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WHO have we here with those two cherub like faces? We have Fr Chris "CCTV" Derwin and he friend James Doyle - AKA Seamus O'Duill of yesterday's Irish Times letters page :-)

The selfie is taken at Derwin's ordination to the priesthood in June 2015 with his chum Doyle.

The Bould Doyler tells us that when he was in Maynooth for a year he experienced nothing "untoward" and that the staff who are still there were Gods on earth !!!!

Mind you that word "untoward" covers a multitude. Its a bit like those words of DM's - "strange goings" and "quarrelsome". 

In any event he is a chum of Derwin's who has been and is still under investigation by Diarmuid Martin - and we have heard that his parish priest has had security cameras installed over his door to watch the comings and goings. 

I think that we can take Doyle's letter to the Irish Times with a very big pinch of salt.

But it is only one of the efforts from the Maynooth Brigade and their friends to tell us that Maynooth is whiter than the driven snow.


We has a seminarian talk last week to Patsy McGarry of The Irish Times telling us that EVERYTHING in Maynooth was great.

That same seminarian has been in touch with me 5 times trying to get me to believe and publish his fairy story.

He uses the very original name JOHN DOE! I wounder if we will see a Father John Doe being ordained in the next few years?

John Doe and his ilk must think we all came down in the last shower.


And we have been told that Derry Conan who saw two men in bed in Maynooth might have misunderstood what they were doing?

What were they doing? Why would two seminarians be in bed together? 

Could they have been conducting a sleep experiment for the Department of Science at Maynooth?

Could they have been hired by a mattress manufacturer to test a special new mattress for seminarians and priests?

Could they have been trying to redo a sketch from Father Ted about Ted and Dougal's bedroom on Craggy Island?

Could they have been searching for a missing Initiation Document mislaid by Monsignor Connolly?

There is any number of things that two Maynooth seminarians could be doing in bed together of an afternoon.

The only thing that we can be certain of is - that whatever they were doing was TOTALLY INNOCENT and poor Derry Conan jumped to the wrong conclusion - or indeed forgot to insert his contact lenses that day.

Only us foul minded types would jump to the conclusion that they were doing anything UNTOWARD!






Maynooth is not the only seminary with problems with the gay subculture.

It has been a major problem in seminaries all over the USA.

LONDON / WESTMINISTER seminary ALLEN HALL is better known as ALICE HALL!

A few years ago at a gathering of all the seminaries of the UK and Ireland each college had to put on a brief stage show.

The Allen Hall seminarian came out on stage and sang:


The other seminarian present sang back:



We tracked down Father John Coghlan, who was sentenced to jail in 2005. He no longer takes part in active ministry but remains listed as a priest and is living in church-owned property in the Diocese of Westminster.



We tracked down Father John Coghlan, who was sentenced to jail in 2005. He no longer takes part in active ministry but remains listed as a priest and is living in church-owned property in the Diocese of Westminster.

Words ring hollow for victims
These words ring hollow however for Father Coghlan's victim Luke Holland, who was abused as an altar boy in West London.
He said: "It's absolutely outrageous. It's outrageous. It's a kick in the teeth for me, isn't it? You know, why did I bother exposing him for what he is?"
Mr Holland told Channel 4 News the abuse first started when he was ten years old, when Father Coghlan made Mr Holland perform a sex act on him. The abuse continued for four years - and today it is the thing in Mr Holland's mind "that never goes away".
Still taking anti-depressants daily, he said: "I was ten when it started. My parents couldn't deal with me. I became unruly. I started getting into drink and drugs at a really early age just to blot stuff out, I suppose."

John Goghlan is presently living in the Parish of Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.  Its far removed from London, it's were BBC Elstree Studios Eastenders is filmed and big brother at a separate studio. Elstree and Borehamwood are the same place.

Fr Dominic McKenna is parish priest there.

Fr Dominic McKenna

I hope he is keeping a good eye on John Coghlan ???

There have also been problems in VALLADOLID (where Deacon Byrne of Dublin studied), The

BEDA college in Rome and the ENGLISH COLLEGE in Rome. And of course our own IRISH COLLEGE in Rome. 

Not to mention USHAW and OSCOTT colleges in England.

Its all part of the problem about the HOMOSEXUALISATION of the Catholic priesthood and the Catholic Priesthood becoming a gay profession.  





Cardinal Nicholls and the Westminster Diocese has another "problem" with a Father Terry McGuckin.

It does not appear to be a sexual one but one of mental health and some kind of dishonesty.

Apparently Cardinal Nicholls placed Fr McGuckin in some institution.

Fr McGuckin did not like the institution and left.

