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The Blog suddenly disappeared in the middle of the night 48 hours ago - without warning and without explanation.

The "bastardos" were worried because of the readership of this blog - 250,000 views a month:

They were also worried because of the international readership - INCLUDING IN ITALY - ROME


UK..................... 114,998
ITALY (ROME) .........................................2112



Over the weekend Google / Blogger received quite a number of representations from a number of well placed people - including journalists and one or two other people I cannot name.

In any event WE ARE BACK! Attempts at CENSORSHIP have failed. Those who wished to silence us have not been successful!

The topic that got us temporarily silenced was THE MAYNOOTH GAY SEX SCANDAL.


So, without further ado let us get back to business - sum up where we are at and seek a way forward:

1. We have established that there is a wicked GAY SUBCULTURE in Maynooth that is targeting seminarians who are not gay or who are either gay or straight but who want to observe celibacy.

2. We have established that a core number of gay seminarians are using the gay sex app GRINDR to meet for promiscuous sex with fellow seminarians, priests and lay men.

3. We have established that there are unhealthy elements within the Maynooth staff who are quizzing all seminarians about private and intimate matters - their sexual orientation, their sexual thoughts and fantasies, their masturbation habits, their erections and their "wet dreams".

4. We have established that after they leave Maynooth as priests these gay seminarians continue on GRINDR as priests - priests like Father Rory Coyle - and are hypocritical - preaching strict Catholic teachings on sexuality and in their private lives are GAY MIDNIGHT COWBOYS.

5. We have established that there are a number of such priests in the ARCHDIOCESE OF DUBLIN and that Archbishop Martin knows about them. Archbishop Martin says that he has challenged them but that they tell him lies and in order to act against them Archbishop Martin says he needs EVIDENCE and PROOF and has requested concerned people to furnish him with that proof.

6. We have established that there are concerns (to say the least) about DEACON MICHAEL BYRNE of Dublin; DEACON SEAN JONES of Kerry, SEMINARIAN BRENDAN MARSHALL of Armagh and SEMINARIAN KEVIN McELROY of Down and Connor.

7. We have established that grave injustices have been done to whistle blower seminarians and in particular to CONAN McGONAGLE of Derry. We believe that Conan has been done a serious injustice by the MAYNOOTH STAFF and by BISHOP DONAL McKEOWN of Derry after he discovered two seminarians engage in "GOINGS ON" in a room in Maynooth.


8. We have arrived at the point of wondering why the IRISH CATHOLIC BISHOPS are tolerating this intolerable situation in Maynooth and have begun to ask ourselves if it is because some of the Bishops are compromised themselves, sexually or in some other way?

This time last week the Irish Catholic Bishops met to discuss this - one of the greatest scandals ever to hit the Irish Catholic Church.

What was their answer:

1. To get every seminarian to attend THE ROSARY at 9 pm every evening.

2. To arrange for seminarians and staff to have some meals together.

3. To have a review of Maynooth's social media and whistle blower policies.


I know that they claim The Rosary has great powers - but to believe it will stop promiscuous seminarians having promiscuous sex !!!!

AND - GRINDR is not "social media". It is a mobile phone app that does not depend on the Maynooth internet that enables sexually promiscuous seminarians meet for promiscuous gay sex with each other, priests and lay men.

Maynooth is gripped by a CANCER - the CANCER of rampant sexuality.

And the "doctors" - the BISHOPS - want to SPRINKLE HOLY WATER on that cancer.




Controversial cleric Bishop Pat Buckley has accused the Catholic Church of attempting to censor him after a blog, in which he revealed a gay sex scandal in Maynooth training college, was deleted by Google.

