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Do certain Catholic bishops and priests pursue a deliberate policy whereby people accepted for the priesthood have to be gay?

That might seem a strange question - but read this contribution the Blog has received from a resident of the Archdiocese of Armagh:

"We need action not words! 

Maynooth is, internally, at war! The Bishops are ignoring it, they have implemented the rosary and communal meals and have left the place to itself again.

The Acting President is a liberal who in his first address basically threatened whistle blowers and denied their was an issue even though the Trustees statement states there is.

The students are divided into two camps. Those who wish to live within the Doctrines and Teachings of the Church out of love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And those intent on destroying it from within.

The war is being fought in Maynooth but it is certain Diocesan bishops and priests who accept only gay men to go forward to Maynooth.

People likethem reject church teaching on many issues including Transubstantiation. They wish to fill the church with enough people who will reject church teaching to destroy the church from within.

For example of Archdiocese Armagh has only accepted a small number to go forward for studies at Maynooth in the last number of years. Some of these were and are open and active homosexuals. 

When he was Armagh Vocations Director Fr Paddy Rushe accepted at least 7 within a few years that I am aware of, perhaps more.

++ Eamon Martin people when he held his first meeting on Vocations in the diocese. Some priests had replied with an answer about the vocation about all the baptised. ++ Eamon replied to say it was vocations to Priesthood and religious life that the archdiocese should be concentrating on. He stated there should be a better drive to get men to apply for the Priesthood.

The year before ++Eamon took over the Seat of St. Patrick there were 7 guys attending vocation evenings... none of them were accepted. 

One of the 7, a barrister, when directly to ++Eamon about his rejection. ++Eamon held meetings directly with this very capable man and accepted him for studies, sending him to the Irish College in Rome!

However, after several priests of the diocese recommended a change in vocations policy, several complaints from men who were turned own for priesthood were received and ++ Eamon met them.

There are men in every diocese throughout the country trying to steer dioceses in certain directions.

We need action from our Bishops or the Holy See!


It is true to say that the Catholic priesthood is fast becoming a gay profession.

It is also true that in MAYNOOTH there is a GAY CABAL that makes life very difficult for heterosexual seminarians - and indeed seminarians who are gay but want to practice celibacy.

I think that up until the late 1960's there was a fair mixture of sexual orientation among Maynooth seminarians - with perhaps the majority being "straight".

Why has this changed so drastically?

1. The priesthood is not held in the same standing and respect it used to be because of all the scandals.

2. Education is much more freely available and men are not going to seminaries to get an education and then leave.

3. With the sexual revolution Catholic teaching on sexuality is out the window and many men want to have partners and a sexual life.

4. It is much easier nowadays for men to get into the other "professions" like medicine, the law, engineering etc and therefore the priesthood is not an attractive profession.

5. Celibacy is regarded now as outlandish and both straight and gay men do not value it.

6. The gay men entering seminary are a particular type of men. They recognise that the priesthood is a way of life in which it is easy to live a DOUBLE LIFE - to have the social standing of a priest and to have the secret life of a promiscuous gay man.

7. Apart from sexual orientation the intellectual quality of the men entering seminaries now is INFERIOR as a whole. In the old days a seminarian would have achieved two degrees - on in theology and one in philosophy.

Many of the seminarians today are not university material and they can become priests by spending 6 years doing less demanding in house exams.

The typical seminarian today is not very immature. He is dogmatic out of ignorance. He likes dressing up in thick collars and lace albs and surplices. As gay men they love the THEATRE of incense, candles, bells, vestments, rubrics etc.

It actually amounts to CROSS-DRESSING in a socially acceptable way!

If that's the kind of man entering seminaries and the priesthood it's bad enough.

But if bishops, priests and vocation directors (who may be gay themselves) are encouraging only gay men to enter and are actually discouraging straight men then the church is doomed.

The priesthood needs to have the same variety as the population as a whole.

 If there is a POLICY to HOMOSEXUALISE the priesthood that has serious consequences for the church and society.



"I think heterosexuality and homosexuality are a kind of psychosis, and the truth is somewhere in the" middle. 

(Jeanette Winterson)


Airport Security

Last winter our family got stuck in the airport for two weeks
on our way home from Colorado because a man
snuck a knife through security
We trudged around the terminal miserably
praying that we got home in time for Christmas
But one day my gay brother Lucas
met a blonde flight attendant with scars darting up and down his arms
and told him If you show me yours I’ll show you mine
The next morning I woke up at 3 am and found Lucas kissing those scars
counting them one by one with his lips
beneath the glowing lights of the terminal signs
I once read an article about this place called Franklin County
where there are no gay people
And I can't seem to understand why anyone would deny the existence
of something beautiful between two people
no matter who they are
because at the end of the day
everyone needs to end up in someone's arms
who will love you no matter how many scars line your wrists



  1. Went to a mass of thanksgiving for Mother Teresa last night. Must say I was impressed with what the bishop had to say. There was no comment about who could or could not receive Communion My friend wanted a blessing. No problem. I spoke to a young lad in a mile high collar and 6 foot soutanne. He was most helpful. I wondered what model of church he was buying into. Reminded me of myself in the early days. My friend said the "community/congregation" felt "stuffy" I did not influence her judgement but did give her a quick outline of RC Sacramental Theology

  2. The gay cartel now has complete autonomy to keep destroying the Irish Church from within.

    Pope Benedict's fear is coming to pass - the priesthood is now seen as a gay profession for lying, scheming homosexuals who have a connatural impediment with regard to preaching the truth about human sexuality.