Cardinal Nicholls has now washed his hands of the case.

But Westminster priests - most of whom do not trust Fr McGuckin - are asking a lot of questions.

Sent: 20 July 2015 19:08
To: A.Priests on the Intranet-Universal
Subject: FW: To Fr Terry McGuckin
From: Terence McGuckin
Sent: 20 July 2015 18:40
Subject: RE: To Fr Terry McGuckin
Sorry. It's been a while. I need help. Feeling totally abandoned and threatened. I could not remain in that place. It was sheer force from the beginning. I was not just parked there. I was dumped. All because i have been diagnosed as "bi-polar". Jn. Arnold apparently diagnosed me as  hopelessly alcoholic. Vincent refused to meet me. The fellow residents, many ex-cons, were amazingly kind. It could have been the other way. I am now in Coventry library. Have no personal email. My brother sent me money for food. I have use of a flat at night.

Cardinal Nicholls - The Compassionate Cardinal

From: Cardinal Nichols
Sent: 06 July 2015 10:09
To: Terence McGuckin
Subject: To Fr Terry McGuckin

Dear Terry

I understand that you have chosen to leave Open Hands and I am saddened by this action. The Diocese has tried on so many occasions and in so many ways to support you and help you take steps to regain healthy living and, if possible, a return to active ministry. This is now in jeopardy.

I want to make very clear to you that the provision we make for you is for you to be at Open Hands in order to work at your recovery programmes under their supervision. If you choose to leave Open Hands, then there is no other provision that this Diocese is prepared to make for you.

I want you to understand this very clearly. Our provision for your well-being is at Open Hands, and only at Open Hands, until such a time that all are agreed that it is right for you to move on.

If you refuse this provision then there is nothing else that we can do for you.

If you decide to turn away from this provision then I ask you to let me know of this decision.  It is a decision you take on your own volition knowing its consequences.  If this is the step you have taken, please let me know immediately.

With my prayers,

Yours sincerely

HE Cardinal Vincent Nichols
Archbishop of Westminster

Fr McGuckin claims to be penniless but Westminster priests say he has "thousands" in English and Irish accounts.
Any one got an information or insights?



Fr Andrew Cole

One of our Blog reader is asking why Father Andrew Cole of the Diocese of Menevia, Wales has now moved to Nottingham where he is bishop's secretary and university chaplain?

On a recent Menevia Diocese website he is listed as c/o Bishop's House Swansea.

Apparently Fr Cole is best mates with Fr Christopher Thomas - the general secretary of the Bishops's Conference of England and Wales. 


In turn - Fr Christopher Thomas is a close friend of the Dean Emeritus of Belfast - Hugh Knight of Malta Kennedy - formerly of Kennedy's Bakery.


Can anyone help our reader?



  1. Fr McGuckin is a native of Cork City. He used to be a lecturer at the Beda College in Rome.

    1. Ah! The beloved Beda. Sometimes called the BED - A

  2. Pat, today's blog is absolutely hilarious! You have an unbelievable knack for catching out these lying Maynooth sycophants - your man Doyle joins the red-faced ranks with "Fr Ger couldn't-lie-straight-in-bed Fitzgerald"!!

    But on a serious note, they must think that the Irish people are gullible idiots. Are Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Fr David Marsden, Dr Mark Dooley, priests, seminarians and ex-seminarians all liars!? According to the bespeckled "cherub" above, they are!!

    Nuff said!

    God bless you Pat. And thanks for providing us with a good giggle amidst all this pitiful stuff.

    1. :-) They are so stupid - using Irish and English names to fool us.

      This is the calibre of Maynooth supporters.

      Most of them are totally compromised !!!

  3. The Beda: where old gentlemen go to become old ladies!

    1. Where old ladies go to become ordained old ladies :-)

  4. I would take everything James Doyle says with a pinch of salt, he was highly pretentious in Maynooth and someone everyone knew to watch what the said around, he wouldn't be unknown for running off to the formation staff telling tales. I recall, particularly, that he discovered that a seminarian was performing duties for an Anglican priest friend in Dublin Cathedral and James reported him. Ok he probably shouldn't have been dressed like an Anglican deacon, but he claimed it had been sprung on him. Within the year he had been asked to leave Maynooth, something Mr Doyle was particularly pleased with. Everything James does has an agenda, particularly now that he is an active member of an Irish political party, one can only surmise he is using the church for his political reputation.

    Former Seminarian

    1. Re Doyle, it takes a rat to know a rat.

  5. Does anyone know what the two lads claim they were up to in the bed? Obviously Hugh Connolly believed their story, so what was it??? It should be an easy matter to set the record, eh, straight. Otherwise it remains very, eh, queer.

