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Within the last few minutes the Irish Catholic Bishops have announced that they have met and that they ADMIT there are problems in MAYNOOTH SEMINARY.


Ireland's Catholic Church hierarchy has admitted concerns about an "unhealthy atmosphere" at the country's main seminary amid claims trainee priests there are using the gay dating app Grindr.
Church leaders have ordered a review on the "appropriate use of the internet and social media" at the centuries-old St Patrick's College in Maynooth, Co Kildare, as well as an overhaul of its approach to whistleblowers.
The college trustees - four Archbishops and 13 senior Bishops - met for crisis talks after the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin confirmed he was boycotting the seminary.
Dr Diarmuid Martin, the most senior Catholic in the Irish Republic, said earlier this month he is sending student priests to Rome rather than Maynooth - just 26 km (16 miles) from the capital.
The church leader said he made the decision some months ago because he was "somewhat unhappy" about "an atmosphere that was growing in Maynooth" exposed through anonymous accusations in letters and online blogs.
Dr Martin said allegations included "a homosexual, a gay culture, that students have been using an app called Grindr" which he said "would be fostering promiscuous sexuality".
The Archbishop said there were further allegations that whistleblowers trying to bring claimed wrongdoing to the attention of authorities were being dismissed from the seminary.
After a meeting in Maynooth, the four Archbishops and 13 Bishops that oversee the seminary said they acknowledged the controversy and the disquiet it has caused in the church in Ireland.
"The trustees share the concerns about the unhealthy atmosphere created by anonymous accusations together with some social media comments which can be speculative or even malicious," they said in a statement.
"Persons with specific concerns are encouraged to report them appropriately as soon as possible."
The trustees have vowed to carry out a review of whistle-blowing policies and procedures and will demand college authorities review the use of the internet and social media.
They will also call on the church to set up an independent audit into the running of both remaining Irish seminaries, Maynooth and St Malachy's in Belfast.
Founded in 1795, Maynooth College was once the largest seminary in the world.
It was built to train 500 trainee Catholic priests every year, but numbers have nosedived to just over 40 for the coming year with a fall-off in vocations.
Speaking earlier this month, Dr Martin also criticised the "comfortable" regime at the seminary.
"The people have their breakfast, dinner and tea served up to them," he said.

So Dear Brother Bishops,

So Bad Pat HAS BEEN telling the truth for the last three or four weeks!

And Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was right about GOINGS ON.

I do notice in your statement that you are trying to downplay the problem a bit.

Shame on you !!!

There are Maynooth seminarians on GRINDR.

There are Maynooth seminarians in bed together and with others - seminarians, priests and lay men.

Derry Conan was not lying or imagining the two seminarians in bed!

You want people to report GOINGS ON to the proper authorities? Who are they - NAMES PLEASE !!!

You are going to look after whistle blowers? Really? Up to now archbishops, bishops and the Papal Nuncio have ignored them !!!

You are going to have an INDEPENDENT AUDIT ?

By who?    And when ?

Not by Sister Breege O'Neill - I hope???

Are you going to do anything about staff members who ask seminarians about their erections and wet dreams?

Or will they be left in place ????


What is the Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin going to do now about Deacon Byrne?


What is the Bishop of Kerry Ray Brown now going to do about Deacon Sean Jones - KING PUCK ?


What is the Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin going to do about Brendan Marshall?

What is the Bishop of Down and Connor Noel Treanor going to do about Kevin McElroy?



One of our Maynooth sources contacted us last night to let us know the new measures that have been put in place to deal with its GAY SEX SCANDAL:

"Well Bishop, it looks like Maynooth have solved the problem.

Problem: homosexual sub-culture, seminarians on gay dating app, seminarians not having confidence in seminary council to report incidents, anonymous letters accusing people of being active homosexuals, seminarians allegedly being paid for sex by priests, seminarians and lay students having gay sex .......

Solution: everyone must eat together in Pugin with seminary staff who nobody trusts.

And now the rosary is compulsory after evening prayer. Our Lady's prayer which was always frowned upon and those who stayed back to pray it were called "the ouija board crew" by staff and students, how ironic now that it is compulsory".

Some of us thought that they might ban seminarians having mobile phones in order to keep them off GRINDR.

Others thought that they might make seminarians sign a declaration that if they were sexually active they would be dismissed or their ordinations might be invalid.

Some foolish people thought that seminarian's bed sheets might be went weekly for forensic testing to see if either one, two or three or more had slept in the bed.