For six weeks the Larne-based bishop has disclosed details of a gay sub-culture in Maynooth with some students having profiles on the gay dating app Grindr, and using the site to solicit sex with priests and laymen.
Bishop Buckley also revealed that a former seminarian was filing a complaint of sexual harassment with gardai against a staff member. He claimed that whistleblowers were dismissed from the seminary after bringing the issue to the authorities.
His blogs, exposing the scandal, were picked up by the mainstream media and led to Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin announcing that he would no longer send student priests to Maynooth.
Archbishop Martin said that the college wasn't "the healthiest place" for his trainees, and he would be sending them to Rome instead.
In a recent blog Bishop Buckley had raised the question of whether some figures in the Church could possibly be compromised through direct involvement in the sex scandal or in the cover-up.
He has since received notification from the Google-owned platform, Blogger, that his blog has been taken offline.
In an email, Blogger stated: "Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our terms of service for: HATE. In accordance to these terms, we've removed the blog."
"In about five years of blogging, I've never before had a problem with Google.
"I don't know how they could accuse me of spreading hate.
"As a gay man who lives with his husband, and as a cleric who has performed blessings for same-sex couples for 30 years, it is crazy to suggest that I hate gay people.
"This is a blatant attempt to censor me."
Google had last night not responded to the Belfast Telegraph's request for comment on the issue.
Bishop Buckley said he believed his blog had "got too hot" for the Catholic Church to handle and it had asked Google to block it.
"It had gone up from about 1,000 to 15,000 views a day. Seminarians and former seminarians were contacting me constantly with new information. I published all this material and it made certain individuals in the Church very nervous.
"Google's European headquarters are in Dublin so the Church has ample opportunity to make their voice heard against my blog."
Blogger has given Bishop Buckley the opportunity to appeal its decision.
"I will do that, but I have already set up a new blog,"
He added: "The Catholic Church should know by now that, if they try to get rid of me, I don't just go quietly - I pop up somewhere else.
"I am more determined than ever to keep digging on Maynooth and to keep revealing what they want hidden."
Maynooth has introduced a stricter regime in the wake of the gay sex scandal.
Students are now required to eat dinner in the college rather than being allowed to dine wherever they choose.
They are also required to attend evening rosary at 9pm, which had not been obligatory until now.
A review of "appropriate use of the internet and social media" by students and staff has also been announced.


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  1. Failte Romhat arais😀 Which is main blog now


  2. Well done Pat. Glad your back in action. We all support you here.

  3. Bentornato Vescovo Buckley . Un Amico Romano

    (Welcome back Bishop Buckley) A Roman Friend)

  4. MourneManMichael29 August 2016 at 11:09

    Welcome back Pat. Keep rattling their cages!
    In 'NornIronSpeak', "Keep 'er lit".

  5. Great to see you back Pat! You have them on the ropes for sure. Goes to show you what you can do when you have the courage to stand up to bullies!

  6. Pat, God is on your side because you are fighting for truth: "Fight to the death for truth, and the Lord God will war on your side." (Sirach 4:28)

    The Holy Spirit is with you - no matter how hard they huff and puff it is all recoiling on their own heads. Their lies and intrigues keep backfiring on themselves!

  7. Congratulations Pat. You won the battle. Now onwards and upwards to win the war.!! Ann

    has as much right as any of us to express her ignorant views in public but it makes me for one vomit to see her so often described as a STAUNCH Roman Catholic or even a DEVOUT Roman Catholic.

    She may have been misquoted but she certainly knows with a lawyer's precision the Roman Catholic position on homosexuality. Homosexual orientation is always a personal challenge. Catholics will look to the Church to support them in embracing a fully chaste and celibate lifestyle. A more nuanced understanding of meaningful long-term relationships is emerging within the Church. Pope Francis' "Who am I to judge?" is a good start. Promiscuity and prostitution however will never seem to many to be compatible with Christian discipleship.

    The impression is given that seminarians only sign up to celibacy at the last minute. What they are in fact asked to state before diaconate is that on the basis of their experience to date they are confident that they have received the charism of lifelong celibacy and are committed to developing it. It is not very smart for a future priest to lie about this or for a bishop to turn a blind eye to evidence to the contrary. Giving up sex for life is not at all as straightforward as giving up chocolate for Lent.

    1. Typical of McAleese. She's a bucket mouth. A self-appointed "expert" on everything. She can't help muddying the waters can she?

      Many of us have gay sons and daughters and we love them unconditionally. There is no easy answer to their predicament.

      However, this is not about being gay. This is about hypocrisy from top to bottom in the Church.

      This is about priests, seminarians and bishops leading double lives / saying one thing in public and doing the opposite in the shadows and under cover.

