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Two of those priests are curates and one is a senior parish priest. Archbishop Martin did not seem surprised at one of the names I have him but was surprised at the names of the other two.

The two sexually active gay curates were sexually active gay seminarians when they were in Maynooth and were on GRINDR. Now, as sexually active gay priests they are still on GRINDR and are having sex with other priests, gay seminarians and lay men.

There are sexually active gay priests in every diocese in Ireland. Some of these priests are members of GRINDR and other gay sex dating sites. Some of them cruise for sex in gay cruising areas. Some of them hang around public toilets that are well known pick up toilets.

One young Catholic man I met was shocked when attending Sunday morning Mass that the priest who came out on the altar to celebrate the Mass was the man he had had oral sex with in the cubicle of a public toilet in the town where he lives. When the priest gave the young man Holy Communion he winked at him!

Another gay parish priest in another diocese had a heterosexual couple staying with him in the presbytery overnight. The man asked the parish priest if he had any rope to tie the woman to the bed with. The priest said that he did not have any rope but handed the man two Mass cinctures to use in their sex bondage game.

Another young man who came to me recently told me that he had met a priest in a gay cruising area in Belfast. The priest was dressed from head to toe in black leather. The priest asked him for - and received - oral sex.

Many gay sexually active Irish priests go on group holidays together to well known gay holiday venues.

I know of a number of gay couples where the two parties are gay priests. 

There are also of course many, many sexually active heterosexual priests who are engaging in sex with women. 

One religious order priest I know of has three sex partners - a nun (with whom he says he has a "spiritual marriage"), a married woman and a widow. The priest has explained that he can only go "all the way" with the nun because they are married - and in a spirit of "fidelity" confines himself to only having non penetrative sex with the married woman and the widow. 

One woman I spoke to had a several year long sexual relationship with her parish priest.  When he was giving her Holy Communion, instead of saying: "The Body of Christ" he used to quietly say to her: "Christ what a body".

One Belfast parish priest - Father Ciaran Dallat made one of his parishioners pregnant in the past few years. She lost the baby.

I reported him to the bishop - Noel Treanor of Down and Connor. Treanor allowed the priest to take some time off and he has recently appointed Father Dallat to be chaplain at Maghaberry prison!


There are a number of things to be said about this whole situation:

1. Sexually active seminarians in Maynooth who get ordained become sexually active priests.

2. When bishops, with the exception of Archbishop Martin, are told about sexually active priests and seminarians they are turning a blind eye.

3. This leads me to suspect that at least some bishops are sexually compromised themselves!

4. The ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC PRIESTS has many members who are sexually active and they too turn a blind eye to this problem.

5. Many hundreds, if not thousands, of women and men in parishes are sexual targets for these GRADUATES OF MAYNOOTH.

6. Because of their sexually promiscuous lives many priest no longer believe and no longer pray and are preaching about things they do not believe or practice. 

7. Obligatory celibacy is NOT WORKING.

8. There is a CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE among the Irish Catholic Bishops about these issues. 

The response of the IRISH CATHOLIC BISHOPS is to go into DENIAL MODE, put their heads in the sand, isolate ARCHBISHOP MARTIN, target whistle blowers and to create MORE AND MORE SCANDAL !!!




This morning I have reported a priest to his bishop for the sexual harassment / assault of a Maynooth seminarian in 2009:

FATHER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Patrick Buckley

Today 10:23


4th August 2016.

Bishop xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bishop of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am writing to formally inform you that one of your priest - FATHER xxxxxxxxxx - has been reported to the Garda for sexual harassment / assault of a Maynooth seminarian in 2009 and the Garda have begun their investigation.

I hereby formally request that Father xxxxxxx be STOOD DOWN from all ministry pending the outcome of that enquiry.