    Maynooth will continue to wither and die as it is completely cut off from the True Vine, Jesus Christ. It is very sad that the once glorious Irish Church is being humbled and humiliated like this.

    God will continue to withdraw his Grace from Maynooth and Satan will continue to usher in his "vocations" who will eventually bring the sorry place down.

    It appears that the Irish Church needs to be humbled more for its past sins of pride and arrogance.

    1. Pat, this blog occasionally mentions certain types of priests who wear "thick collars". Can someone show me a picture of the difference between these and normal collars? What is the significance? I'm afraid I'm not up to speed on clerical fashions.

    2. 11:42, gay people have 'a connatural impediment with regard to preaching the truth about human sexuality '? Really?

      Are you quoting from some as yet generally unknown but highly advanced research paper on human psychology? Or do you just like making things up?

    3. Wondered at this too!!!
      Perhaps thickness is just in the eye of the beholder?

    4. 13:21, the thicker collars are called 'Roman collars'. They sometimes come without a stock (the black bit) and, therefore, are more obvious.

      In my time at Maynooth a deacon wore one of these. I remember him well. He, allegedly, favoured the SSPX.

      He was considered a curiosity by the other guys, but he had a rarified sense of humour, on one occasion raising a hand to another seminarian who had annoyed him and.warning him: careful; it's loaded (an allusion to his capacity as a deacon to give blessings).

  3. New sign to be put on the gates of St Patrick's Seminary, Maynooth: "No Catholics or Heterosexuals Need Apply"

  4. My son is considering a vocation to the Priesthood. I will not be letting him near Gaynooth.

    1. so you make/will make decisions for your adult son? Might be best he keeps away then.

    2. He has made it himself with my full backing.

  5. It's a pity for those seminarians who are gay and who have practised continence since they entered seminary (and beforehand too, since I think some period of abstinence before seminary is essential, though I don't believe it requires a man never to have had sex). They feel under pressure with people speculating about their sexuality when in reality they put themselves forward for priestly training with good intentions. Not like this cabal that has taken over. I also think that if Maynooth provided proper leadership and training, any temptations might have been dealt with and channelled into something more productive and good priests might have been produced.

  6. Gaynooth hits

  7. Humbled my rear end! The church needs to be presented with evidence that requires concrete immediate answers. What hurts and challenges them most is pounds and pence.

  8. Pat - I take your point about the apparent policy in some dioceses to admit homosexuals to seminary. However, I am disappointed with your frequent linking of homosexual seminarians to the traditional Mass, vestments, rubrics, incense, lace, candles, bells and, as you say, "theatre". I think that this constant association of homosexuals and beauty in the liturgy actually detracts from the issue in a damaging way. For example, the two deacons and the recently ordained priest that you "exposed" recently on your blog were not devotees of the Latin Mass or of lace etc. Many homosexual seminarians, as far as I can tell, actually often have an AVERSION to tradition and traditional expressions of Catholicism, to the point where they inform the deans about who is going to the Latin Mass and who is traditionally-minded.

    Your correspondent confirms my point, which you contradict in your own commentary - he says that the gay men that are being admitted to seminary "reject church teaching on many issues including Transubstantiation". You, on the other hand, say that the typical seminarian today is dogmatic "out of ignorance". However, it is your correspondent who is closer to the mark - the homosexual seminarians are not dogmatic precisely because they want to undermine church teaching.

    One more point, you mention the "theatre" of incense, bells, vestments, rubrics, etc. You also ask why heterosexual men are not attracted to the priesthood. One reason is because the liturgy they experience in most parishes IS theatrical and effeminised - wishy-washy preaching, shallow and banal music, and the imposition of the priest's personality on the congregation. While you actually appear to link the traditional Mass with homosexual seminarians, I would actually say it's the opposite. While the traditional Mass may be spectacular, it is not theatrical in the same way as the modern Mass is. There is NO improvisation whatsoever in the traditional liturgy, while it is positively encouraged in the new Mass. It is almost impossible for the personality of the priest to impose itself on the congregation in the traditional Mass, whereas it is almost impossible for the priest NOT to impose his personality on the congregation in the new Mass. So, if as you say, the homosexual seminarians are looking for theatre, the modern Mass will satisfy that craving much more so than the traditional Mass. One has to wonder why so many young men are attending the traditional Masses that are springing up around the country and why they are leaving the modern Mass in droves. The problem then is that if these traditionally-minded men approach a diocese as prospective seminarians, they will likely be turned away by our bishops because they do not fit the mould as outlined above by your correspondent.

