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This is the question that the readers of this Blog are asking - and I imagine it is a question that the Irish Public are asking - especially in the context of the MAYNOOTH GAY GRINDR SCANDAL.

Let's look at the FACTS and the SEQUENCE OF EVENTS:

1. The whole Maynooth thing started with an ex-seminarian of Maynooth contacting this Blog to say that he had been sexually harassed by a Maynooth staff member. 

I immediately referred the ex-seminarian to the Garda to whom he gave a statement and who have begun their investigation. 

By the way a second ex-seminarian then came forward and confirmed what the first had said and he too contacted the Garda.

2. It then emerged that in Maynooth there was a HARD CORE GAY SUBCULTURE that was intimidating and targeting seminarians, straight and gay, who wanted to be celibate and did not want to be involved in unworthy activities.

3. Then we discovered that the MAYNOOTH GAY SEMINARIANS were using the Gay App GRINDR to seek promiscuous sex with fellow seminarians, priests and lay men.

4. We then discovered that seminarian CONAN McGONAGLE of Derry claimed to have discovered two seminarians in bed together - an incident that was later described by Maynooth as a "misunderstanding". But Conan was expelled from the seminary and priestly training!

5. Then ARCHBISHOP DIARMUID MARTIN removed his seminarians from Maynooth over what he described as "STRANGE GOINGS ON" thereby confirming all the stories and rumours that were circulation about Maynooth.

6. We were then introduced to some of the leading characters in the drama - DEACON MICHAEL GORGEOUS BYRNE (Dublin); SEAN "KING PUCK" JONES (Kerry); KEVIN "HORNYANDYX" (Down and Connor): and BRENDAN MARSHALL (Armagh). 

7. Then GORGEOUS BYRNE disappeared to Barcelona with a Dublin priest, KING PUCK went missing in Kerry, HORNY ANDY fled to Cork and BRENDAN MARSHALL went on retreat to the Cistercian Monastery in Roscrea.

8. Then the BISHOPS announced they would have a meeting about it all in SEPTEMBER but mysteriously had their meeting in AUGUST.

9. The Maynooth president in the meantime went on the media and described everything in Maynooth as rosy but within hours had all he said contradicted and has been in hiding ever since.

10. Then we heard that ARCHBISHOP DIARMUID MARTIN had 4 security cameras installed at a Dublin presbytery to watch the comings and goings of a priest and ordered GORGEOUS BYRNE not to be seen near his Pro Cathedral.

11. Then the BISHOPS announced that the "cure" for GRINDRITIS was The Rosary every night and meals with priests - in Maynnoth - and not in the Saddle Room of the Shelbourne Hotel.

12. Then we hear that DIARMUID MARTIN has actually sent GORGEOUS to Rome - to The Irish College that was once (at least) a hotbed of homosexuality and is based in one of the biggest city gay scenes in the world.

AND FROM DIARMUID MARTIN - silence! silence! silence!

DIARMUID MARTIN according to Catholic Church teaching is the FATHER OF SOULS in his diocese.

MAYNOOTH is in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

DIARMUID MARTIN is the FATHER OF THE SOULS in Maynooth - Maynooth parish, Maynooth University, Maynooth Seminary.

We know that there are many souls in MAYNOOTH SEMINARY that are in danger.

What is DIARMUID doing about those souls?

Does DIARMUID MARTIN not owe Irish Catholics a full explanation of all that has happened, is happening and will happen?

Does he not owe the IRISH PUBLIC a full explanation of all that they are hearing, hearing and seeing in their national media?

 DIARMUID MARTIN is 71 going on 72. In 3 years he will retire.

Is the MAYNOOTH SCANDAL and his handling of it not going to be his LEGACY?

If so what a legacy!

Some people still say that he is after a cardinal's red hat?

In paraphrasing Jesus can we say to DIARMUID:


Well DIARMUID - what have you to say to IRISH CATHOLICS, THE IRISH PUBLIC and the 250,000 monthly readers of this Blog ?????????????????????


Some of our Derry readers were not happy about the opposition to last year's Gay Marriage Referendum in the Republic by the young curate of the Longtower Parish in Derry - Father Brendan Collins


Father Collins actually went on the international media to share his views about marriage being only for male and female. 

Below you will see him being interviewed on the Catholic Salt and Light tv station.