Sincerely yours,

+Pat Buckley

Bishop Pat Buckley


  1. Bishop, if you are 100% sure that these Dublin priests are sexually active can you name them to protect the people. Make sure your 100% sure as you don't want to upset and wrongly mark an innocent man.
    Concerned catholic

    1. Diarmuid Martin has their names and an account of some of their activities.

      I am hoping he will act

    2. I am a gay man in Dublin and I had a two year sexual affair with a well known Dublin priest. We met in The George gay bar on South Great George's Street.

      We are no longer seeing each other but I know he is still active on the gay scene.

      With so many gay priests and bishops why does the catholic church preach homophobic doctrines? Hypocrisy!

    3. I would ask you to write to Archbishop Martin and tell him all you know. If you want you can email me and I will see that Diaemuid Martin personally gets your letter.

    4. I know with full certainty that many priests in Ireland are sexually active.

      My mother had a relationship with a priest for over 15 years. They openly went to the theatre, or out to restaurants, where my mother would be simply referred to as his 'friend'.

      There were many other priests and their 'friends' mingling in the same circuit. They would go on holidays together under the guise of 'retreats'.

      Many years in, the bishop was notified, and the priest was simply moved from our parish to a different one. This was, in fact, a promotion, as his new parish was a much wealthier one.

      Their relationship continued after the move, and it was actually easier for them as my mother was anonymous in the new parish.

      I would not want to name and shame this priest. He was a wonderful, if flawed, man. He always put his parishioners first. My mother accepted that many a walk or evening out would be cancelled if the priest was needed in the community. I would also note that the priest was independently wealthy, so in this instance Church funds were not being used to foot the bill for their activities.

      I know he was absolutely torn between his heart and his vocation.

      If priests were allowed to marry, as they originally were, I believe we would have a much healthier, less scandalous Church.

    5. The Catholic Church is the work of the devil

  2. Hypocrisy is the word. That needs to be addressed. People in nudge nudge wink wink relationships with clerics are victims

  3. ACP: Active Cover up of Priests

    1. Who is Seamus Ahearne osa? he writes very silly articles for the acp website. the comments about his articles are always congratulatory and affirming. the acp is a mutual appreciation society.

  4. Is the Irish Catholic newspaper the Pravda of the Irish Hierarchy? I couldn't find one mention of the Maynooth scandal on its website. Rather it seems intent on painting a harmless and benign portrait of the church. Pictures of newly ordained priests and newly professed religious in their retro gear, another picture showing the editor with drink in hand cosying up to some foreign cardinal at a function. One of the top stories is a grovelling piece about the new bishop elect of Killaloe. All so twee and propagandistic whilst the Titanic that is the Irish Church is sinking fast.

    1. THE IRISH CATHOLIC dances to the bishops tune.

  5. One commentator on Liveline yesterday said to Joe Duffy, ‘When the Archbishop of Dublin says, he is no longer sending his students to Maynooth, that’s it really, the end of it. When he says the end has come for him, it is the end of the seminary.’

    1. In keeping Maynooth open the Irish bishops are attempting to give the kiss of life to a body that died ages ago. It is doomed to FAILURE.

      Aftre Diarmuid Martin Maynooth has no future as a seminary.

  6. So Phonsie Cullinan has been got at and changed his tune.I had high hopes for him as our new bishop in W/L. Too good to be true. It is sad that Diarmuid Martin is now so isolated .The only man with the courage of his convictions.

    1. Apparently he dismissed a homosexual escapade at a seminary involving two students some years back as just high jinx and a one off incident that can happen in such environments. Mind you, he had absolutely no connection with the seminary at the time or with the lads involved. He was stationed somewhere in Limerick diocese as a priest.Whether it's true or not that's what an acquaintance of his told me. With he being a member of Opus Dei, I thought his attitude was quiet tolerant. However,I presume he wouldn't tolerate it now as a bishop himself if any of his own seminarians ever behaved in that way.

    2. Maybe Phonsie is gay friendy?

    3. Phonsie is a gay sounding name.

  7. Any news on king puck and Fr Derwin now that their bishops are back

  8. King Puck's bishop said he's sending his students back to Maynooth: so sounds like Puck is safe. Strange, since everyone who knows him knows that he was on Grindr.