      This is about promiscuity and prostitution as the comment above says. It is about blatant sin and vice being fostered in the Church.

      It is about men who are not fit to be priests. It is about formation teams that are unfit for purpose. It is about inept and possibly compromised bishops.

      McAleese is a mouthpiece for the Association of Compromised Priests. It is in their mission to call evil good and good evil.

      Keep up the good fight, Pat.

    2. ......and it's about those who have suffered sexual assaults/harassment because of all this....please don't forget to ALWAYS include that. If we lose sight of this we lose sight of WHY this is an issue. Yes, it's about double standards but most importantly, it's about the effect of those double standards on real people.

      Also, may I please make a request...The perception that this is a 'hate' site I believe has more to do with many of the responses which frankly are, as far as I am concerned, 'hate' statements, or just one small step away from them. Much more will be achieved if we avoid such rhetoric. As Dylan says; "they only need a small excuse to put us all away" - especially these days of PC.

  9. I do not agree with you, Bishop, on a multitude of
    Issues - I am nevertheless glad to see that you are back.
    Even my budgies seem to be happier - is that due to your return or to the pleasant weather we are having now?

  10. Perhaps if anonymous people could give you some indication of who they are (not necessarily for publication) this would add to the argument/s Once again good you are back on air

    1. MourneManMichael29 August 2016 at 14:32

      I agree on that Sean. Since it was originally suggested just under 200 contributors have used a designation, name or pseudnym and it has made following comments and threads much easier. The more interesting and thought provoking usually have a 'handle'. There are, in addition, numerous anonymous comments, some of which regrettably have been rather negative
      or lacking in various ways which sometimes has me wondering if the contributor does realise its shortcomings.

  11. Pat, it is obvious that the "Gaynooth" gangsters have friends in high places. But you have a Friend in the Highest Place of all!!

    Give it to them Pat - no holds barred!

  12. Pat have you had any update on the meeting that was due to take place between +Ab Martin and Deacon Byrne?. Not sure the Diocese would update the laity. After all we just pay their salary, houses, cars, foreign holidays.

    1. Then stop paying them, but don't forget to tell them why.

  13. Welcome back Pat. I kept trying to visit your website all weekend to no avail. I am so glad you are back, not because I agree with all you say, but rather because you don't whitewash and your mission seems to be to present the unvarnished truth, unpalatable as it seems to many of us. As a Church we are slow to accept our shadow. Scripture reminds us that all must be brought into the light if it is to be redeemed, and that includes all our unwanted skeletons. The Irish catholic newspaper all the way to the ACP website only present what is acceptable to its own particular following. At least your website is factual and isn't into progaganda or following the company line. Thank God.

  14. Well done +Pat, glad you are open for business again where you belong!

  15. Yeah Pat, what is the story with Byrne and Jones? They surely aren't going to be ordained?

    BTW, great to see you back!

  16. It would be an absolute travesty if Jones and Byrne are ordained.

    How much more evidence do their respective bishops need?

    Have the bishops not got good eye-sight?

    Do they think that all the stories about the two deacons are all made up?

    I hope to God that the Church is not about to ordain two more useless spongers.

  17. "Wayward" priests/deacons are a symptom of a deeper malady with the church as a whole. I believe an element of the church has lost touch with God and become functionaries like the Gospel Pharisees. The social aspects of the problem are being probed-I hope! A spiritual element needs to be introduced to the equation. I don't believe this is covered by obligatory rosary imposed as a control mechanism

  18. "GORGEOUS" will finish his year in Rome and it appears that he will be ordained as planned.

    1. One wonders what DM is up to?

    2. wonder will byrne's little friend do a kiss and tell story. Maybe an appearance on the Late Late show this coming friday? or perhaps a press conference 'I did not have sexual relations with that seminarian'.

    3. 17:45, how do you know all this? Common sense, never mind a sense of moral decency, would be against ordaining someone so obviously full of himself.

      If Byrne is ordained priest, I wouldn't even consider going anywhere near 'his' Masses. I'd be revolted.