The Blog would be interested in hearing our readers views about this "Young Generation Priest" from Derry.


Why are the Maynooth authorities and the Irish Bishops misleading the public by retaining the name and photograph of Father David Marsden on the Maynooth website when he walked out months ago in protest over the Maynooth Gay Scandal?

I find this seriously misleading and another attempt by Maynooth to give the impression that all is well in the scandal ridden seminary.




  1. I keep thinking how ridiculous it is to expect a bunch of young men in their reproductive prime, a) not to go there at all and b) to herd them together into a single sex institution.
    The only result can be homosexuality, and even a policy of only taking on heterosexual candidates doesn't solve this one because there is a long history of otherwise straight men engaging in homosexual relations when separated from women for any length of time.
    As usual the church is trying to fight against nature.
    As for seminarians who get pushed out, well if you genuinely believe your first calling is to live as a Christian and particularly that sexual intercourse should only be between one married man and woman, then ultimately being obliged to leave a corrupt institution can only be a blessing.

    1. '...a long history of otherwise straight men engaging in homosexual relations when separated from women forbany length of time.'? Bullshit! Any so-called 'straight' man who fancies f****ng other guys simply because there are no women around was never straight in the first place.

      I served my time at Maynooth and not once did I fancy f*****g a guy. A wank sufficed, and the subjects of my fuelling fantasies were always women.

    2. The problem in Gaynooth is that the gays think that every one who comes into the Seminary is gay or can be "turned" gay. The dirty b******s!

    3. 21:33, a bisexual guy at Maynooth DID think he could turn me queer (or semi-queer). I had to disabuse him. I liked him, but not as a 'f**k buddy'.

    4. 21:28, you've forgotten: Christ has Satan by the balls.

    5. I had some love notes shoved under my door when I was in Maynooth. Apparently the guy who was besotted with me couldn't understand that I was just into women. I told him that I didn't have anything against homosexuals and I was friendly with him. He wouldn't accept this though and in the end I had to tell him to f**k off.

    6. 22:06 - I know Christ has won the ultimate victory over Satan. But Old Nick is definitely winning the battle in Gaynooth. Our Lady said in Fatima that sins of the flesh offend God the most. One can make a logical inference from that statement that priests using Grindr must be the worst conceivable sin in God's eyes because of the dignity of the priest and the depravity of the homosexual act.

      We are f****d as a country.

    7. 23:03, so 'sins of the flesh offend God the most'. Not corporate greed. Not exploitation of the poor. Not murder. Not abortion. Not genocide. Not war. But sex. Oh, for f**k's sake. So Jesus is a prude, too.

    8. 23:23 you should actually read the Gospel sometime! Jesus ain't prude, He advocates purity of heart and not to even look at a woman lustfully. Never mind a man!

  2. You often get the impression he never wanted to be AB of Dublin. He never wanted to leave Rome. Would go back in an instant if he could. Not liked by a lot of priests or people. Very removed by what goes on around him whether that is by choice or not. Lets see if he stands up and be counted for with this Maynooth stuff or is he just another spineless waste of space like his brother Bishops.

    1. DM would have liked to be a papal nuncio or curia cardinal.

      I think he still covets a red hat.

      I think he is more administrator than pastor.

      Question is: Can pretty boys pull wool over his face?

    2. I hope DM is not impressed by pretty boys just because they are pretty?

    3. Has he sent Gorgeous to Rome?

  3. My Mam had a phrase all arse and no trousers. This is again what I expect from these guys and it gets more and more frustrating. An alternative external system seems the only way. Perhaps the example of MCFC being formed as a reaction to Man UTD football club is a good illustration

  4. Why would Long Tower parishioners be unhappy about a priest standing against so-called gay "marriage"?

    The Gay Mafia seek to bully and intimidate everyone who dares to differ with their aggressive agenda.

    It is perfectly legitimate to promote Christian Marriage as between a male and female. It does not make you homophobic or gay-hating.

    I know openly gay people who were totally opposed to the redefinition of marriage last year in the Rep of Ireland.

    To uphold Christian Marriage is what we expect Catholic priests to do. There is no getting away from Christ's definition of Marriage in Mt 19:3-6. Marriage, for a Christian, is between a man and a woman. Period. Society can redefine all it likes but society cannot alter Truth one iota.