But no! With their 2,000 year old wisdom the Maynooth authorities and the Irish Bishops have decided that 2 changes will sort the problem out:

1. Make all the seminarians eat in the Pugin Hall with the college staff.

2. Make all the seminarians attend the Rosary every evening in St Mary's Oratory.

How will that stop seminarians being on Grindr or having sex with each other or others outside meal times and Rosary time?

Meals and Rosary will take up two hours of each day. What about the other 22 hours?

And how will meals and Rosaries stop seminary staff asking seminarians about their erections and wet dreams?

And how will it stop anonymous letters, "strange goings on" and "quarrelsome" behaviour?

And how will it stop a seminarian finding two seminarians in a bed and misunderstanding what he sees?

It all seems very strange to me...............................


In the context of our MAYNOOTH GAY DEBATE I have insisted the the sexual abuse issue and it's cover up in the Catholic Church goes right to the top - and involves bishops, archbishops and cardinals.

Cardinal George Pell is one of the most senior cardinals in the Catholic Church.

Watch this 30 minute documentary about him and then tell me that you have no concerns about what we are discussing.






  1. Staff and students eat dinner together in the wing too. All the seminarians hate it! Plus it's an opportunity to 'not be yourself' and act in front of them. In the wing apparently it was a case of being watched by very stupid and passive aggressive staff members.

    1. Thats a pity. Meals for priests and seminarians should be relaxed and friendly and have no secret agenda.

    2. From what I hear in the wing they weren't friendly and always had an agenda. Now Maynooth is going to be the same.

    3. In my day only John Murray and then Pastor Paul joined us. "The great divide" across the room was good for both Wingers and Priests.

  2. hey about yesterdays comment from Curious Cat
    '''Here's something that might interest you all regarding the 'Maynooth Union' document that came out in defence of Maynooth staff
    It was written by none other than Fr Patrick ‘Pat’ Hannon. I’m not sure how objective that statement he wrote can be, given that he lectures here AND that he contributes to the Furrow together with Fr Mullaney, Fr Collins and Fr Paul (who is also a member of his committee) AND that he even wrote a book together with Connolly

    (He is also a member of the ACP - so no surprise about his mention of them)
    Curious cat''' quote ends

    what document is this?? so is this "union" just an inside job to keep all the goingson quiet or something?? anybody care to explain? thanks

  3. If Pell were an ordinary priest anywhere in world, he would, at the very least, be out of ministry on account of the gravity of these allegations. Is there another rule for him because he's a cardinal?

    The Australian authorities should move to have him extradited from Italy to face this situation.

    There are priests who have been suspended indefinitely for much less than these horrendous allegations made against George Pell which include exposing himself, for prolonged periods of time, to boys in swimming pool changing rooms and groping the genitals and anuses of young boys.

    1. Makes you wonder about Pope Francis?

      Pell shoupd stand aside pending investigation outcome.

      I wonder will Francis hide him from Australian law???


    Seminarian's Mother.

  5. And after this statement from the Irish Bishops, things will resume as normal and no heads for the chopping block. Well done Irish Bishops. You have proved once again the true pussies that you are and a spineless group of bitches. God help the Irish Church.

    1. HH, some of us will watch closely and highlight their inaction and hypocrisy.

  6. The Bishops say: "The Trustees accept their responsibility for ensuring that the national seminary adheres to best practice in all areas of training for priesthood and that college staff are trained to the highest level in accordance with requisite professional standards and the requirements of the Holy See"

    Are Paul Prior and Michael Collins trained to the "highest level in accordance with requisite professional standards", etc?

    What qualifications do they possess apart from an innate curiosity and interest about certain matters? Are they just enthusiasts? Amateurs?

    1. Well Bishops - answer that question!

    2. Was Paul Prior not a "sem course" student when he was in Maynooth? I'm nearly sure he was.

      The "sem course" (seminary course) was for those students not doing a BA or BSc because they didn't get enough points in the Leaving Cert to go to university.

  7. Pat what is your email address please ?.

  8. These guys seem to be looking at symptoms instead of causes. Forced feeding and rosary will solve nothing. Have the bishops apologised for knowingly staying quiet up till now. Still stinks

  9. Question - what is the issue with BM of Armagh Archdiocese?? I know him (not well, but I know of him).

    I never thought there was an issue. I know he is a close companion of Fr T McHugh.

    Another Concerned Catholic

    1. Will be asking BM some questions tomorrow.

      I hope Fr McHugh is a good influence.

