Thursday, 25 August 2016



The Irish Catholic Bishops agree that there is a problem in Maynooth!  They say:

1. That there is an "unhealthy atmosphere" in Maynooth.

2. They will review policies on the Internet and Social Media.

3. They do not like "anonymous accusations".

4. They will have an independent audit of Maynooth and The Wing in Belfast.


An unhealthy atmosphere could mean too much carbon dioxide in the Maynooth air !!!

The so called unhealthy atmosphere is caused by:

a. Staff members quizzing young seminarians about their erections and wet dreams.

b. A nasty gay subculture that is targeting "straight" seminarians and seminarians, gay and straight who want to be celibate.

What will the bishops do about strange staff members and the nasty gay subculture?

I'll tell you what they will do SFA - Sweet F*** All !

Why will they do SFA? Because they are inveterate liars and cover up merchants and some of them may be compromised themselves!


GRINDR is NOT social media! Facebook and Twitter are social media.

GRINDR is a mobile telephone app whereby seminarians are looking for promiscuous gay sex with other seminarians, priests and lay men. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has already said this.


Yes there have been anonymous accusations. But why? Because seminarians are afraid that if they come forward they will be targeted, vilified and maybe even dismissed. 

Look what happened to CONAN DERRY when he reported he had found two seminarians in bed. He was called a liar and he was dismissed from Maynooth and his wishy washy bishop - who presided over The Wing, Belfast at a time when there were homosexual issues there - Donal McKeown of Derry refuses to give him justice. 

The Catholic Church always has - and always will - crush its whistle blowers and its prophets!


Lets wait and see, They will probably appoint some old Catholic cap tipper or hag to lead the audit - if they have one at all!

Let there be an audit done by an English, Protestant, Secular law firm.



1. Michael, were you sexually involved with an Allen Hall London seminarian when you were in Valladolid seminary?

2. Since you began seminary have you been sexually active as a gay man?

3. Have you ever had a Grindr account?

4. Are you sexually involved with a Maynooth lay theology student?

5. Did any priest ever buy you a car, designer clothing, expensive holidays or other items?

6. Have you ever been on the gay circuit or scene in Barcelona?

7. Have you ever slept over in the Pro Cathedral in Dublin?

8. Did you have a champagne reception and a dinner in the Pro Cathedral to celebrate your diaconate in June?

9. Have you wined and dined with any priests in Dublin's expensive restaurants?

10. Do you not think that your preoccupation with "selfies" is a bit narcissistic and is narcissism a good quality in a priest who is supposed to forget about himself in order to serve others?

DEACON SEAN JONES (Kerry Diocese):

1. Sean have you been sexually active since you began priesthood studies?

2. Were you asked to leave that Pallotine Order and if so, why?

3. Have you ever had a Grindr account?

4. Is your Maynooth nickname "The Chief" and why?

5. Is this picture you?

KEVIN McELROY (Down and Connor Diocese):

1. Kevin have you been sexually active since you entered seminary?

2. Do you have a Grindr account?

3. Is the name HornyAndyX associated with you?

4. Why were you asked to take a year out of Maynooth?

5. Were you connected with any sexual scandal in The Wing Seminary in Belfast?

6. Why are you in Cork at present - with who and for what?

BRENDAN MARSHALL (Armagh Diocese):

1. Brendan, have you been sexually active since you entered Maynooth?

2. Have you ever had a Grindr account?

3. Were you connected to the incident in Maynooth when Derry Conan found two seminarians in a compromising position?

4. Are you NOW using fake Grindr accounts etc to meet others and intimidate others????

5. Are your connections with Armagh priests all above board?



People might say that all this is none of our business. I'm sorry I totally disagree. It's our business for the following reasons:

1. Maynooth and its Gay Scandal is now a big public story. It is now a matter of great public interest. The Maynooth story is a part of the larger CATHOLIC ABUSE story/

2. Ordinary Catholics who go to Mass on Sundays and who pay into the Church's purse which supports Maynooth are entitled to know if their money is being spent properly.

3. The American Catholics who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to Maynooth every year are entitled to full disclosure.

Monsignor Connolly is, as we speak, in the USA milking the American Catholic Cow.



  1. Two of the young men seem to have self destructed.
    Is there any substance in the accusation levelled at the other two - and especially to the Armagh student?

    1. I would not be sure about that.

      There is a distinct possibility that the two you describe as "self destructed" will experience ressur-ections.

  2. King Puck's Grindr pic has been bought by a renowned French sculptor, who is one of a team working on the completion of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona.

    He's using it as the working model for a specially commissioned work.... a modern-day Gargoyle.