    What sort of Catholics are they in the Long Tower that seek to twist Truth into whatever shape they want? Impossible. Heaven and earth shall pass away but Christ's Word shall never pass away. It is written in the Heavens for evermore.

    Neither do the scandals in Maynooth or anywhere else mean that we must water down Truth or do away with it altogether. We must instead adhere to what God has revealed even more closely and carefully.

    As regards Fr David Marsden - why is he being so silent in all of this?

    He could bring some clarity to the situation by explaining the reasons for his departure from Maynooth. It is now acknowledged by the bishops themselves that there are "problems" in Maynooth.

    Does Fr Marsden not have a duty to bring to an end all the speculation about what is really going on in Maynooth? Surely he owes that to the Church, in Ireland and everywhere else, grievously afflicted by scandal upon scandal?

    If Archbishop Martin is playing to the gallery and engaging in cynical games of Church politics then he will be caught out.

    He says he took his students out of Maynooth because of "strange goings on".

    If any of the students he has sent to Rome were at the centre of those "strange goings on" and "poisonous atmosphere" in Maynooth, then he is very foolish to think that the toxicity and said antics will magically disappear in the Eternal City.

    A seminarian who lurks on Grindr will do the same as a priest. Sadly, I think Rory Coyle is one of many such priests who are wounding the Church with a very grievous wound.

    To ordain a man with such tendencies is the height of irresponsibility. To go on Grindr is indicative of someone who has zero self-control and who treats as a big joke the Gospel demands of purity and chastity for every Christian.

    The Lord Jesus Himself pronounced sexual immorality as one of the EVIL things that proceed from human hearts (Mt 15:19) and He has warned us that even to look at another human being "with lust" is to have already gravely sinned.

    It is a matter of the most hideous scandal that there are priests and seminarians (bishops?) whose behaviour makes a mockery of everything for which they are called to stand.

    Very concerned parishioner/teacher.

    1. "To go on Grindr is indicative of someone who has zero self-control and who treats as a big joke the Gospel demands of purity and chastity for every Christian."

      If only all were as holy as you would wish...
      I don't suppose you have ever logged on to Grindr (other apps are available) but if you do you might be surprised by unexciting it is. And, remarkably, not everyone uses it for sex. You might encounter someone there because the virtual world is the only place they can feel safe being themselves.

    2. For your information putting humanity first is putting God first. Thus if we find same sex marriage improves human happiness then we have the right to redefine marriage. The worst form of homophobia is refusing to give excellent gay relationships the same protections as straight ones. That protection requires the right to marry.

    3. Anonymous at 15:03 on Sept 1st, are you one of the Grindr seminarians or priests?

      It is not about you being as "holy" as I would wish! It is about you being as holy as God calls and expects, COMMANDS, you to be!

      At the very least this Grindr is an occasion of mortal sin - at the very least!. Do you think we came up the river in a bubble?

      You shouldn't be anywhere near Grindr if you are a priest or seminarian. What Grindr stands for is incompatible with what you are called to be.

      There is no place in the Catholic priesthood for self-infatuated and unscrupulous men who would make - have made - and are making - a laughing stock out of the Church.

    4. Well said, 20:13!

      I am sick of those who seek ownership of marriage and the right to define it on homophobic terms, citing questionable scriptural passages in their favour.

    5. 20:53, then why has AB Martin sent 'Gorgeous' to Rome to complete his studies for ordination if 'there is no place in the Catholic priesthood for self-infatuated and unscrupulous men'?

    6. Grindr is about one thing and one thing only: gay sex with the nearest gays in the vicinity.

      It is disgusting that seminarians and priests in Maynooth are rampant users of this crude and dangerous app.

      God help us and the Church in this country. Satan has us by the balls!

    7. And I am sick and tired of the likes of you anon at 21:13 attempting to twist Marriage into homo-diktat caricature of what it really is.

      Christian Marriage will NEVER be between two people of the same sex. You can call this newly invented "union" between men and men, women and women, whatever you like and if you distort the truth for long enough you will come to believe the lie.

    8. Prove your point, assh**e!

  5. For Romans in Rome quarrel
    Spared neither land or gold,
    Nor son nor wife' nor limb nor life,
    In the brave days of old.

    Looks like Horatius is shitting on that Oul Bridge now, Good man Damian.