    2. I look forward to that.

      I don't think he is training him in the Liturgies anyway. Take that as you will.

      Another Concerned Catholic

  10. Just to clarify Pat, you put yourself across as a champion of the truth and voice of the voiceless yet the only thing you champion is bile towards Maynooth and the bishops regardless of where it comes from. You're very happy to put up anything negative from any source but whenever more legitimate sources defend Maynooth, for apparently no reason, you attack them. Totally at odds with your apparent raison d'etre.
    As for the bishops' statement and change of rules. Why is it a bad idea to have communal rosary? And why is it a bad idea to have communal dinner? You get to know people far better over having dinner than you do in a formation meeting. So as someone who has been criticizing the formators for not knowing the students why would you be criticizing this? The truth is that regardless of what Maynooth and the bishops do, you have to criticize it. If you didn't this blog would be obsolete.
    Sometimes there are genuine grievances aired on the blog but to be honest, recently, you've lost credibility and it looks like you've lost any purpose other than to draw in as many hits by whatever means necessary.

    1. Can I clarify? I only started blogging about Maynooth AFTER a former seminarian approached me AFTER he had exhausted his internal processes - his bishop and the Papal Nuncio.

      I referred him to the Garda and that investigation is now underway.

      You are right - I have no respect for the Irish Catholic Bishops - after watching them cover things up for the last 40 years.

      It is a very good idea to have communal Rosary. But up until June those who went to it were reviled by staff and students!

      Communal dinners are good too - once they are not used for pettiness and spying.

      The Bishops statement today is useless.

      They call GRINDR "social media".

      No, Facebook and Twitter are social media and GRINDR is a mobile dating app for seminarians, priests and others looking for sex.

      As Archbishop D Martin said is is "body hunting".

      If you are satisfied with the Irish Bishops your standards must very low low indeed.

    2. To my mind Pat IS a champion. He took on this cause when many others wouldn't, and he stuck with it although others doubted him and denounced him. Thanks for your courage Pat, and Well Done. Getting the Irish Catholic Bishops to ADMIT that there are problems in Maynooth Seminary is no mean feat.

  11. To the Irish Bishops
    A number of weeks ago I hinted that you were dealing very ineffectively with the whole Maynooth business. Too little, too late. If you sought PR or damage limitation advice it was poor. I'm tempted to think that in the Church's time honoured fashion you didn't bother.
    Either way now you pay the price!
    Whether you like it or not, and you probably won't, Buckley is in control. He has the upper hand and no matter how brave a face you put on it he has you on the ropes.
    Instead of being in a position where you were responding you are now reacting! Not good.
    He has the media on his side now and an increasing number of "the faithful". They may have been somewhat cynical that Buckley was just venting his long held resentment but events have shown him to be right.
    You guys have lost the moral argument - you lost the moral high ground years ago !

    The Spin Doctor

    1. Spin Doctor, I will let others respond to what you have said.

      I can fully understand how people would like to write me off as having "resentment".

      My case is simple. 30 years ago I believe I suffered an injustice and have never had due process.

      This has led me to champion others who come to me who feel they have been done an injustice by the same Church.

      This whole business started when an ex seminarian approached me after the Maynooth authorities, their so called independent panel, an archbishop and the Papal Nuncio failed to listen to him.

      That seminarian and his family have suffered in ways that I cannot reveal here.

      He was written off as a trouble maker, a nut case and a Walter Mitty.

      He has now being to the Garda who believe him.

      And I have stood by him as I recognised from the beginning that he was a victim.

      The bishop's statement today is some comfort to him. But both he and I are hopeful that he will achieve greater justice.

  12. Well said Pat. How can anyone in their right mind have any respect for the clowns who call themselves Bishops. Like the Seminarians and Staff at Gaynooth, they give the Priesthood a very poor image. Fire them all.

  13. Just parking my convoy of tanks at the gates of berlin...when does the final assault on Connollys bunker begin?


  14. but surely it would be only a matter of common sense prudence and foresight to change the staff at this point
    at least Connolly had the cop on to know that he had to retire due to all of this (or at least we hope, surely he's not still expecting to return to lecture!)

