Thursday, 28 July 2016



Yesterday we learned that Father Rory Coyle has been sent by Archbishop Eamon Martin to a sex addiction clinic in the USA after he had to step down from ministry following showing bid body on the gay cruising app GRINDR.


THE ANSWER - it began when he was a seminarian in MAYNOOTH SEMINARY!

Rory  grew up in Drogheda in what was a very good and a very devout Catholic family. I'm sure he had a perfectly normal and good upbringing and a happy and successful time in Drogheda schools.

To date there is no suggestion that he was sexually abused - or abused in nay way - during his growing years.

At some stage he felt that he had a call to priesthood. As that call grew he presumably talked about it to someone. Eventually he applied to be a priest of Armagh diocese. His home town of Drogheda is in Armagh. 

He was accepted for Armagh and was sent to Maynooth to begin his priestly training.

Rory's sexual orientation is obviously homosexual or gay. He would have been aware of that when he entered Maynooth. It is possible but unlikely that as a young Catholic teenager in Drogheda that he engaged in having sex with other boys or men. At that stage he would have regarded that as a sin.

When he went into Maynooth as a young, probably, immature teenager I'm sure he was determined to be a priest and commit himself to celibacy.

But then something must have happened to break his resolve. What was it that happened?

- Did he see fellow seminarians having sex together?

- Did another seminarian proposition and seduce him?

- Did a priest sexually harass him, assault him or even take him to bed?

- Did he come under pressure from the notorious gay cabal among Maynooth seminarians?

Something HAD to happen to Rory to put him on the path that eventually led him to open a Grindr account to go hunting for no strings attached sex with other men and to take the massive risk of showing his face and his GENITALS on the app.

- And now is is a broken young man.

- Now he is alone and afraid and embarrassed in a sex clinic in the US.

- Now his family and friends are devastated.

It would be a GREAT TRAGEDY if Rory was the only one in this position.

But there are 50+ young men in Maynooth who are potential gay sex addicts!



Each one of you individually and all of you collectively are responsible for what is happening in Maynooth.

What are you doing about this scandal just now?

What are you going to do?

Or are you just a bunch of unprincipled cowards and anti Christs?

Or are you compromised yourself?

Are some of you Grindr devotees?


The whole country, the whole Church, the whole world is watching you now.

This moment - this issue - defines WHO and WHAT you are!



  1. I count at least 28 very senior clergy on the list above for s very small country - and I am wondering why we need so many chiefs when we have so few Indians?

  2. I think there is a logical oversight in your article. You cannot claim to know for sure that Fr Coyle acted as he did because of exposure to such pressures within Maynooth itself. It is just as possible that such behaviour began to manifest itself after seminary, given the immense strain of pastoral ministry and the loneliness of no longer being in a community. You cannot link it definitively to the seminary environment, as much as it is one of some possibilities.

    It would seem that Fr Coyle received a lot of support and forgiveness from his parishioners after the revelations, and I think it is commendable that Archbishop Martin has arranged professional help for him as part of his duty of care. I hope and pray that he will find the help he needs, come back stronger and with good support from his bishop, fellow clergy, professionals and parishioners, and be able to serve in the humble manner of a good priest who knows they are imperfect, but can try their best. For the time being, I think Fr Coyle deserves his privacy, and his 'devastated' family and friends deserve not to have his picture so frequently publicised on this blog.

    Further, I don't think that the actions of a few are going to make all seminarians in Maynooth gay, let alone sex addicts. That is truly farcical. That said, hopefully better oversight of the seminary and perhaps new leadership would do wonders for making it a more authentic, Christian community. Our bishops are not fools; there are many highly intelligent and experienced men among them. Please God they find an effective course of action.

    1. Only Rory knows how he went to go down the path of gay internet sex.

      I believe that the sexually charged enviornment of Maynooth played a role.

      Maybe one day Rory will tell us.

      "A FEW". You are in denial. The majority of current seminarians in Maynooth are gay and many actively so.

      The "straight" ones and others who complain about the activities are expelled.

      Unlike you I believe that the bishops are fools - and cowardy fools at that.