  19. Majority of seminarians have their own internet, they do not need the seminary wifi. What a joke.


    1. It would appear that the Seminary Council know too much to be changed...

  20. I wonder at Conan McGonagles motives for reporting the two seminarians. Conan is of a dangerous traditional mindset and is too keen on being seen in a surplice and soutan and on Derry Journal coverage with being photographed. He is too keen on being "typecast" as a seminarian of the old school. It is well known that the scandal is really not about cleaning up Maynooth but about getting it to turn its back on progressive Catholicism. What would you expect with Anthony Murphy of Catholic Voice sticking his nose in. Catholic Voice is not truly a Catholic or obedient paper. A real Catholic paper seeks an imprimatur and nihil obstat. This paper will not get it for it simply undermines Vatican II

    1. It must have been that "traditional mindset" that warped Conan's perception and made his eyes fool his brain into thinking he saw Marshall and his buddy in bed! That "traditional mindset" must also have been the cause of a Channel 4 reporter receiving a chat request on Grindr from a seminarian when in Maynooth! It must also be the cause of Jones', Byrne's, HornyAndyX's etc. Grindr accs! In actual fact, according to you, ACP and all the other luullas it is that "traditional mindset" which is the cause of all the Irish Church's and Gaynooth's woes!

    2. So progressive Catholicism is basically anything goes, hook-up-with-anyone on a body hunting app?

      Sounds more like regressive Catholicism to me.

    3. Yes, they are allowing this because their focus is on the clerics' "journeys to celibacy' and not their victims, the collateral damage of those 'journeys'.

  21. It's a laugh. Byrne will be shown the "ropes" by Canon O'Reilly and Fr Derwin etc. in the cesspool that is the Dublin presbyterate.

    Then "Gorgeous" will be a "wonderful" mentor priest in Diarmuid Martin's new apprenticeship model for priestly formation!

    The Irish Church is heading for oblivion.

    Being a Grindr man now appears to be a prerequisite for ordination in "Gaynooth".

    We all need to pray hard for the few good men inside that asylum.:(

  22. MourneManMichael29 August 2016 at 18:57

    20+ years ago my daughter remarked on how helpful and patient her University lecturers and tutors were. But they have to be, she added, saying, "They need us as much as we need them. No students means no lecturers needed so no salaries...." Wise words I thought at the time.

    With the current apparant lack of action by bishops and Maynooth staff, I'm wondering if there's any parallel here?
    Might there be an element of truth in thinking, "No (future) priests means no minions to run the parishes and maintain our episcopal empire!"
    I can think of no sensible logical reason for the bishops' lethargical apathy, apart, of course, from the remote possibility that they are out of touch, oblivious to reality and conceitedly arrogant. But of course none of these possibilities could apply to men of such excellant intelligence, ability and quality as to have been elevated to the episcopal ranks. Or could it?

    1. There is something very strange going on MMM. I believe that DM's moving his seminarians to Rome is just a PR stunt to make him look good with the media. Why he is not taking action on Byrne is incomprehensible. Diarmuid Martin is just a polished politician and diplomat, nothing else.

      As for Bishop Ray Browne in Kerry, one wonders if he is actually living in the real world; how he can ordain Jones beggars belief. Maybe Browne is so desperate for a new priest in Kerry that he will literally ordain anyone, even King Puck!

      With the above soon-to-ordained deacons and many more Grindrs to be spewed out of "Gaynooth", there will be no shortage of scandals in the coming years for the long-suffering Irish Church.

  23. If,as you suggested Pat, the church was behind the removal and suspension of your blog then more fool them.
    Attempting to muzzle or suppress the truth or fair criticism is not a wise course of action.
    There is every likelihood that your readership will go from strength to strength and the "sins of the fathers" will become known to an even bigger audience.
    I go back to former observations. The church is either using seemingly inept PR folks
    or nobody at all. They appear to have learned nothing especially in this age when so many media platforms can channel info to the world in seconds.
    Poor Ab Brown must be pulling his hair out.

    The Spin Doctor

    1. Maybe AB Brown is part of the problem?

    2. Archbishop Brown was meant to be Pope Benedict's top man! He appears to be MIA amidst all this Grindr madness in Maynooth. I haven't heard a peep from him!