    1. The seminarian in question is supposed to be undertaking a pastoral placement in a parish in his diocese for the coming year, so it will be interesting to see if he's actually allowed to continue with same.

  9. For Alphonsus,see:

  10. Hey let's not be too quick to judge our Bishop
    He said that he was only leaving 'one' there (who may not have wanted to go abroad?)
    All of his other seminarians are being sent to Rome

    From what I know he's a very good man and has done a lot despite his brief time here. He certainly is more on the side of Diarmuid than the media might lead one to believe
    Get ready for reforms to take place in Maynooth
    Let's keep up the prayers
    God will take back our seminary!

    1. Phonsie, like all of us, are best judged by our actions and not by our words.

    2. I stand corrected if I am wrong.I hope and pray he turns out to be a great bishop.

  11. Well at least it's good that most of the hierarchy seem gay friendly. Perhaps it explains why there's such an antipathy from the hierarchy to even discussing the possibility of optional celibacy . There might not be much of an uptake if existing clergy were given that option.

  12. Outing someone, priest, student, layperson is in my opinion at best bullying and at worst an act of violence. It slices into their human dignity and removes their control over their life.... even the Church teaches that persons with same sex attraction should be treated with "respect, compassion and sensitivity."

    Bash the institution all you want, but please stop using individuals as your hammer. Outing every gay priest, seminarian, monk and nun in ireland is not going to change the church's teaching.

    Many will accuse gay priests of hypocrisy - and maybe for some that is true, but on what basis do you make this judgement? I would argue that labelling all gay clerics as hypocrites condemns them for their human frailty, and gives no weight to the many reasons that may have lead them to the state of life they are in.

    I fully support the reporting of any person who engages in sexual harassment or abuse , thats not my issue here.

    What I am concerned about is that outing gay clerics to further other ends over which, the individuals who find themselves "outed" have little or no control.

    As a gay man who was 'outed' before he was ready to be, i speak out of the personal, familial and community pain that that caused.

  13. If there are so many sexually active Gay and hetrosexual priests at the minute and they clearly don't care who knows as they are making no attempt to hide it why not name them?

    1. I would never condone outing any man or woman however a priest is a horse of a different colour. These men take vows before god to remain celibate for life . They also take vows to obey the pope and follow church doctrine . Priests stand at their pulpits and preach against homosexuality casual sex contraception and abortion . These people tel us these things are wrong and we must not do them . It's a case of do as we say and not as we do . This is sheer hypocrisy why shouldn't we out these men who hide behind roman collars bible in one hand and the boyo in the other . A priest like this is like washing your face with the cloth you use for your arse . You come out dirtier than you you went in

    2. I would love to know at which pulpits and in which parishes that Priests preach against "homosexuality, casual sex, contraception and abortion". I have not heard these topics mentioned this many a year - not since Humanae Vitae or whatever, of 1979 or thereabouts. In fact, the Priest/Bishop/Archbishop/Cardinal?/Pope lack of speech on the above topics was deafening particularly in the gay marriage vote last year in the south and in the furore over the 8th amendment at present. I would go so far as to state there has been no guidance from the church on any of these matters. Very sad really

  14. Interesting i've just found this on facebook

  15. Hugh Connolly interviewed on RTE now

    1. In his interview he DISGRACED himself. Pathetic!

  16. what a reasoned and thoughtful analysis!

  17. The denial and inaction is shocking!
    well done to the brave seminarians who spoke out and upheld church teaching!
    listen back here:

  18. Newsflash!!! The entire Catholic Church is the work of Satan, and the most ungodly organization this earth has ever seen is the Catholic Church. Even one of the top Vatican priests recently admitted that a majority of the Vatican is demon-possessed. The catholic Church was invented in Roman times in order to control the masses and kill democracy, removing power from the public.