    It will be unveiled at the next Barcelona Circuit Party, in 2017, at which Jean Paul Gaultier will also launch his new fragrance for men - "JUST GORGEOUS

  3. The stupid bishops have made Maynooth all the more difficult now for the few genuine seminarians. Now they have to eat their meals with their pseudo-formators. I can just imagine the chair-hopping in Pugin Hall as the decent seminarians try to avoid the dodgy deans. The lazy Seminary Council can deploy fewer moles as they will have to do some of the intelligence gathering activities themselves now!

    When are the brain-dead bishops going to finally face up to the reality that the faculty in Maynooth needs to be expunged - especially the Seminary Council members?

    1. Maybe some of the Maynooth staff have something on a bishop or bishops ?

    2. Anon 12:27 - there is definitely something afoot between Maynooth staff and some bishops. The bishops lack of decisive action re the Seminary Council is otherwise inexplicable.

  4. Pat, the statement by the bishops is an affirmation - in their usual periphrastic, prevaricating way - of your writings on Maynooth during the last few months. If seminarians are to have any confidence in an "independent audit", it will have to be done, as you say, by a non-Catholic entity with absolutely no connection to Ireland or the Church here. Only then will men come forward to give evidence. In relation to setting-up a safe, secure space for whistle-blowers, they would need to be offered complete indemnity and confidentiality regarding the matter of their complaint. Again, this body, if it is to have any credibility, must have no connection to the Irish Catholic Church; and all its members must be vetted by independent people to make sure they are neither friends or relations of clergy, church-affiliated lay people and seminarians.

    The above might seem extreme; however, I am speaking as an ex-seminarian and know just what it is like to spend some years in Maynooth under the current regime.

    Finally, I cannot understand why the bishops are not subjecting the current formators to careful, critical examination. The litany of abuses documented on your blog, Pat, has happened under their watch. The manager of a football team is the first man to come under the spotlight when his team starts to under perform. It is reasonable and objective to say that the behaviour of many Maynooth seminarians is a damning indictment of the current formation team.


      Just to clarify Pat, you put yourself across as a champion of the truth and voice of the voiceless yet the only thing you champion is bile towards Maynooth and the bishops regardless of where it comes from. You're very happy to put up anything negative from any source but whenever more legitimate sources defend Maynooth, for apparently no reason, you attack them. Totally at odds with your apparent raison d'etre.
      As for the bishops' statement and change of rules. Why is it a bad idea to have communal rosary? And why is it a bad idea to have communal dinner? You get to know people far better over having dinner than you do in a formation meeting. So as someone who has been criticizing the formators for not knowing the students why would you be criticizing this? The truth is that regardless of what Maynooth and the bishops do, you have to criticize it. If you didn't this blog would be obsolete.
      Sometimes there are genuine grievances aired on the blog but to be honest, recently, you've lost credibility and it looks like you've lost any purpose other than to draw in as many hits by whatever means necessary.

  5. part 1
    This is in response to anonymous17:41, as his comment yesterday was too sneaky , too subtle to allow it to go unchallenged so prepare for quite a long rebuttal
    yes, the voiceless are indeed getting a voice on this blog . those accounts are coming from legitimate sources who have forced to keep silent under the current regime imposed in maynooth . but they are not afraid to identify themselves to Pat because they know that even if he disagrees with some of their views they can still air their concerns to a real independent and fair person without fearing being reported and named to the formators which more than likely would occur with the '''independent panel''' [remember the 'panel' ? the panel consisting of a single individual? that individual who is ‘not connected to the church’ but who somehow happens to be a nun at the same time??] a panel that was only thrown together as a pr stunt after a radio interview went very badly for Connolly & co

    1. we have been fed the '''everything-is-sunshine-and-rainbows''' line for far too long and it evident that anonymous17:41 thinks so too, or at least would like us to believe, that this is and has always been the case
      in reality it looks like the only thing 'shining' in maynooth is the lightening from all the thunderstorms [and rainbow flags] !
      the only negative thing that came out publicly about maynooth before all these scandals broke into the media, was from the apostolic visitation
      but however the resulting document was so heavily redacted by the powers that be in maynooth that all we were allowed to see were nothing more than some vague bulletpoints
      so vague were they, that the staff was able to assure everyone, bishops included, that all that was needed was an extra door added in the seminary and all the problems would be solved . nothing else.

    2. part 3
      maybe all that was contained in that mysterious document, that no one has been given permission to read, was just '''maynooth is perfect, tho it could do with an extra door'''

      That worked out very well didn't it ?? ,,,,,, well apart from the all the abuse, dismissals, heresy, goingson, poison atmosphere,,,, and the weeks of media coverage of the Grindrgate scandals ,,,,

      don't worry tho, as the brainstorming formation team that gave us the ‘’’extra door solution’’' now bring us something even better, something that will solve everything once more … a failproof way to make the seminary perfect again

      their idea?
      wait for it ,,,,

      breakfast, dinner and tea are going to be served up to the seminarians & the staff ‘together’!

