers out there - both men and women - who could advise and act on behalf of those who were victimized. On a no win, no fee basis? Similarly there must be many good, courageous journalist/s [with the backing of decent lawyers!], who can see that there is definitely a story here re. bullying, victimization, injustice, double standards. Many stories NEEDING to be told.

    'All that is necessary for the triumph of EVIL is for GOOD men [ and good women!] to do nothing.'

    Maybe I am naive, re. no win no fee, but there must be a way!

  9. Don't worry Pat. Round two of the sexual scandals in the Irish Catholic Church will be more Fr. Rory Coyles, and this present seminarian in Maynooth, having their secret homosexual lives uncovered. The Church is slowly being razed to the ground in Ireland because of these secret sins, which God sees, and which are rotting the Church from the inside.

    Maynooth is a branch that has been cut off from the Vine for a long time now, and it is withering and dying of its own accord. By their fruits we shall know them, and the fruits of "Gaynooth" are proving putrid.

    The Irish Church soon will have no money or resources left to sue people Pat. Almighty God is working as we speak.

  10. Bishop Pat... I will send you an email shortly with information on Fr. Marsden i will even give you people to talk to. I promise i will not set you wrong. The rabit hole goes a lot deeper than what you think right now.

    1. Well we must feed our ferrets well to clear out the Maynooth Hole.

    2. Poor Fr Marsden - another good, brave man being lined up for character assassination!

    3. You do realise that I have been / am? a Father Marsden fan.

      But I am open to have my mind changed on absolutely everything.

      But I will be disappointed.

    4. I feel sorry for that boyo's bishop. The poor man has lost no opportunity in recent months to declare publicly just how much he is looking forward to laying hands on him.

    5. That bishop is on holidays just now. I was in touch with his office today and yesterday.

  11. Pat, Fr Marsden is a man of integrity, he had the courage to stand by his convictions and not subscribe to an ideology of bullying, hate and lies. He fell on his sword, like a real man, and stood down from his position.

    There is no fear of any of the current leeches and liars on the Seminary Council doing likewise.

    1. That's what I thought all along.

      I believed he had resigned over the bad state of things at Maynooth.

      I have tried to contact him without success.

      I agree. The current people will only go if they are pushed.

  12. I wonder is Anon 16.25 and Anon 16.44 one of the gay boys in maynooth who is trying to take the attention off the pink brigade and onto Fr Marsden.

    As a former seminarian who has only left the seminary recently I can attest that fr marsden is a faithful Sheppard of Christ. Nice try anon 16.25. This won't work. Yer game is up.

    1. I'm glad that there is someone to put the other view.

      I wonder why Father Marsden did not return my efforts to contact him.

      Had he done so and requested confidentiality I would have observed it totally.

    2. To Anon 16.58:

      Just to clarify -
      You mean Anon 16.25 who commented re. Fr. Marsden? as opposed to Anon 16.25 who commented - 'I wish I had the millions ...'.

      I can assure you that I am not 'one of the gay boys in Maynooth.' .... I'm using your terminology, not mine.

      I'm 100% sure I wouldn't qualify to enter the Seminary in the first place!


      The Other Anon 16.25!!

    3. MourneManMichael13 July 2016 at 23:32

      The current plethora of "anon comments" relating to Maynooth makes it difficult by times to follow threads and know who is commenting on who!
      As was suggested some time back, it is helpful if commentators adopt a handle (name) of their choice to facilitate following comment threads.
      Since the suggestion was made over 100 different "handles" have commented, often with interesting geographical connotations; Antrim Anne, Enniskillen Eileen, Dalriada Dick etc.
      So can I encourage more "handles" please?

  13. It is not character assignation when it is true. I have proof so we can let Bishop Buckley decide. I am shocked bishop buckley that you you are a fan of such a man. He hates gays and got in a lot of trouble for his vicious comments about the gay marriage referendum. All his conservative supporters are trying to make him look better. I see what they are trying to do to you now Bishop Buckley. This will blow your mind

    1. I was only basing my "fanship" on the fact that the only ones from Maynooth I had spoken to then spoke highly of him.

      I am shocked that he might hate gay people.

      I never came across his comments about Gay Marriage - which of course I supported.

      Don't worry. I ALWAYS make up my own mind about everything.

      And I do struggle to try and be fair and just.

  14. Fr Marsden doesn't hate anyone. He loves people and the Truth that will set them free.

  15. Anon 16:25, are the pictures of a Maynooth seminarian on Grindr games? You are defo a dead cert to be a future candidate for the formation team in Maynooth. Sure it is all just a game and in our heads!

