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THE ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC PRIESTS came out recently and supported Maynooth in the middle of it's Gay Grindr Crisis.

Many people found this support and surprising.

The ACP want the model of priesthood and ministry changed and therefore it is very strange that they support a way of training priests that has changed very little since the end of the 18th century!

In it's constitution the ACP states that it supports the following:

  • the primacy of the individual conscience.
  • the status and active participation of all the baptised.
  • the task of establishing a Church where all believers will be treated as equal.
I have no problem with those aims. I have gone out on the Catholic limb because I believe more in the primacy of the individual conscience than I do in Hierarchial DICTATE. 

But these guys in the ACP are parish priests and curates who promote Catholic dogma everyday of the week from their pulpits.

The Catholic Church does not really believe in the primacy of conscience. They believe in "informed conscience" - DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO!

So, primarily the ACP are at odds with official Church teaching!

I believe in the active participation of all the baptised. That's why I am for women's ordination. Its why I ordained a woman. 


I'm sure that many in the ACP agree with women's ordination. Would they all allow a female Church of Ireland to take over their parish when they are on holidays?

In other words are they ACTION LIBERALS or merely VERBAL LIBERALS - all cackle and no egg?


I have a few other questions for the ACP:

1. Does the primacy of conscience allow you to be on a body hunting site like GRINDR?

2. Does primacy of conscience allow you to pretend you are chaste and celibate but have a woman or a man in your bed?

3. Does primacy of conscience allow you to make false promises during your ordination ceremony?

4. Does primacy of conscience allow you as a religious order priest - with a Solemn Vow of Chastity - to be having sex with nuns, women and men as some of their members are?

These are hard questions. Not as easy to answer as when you are in the privacy of your presbytery or monastery - with a glass of brandy in one hand and your bird or your fella in your other hand!

5. Does the ACP support Maynooth because it thinks that it is okay for seminarians and priests to be pretending that they are celibate and chaste but are really not?

Its interesting that the ACP has recently appointed a former priest of Tuam archdiocese - Liam  McNally to be their administrative secretary.


I have nothing whatsoever against Liam or any priest who left to marry. In fact they can concelebrate Mass here openly and publicly at The Oratory.

Will Liam be concelebrating openly at future ACP Masses?

If yes - what will the Irish Bishops have to say about that?

If no - WHY NOT ?

You see my BIG PROBLEM with the ACP is that they are "sixpence each way" men - who stay in the Church because its comfortable - but play fast and loose with Church rules on the other hand.

I have never liked DUPLICITY!



People have accused me of just highlighting the bad things that happen in Maynooth. Not everything that happens in Maynooth seminary and university is bad. There are good things there too. For instance there is a very excellent modern languages department at Maynooth with top class lecturers.


Even the college president, Monsignor Hugh Connolly learned German there as part of his attempts to impress the German pope Benedict.

Dr Clive Earls teaches German in Maynooth - although I do not know if he taught Monsignor Connolly'


I have just received a message from CLIVE asking that I remove the picture I had of him on here.

So I am replacing it with this pic which is his official pic on the Maynooth University website that introduces him and his department to prospective students and the interested general public and is taken from Google Images.

Apparently the picture I published previously is owned by him and he published that on a "private" account he had.

I have been interested in Clive for some time now. 

This one is his public profile pic.

But I already had comments I did not publish - saying they found the first pic attractive.




Clive, I do not know if this message comes from you? Does it. Let me know at

All I did was praise you and your German department.

Thanks for calling me a "LITTLE PRICK". Many call me a "BIG PRICK".

I live in Northern Ireland. The Garda have no jurisdiction here.

I have no intention of publishing anything about your private life which I am sure is perfectly blameless. .

I am only praising you and your department for it's good reputation. 




Many Catholics do not realise that there was a particular religious order founded to treat priest's sex problems. Here is a summary.

Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete is a Latin RiteCatholic religious congregation of men dedicated to ministry to priests and Brothers with personal difficulties. The congregation was founded in 1947 by Father Gerald Fitzgerald in Jemez Springs, New Mexico; they are named for the Paraclete - a representation of the Holy Spirit interpreted as an advocate or helper. The order has consolidated their holistic programs to Vianney Renewal Center near St. Louis, Missouri[1] and to Our Lady of Victory Trust in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

While a member of the Holy Cross, Father Gerald Fitzgerald developed a vision of a religious community whose mission would be to serve the needs of priests and members of other religious orders who were struggling with issues such as pedophilia, alcohol and substance abuse problems. Fitzgerald recounted that he was inspired by an experience in which a destitute transient came to his door seeking assistance. Fitzgerald gave him assistance and was deeply moved when the transient said, as he was leaving, "I used to be a priest." Fitzgerald reported that he was stricken by the fact that the man had given up his vocation and that nothing had been done to rehabilitate him.[
When Fitzgerald put out a request for a sponsor who would provide a location for him to situate his new religious congregation, Edwin V. ByrneArchbishop of Santa Fe responded. Fitzgerald accepted and moved quickly, buying 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) in Jemez Springs, New Mexico and founding The Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete in 1947.
Fitzgerald believed in spiritual treatment, such as Eucharistic adoration, and was vehemently against psychological treatment. In dealing with alcoholism, for example, he opposed Alcoholics Anonymous[ Later, a halfway house was set up in Albuquerque's South Valley, and other centers were established in St. Louis, Missouri and in Gloucestershire, England.
Treatment of sexually abusive priests
Although Fitzgerald started the Servants of the Paraclete to assist priests who were struggling with alcohol and substance abuse problems, he soon began receiving priests who had sexually abused minors. Initially, Fitzgerald attempted to treat such priests using the same spiritual methods that he used with others. By 1948, Fitzgerald had set a policy whereby he refused to take priests who were sexually attracted to young people. In a letter sent to a priest in 1948 Fitzgerald said “It is now a fixed policy of our house to refuse problem cases that involve abnormalities of sex.”[  The policy was changed, possibly at the insistence of bishops, because Fr. Gerald’s letters reveal that he had indeed offered help to several priests with such sexual problems in the years between 1948 and his death in 1969.
In a 1964 letter to Bishop Joseph Durick of NashvilleTennessee Fitzgerald expressed "growing concern" about the dramatic change in the nature of problems that were being referred to his order:
“May I take this occasion to bring to your attention what is a growing concern to many of us here in the States. When I was ordained, forty three years ago, homosexuality was a practically unknown rarity. Today it is rampant among men. And whereas seventeen years ago eight out of ten problems here [at the Paraclete facility, Via Coeli] would represent the alcoholic, now in the last year or so our admission ratio would be approximately 5-2-3: five being alcoholic, two would be what we call “heart cases” (natural affection towards women) and three representing aberrations involving homosexuality. More alarming still is that among these of the 3 out of 10 class, 2 out of 3 have been young priests.[
Fitzgerald became increasingly convinced even then that such priests could not be cured, could not be trusted to maintain celibacy and should be laicized even against their will. Moreover, Fitzgerald opposed vehemently the return of sexual abusers to duties as priests in parish situations. Although some bishops refused to hire sexually abusive priests based on Fitzgerald's refusal to recommend them for parish duties, others ignored Fitzgerald's advice. In general, it appears that bishops chose to ignore Fitzgerald's recommendations, preferring to rely on the advice of medical and psychological experts who asserted that treatment was feasible.
Warnings to the Church hierarchy[
Over the next two decades, Fitzgerald wrote regularly to bishops in the United States and to Vatican officials, including the pope, of his opinion that many sexual abusers in the priesthood could not be cured and should be laicized immediately.[2]