    The others should be aĺl changed also, like what happened in the Irish pontifical college in Rome. they were removed for far less scandals than these! one or some of the formation staff here is being investigated by the police now for crying out loud!!
    These changes must come about if only for PR purposes. it is too tainted to go on as it is . No (heterosexual) man truly wishing to dedicate his life to God and his church as a priest will be applying to maynooth from now on unless there are huge interventions by the bishops and no amount of secondary changes will be enough to prevent this (though the rosary and communal meals are a small step in the right direction. though one would imagine any formation team would have these things already in place at a seminary . yet another reason for new blood)

    The current staff should have the courage to step down with some dignity rather than have their heads roll. For the sake of Maynooth's existence and the future of Irish vocations
    If not expect to see the crisis become a vocation tragedy, as a religious exodus from Ireland occurs ( At least those countries with good seminaries will be enriched, God will bring about good out of this, even in the midst of great evil)

    1. There is a common denominator between the degeneration of the Irish College, Rome (until the clear out of 2011) and the current disintegration of Maynooth.

    2. I found this picture the other day and apparently all those wearing stoles in the picture were the formation team in the Irish College, Rome (before the clean out by Cardinal Dolan)
      I know the guy on the very left is Fr. Robert D'aversa and the two on the right are Msgr Liam Bergin and Fr. Albert McDonnell.
      But who is that formator second from left?
      Just curious

  15. Common denominator ?? Pray,tell. ( no pun intended)

  16. Pat Buckley I never thought I would ever hear myself say this but hell slap it into them. Give it to them in big licks. Our bishops, with the odd exception,are useless and they deserve everything that's coming to them.
    Priest 25 years plus.

    1. Fr, I appreciate your words.

      But in truth we must conduct this matter more in a spirit of sadness than triumph.

      But I agree. The Irish Bishops are a disgrace - no principle, no courage, no intrgrity etc.

      There is nothing to beat a good simple person with faith and love.

  17. I take my hat off to 20:23 so eloquent and sound as a pound. But what Gaynooth needs is a barrage of artillary!


  18. Amy... I hope you are following this blog. When you get up in your skirt to deliver one of your dismal sermons to the armagh prolateriat......remember we are j udging the gob-shite on the altar

    ha ha rasputin

  19. The stupid bishops have made Maynooth all the more difficult now for the few genuine seminarians. Now they have to eat their meals with their pseudo-formators. I can just imagine the chair-hopping in Pugin Hall as the decent seminarians try to avoid the dodgy deans. The lazy Seminary Council can deploy fewer moles as they will have to do some of the intelligence gathering activities themselves now!

    When are the brain-dead bishops going to finally face up to the reality that the faculty in Maynooth needs to be expunged - especially the Seminary Council members?

    1. Will Mc Elroy be for dessert every Night LOL.

  20. Some of you may have heard of a revelation to someone called Mutter Vogel, outlined in the Pieta Prayer book.

    This says that "When a Priest falls, we should extend a helping hand through prayer and not through attacks"(Page 34).

    While I agree that we should pray for anyone who has done wrong, I believe that it also needs to be called out. The Catholic Church says that Vogel is wrong.

    Seems what Pat is doing is somewhat RIGHT.


    1. Mutter Vogel (Mother Bird) is some loon claiming private "revelations".

      "When a Priest falls, we should extend a helping hand through prayer and not through attacks". Hmmmm - wasn't that the exact mentality that contributed to the abuse scandals even more than the actions of abusing priests?

      Father has "fallen". Let's pray for him. Whatever you do, don't tell anyone and, under no circumstances, tell the police.

      In my view, when a such priest "falls", we should extend a helping hand and make sure he falls of the top of a very high building.

  21. Rasputin,
    Does your abysmal attitude come naturally - or does it require considerable effort??

  22. what ever happened to pucks grindr pic?

    1. King Puck's Grindr pic has been bought by a renowned French sculptor, who is one of a team working on the completion of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona.

      He's using it as the working model for a specially commissioned work.... a modern-day Gargoyle.

      It will be unveiled at the next Barcelona Circuit Party, in 2017, at which Jean Paul Gaultier will also launch his new fragrance for men - "JUST GORGEOUS".

    2. Just saw article in today's Irish Independent. Bishops Statement. Is there any comeback for those who have been wrongly shafted?. What's this about women in Priestley Training Pope Francis refers to. Shouldn't you be on the committee or is this asking too much

    3. I think Francis is suggesting that women should be part of the training team.

      Sean, I am public enemy no 1 :-)

  23. It is now preserved in the Vaticans Museum of Modern Art

  24. Two of the young men seem to have self destructed.
    Is there any substance in the accusation levelled at the other two - and especially to the Armagh student?