    Sure Gorgeous ensconced in Rome , He is already on the fast track
    for a Red Hat , lets hope he does not pop out of a birthday cake with his leather Jock Strap on .
    Oh such happy memories of a Gay Rome .

  6. Pat, the Maynooth hierarchy are masters of obfuscation and deception. Hugh Connolly has gone very quiet since the announcement that the rest of the bishops "share the concerns" about Maynooth. The reason that Msgr Connolly has been so quiet is, of course, that he longs for the purple hat and will therefore not dare to contradict his would be brothers in the Irish Episcopate.

    I would give Diarmuid Martin a break. You can be sure that Deacon Byrne will be subjected to intense surveillance by the Irish College Seminary Council. There are some fine priests now in Rome since the clear out after Visitation. If the Archbishop has any doubts concerning Byrne before his ordination to the priesthood, he will not ordain him. That is for certain. Diarmuid Martin has made it clear that he has no confidence in Maynooth's Seminary Council. He said he had no problem with the teaching faculty in Maynooth; the obvious corollary from his statement is that he has no confidence in the formation team there. Why else would he withdraw his seminarians from Maynooth if he thought the teaching was adequate?

    I would also surmise that Jones will come under similar scrutiny down in Kerry on his pastoral year.

    Of course, the problem is that Jones and Byrne know that the attention is now on them, and will therefore put up a show of sincerity and false piety. It remains to be seen whether they can completely fool Browne and Martin, and limp their way to ordination.

  7. Watched video. Sounds contradictory in parts. Being the same and being equal are different concepts. The one is not less than the sum of the whole. Jesus spoke of there neither being male nor female in the eternal kingdom. The use of reason and reflection in the development of church and society was not referred to


    1. DM is a master of politics.
      This can be clearly seen in his successful efforts to have his friend and confidant Paul Tighe made a bishop.
      Tighe enjoyed a grand title while in Dublin "Director of public affairs" a post which did not exist before him and hasn't been seen since. It did however look great on his CV for Rome, and was created to fit the bill. He also went to great lengths to bestow the title Monsignor on his pal and to divert attention from his activities created a huge number of them at the same time, some so strangeas to deflect attention from his pal ...none since of course. This clever tactic meant that Tighe would go to Rome with a title, and in the hierarchical wonderland of Rome that would give him clear advantage.. Tighe had done nothing to merit promotion and despite many years spent in Rome pursuing a doctorate had returned without having attained it, just like his patron. DM's nocturnal activities would make Machiavelli look amateurish.
      Make no mistake about DM he is devious and manipulative and would hang his own granny if it advanced his purposes. He had no interest in or concern for his priests. His contempt for his priests is clearly to be seen in his lack of communication with them on any matters of significance. This year for example he abolished the appointments board of the diocese taking its role unto himself. The result is that priests don't know what's happening about appointments and he attends to them on the rare days when he's in Dublin between foreign trips. Consultation is a thing of the past. That's no way to treat men who have given the one life they have to the Church.
      So if he wants a red hat give him the dam thing and make him a pen pusher in the Vatican. Dublin has had enough of him.

    2. Sad to hear this :-(

      I was hoping for better ?????

    3. Excellent and accurate comment anonymous 17.26. I did have a concern that Pat Buckley was as transfixed with DM as Patsy McGarry was a few weeks ago when Patsy published his love letter to DM in the IT. DM is a bully. Everyone of his priests can attest to that. What's more, DM knew all about Deacon Byrne and Canon O'Reilly for years and ignored it. Let's face it, giving a Hand-job in the pro-cathedral gets you a car. So I wouldn't blame the semen-arian. DM is a specialist in cover-up in the diocese. His auxiliaries aren't far behind as may be revealed on this blog in the coming days. But everyone has to be careful. Just ask the female HR employee in AB house who contributed to this blog recently and has now been suspended.

      Concerned CC.

    4. I am totally open on DM. I am only 50/50 about him.

      I am alarmed to hear of the female employee !!!!

  8. Female dismissed because she contributed to blog. How can this be proven. If this is true hats need to roll

    1. I heard about the suspended woman. Stupip mistake AB.

  9. I am a "friend" of Canon O'Reilly on Facebook. He engaged to be my friend. I did not engage he. I am disgusted by him behaviour. He always try to hug me and touch me. I report this to my superior but nothing hapoen. Ifeel very not comfortable. Now he engineer his Facebook go away because he is discovered. I am ashamed of me because he is.