For example, in a 1952 letter to Bishop Robert Dwyer of the Diocese of RenoNevada, Fitzgerald wrote:
"I myself would be inclined to favor laicization for any priest, upon objective evidence, for tampering with the virtue of the young, my argument being, from this point onward the charity to the Mystical Body should take precedence over charity to the individual, [...] Moreover, in practice, real conversions will be found to be extremely rare [...] Hence, leaving them on duty or wandering from diocese to diocese is contributing to scandal or at least to the approximate danger of scandal."[3]
In 1957 Fitzgerald wrote to Matthew Francis Brady, the Bishop of Manchester, New Hampshire:
"We are amazed to find how often a man who would be behind bars if he were not a priest is entrusted with the cura animarum.
In a letter written in 1957 to Archbishop Byrne, his ecclesiastical sponsor and co-founder of the Paracletes, Fitzgerald wrote:
“May I beg your excellency to concur and approve of what I consider a very vital decision on our part - that we will not offer hospitality to men who have seduced or attempted to seduce little boys or girls. These men Your Excellency are devils and the wrath of God is upon them and if I were a bishops I would tremble when I failed to report them to Rome for involuntary laicization....It is for this class of rattlesnake I have always wished the island retreat - but even an island is too good for these vipers of whom the Gentle master said - it were better they had not been born - this is an indirect way of saying damned, is it not? When I see the Holy Father I am going to speak of this class to his Holiness.”[
In April 1962, Fitzgerald wrote a five-page response to a query from the Vatican's Congregation of the Holy Office "the tremendous problem presented by the priest who through lack of priestly self-discipline has become a problem to Mother Church." One of his recommendations was for "a more distinct teaching in the last years of the seminary of the heavy penalty involved in tampering with the innocence (or even non-innocence) of little ones." Regarding priests who have "fallen into repeated sins ... and most especially the abuse of children, we feel strongly that such unfortunate priests should be given the alternative of a retired life within the protection of monastery walls or complete laicization."[5]
In August of the following year, he met with newly elected Pope Paul VI to inform him about his work and problems he perceived in the priesthood. His follow-up letter contained this assessment:
"Personally I am not sanguine of the return of priests to active duty who have been addicted to abnormal practices, especially sins with the young. However, the needs of the church must be taken into consideration and an activation of priests who have seemingly recovered in this field may be considered but is only recommended where careful guidance and supervision is possible. Where there is indication of incorrigibility, because of the tremendous scandal given, I would most earnestly recommend total laicization."[5]
Fitzgerald’s papers were unsealed by a judge in New Mexico in 2007 and were authenticated in depositions with Fitzgerald's successors, said Helen Zukin, a lawyer with Kiesel, Boucher & Larson, a firm in Los Angeles.[6]
Dispute over treatment modalities[edit]
Despite the fact that he opposed secular treatment modalities — psychiatry and psychology — his followers espoused them and even trained in the treatment of sexual disorders. As a result, the Servants of the Paraclete center in Jemez Springs became the first facility in the world specifically treating sexual disorders of clergy.
According to Father Joseph McNamara who succeeded Fitzgerald as Servant General, Fitzgerald was eventually forced from leadership by a combination of factors, not least of which was a growing disagreement with the bishop and other members of the congregation over the direction of the Paracletes. According to McNamara, Fitzgerald "never again resided at Via Coeli Monastery, nor did he ever regain the power he had once had."[7]
As Fitzgerald lost control, medical and psychological professionals began working at the center although he continued to resist these changes until his death in 1969. These experts said some abusers could return to ministry. The center was closed in the 1990s as the result of lawsuits over priests who had molested children while staying at Jemez Springs or after being treated at the facility3] 
Dittmer, Missouri
At Vianney Renewal Center, the Servants of the Paraclete offer a very specific ministry to fellow priests and religious brothers who are facing particular challenges in their vocation and lives. 