    1. LOL!!:) Very good!

    2. It all makes sense now! The reason that the two seminarians were in bed was that one - in a selfless act of charity - tried to squeeze spots on the other seminarians backside with his thighs (well, it was the most hygienic way they thought!).

      Poor auld Hugh and Fanny thought it was so sweet...

  6. Doyle was a seminarian in Maynooth in 2010 - 2011, which was the year of the Apostolic Visitation. The Maynooth "mafiosos" were on their best behaviour when Dolan and his buddies were in town. They being the arch-dissimulators that they are!

    I know the political party that Doyle is a member of. It seems like a very organic progression for him on leaving Maynooth!! Also, he was only in Maynooth for a year - the smug little git!


    The sight of these young men dressed in all that old-fashioned ecclesiastical attire is definitely ODD! Even - bizarre.

    It's somewhat akin to seeing a young man walking down the street in a Tudor doublet and hose; or a young lady in the aisles, at Tesco, dressed as an Elizabethan lady-in-waiting.

    It must have taken some amount of energy for Andy and his elves to transport all that Tridentine paraphernalia up to the BCH chapel, all to put on a performance for a few aul' biddies from the Legion of Mary.

    Maybe the Church should open a number of Tridentine Theme Parks and staff them using these fancy boys? They could then dress up to their hearts content.

    You could have rides like - The Spooky Soutane Ghost Train, Ride the Big Brass Candlestick, The Lovely Lace Hall of Mirrors, The Groovy Gregorian Big Dipper... And, of course, the greatest attraction of all, The Grinder. All the fun of the fair....


  8. Fr Derwin has 5 cctv cameras installed in his house by his superiors and he also wears a tracking device

    1. Around his........................

    2. Christo is good at tracking the young lads... I hear the GPS is not too good in Balbriggan, hence the CCTV cameras!

  9. This gets stranger and stranger. I wonder if the tactic is to blind the world with nonsense and eventually it will all go away. The underlying premise being Media has a very short memory and very little conscience

    1. This Blog is a KERRY BLUE

      It does not let go.

  10. Can you collate all names and photos onto an organisation chart, linking the various individuals according to diocese, hierarchy clergy, seminarians, others. The cast is growing daily, its hard to keep up (so to speak).

    Please dont out individuals, even if they are liars and hypocrites.

    1. The liars and hypocrites have outed themselves. They don't need Pat Buckley to do this for them. People seem not to be able to believe their own eyes, Deus Salve!

  11. Diarmuid Martin is a most astute, sagacious man. He did not make his decision to withdraw his seminarians from Maynooth lightly. He knows much more than he is telling the media. Trust me.

    Dublin Priest.

    1. Do you expect Diarmuid to act on these matters???

    2. He will Pat. AB Martin, like all bishops, is being told a tissue of lies on a regular basis. You have to give him credit for his action thus far. Give him time. He will act when he has enough hard evidence.

    3. Will he be helpless then against these guys if they continue to lie and he cannot get evidence?

    4. He will make an informed decision based on evidence from many different quarters. Just give him time. He knows what he is doing. He was involved in priestly formation in Rome. As I said, it is extremely hard to act when he is being fed a diet of constant lies.

    5. At least with non priests DM should press the PAUSE BUTTON!

  12. I hear puck is out and about on pastoral duties.

    1. Is he putting his nose to the Grind?

    2. How the hell can parishoners take this idiot seriously?! He must be a walking laughing stock and the butt (pun intended) of every aspiring comedian's joke.

  13. This blog is not telling me anything that I don't already know. So, I am not surprised at any of the revelations about Maynooth, any other seminaries, or about clergy in whatever diocese, north or south.

    What really does cause me problems is the brazen hypocrisy of some of these students / clergy. I do understand that celibacy is difficult and it's observation is more often in the breach than in the keeping, and I have grave reservations about its value, and even more concern for its consequences for an integrated and healthly life for priests.

    What really upsets me is clergy who, while being unobservant in celibacy, then impose on other people the full rigour of Catholic teaching on sex and relationships. The sight of young clergy, full of themselves, daring to preach about things which are personal to the life of people, while at the same time sneaking about themselves and dipping their wick on the quiet makes me furious ! What hypocrisy.

    This blog would not need to uncover such hypocrisy if clergy would just attend to their own lives and leave other people to get on with theirs, rather than moralising and interferring. That's what people resent, and when the chance comes to uncover the hypocrisy of clergy, people will take it.