      ,,,, genius!

      surely this was the cause of all the problems occurring in the 1st place!

    3. part 4
      but in case u think that things couldn't get better, that's not all ,,,,
      now the staff will be forced to pray [what they must consider revolving] : the rosary
      [apparently they consider it on par with the ouija board so we are told ,,, i wonder why they are having such adverse reactions to this christian prayer ? something that Pope Francis himself prays daily and recommends everyone else to do so? ,,,, could it be that something in them that are making them so against it? ? ]
      yes certainly the rationale for introducing the rosary is so that the demons in them will be exorcized,,, right?

      so with this, the demon of inappropriate-questioning(touching?) will go out from Paul Prior?

      the demon of contradictions and half-truths will be banished from Hugh Connolly ?

      the demons of technical-errors and missspelllingz will flee from Michael Collins, which will allow him next time to throw together [up until then] nonexistent panels effortlessly at a second's notice after Connolly's radio interviews ?

      and will the demon of of clerical ladder climbing fall out of Michael Mullaney?

      we all know that they are not culpable for any of their actions/nonactions ,,, those demons are the ones that made them do it

    4. part 5
      we can rest assured that maynooth will be perfect and we surely won’t hear of no more of scandals, no more lies, no more of ‘fairly widespread tendencies among the maynooth staff/formators to hold theological opinions at variance with Church teaching’, no more inappropriate questioning (touching?) of seminarians by staff, no more secrecy and surely no more whistleblower dismissals ,,,,
      surely ,,,,

      ,,, but just as an extra precaution they could add another extra door ,,,, then the bishops won’t cause heads to roll ,,, it did work before didn’t it,,,

      so to conclude, anonymous17:41, your ACP-style of false dichotomies will not work here – Pat did not say he was against the rosary and communal meals, but they are not enough! and you know it

      these changes are being brought in more for that formation team than for the seminarians, because the [non-grindr] seminarians already prayed the rosary together ,, was there anything preventing the staff to ever joining them?? The only staff member who mixed with the seminarians [including eating with them] was Fr Marsden, but he unfortunately had no choice but to leave because he was not able to stand the formators, their scandals and the direction that they were bringing the seminary in. at least it helped highlight the issue and get the bishops’ attention

      the only thing to have ‘lost credibility’ is maynooth’s claim that it is fit for mission

      the formators do not need an extra rule of having breakfast, dinner and tea served up to them together with the seminarians
      they simply need to leave and allow the restoration of maynooth to begin
      yours etc,
      an irish catholic

    5. Absolutely, unless the "formators" (which should read malformators) leave, the inevitable shutting down of Maynooth is only being delayed. More scandals are coming down the pipeline, and the Irish Laity will not stand much more of this...I know that many practicing Catholics will be far more judicious about where their hard-earned euros are going when Fr makes his announcements from the pulpit as to the destination of Church collections.

  6. This whole thing feels like a homo-erotic witch-hunt. How many "contributors" in the comments are typing one-handed?

  7. I have nothing against gay people. My daughter is gay. End of! But I do have a problem with both gay and heterosexual men PRETENDING to be living a celibate life in priesthood, offering us moral guidance and being part of and the mouthpieces of a church which advocates and adjudicates in many areas of its adherents lives.
    If you are gay and follow and live the life you sign up to then great. That applies to the straight guys as well. So if you talk the talk then WALK THE WALK !! If not GET OUT! You are damaging my church.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Hypocrites in Maynooth - get out!

    2. Anonymous at 14:39 on Aug 25, you speak for so many of us.


      These grinning jokers, with their Grindr accounts, stupid "selfies" and promiscuous antics, who have infiltrated seminaries;

      The "gay-friendly" "seminary council" of Gaynooth;

      The "formators" in Gaynooth, the patters of boys arses, with their fascination with erect penises, wet dreams, sexual orientation and masturbatory habits, of seminarians;

      Hugh, "the-dog-ate-me-homework", Cowboy-Connolly, lying through his crooked and rotten teeth;

      Michael-the-Dentist, "ve haf vays of making you talk"-Collins, the EXTRACTOR of the deeply personal and painful - the "Weiss Angel" of Gaynooth - the man who needs to know if you're gay - and you had better tell him, it's for your own good, so he can "help" you come to terms;

      "Sr" Breege - the "nun" who has NO connection with the Church;

      The limp-wristed and weak-kneed excuses for "bishops" who - some of them - may be personally compromised themselves.


      Co Louth

  8. Pat is a champion of the truth and a voice for the voiceless. He has lost no credibility. He has the balls to take on the useless spineless Irish Bishops who hide and cover up their own agendas. Keep up the great work Pat. You have a lot of support on this blog and certainly mine.