Contact Information:
PO Box 539
Cedar Hill, MO 63016
Father Liam Hoare s.P., Father Servant

Programs Overview
Our programs respond to the emotional and spiritual needs of our clients. We provide holistic, integrated programs devoted to the spiritual and vocation renewal of Priests and Religious Brothers.
• Faith community in a tranquil rural setting
• Personalized and individual programs
• Highly experienced therapeutic team
• Working within the context of fraternity, grace and spiritual counseling
• Offering the opportunity for vocational renewal in a spirit of healing and hope

Vianney Residential Community
• Long-term residential faith-directed supportive community
• Live one’s priestly vocation
• Prayer
• Fraternity
• Continued personal and spiritual growth
• Peaceful, tranquil, serene, rural setting
• Spiritual direction
• Individual counseling sessions available
The Vianney Residential Community is a faith centered community of Priests and Religious Brothers who are not engaged in public ministry, but wish to respond in love to the call of Christ to follow Him wherever this may lead.
For more information, please contact:
Father Liam Hoare s.P.
Mount Carmel House of Formation
• International formation house of the Servants of the Paraclete named in honor of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel
• Tagaytay City is called the “Most Pleasant City in Asia” … calm, serene, beautiful
• The city is a scenic, agriculturally rich, peaceful and relatively cool climate for the tropics.
• It is located 34 miles (55km) from Manila
Following the Servant of the Paraclete’s founder, Father Gerald Fitzgerald s.P., the area is replete with surroundings of tranquility and God’s beauty in nature.
Tagaytay City provides a contemplative setting for the quiet and serious preparation to be a Servant.
Contact Information:
PO Box 048
151 Dominican Road
Tagaytay City, Cavite 4120
Father Philip Taylor s.P., Father Servant

Contact Information:
Joseph's House
440/13/77 Duong Thong Nhat
Phuong 16
Quan Go Vap
TP Ho Chi Ming, Vietnam

Brother Dunh Van Nho "Joseph," s.P., Brother Servant

Jemez Springs, New Mexico 
The Servants of the Paraclete were founded in Jemez Springs, New Mexico in 1947 by Father Gerald Fitzgerald s.P. 
• Awe inspiring mountains and canyons
• Healing sunshine
• Breathtaking views
• Peaceful, quiet, serene, tranquil surroundings

Mary Queen of All Nations provides hospitality to priests who come for a few days of private retreat.

Community House is the residence of the Servants of the Paraclete who reside in Jemez Springs.
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church is the local parish ministered by the Servants of the Paraclete. Father David Fitzgerald s.P. serves as pastor of the parish community.
Contact Information:
PO Box 489
Jemez Springs, NM 87025
Very Reverend David Fitzgerald, s.P., Servant General



"A flow of words is a sure sign of duplicity". 

(Honore de Balzac)



Father Mat

BY: Patrick Kavanagh.

In a meadow
Beside the chapel three boys were playing football.
At the forge door an old man was leaning
Viewing a hunter-hoe. A man could hear
If he listened to the breeze the fall of wings –
How wistfully the sin-birds come home!
It was Confession Saturday, the first
Saturday in May; the May Devotions
Were spread like leaves to quieten
The excited armies of conscience.
The knife of penance fell so like a blade
Of grass that no one was afraid.
Father Mat came slowly walking, stopping to
Stare through gaps at ancient Ireland sweeping
In again with all its unbaptized beauty:
The calm evening,
The whitethorn blossoms,
The smell from ditches that were not Christian.
The dancer that dances in the hearts of men cried:
Look! I have shown this to you before –
The rags of living surprised
The joy in things you cannot forget.
His heavy hat was square upon his head,
Like a Christian Brother’s;
His eyes were an old man’s watery eyes,
Out of his flat nose grew spiky hairs.
He was a part of the place,
Natural as a round stone in a grass field;
He could walk through a cattle fair
And the people would only notice his odd spirit there.
His curate passed on a bicycle –
He had the haughty intellectual look
Of the man who never reads in brook or book;
A man designed
To wear a mitre,
To sit on committees –
For will grows strongest in the emptiest mind.
The old priest saw him pass
And, seeing, saw
Himself a medieval ghost.
Ahead of him went Power,
One who was not afraid when the sun opened a flower,
Who was never astonished
At a stick carried down a stream
Or at the undying difference in the corner of a field.