    So, dear Reverend Fathers / Deacons / Seminarians - you have brought this on yourselves. You now reap the harvest of what you have sown. Not comfortable, is it ?! And I guess there is a lot more to come, and many clergy are presently hunkering down in their presbyteries hoping the storm will pass them by and they won't be 'outed' for what so many of them are - liars and hypocrits.

    1. This Blog will FINISH the laundering job it started!

    2. Well said, Anonymous at 15:17. You speak for a lot of people.

      It seems to me that the Church has become riddled, from the top down, with promiscuous homosexuals.

      I am not anti-homosexual. A chaste and celibate homosexual man can be a very good and holy priest.

      What I am disturbed and sickened by, however, are those who have pious faces in public - along with rigid views they impose on others - but who, behind the scenes, are having a right laugh and indulging themselves without scruple.

      It is absolutely disgraceful. They are making a mockery of the priesthood and the Church. They are dragging the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ through the mud.

      Enough is enough.

      EXPEL those seminarians who are unable to be chaste, who are on Grindr, who are frequenting haunts of vice and dens of iniquity, in Ireland or abroad.

      SACK those men, in seminary formation, who clearly lack the competence, wisdom and discernment necessary for such an important ministry in the Church - and who may very well be, themselves, a big part of the problem.

      DISMISS from the clerical state those priests and deacons who are acting out sexually with men and/or women. They should never have been ordained.


      Even if celibacy were abolished tomorrow, these men would still be unfit for the priesthood and seminary life. As has been said before, they have the morals of barnyard tomcats.

      The big fear, of course, is that some bishops themselves are compromised and thus are unable to act against these men who are causing havoc, in Maynooth and in every diocese in Ireland.

      If that worst case scenario is true then, indeed, we face an appalling vista.

      Parish Priest.

    3. Dear PP - I'm afraid that some of the bishops are indeed compromised!

      And the others are cowardly!

    4. Worst case scenario it is then, Pat. God help us.


    5. To Parish Priest at 17:26, sack just those priests, etc, who have been compromised? Granted it's a good start, but its just a start. Frankly, I'd sack the lot of you, including you. Financial bloodsuckers. If you were aboard a
      sinking ship (perfect metaphor for the Catholic Church), you priests would be the first to be useless baggage!

  14. Young Michael Byrne will have a wonderful time in Rome for his final year of seminary! All those tanned, toned guys to choose from, and that's even before he checks out other seminarians and priests in the Irish College. I bet he's delighted to get away from the drab, grey skies of Kildare to the blue sky, hot, sunny Italian weather.........of course, hot weather usually means horny guys so he's really landed on his feet.......or his back!!!!! He is so sexy that he won't spend one night in his bed alone.

  15. One does wonder how much more evidence DM needs re Byrne, etc...?

    1. Maybe he should send Byrne's sheets to the Garda Forensic Lab?

    2. If AB Martin allows this self-absorbed tit to be ordained to priesthood, God knows how many others will give up on Roman Catholicism! I wouldn' allow this promiscuous faggot within spittin' distance of my teenage sons. Revolting queer!

  16. Byrne's little 'friend' wont be impressed that he's on the move. Although on the other hand he may enjoy free bed and breakfast at the Irish college. every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

    1. Byrne should be "put on hold" at the very least !!!

    2. We've been going to the Pro Cathedral for 16 years and in the last few years we have been puzzled and surprised at the attention given to the seminarian Michael Byrne. The Canon regularly praised him and asked blessings for him and asked us to pray for him regularly. It seemed a bit over-the-top. Michael Byrne was regularly mentioned in the newsletter. Then one sunday evening a few months ago the Mass was to celebrate his deaconate. I asked one of the staff does that happen for all deacons and he said No, only for "special friends" of the canon. Then they all went in for a dinner. We weren't invited. I was at Mass there on Monday and the Canon was encouraging us to give money for the Lourdes pilgrimage. After reading this blog I dont feel good at giving money there. Maybe I could ask for a holiday for my children or a car or some fancy clothes. or maybe I could ask if my sister could stay over there like Mr Byrne because she cant find a flat in dublin.

      P. L. Dunne

    3. P.L. Dunne, do you still frequent the Pro Cathedral? If so why, with the Canon in residence?

  17. Good detective work on CD and his buddy JD/SO'D, Pat.

    They really must think people are stupid.

    They have ZERO credibility now.

    The Rory Coyle Scandal was only a hint of what was coming. This problem is widespread, deep-seated and obviously goes to the top.

    Certain bishops, priests and seminarians must be getting more nervous by the day!