    2. I cannot see his future in the priesthood, no matter what help he gets. He has forfeited the priesthood by his behaviour which, for a priest, was extreme - beyond the pale. I would not want him around my teenage sons.

    3. I'm with Anon @ 13:20 on this. I don't think that when Rory Coyle was in Maynooth things were quite as (they appear to be) now. I was there too for some of that time. It's true, of course, that people experience a place and its people differently but it would surprise me were he to have experienced such pressures. Perhaps back then, with greater numbers, there was greater diversity than we are led to believe is the case now.

      One question, Pat: is it really fair to characterise Rory as having a sex 'addiction'? Seeking out sex when one is supposed to be living a celibate lifestyle is, to me, quite different to having an addiction. But which of us really knows his motivations? Perhaps he himself doesn't fully understand them yet.

      By the way, I think it would be rather a good thing were he to be allowed back into ministry eventually, hard as that would be for him.

  3. If Rory is a victim at all, he is a victim of his own lust and stupidity.

    The atmosphere in Gaynooth, however, probably did not help if he was inclined to be promiscuous. ]

    Obviously, he was not taught to resist temptation - a very basic premise of Christian Faith.

    We all have various temptations that we must resist; and if we fall, we go to Confession and resolve to do better.

    To go on Grindr, as a priest - to post naked pictures of oneself (face and genitals) - is indicative of a man who has TOTALLY lost the plot - if he ever had the plot to begin with.

    All of these men - seminarians and priests - who avail of Grindr and its like - are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!

  4. I only wish that life were that simple, that we could learn to resist temptations at one stage and that will suffice in the future! But temptations come in different ways and strengths, and you are right to say that we fall, confess and resolve to do better.

    It is fair to say that a seminarian or priest on Grindr is undoing the good work of their ministry. By pursuing a life of vice they undo their virtuous habits. In that moment, they are not fit for purpose, but I do think they are redeemable to that purpose if they can see their way out of such behaviour, seek forgiveness, become stronger at resisting temptations and with the grace of God minister effectively once more. Hopefully Fr Coyle has this before him.

    1. to Anon @14.25: Well said! Surely its time to leave Rory alone, to stop casting up his sins before him (and everyone else) and allow the work of redemption to take place.

      Pat, what you have written today about him is not a "case study" it is speculation on your part, please don't present it as anything else.

    2. I would bet my bottom dollar that Rory's real troubles started in the Maynooth Gulag.

    3. Indeed, life is not simple at all.

      But one thing is very simple - CATHOLIC PRIESTS SHOULD NOT BE USING GRINDR!!!

      For the rest of his days, people will look at Rory Coyle and think "priest - in the nude - Grindr - with his bits out - looking for gay sex!"


      He needs help - yes - and I hope he gets it.

      But he has also betrayed the Christian community in Armagh. He needs to make amends.

      His redemption does not necessarily mean that he can return to priestly ministry.

      In cases like this, the offender has so profoundly and radically compromised himself that he can never again, with credibility, stand behind Altar or Pulpit!

    4. I think that might be a bit harsh?

      What about St Paul who murdered Christians?

      What about St Augustine?

      Rory's sins may be public. But are not unforgivable surely?

      Is Jesus not the Lord of second chances?

    5. Now Pat, why should we expect Christians to be merciful or forgiving!

    6. I think he has crossed a line. Maybe his redemption is to kneel in the pews with the rest of us. He can live his life as a Christian and do good as a penitent. Penitents, like Augustine and Paul, became great saints. Maybe Rory Coyle's penance is forfeiture of "the dignity of the priesthood"? Maybe that is how he will redeem himself and go to Heaven at the end?

  5. Pat, has there been any update on that Dublin priest that has been caught on grinder.

    1. Diarmuid Martin is dealing with it.

    2. +DM is in poland right now

    3. I am aware of that. They have phones in Poland these days :-)

      This Blog was viewed in Krakow today by 56 people.

  6. Has Bishop Anthony Farquhar not retired?

    1. He has. The list above is from the Bishop's Conference website.

      He was there for 33 years. So he cant do a Pontius Pilate on Maynooth.

  7. I though the only two Auxillary bishops involved at Maynooth were the Dublin Auxillaries ?

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