  16. Pat, their game is up. The proof you produced yesterday about the gay seminarian shows you that Fr Marsden is a man of Integrity who cares about seminarians and that he was right all along. I can attest to that with my hand on my heart before all mighty God.He's a good man.

    Let's not loose our focus here. The pink corridor brigade want to take focus off themselves. It won't work.Ye may have the seminary council on yer side but we fight for the truth and have Christ who is truth on our side. He is brining us victory.

  17. Fr Marsden was a manly presence in a very effeminite institution. He is entitled to outline the teaching of Christ concerning love and marriage. What more would you want from a priest. The truth...maybe, we wouldn't be having this conversation if Maynooth staff were faithful and true to their call

    1. Fr Marsden could be as much part of the problem as PP, FM and HC! He should have stuck to his guns - not walked off in a strop!

    2. I agree. He should have stayed. Do you have evidence pertaining to him?

  18. Can we let go of this conservative - liberal labelling system. Look at is this Maynooth right or wrong? Is the behaviour right or wrong? The seminary system has wounded many men. That is the the problem.

  19. If Fr Marsden was so anti woman and anti gay then why was he not sacked?

    Pure rubbish Pat. Fr Marsden was a man of integrity and truth. These people are trying to influence you emotionally Pat because you are a gay man. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THEIR GAMES

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am not a fool and will not be fooled.

      I will make up my own mind.

      And :-) I am not a gay man. I am a man who happens to be gay :-)

      Our sexuality does not define is. I'm sure you agree.

    2. Exactly Pat. You are a good human being - period.

  20. Some observations -

    No one who engages in promiscuous sex - hetero or homo - should be ordained a priest.

    Even if celibacy were abolished and priests allowed to marry women, or have a male partner, a man who uses grindr or tindr is unsuitable. He would need a radical, profound and proven conversion.

    There should be no witch-hunting of students because they have same-sex attraction. Those with same-sex attraction can be holy, good and effective priests.

    Are the problems in Maynooth a vicious war between two camps, homosexuality being the common denominator between the two? One the one hand - rampant homosexuality; and on the other - repressed homosexuality?

    Maynooth definitely needs a clearing out of some staff and some students. The current leadership are unfit for purpose and some of the seminarians are entirely unsuitable.

    The so-called "gay" ideology has no place in a Catholic seminary.

    Polarisation is not helping. Wise, balanced, sensible, mature and spiritual pastors need to be found and entrusted with formation of future priests in the National Seminary.

    Priest Observer.

    1. Thank you for that cautionary comment. Pat.

  21. No one can deny that year after year catholic seminarians have been asked to take time out.

    Year after year, seminarians have complained that they were taught theology that strayed far from catholism.

    Year after year, active homosexuality has been reported.

    There is no smoke without fire. This has nothing to do with Fr Marsden. This is about a corrupt seminary council.

    Year after year, seminarians plead with bishops but their pleas are ignored.

    1. I agree. The bishops are cowards and slaves of a man made empire. I wonder if they believe in any thing at ????

    2. Well Pat, more and more I question if they have any faith.

      The amount of good men who were ousted, they would have made excellent priests.

      The bishops will answer before Christ for this.

      There are suggestions that some of them are in the free mason movement.

    3. The Free Masons would'nt have them :-)

      They have no faith, no morals, no balls, no direction, no commonsense, no real intellects..............

    4. Why is it though Pat that they have the balls to get rid of good men?

    5. You're wrong. They get rid of real men with balls in order that their ball-less-ness will be less noticable !!!

    6. Silly me. That makes sense Pat. They want people who can't think for themselves.

  22. I can assure you that Fr Marsden is a good and holy man. Those who made complaints about his homilies surrounding the Marriage Referendum were only looking for a fight. Fr Marsden has only every taught the Churches teaching on the subject and was the only one to do so during the debates. It takes courage to do what he did. I applaud and respect him greatly.

    Sadly, I believe, a satisfactory conclusion will never happen. There is far more to this story then what the summary has included and much of it is much worse. It saddens me to see a place that I once loved looks so destroyed and broken.

    I also feel that as Christians we have an obligation to do something about this, however, I am not sure whether this is the way, perhaps it is the only option that is left.

    It strikes me as odd that the Irish College in Rome got a complete overhaul of personnel after the Visitation while Maynooth was left fairly unchanged. My feeling is a number of bishops did not like to be told what to do and put there foot down when it came to Maynooth. They ruled with the pride and not their faith.

    There are many good guys still left in Maynooth. They are sad and disappointed in what is going. Going back in September know looks less like an option for many of them. I feel sorry for those who are discerning a vocation to the priesthood and have to read these stories about Maynooth. Please pray for them and all who wish to follow the call of diocesan priesthood.