  18. 15:37 -the storm you refer to will be a deluge of biblical proportions. I have consulted with Rasputin about building an ark..a worthy sea-going vessel. He has agreed on the strict basis that only breeding pairs capable of producing post deluvian offspring are allowed on board. This should make the ark a Gaynooth free zone (he is very set in his ways!).

    Young Noa

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. There will be room on the ark for pat but we cant promise a good wiifi signal. We will however have very effective pigeon post... the message will still get out!!


  20. Re. the comment of P. L. Dunne: Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York from 1939 through 1967, was known to his priests as "Franny Spellbound", on account of his reaction to handsome young men.

    He had a particular thing for Broadway chorus boys and, needless to say, a particular appreciation for good-looking young seminarians and priests.

    The "Franny Spellbound" type of effect is often seen in older clergy who, as Alison Moyet sings, "go weak in the presence of beauty".

    It's embarrassing and cringe-inducing to see these older men so obviously infatuated with some young hunk, lavishing attention and expensive gifts on them, making complete gobshites of themselves and oblivious of the ridiculous spectacle they present to others.

    The priesthood sadly is full of "Franny Spellbound" types and the farce in the Pro-Cathedral, described by a parishioner, is but another example of it.

    1. This is so very true. I have witnessed this in some clergy. Including one big eejit, who is often the source of merriment, on this blogsite.

      They lose the run of themselves - they become SPELLBOUND to the beauty of some adolescent males, young men in their teens, late-teens, twenties and early thirties.

      The BBC NI even made a documentary series about one particular "priest" idiot and his "musical" pretensions.

      He is now a major liability to both an English and Irish diocese.

      During that documentary, available on Youtube, the "Choir Boys" even sang the Gay Anthem, from The Wizard of Oz - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", conducted by the cleric's lover, while the cleric sat grinning, as he slugged down vino at the Bbq, hosted by some hapless parent and supporter, of the boating-jacketed clergy person and his beau!!

      What a f****ng mess the Irish Church find itself in at present!

      This "priest's" beau continues to shamelessly pollute the Liturgy of an Irish Cathedral with his "musak".

      We have a situation now where some senior Catholic clerics leer at - and lust after - our teenage sons. This has to be exposed and stopped.

  21. Derwin had the reputation in Maynooth of being an informer. He would tell tales to Hughie & co. about other students. You kept quiet when he was around. The staff considered him a model student. Hmmmm....

    1. He is certainly proving to be the model priest produced by Gaynooth...The place is a sewer that leads to hell.

    2. What sort of tales would he tell? What were the other students up to that they wanted to hide?

    3. Anon 23:32 - the other students Derwin was ratting on were trying to be chaste, faithful to the Church, praying the Rosary, going to Adoration, etc.

  22. 21:13 - great comment. Way to much buggery going on!

    Kind regards

  23. Check it all out here folks -SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW!!

  24. In the company where I work there are rules, laws and regulations that I and my colleagues must abide by in order to keep our jobs. There are certain breaches of same which incur immediate expulsion. I knew all these rules within the first week of employment, and was informed of the consequences should they be transgressed.

    I don't have much time for self-pitying clerics (such as the ACP and many in Maynooth), seminarians that constantly whinge and whine about celibacy and certain Church teaching. They knew the rules of the game before entering the Seminary. Nobody forced them to enter with a machine-gun.

    I am also a married man, and took my vows to my wife deadly seriously. When I said "till death do us part" and that I would remain faithful to her all my life - I unequivocally meant it.

    Please, all you priests and seminarians who can't live up to what you willfully signed up to, leave now. You are destroying and confusing the faith of many genuine lay Catholics.

  25. MourneManMichael19 August 2016 at 15:03

    Much as I agree with the sentiment, I'm aware of their predicament, and that it's "not that simple". And I say this not because I'm a Catholic, or indeed a 'believer', just that I hate the rampant hypocrisy.
    So let me put the predicament as if it were applicable to myself. (And draw from my memory of 'my predicament' in 1968 when I left the seminary before sub-diaconate).
    "What on earth am I going to do? I'm 50/60. I've no qualifications, skills or experience in any 'ordinary job'. I've very little/or no savings and no home to go to. What will the family think? From what the RC church has done in the past, it will simply cut me off and I've no pension to fall back on........etc, etc.
    And that background is a harsh reality without even thinking of the other selfish considerations stemming from thoughts of, "However will I cope giving up this cucooned priveleged life of esteem and deference?"
    I reckon that therein lies a major factor in many of the ills besetting the RC church at present: a rump of men ill suited to ministery and failing to abide by the demands they originally 'signed up to' without fully realising the implications and demands, but are now trapped and with nowhere to go, find solace in secretive behaviours inimical to their perceived role