I wonder how many Father Matt's there are in the ACP? 



  1. You'd wonder how much heft the ACP actually has and if it's even taken seriously by its own ground base. You just have to go to their website to see the lack of dynamism there. You might get one or two articles a week and the amount of comments is always in the single figures. As an association, I always found it a bit too cranky, dry and self referential. At least your website draws real numbers and apart from the serious work of exposing hypocrisy, you manage to do so with a great sense of humour. Also you shout from a place of authority- you are not tied to the institution.

    1. The ACP have absolutely no influence apart from a few Dublin 4 types, Blessed Mary McAleese, and some priests who want a trade union to justify their non celibacy. They are as truly radical as a bull who will not let other bulls near his cows.

      If they were in charge they would silence anyone expressing non ACP views.

    2. Jesus modelled a genuine religious authority. Benedict of Norcia described a similar authority in his portrait of the Abbot. There are surely enough examples of it among the saints. When bishops and religious superiors and indeed parish clergy fail to provide Christian leadership the vacuum is filled by every kind of little dictator. The ACP are mostly old men who have learnt nothing from their own failure to implement Vatican II. They've had fifty years. It's time they got down on their knees and said their prayers.
      Tertullianus III

  2. Reason is the one thing RC hierarchy ignores. Reason is not primary but a factor among equals. Christianity depends on Scripture Creeds Apostolic Succession and Reason. Anglican Communion lives in a tension of Dialectic (Hegel) - unity in diversity. The inclusive nature of religious and social teaching is not included in official R C teaching. Unless they give away they will never receive. We are back to scribe and faricee days

  3. Kavanagh's poem reminds me of the contrasting priests in AJ Cronin's 'The Keys of the Kingdom'. One, with 'the smell of the sheep about him'; the other, a self-glorified waste of space.

    1. MC, glad you commented on the K poem. I think it's one of his best.

  4. Would you happen to know anything about the Seminarian from Coalisland? I'm surprised he hasn't been mentioned on here pat.

    1. Openly Gay, a Former Air Hostess!... Dangerous Boy!.. A complete Rat & a Nosy Bullocks!... Knows everything about everyone & watches what other seminarians do before going back to the Dean & reporting things that are none of his business!..

    2. I'm glad to see that Maynooth is now accepting female candidates for priesthood :-)

    3. They have been appointing old women as bishops for years. No insult intended to either the elderly or women. Indeed I am both and enjoying it very much. But my dear bishops - grow a set.

    4. Big pals with the most dangerous of the lot Brendan Marshall. Good question for him... why does he never leave Armagh when he is from Moneymore?!

    5. He is related to the chief IRA commander in the North that now runs your country Pat!!! Treading on hot water there!!!!

    6. His da is ex RA!!! Interesting fella! Seen him with McGuinness at the counts! Next RA priest?

  5. The ACP are led by a small group of bitterly angry, tired old has-beens who feel they would have made great bishops themselves.

    Thankfully, for the priests and faithful, their ambitions were thwarted for, among this crew, despite all their cant about "equality of all the baptised", etc., are some of worst clerical dictators ever.

    One of the ACP's whingers and whiners in-chief has been described to me, by a young person, as "an arrogant bully", "an angry man" and "it's his way or the high way".

    The ACP's "support" for Gaynooth is hardly surprising. The malaise in Gaynooth, (formerly St Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland's national seminary), is the direct result of the prevalence and predominance, of the "values" and "mores" of the trendy wendy types, in ACP, which have resulted in a corrupted Catholic priesthood and episcopacy.