  23. Heterosexual seminarians are branded "rigid", "closed", and the famous "internal anger".

    You have issues if you do not compromise your faith and if you dare to report active homosexuality.

    1. Thats very bad. We all need to come together to stand up to what's happening.

    2. It is time that the laity and priests started to protest at the Bishops Conference. This cover up must end.

    3. Thats very bad. We all need to come together to stand up to what's happening.

  24. To Priest Observer : Midlands. Why would you narrow down the problems in Maynooth Seminary to a war between two camps? 'On one hand rampant homosexuals and on the other repressed homosexuality?' I know you were just posing a question, but .... There were and are heterosexual men who wished / wish to follow their vocation to the Priesthood and were accepted by Maynooth Seminary to train. There are seminarians I'm sure who despite everything going on around them are still heterosexual, and are still fully committed to honouring the celibacy requirement that existed when they started their formation. A requirement that still exists, a sacrifice and commitment they are still choosing to make. They are caught up in all this too. They should not be 'witch hunted' either. They should not be forgotten. It should not be presumed that such seminarians don't even exist.

    1. I fully agree! It's the lads caught 'in the middle' of this hideous and nasty mess that I feel for most. Sorry, I forgot to say that.

      I have no doubt there are decent students in Maynooth doing their best to strive towards holiness of life and to discern if God wants them to serve Him as priests. I should have made that clear.

      It cries out to God that this situation be regularised and all those who are the source of this shocking scandal be removed from the College.

      Priest Observer,


    I think Diarmuud is going to be too busy now...

    1. I think that Diarmuud is still hoping foe the Red Hat.

      Aimee Martin is a little young for it.

      Is this another step in gerrtin it - and f*** Maynooth problems?

    2. It's a pity Pat that Dermo couldn't try to make communications more "efficacious" in his rotting seminary.

      Red hat is on the way. God help us.

  26. When I was a seminarian in Maynooth, not in the far too recent past, I tried to observe reality as it was, and not how I would like it.I observed one group of seminarians who were obsessed with the Latin Mass, priestly vestments, chalices, cruets, etc. They ostensibly professed blind fidelity to the Church's teachings and to lead pure chaste lives; but I did have my reservations concerning both assertions based on noises I heard at night time emanating from their rooms, and their all-night tea and poison parties, where they would verbally lacerate other seminarians and priests, who did not fit into their view of the priesthood. They certainly committed many a metaphorical murder with their merciless words. For these boys, the priesthood was all about dressing up, hair gel and cuff links. As for the reality they would be met with in the real world, they were woefully ill-equipped regarding maturity and emotional intelligence.

    Then you had a few real jack-the-lads, who were in the Roost, etc., nearly every night of the week, drinking and shagging women to their hearts content. They couldn't be arsed many mornings getting up for morning prayer or Mass; they missed lectures; their jokes and language turned the air blue; yet the Seminary Council loved them! They seemed to be the archetypal seminarians that we should have all aspired to be.

    Then there were the lads who were just very bland and phlegmatic. They were the "company men", who would be the perfect functionaries in a parish. No zeal; no life; no passion. They appeared to have no idea what the priesthood was and why they should become priests - and worse, they weren't being taught.

    Then you had the real dodgy, dangerous, two-faced characters who were the sentinels for the Seminary Council. They would report who went to Adoration in St Catherine's on a Sunday night in NUIM; who prayed the Rosary; who said what in Pugin Hall at lunch, dinner, etc. Dangerous and ruthless boyos, who got many a good, decent man ousted. I don't know how they are now living with their consciences as "priests".

    Finally, you had a few genuine, good men, who knew how to get through that den of vipers relatively unscathed, and who are now fine priests, albeit woefully formed on many levels.

    These were my observations then, I don't know what it is like now.

    1. This is the source of my anxiety: when I was in Maynooth, in the 90's, there was no 'gay lobby' that I was aware of.

      There were some students we didn't 'hang out' with - but we wished them no harm - nor they us (I think).

      Is it all a handbag fight now between two different gay camps in the seminary?

      With the ordinary God-fearing students, stuck in the middle, fighting off both camps, with no support from the faculty, who (many of them who have power) are wedded, to one or other side, of the cat fight???

      I am very wary of the incensed, starched, laced, 'ad orientem', Latin-spouting, turn the clock back to Trent brigade, who present themselves as "orthodox".

      That is a fetish. Many of them are also homosexuals.

      They are rightly described as "anally retentive"; though their anuses receive much of their - and others - attention!

      Their "opposition" are SHAMELESS in their pursuit of so-called "gay sex" I am equally worried about King Puck and the "out and proud" crowd, who are out of their trees on Grindr, it would seem, with the connivance of the seminary faculty.

