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Before Connolly came on to do a live interview two young men - a current seminarian (voiced by an actor out of fear) and a seminarian who left Maynooth just a few weeks ago outlined what was wrong in Maynooth:

1. Maynooth operates under a culture of intimidation and fear.

2. There is an active gay subculture in the seminary and some of those belonging to this subculture are operating on the GRINDR app.

3. Two seminarians were caught by a third having gay sex in Maynooth this year. The man who found them and made it known was EXPELLED by Connolly & Co.

4. Maynooth is turning a BLIND EYE to sexuality activity - both gay and straight - by seminarians - in spite of these activities being roundly condemned by official Church teaching.

5.  Those seminarians who are misbehaving in various ways are being kept at Maynooth while those who report inappropriate behaviour - whistle blowers - are expelled.

6. Seminarians who adhere to official church asre suspect and those who embrace wishy washy theologies are treasured. 

7. Many decent and good seminarians are just giving up and leaving.

THEN...................ENTER CONNOLLY:

Connolly WAFFLED his way through his interview - denying, distracting, prevarication etc.

But Connolly particularly disgraced himself when he ADMITTED he refused to look at an alleged semi naked picture of a Maynooth seminarian on the GRINDR app.


Connolly refused VERBALLY and IN WRITING to look at the picture which the editor the Catholic newspaper, Anthony Morphy of CATHOLIC VOICE tred to show him.

Connolly was not prepared to view the picture and investigate it !

CONNOLLY and THE IRISH BISHOPS are on the run! They have decided to baton down the hatches, put their heads in the sand, enter into TOTAL DENIAL mode and pretend that everything is rosy in the Maynooth garden.

But no one believes them!

Once again THE IRISH CATHOLIC CHURCH is engaged in the cover up of a massive scandal.


It can either have a slow agonising death that will cause untold scandal and damage of the Catholic people....................

Or it can be put down quickly and humanely and start over again.


Is it because there are people in Maynooth who fear exposure?

Is it because that the vast majority of today's Catholic priests are GAY and active?

Is it because there are GAY FRIENDLY BISHOPS in the Irish Catholic Hierarchy.

Or is it because there are some Irish BISHOPS who in the past or at present are playing with their WILLIES too?

I know of three former Irish bishops who were gay - and two of them were actively gay.

What's to say that some of the current ones are not "at it"?

Whatever the reason the message is clear:




  1. Time to get things in perspective.

    We now learn that Diarmuid Martin recently concluded a very lucrative deal with an American diocese to lodge its Roman seminarians at the Irish College. He has every reason to send his own seminarians there.

    The rest of the Irish bishops are unanimous in their support for Maynooth, even those who have no seminarians.

    It emerges from Hugh Connolly's very candid interview that the seminarian we were led to believe had surprised two others in a sex act had merely surmised something from something he had heard behind a closed door.

    The deacon, whose alleged selfie would be more useful for aversion therapy than making a date, is now a matter for his bishop and it will be interesting to see what happens there.

    It is reassuring to be told by all sorts of people that the "vast majority" of seminarians at Maynooth are serious about their preparation for priesthood. What is the "vast majority" of 55? The "small minority" who have or are problems should be treated with compassion and shepherded away from a vocation that is obviously not for them.

    1. My information is 12 + on Grindr. Thats 25% +

    2. more "information" from reliable sources?

    3. Thanks for the selfie of King Puck - hot or what??? Nothing like a hairy, chunky guy to get the juices flowing - what a shame he's soon to be ordained and not available.

    4. What is the "lucrative deal with an American diocese"?? please elaborate

  2. He lied through his teeth. All seminary rectors do.

    Angry seminarian.

    1. Let not the sun go down on your anger.
      What was it he said that you know for sure to be untrue?

    2. I hope you have the evidence to support that libellous statement, never mind the wild generalisation.

    3. I listened carefully to the interview this a.m. Well done and thanks to the very courageous ex-seminarian who spoke. Well done and thanks also to the very courageous seminarian who gave his account of his recent experience: account voiced by an actor. I heard Msgr. Connolly too, . I know who I believe, and it's not Hugh! e.g. ...sometimes seminarians fall in love during the summer break! It's what happens between September and May that is the problem, that was under discussion Msgr.!! But you made a very good attempt at pulling the wool over the listeners' eyes /ears! However, it didn't work. Not by a long shot.