  9. Fire the entire faculty of Maynooth Seminary. But the Irish spineless Bishops dont have the balls to do so.

    1. Hear, hear! The bishops and the Powers-that-Be in "Gaynooth" hate the fact that Pat has finally provided a safe space for seminarians to voice their concerns after too many years of willful deaf ears from the bishops.

      You have huge support on this blog Pat. The bishops and "Gaynooth" now have an ever watchful hound-dog snapping at their heels - much to their chagrin!

  10. This all started some weeks ago with the Rory Coyle revelations and moved on from there. My sneaking suspicion is that Pat Buckley was already well informed as to the goings on in Maynooth and bit by bit the story line developed and we are where we are now,today. It is a classic case of what is called salami slicing or death by a thousand cuts.
    Now that we have reached where we have reached the next question is why haven't the bishops fired or "returned" the Maynooth staff to their own diocese to "satisfy diocesean needs"?
    Is it because some people know too much about some people?
    How long will it take the next act of this drama to unfold.
    Don't keep us waiting too long Pat. This is better that Eastenders, Emerdale and Corrie all rolled into one.

  11. Gaynooth is mortally wounded. This terrible mess of a seminary is wailing and writhing on the ground, just waiting for the final death blow - which will soon be administered.

  12. After Dolan did his assesment of the Irish College in Rome and all the Faculty and staff were fired and telocated back to their Diocese which I believe was Ferns. Why is not the same been done in firing the Faculty of Maynooth?.

    1. unfortunately that was not entirely the case . . . have a read of the Anonymous18.58 comment.

  13. Conman Connolly is very quiet now. We won't be hearing anymore lies from him or else all the bishops are liars now too! Well Hugh, what do thou sayest about that!

  14. The Bishops and faculty covering up for each other as they have dirt on each other. How about asking each Bishop where he stands with getting rid of the present faculty and see whp comes up trumps. Those who dont obvisiously have shit hidden in their closets.

  15. I actually feel quite concerned for the mental and emotional well-being of the Maynooth Four who have been so publicly exposed. They are young and probably very immature - surely there was a better and kinder way of disclosing the goings-on in Maynooth without publicly ridiculing these young people!

    1. These are not "victims" believe me!

    2. Have I missed any posts of actual verifiable proof? Not innuendo and hearsay.

    3. Anon 18:27 - so all the bishops along with Diarmuid Martin are now all liars as well as disgruntled "conservative" seminarians and priests such as Fr Marsden? Photos do not tell lies. How come not a whimper of defence from Puck? What is Byrne doing dressed as a sailor boy ? What were Marshall and his buddy doing in bed together? Well! Please enlighten us all!

    4. To anonymous 18.27 there is proof espicially in relation to Deacon Byrne. Read the earlier blogs on the photos and Grindr conversations that are available. Apparently one of the tabloids have them and are going to run the story after the AB sends the boys to Rome. They'll publish the evidence to show that DM isn't a great judge of character.

    5. Yes, some journalists have a lot of evidence. I have seen some of it.

      Im not sure if Diarmuid Martin deserves to be hung out to dry though?

  16. 18.05 and 18.25. With all due respect folks you need a wee reality check. You obviously have learned to read. Now learn how to read between the lines!

  17. I found this picture the other day and apparently all those wearing stoles in the picture were the formation team in the Irish College, Rome (before they were kicked out by the Apostolic visitation led by Cardinal Dolan)
    I know the guy on the very left is Fr. Robert D'aversa and the two on the right are Msgr Liam Bergin and Fr. Albert McDonnell.
    But who is that formator second from left?
    Just curious

    1. The guy second from left was moved from Rome because of "problems". He was transferred to Maynooth where there are now "problems". He has friends in very high places.

  18. very interesting points made by the 13:13 comments!

  19. A comment maker asked me if I was in touch with a certain person. The answer is yes and I communicate stuff.

  20. For the benefit of the slow learners without wishing to ruin the story but all this is leading to the boys in the pointy hats. And if one green bottle should accidentally fall ....................!! Gottit yet guys?

  21. 16:44 Why would pat buckley not be well informed isn't he meeting the students for dinner as we seen in a previous page concering Father from Ennis. Wonder were they romantic dinners!!! lets see you print this Master of openness and naming of others for their behavious or is this one way traffic !!!!

    1. No. No romantic dinners. "Father from Ennis" is a full blown hetero :-)

  22. Sean 'king Puck' Jones has been out and about in the Parish. I informed my elderly aunt of the Maynooth on-goings. She'll be waiting at the door with the Lourdes Holy water should he attempt to processed to get into the house. 'let him not think he'll be getting in here, I wont be having any of that craic lord bless us and save us'.

  23. There's that darn King Puck selfie again!!! Pat, each time I see Puck in just his jockstrap I get really hot n' bothered. Yes, I love a hairy chunky bear - Puck is hot stuff!