    3. Bishop Ray Browne is one of AB Charles Brown's men! Yes, the same Ray Browne who is going to ordain Sean Jones!!

      No wonder Benedict stood down. He knew this was coming down the tracks. He got out of Dodge just in time!

    4. Pat, if AB Brown does not intervene to have Deacon Byrne and the others laicised, then he IS part of the problem. A very big part.

  24. Unless something serious is done with Maynooth, the Irish Church is going to be the laughing stock of the entire world. What is wrong with our bishops?

    1. Going to be... It already is.

  25. I am not joking when I say this: every priest to be ordained from Maynooth in the future must have a mandatory STD test.

    They won't be putting their grubby little hands near any of my children.

    It is sick what is going on there.

    1. I completely agree with you. And I would add that any recently ordained priest from Maynooth should be tested for STDs as well.

    2. To think that these guys are dispensing the Eucharist! My good God, please give the bishops some courage and resolve.

    3. Forget all about testing. Just get rid of the clergy. Why do you want to keep them? All they do is scourge the Body of Christ, the Church. They're a freakin' liability...and we the laity are daft enough to pay their wages. And for what? Useless tossers!

    4. It appears anon 23:48 that the Irish clergy are doing a good job getting rid of themselves.

  26. A good while ago, I heard someone of the radio comparing a gay man entering a seminary as “it’s like putting an alcoholic in charge of a brewery”.

    But the correct comparator is ‘it’s like putting an alcoholic in charge of a brewery were everyone is an alcoholic’.

  27. The whole Maynooth thing reminds me of the Birmingham Oratory several years ago which was also in the grip of rampant sexuality – gay, of course. Reports of alleged intense friendships, drunken ruts, and more things broken than could ever be repaired, occupied the pages of several newspapers and online blogs for weeks on end – until, finally, The Opus was sent in to sort it out.

    The reasons behind the disorder were never disclosed, but I don’t think Grindr existed back then, so it was more likely just the bars and, or course, the gents. Some of the older Oratorians were shunted off to monasteries far afield and the younger ones dried out and taken in hand by Jack Valero. He must have done a good job because I’ve never heard peep out Oratory since.

  28. Delighted to see your blog back, Pat. The only trouble is, can you get treatment for addiction to Bishop Pat Buckley? - I was surprised how much I missed it!

    1. The only cure is more of the same :-)

  29. Spoke to my cousin in Galway. Says she feels sorry for the rural priests trying to get on with the job as best they can. Is it possible these guys are unaware of what's happening in the big smoke

    1. I think we might be surprised at the "goings on" in rural Galway :-)

  30. +Niall Sheridan.29 August 2016 at 22:48

    Welcome back 'on air' +Pat! The RC Church in Ireland ought to actually be grateful to you in exposing such blatant injustices. Keep up your good work. I myself had a strange Twitter fan follow mw today - 'DownandConnor'. I'm wondering why myself!! In Christ, +Niall.

    1. Niall mate You got + I'm just plain old me. Beware the ides of Opus

  31. No update on any D&C parish moves yet Pat?

  32. Pat I never heard about this blog until this weekend when friends were discussing that it had been closed down. Tonight I and another two friends are now reading it. I'm loving it. Good for you. Just shows what's going on in the church. Shame. My parents would turn in their graves if they knew the half of this carry on. The bishops in Ireland should be ashamed of themselves.
    Glengormley Catholic. St Bernard's Parish.

  33. The church were never very media savvy. Surely Timo should have realised that attempting to shut down the blog would catupult it into the stratosphere! I would suggest that every visitor to this blog should reccomend it to 10 others who in turn should reccomend...To infinity and beyond!

  34. Ireland used to be known as the land of saints and scholars. Now it is known as the land of thieves, robbers and Grindrs.

    No wonder why the country is going down the tube, with the current wretched state of the priesthood.

    The above is all very sad and what makes it sadder is that it all could be stopped right away if only we had bishops with a shred of courage and integrity.

  35. Any word on what the hell is going in in carryduff? How long do we have to wait before we hear results of report or are there more cover ups going on again???

  36. Look out for bishops appearance in mass in carryduff this weekend......clearly a lot of lies read out in mass tonight.