  3. i was listening to the first interview on RTE from that link on the other blogpost
    see 7mins 30mins (first recording on the webpage)
    There is nothing left to say! Connolly admits the he refused to even look at images of the gay seminarians on grindr to identify them, and he still refuses! as he just presumes that the images that Anthony Murphy wanted to show him are now on the 'blogosphere' .... however who is to say that those images are still there - the others just deleted their accounts! he just didn't want it on his conscience that he threw an innocent seminarian out for being the whistleblower (it was 'healthier' for the seminary to get rid of him! see 11:10)
    talk about a relinquishing of responsibility

    He knows well that all of this will force those in charge to replace all the staff, so - pre-empting this - the captain abandons ship, plans to go abroad for a while for some study, then he expects to return to lecture there once the dust settles. Ha, give me a break! The game is up - you won't be allowed to return Connolly!

    I commend both the seminarians who stood up to him in the second RTE interview recording at the bottom of the page on that link!

    1. MourneManMichael5 August 2016 at 18:26

      I've just listened to Connolly on the RTE podcast of the Sean O'Rourke programme. What a load of convoluted waffle. He almost sounded like a Tory politician,avoiding the questions by evasion and talking a lot without saying anything meaningful!

  4. This whole Maynooth thing is being badly mishandled. It is going to become a complete disaster. Let's wait and see how many careers hit the buffers after this. There's gonna be an awful lot of wounded needing an awful lot of healing after this is done. Has the Irish Catholic Church learned nothing.

    The Spin Doctor

  5. I experienced Connolly myself as a seminarian in Maynooth - and I can say that I have never heard him so under pressure in my life. He was quivering as he tried to duck and dive the interviewer's direct and pertinent line of questioning. I was waiting for the "Francis" diversion - thank God Keelin Shanley didn't let him lead her off track with some theological diatribe!

    The "gay days" are coming to an end in "Gaynooth"!

  6. This is painful to watch/read :(
    Realistically we need a total recall of all faculty by their respective Bishops.
    I am sure they are decent enough (we can't tar them all as 100% bad/incompetent), but now it would be much better to employ their talents as PPs or Curates in parishes as there is now just too much scandal to leave them in Maynooth and imagine this will all be forgotten.
    For the sake of public perception and those discerning/would-be seminarians, we need a renewal. We need good, faithful Priests to succeed them and restore confidence in the only locally based Irish seminary.

    Either that happens or we will witness these scandals being dragged out and having what's left of Maynooth's reputation become irredeemably damaged. Let us pray that the former happens soon, and that the latter will not.... the sake of Irish vocations and all scandalized laity. Amen.

  7. I know with full certainty that many priests in Ireland are sexually active.

    My mother had a relationship with a priest for over 15 years. They openly went to the theatre, or out to restaurants, where my mother would be simply referred to as his 'friend'.

    There were many other priests and their 'friends' mingling in the same circuit. They would go on holidays together under the guise of 'retreats'.

    Many years in, the bishop was notified, and the priest was simply moved from our parish to a different one. This was, in fact, a promotion, as his new parish was a much wealthier one.

    Their relationship continued after the move, and it was actually easier for them as my mother was anonymous in the new parish.

    I would not want to name and shame this priest. He was a wonderful, if flawed, man. He always put his parishioners first. My mother accepted that many a walk or evening out would be cancelled if the priest was needed in the community. I would also note that the priest was independently wealthy, so in this instance Church funds were not being used to foot the bill for their activities.

    I know he was absolutely torn between his heart and his vocation.

    If priests were allowed to marry, as they originally were, I believe we would have a much healthier, less scandalous Church.