  10. Hats will never roll. Let's not kid ourselves. But the last hour has been entertaining. An auxiliary advising a Canon. The Canon deleting his Facebook.And all because the Canon moved on from gorgeous and hit on Cronan Morrison and told hm he was very Fit. The danger is this whole blog will be seen as as entartainment rather than exposure of a gay culture in Maynooth and the discrimination of those of us who were expelled from there because we are not homos. Ive nothing against gay people just those who put on this pious show and after dark are rampant with their sugar daddy ridiculous Canons. Archbishop Martin you finished. youre cover-ups will soon be exposed as will your relationship with Byrne.

    1. Is DM sexually involved with Byrne?

    2. Is that not a strange question?

    3. Anon 20:24, you end your comment with allusions to a relationship between DM and Byrne. Are you saying that they are sexually involved? And if so, how do you know this?

    4. Valid point 20 24 The last thing this is should be entertainment. Feeding the comedy could well be a tactic or am I being paranoid

    5. The Maynooth issue is primarily sad but with funny aspects.

      We must see the humour in every situation.

    6. Pat, you are dead right, the whole f*****g thing is hilarious. But the most funny thing is those w*****s who apparently are meant to responsibly run the Seminary but whose greatest talent lies in their ability to lie through their f*****g teeth and those cerebrally challenged tits of bishops believe and swallow every word. LOL!! I wouldn't insult Fr Ted in making the now banal comparison!:)

    7. The Canon and the likes of him - they have lost the plot. Basic common sense has long gone out the window.

      A priest, in late middle-age, telling a young man, on social media, that he is "fit"??? Ah, c'mere.

      These guys are ruled by their passions and desires. Does the Canon et al not realise that as soon as you post something on facebook or twitter, etc. someone can immediately screenshot it?

      So, even if you delete the image or comment - and even if you delete your account, your immaturity and indiscretion has been captured for time immemorial???

      These guys are so drunk with their own arrogance and lusts that they have lost the ability to behave as one would expect a mature, responsible and, dare I say it, HOLY priest to act.

    8. DM knew about Gorgeous and Sugar Daddy "for years"? And yet he made Sugar Daddy ADM of the Pro and a Canon..... Am I missing something here??

  11. That Hugh Connolly is the biggest liar I have ever met. The way the lies just rolled of his tongue when he spoke about a "wholesome and healthy atmosphere" in Maynooth! You'd swear he was describing the f*****g Waltons! I can't imagine that John-Boy was w*****g himself on Grindr after saying good night to everybody in the house!

    Connolly's teeth have turned yellow from all the lies he has been disgorging about "ecumenical activities" in Gaynooth.

  12. Whats this about a lady blogger being dismissed? The blog needs to turn a spotlight on this.


  13. Maynooth seminarians sound like a group of future failures who exist for no other purpose than drinking and trading STD's. The Bishops are obviously their frat-daddies.

    1. There needs to a mobile GUM clinic set up in Maynooth to check sems/priests for STIs and STDs.

      The joint is a Grindr paradise.

  14. What is being hinted at by anon at 20:24, is something some of us have feared and suspected all along. If this is true, hats will most certainly roll.

    These guys deleting facebook are risible. The damage is done.

  15. "Been spending most my life living in a Grindr's paradise..." (Maynooth's Anthem)

  16. 20:24's comments are dynamite....this will blow more than the f**king doors off....


  17. Keith O'Brien's hat rolled. Any Keith O'Brien types among the Irish hierarchy?

  18. I listened to the priest financial parasite, Brendan Collins, spout on LGBT marriage equality. The monumental arrogance of such parasites is matched only by their scriptural ignorance. Collins couldn't muster even a plausible, much less credible, argument against gay marriage. What a fool!

  19. I was rewatching Wolf Hall on Netflix last night. Thomas Cromwell was asked if he was going to put all the monks and nuns out on the road due to all the scandals he had heard like young novices being visited in their beds by older monks.He said "They claim they are living the vita apostolica but you didnt find the apostles feeling each others b****cks did you."I thought for a minute they were talking about Gaynooth. Seems little has changed since Henry the Eighth was around!