      They all, like the Pharisees, operate behind a wall of pretence of righteousness.

      All of the above are betraying the faithful Catholics for whom true priests celebrate the Holy Eucharist daily and on Sundays.


      Terrible judgement will befall Dermot Martin, Eamon Martin, Charles Brown, Paul Prior, Michael Mullaney. Hugh Connolly, Michael Collins, etc.

      God's wrath will fall on these pansy excuses for faithful shepherds of the flock of Jesus.

      They will all roast, forever, in Hell, for the damage they have done - and are doing.

      Sacerdos qui in diebus illis.

  27. Pope Benedict, in 2010, wrote a letter to the Irish Church and he said that bishops and other senior church men's handling of the abuse scandals had done more to harm the Catholic Faith in Ireland than 300 years of persecution.

    This business with Maynooth is another example of what he said. Those with the greatest responsibility in the Church - bishops, the papal nuncio and seminary staff - are destroying and ruining the Church.

    No wonder that the churches are empty, the faith is dying and Ireland is losing its soul.

    I am ordinary Catholic who does my best but I despair of the leaders of my church today. They are the wolves in sheep's clothing that Our Lord warned us about. I truly despair and I am almost ashamed to say that I am a Catholic.

    If there is a protest outside Maynooth in September or when the bishops are meeting next, I will be there.

    Irish Catholic granny.

    1. I will be present for any organised protest in september, with placards and all.

  28. Pat, I am a priest who went through Maynooth I'd say around the same time as anon 23:30. For the time being I will be keeping my powder dry regarding making a statement about the seminary. I am up to my eyeballs in my parish, and I wouldn't trust my bishop as far as I could throw him. He is your typical bullshitting politician who doesn't give a monkeys about what is going in Gaynooth, even though he has been receiving bad reports about it for years.

    When I was there I did pick up a lot of bad "vibes" from PP. I am no oil painting so didn't receive any "particular attention" from him or other seminarians, priests. However, many stories were circulating at the time. There was much homosexual and heterosexual sexual activity among seminarians. The heterosexual guys were more open about it, whereas the homosexual group were far more clandestine. The Latin Mass boys assuaged their consciences hiding behind their Roman collars and cassocks.

    The sentinels spoken of by anon 23:30 were employed because the Seminary Council betrayed a gross dereliction of duty. They did not really know their seminarians because they had no interest in really knowing them. As crazy as it sounds, the guys who prayed the Rosary, went to Adoration, and on the whole, despite their human weaknesses, tried to pursue virtue and holiness, became marked men.

    Those who didn't know how to play the game were summarily ejected when it came to the final reports at year end.

    It is blatantly obvious that St Pat's is progressively worsening with the current men at the helm. Something drastic needs to be done.

    I am a hard working priest and do my best. I am afraid to even look at children and young people because of all the sexual scandals.

    There are another load of scandals coming down the pipeline. The seminarians who engaged in sexual activity in the seminary are worse now as priests.

    1. Brother Priest, thank you for that honest comment - all of which rings true.

      You are obviously one of the sincere ones and I sure as an honest man you do much good.

      "No oil painting" :-) Its really inner beauty that counts and IT does not fade with the years.

      Your bishop is the usual type.

      If they sue me over my blogs please get in touch on

      Warmest regards and respect.


    2. Pat the game is up. You can't be sued for proclaiming truth. King puck otherwise known as the "chief" has been knocked of his throne.The rest of his clan are doing everything to stop themselves been exposed. It wont work. Ye will all be removed including staff.

      The time for st pats to get a total clear out is at hand. The victory of Christ to remove both curropt staff and these actively gay two faced seminarians has Christ we trust.

      On another note how can anyone including king puck remain part of the institutional church and go forward for ordination when they know what she teaches.???

    3. Pat, if they try to sue you there will be a lot of journalists with much ink to expend at court. And as you know you will have privilege of court to say what you like in order to defend yourself with impunity.

    4. I am aware of that - but thank you. And I already have a number of people signed up to come to court with me - 2 priests and a number of former seminarians.

      I am not at all afraid of court.

      In fact I think a public high court case open to the media and public and discovery of all relevant documents is what we really need to crack this open and various other related matters concerning bishops, priests and seminarians. I am ready.

    5. The parasitical, lying, slanderous, cowardly hypocrites are going to waste thousands more of the hard earned laity's money, Pat, trying to extricate themselves from their latest self-caused morass.

  29. No doubt the big gombeen of a "wounded healer" will be signing the cheque.

  30. I know that this is a very serious situation but, I can't help looking at King Puck's selfie! He's a hot looking guy......definitely a bear - chunky & hairy. Yes, I would!!! Sorry Pat if you think this is in poor taste.