  8. If that Priest is still in active ministry, you should inform the Bishop once again (or the new Bishop). There is no need to publicly oust him here and 'shame' him, but he should be ashamed; living a double life is a life that is not following Christ.
    If he is breaking his vows made to God with your mam, who is to say he's not doing things which go against other teachings.

    I would propose that it is not the teachings of Jesus and his church which have to change but the mentality and hypocrisy of his disciples, such as the Priest you refer to.
    While yes some of the Apostles were married, they were called and freely chose a life that forced them to live and work in an apostolate that required all of their time: i.e. they had to sacrifice the life they would have had with their family, for the family of God instead (Luke 14:26).

    If anything, in the increasingly secular world in which we live, we now need more than ever to uphold and adhere to these radical and counter-cultural teachings of Jesus: to choose a life lived for God over a one with a wife and children (Matthew 19:12).
    We should not fall into the 'clericalism' trap, i.e. only Priests can live holy/extraordinary lives. As any layman can live a equally holy, God-filled life with a wife and children and become a Saint in so doing (n.b. the majority of Saints are not Priests or Nuns). Nevertheless, some men are called by Jesus for an even greater sacrifice (Matthew 19:12). The Ireland of today needs Priests who can dedicate 100% of their time for the community of God, rather than 50% for their family and 50% for the other children of God.
    There is no dichotomy. God will send us Priests, but it's up to us to pray for them (Luke 10:2) and to encourage and foster vocations. We should pray all the more, as now with these scandals, it will require even greater courage on their behalf. Pray also for the Bishops, they need prayers just like the rest of us - hopefully God will give them the strength to radically act in this situation in Maynooth

    1. Your head is in the clouds vis á vis celibacy. It's a contrivance of the 'Church', not a requirement by Christ.

  9. This gets more confusing-So Connolly refused to look at an alleged semi naked photo...? This proves the photo must exist. One cant refuse to look at something that does not exist. The whole thing is getting ridiculous. Its sad that so many Irish people seem to be pretending as if nothing is happening. Still the Baptisms,Confirmations and Weddings go on. What are people being confirmed into?

    1. A nation of Baptised pagans

  10. A few weeks ago a priest friend said to my sister that he couldn't come to a lunch in her home because he had a special mass that day for the children of the parish who were making their LAST holy communion ! To which he added " You could hardly blame them"
    When I read and hear about what's happening in our church in Ireland today I agree with him.

  11. Cari amicii, saluti dall’Italia,

    Pleese forgeeve my poor Ingleesh.

    Sua Santita il Papa Francesco, aska me to write you in the most belavid Maynooth Semenario to expressa his a lav for zee lavaly Ireesh boys in the semenario.

    Wee are a closely observing the Grindr app and it is a nice a to see a zee leetle ragazzi and zer innocente interlocutione, which are 'male interpretato' by zee eeveel meedjah and Beeshop Pat Booklee.

    Eet ees decidamente to appoint a Apostoli Visita to feend out zee truth of zeese matters.

    Eet will be conductamente by Sua Eminenza Giovanni-Battista Guaritore-Ferito Brady.

    He weel be conjoined with Monsignore Teemo Bartolletini. He weel take a ze informatione and carry ze bag of SE Guaritore-Ferito Brady in which are zee cheeeese, peekal and pastrami panini.

    He weel speen-doctore all of zee facts and zee stories and - magicamente - tutto sarà di nuovo bene!!

    Il Santo Padre has 'completa fiducia' in Monsignore Connollee, Monsignore Fannee Moolanee and zee staff of il Semenario. Wee weel soon have tutto torna alla normalità et la pace restaurato.

    Non preoccuparti cari amici et fratelli. We weel deal with Arciviscovi Donatello Martino.

    Finalmente, Il santissima Padre Francesco wood like to complimente Monsignore Connollee on hees a lavaly teef.

    Che è il suo dentista?

    Nell’amore di Christo,

    Sua Eminenza, +Giuda-Iscariota Culo-Gigante Cardinale Piccoli-Testicoli,

    Congregation for the Clergy
    Piazza Pio XII, 3 00193 Vatican City, Italy, Europe

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