    1. You are right 14 09. For many not through their own fault mass is painting by numbers Say the responses and sorted. When I worked in a national school anything in Church was called a "mass"

  9. The Maynooth Seminary Council members are now the de facto homosexual rights' leaders in Ireland. They don't believe in the Real Presence or any of the Sacraments; they don't believe in the Church; they don't believe in the Bible; they don't believe in Tradition. The only thing they believe in is themselves and their warped view of the world. And if you don't fit in with their world-view, you are out on your ear!

    The swine and dogs are trampling on the pearls and holy things of the Holy Catholic Church.

  10. There would appear to be a lot of misgivings about the suitability of the current seminarians from Armagh!

  11. Bishop Pat, I'm surprised you chose that person's comment as part of your blog; it sounds...well...almost hysterical, certainly not rational. It makes outlandish claims without producing evidence for them, and it does so exclamatorily. (I don't, as a rule, trust the judgement of people so liberal in their use of the exclamation mark.)

  12. Write to St Josephs's Young Priests Society and exhort them not to fund any more seminarians in Maynooth until the place is cleaned-up:

    St. Joseph's Young Priests Society
    23 Merrion Square,
    Dublin 2

  13. The only things that seminarians are being formed in when in Gaynooth is how to use apps such as Grindr and websites such as

    The Bishops really are very stupid and naive men.

  14. Logged on to Fabguys within an hour i had a guy at my door half hour later, great sex, must spare you the details - a guy from Kildare [enough said ] . so weather your a ducker or a dipper Rev. Gents there is plenty of Dickie Rock for you all - so no need to play with the altar boys .

  15. Shocking that a picture of those manly priests in birettas and lace, in a gorgeous cloth of gold high mass set, should appear on an expose like this lol
    Funny isn't it, how the supposed mass of ages gets connected with the campest look in the church's history. They could make it plainer with conical vestments and do on, but bravely these priests sacrifice their butchness to dress up in lace.
    It's a hard life of self sacrifice, being a trad catholic priest!

  16. Below is an excerpt from the Instruction
    Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations
    with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies
    in view of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders:

    In the discernment concerning the suitability for ordination, the spiritual director has an important task. Although he is bound to secrecy, he represents the Church in the internal forum. In his discussions with the candidate, the spiritual director must especially point out the demands of the Church concerning priestly chastity and the affective maturity that is characteristic of the priest, as well as help him to discern whether he has the necessary qualities[20]. The spiritual director has the obligation to evaluate all the qualities of the candidate's personality and to make sure that he does not present disturbances of a sexual nature, which are incompatible with the priesthood. If a candidate practises homosexuality or presents deep-seated homosexual tendencies, his spiritual director as well as his confessor have the duty to dissuade him in conscience from proceeding towards ordination.

    It goes without saying that the candidate himself has the primary responsibility for his own formation[21]. He must offer himself trustingly to the discernment of the Church, of the Bishop who calls him to orders, of the rector of the seminary, of his spiritual director and of the other seminary educators to whom the Bishop or major superior has entrusted the task of forming future priests. It would be gravely dishonest for a candidate to hide his own homosexuality in order to proceed, despite everything, towards ordination. Such a deceitful attitude does not correspond to the spirit of truth, loyalty and openness that must characterize the personality of him who believes he is called to serve Christ and his Church in the ministerial priesthood. (End of quote)

    The reality is that the majority of the Seminary Council and many seminarians and priests in Ireland do not have genuine vocations. They lied their way to ordination and are still lying their way through priesthood.

    Read the full document at the below link:

    1. What a crock!

      This 'guidance', written almost certainly, by a severely repressed homosexual.

      Would be laughable if it weren't so obviously homophobic.

    2. Ah everything that doesn't justify homosexuality is homophobic or repressed homosexuality for you.

      You are such a drama queen.

  17. Who funds St Joseph's
    Young priests society

    1. The Laity funds them like everything else

    2. The stupid thick laity who keep giving our hard-earned money to keep that gay gulag operating, doh Magna Carta!

    3. True, 22:57.

      You're actually the first intelligent commentor I've come across on this particular blog. Well done.

  18. I don't pay into any priests funds...just the parish weekly envelope...I ignore all the extras like dues as I don't know where the money is used.
    I don't want to pay for sabbaticalS or any hidden agendas like paying out to victims that are abused by priests...they can sell their vestments and chalices and cars or borrow from Rome

  19. So this is free degree whilst the gullible
    Pay up to 10 gran to put their teen through uni..or more depending where your son/ daughter wishes to study

  20. You will find that the traditionalists are not involved in this cabal. It is the liberals who go around pretending to be humble.

  21. Irish seminaries are all about the gays. I reckon that there was 8/10 men there who were homosexual. It is something that is questioned during the psychological evaluation.

    But if all priests are gay, there will be no priests fathering children and so no priests seen to break their promises. Priests can sleep with old seminary buddies for life and gay men need not fear the loss of the celibacy rule... Sure if there were no celibacy there would be a whole other calibre of applicants and nowhere for closet gays to life a comfortable gay life.