    The ACP scapegoat "traditionalist" Catholics for being behind the Gaynooth scandal. The crisis, of course, in their blinkered view, has nothing to do with the lurid and gravely sinful antics of certain seminarians. It has nothing to do with seminary deans' fascination with erections, etc. It has nothing to do with priests having promiscuous sex with men and women. It has nothing to do with seminarians and priests using Grindr. It has nothing to do with incompetent and, quite possibly, sexually compromised "authorities" and "responsibles".

    The ACP represent a clerical mindset of back-slapping, booze-swigging, cigar-puffing, jack-the-lad, good ol' boys, who have played fast and loose for years with those things that are most sacred and who are now incandescent that their facade is being exposed for a rotten and crumbling farce.

    The ACP are a joke. Their AGM's, their musings, their statements, their committees, etc., are laughable, ridiculous. No one takes these disgruntled mavericks and "wanted-to-bes' seriously. Some of them are compromised themselves and continued cover-up is a vested interest of theirs.

    They speak for a gather-up of malcontents who have helped greatly to create the absolute mess and moral cesspool that is currently polluting the Irish Catholic Church.

    Rather than submit to the radical surgery needed, to excise the tumour and arrest the cancer, these buffoons rail against the doctor delivering the diagnosis.

    Reform and renewal in the Irish Church will NEVER come from the ACP. Not on your nelly! They are part of the problem - not the solution. They are one of the major symptoms of the spiritual sickness that is paralysing the Church.

    1. An excellent analysis. I went to one of their large gatherings and witnessed ALL you describe.

    2. Cotrect me if I am wrong but if this group claims to be so great, why has AB Martin never agreed to meet with them.

    3. very dangerous individual. He is in no way suitable for priesthood. He is in and out of Michael Collins room reporting everything.

    4. If you know of a seminarian going in and out of a dean's room you must be a seminarian or have heard it from a seminarian.

      Anyone one reporting another seminarian should be prepared to be named and the accused should know the name of the reporter and the content of the report.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The former trolley-dolly sings like an exotic bird and flits to many a high perch. Very interested in knights. Yes, I think there is a looming sh** storm gathering in Xxxxxxxxxx. The smouldering coals shall soon be ablaze.

  7. coal island must be a quare parish
    You gave me a good laugh at 12 21 too

  8. Normal young people observing some of these seminarians know that they are not regular guys. Gaynooth is a haven for misfits, mincing queens, rampant homos and weirdos. Close it down. Send the nancies back home to their mammies. Start again from scratch.

  9. 13.15...please do not equate psychosis with evil.
    Have you met anyone with psychotic behaviour?
    It is a severe illness, so the word should not be bandied about.

    1. Ok, point taken. Just trying to make the point - this guy is DANGEROUS. Yes, psychotic person can't help it - illness. This guy is calculating.

    A new memorial dedicated to the late Bishop Edward Daly has just been erected in Derry. It describes Ned as the late bishop of DERRY and RAPHOE. He was never bishop of Raphoe. In fact that is the Church of Ireland diocese in that area. Perhaps Bishop Edward was moonlighting for the Anglicans!!
    Somebody really needs their ass kicked for this one. Did nobody double check?? As they would say in Strabane " you couldn't write it!" Lol

  11. These students are over 18, so should fend for themselves.
    It is very much a male statement to say send them home to their mammies
    Grow up and try to make reasonable posts

    1. I think most people know the point being made. Grow up yourself to be f***ed! A bit of maleness wouldn't go amiss with this crowd.

    2. Don't understand your reply about most people
      As a mother I expected my children to make and do their own choices after I had given them their university chances at 18
      No I didn't want any of them to run home to me
      And what's with the f word?

    3. My dear, "send them back home to mammy" is, I do believe, a more polite way of saying - "f**k them out of the seminary on their ear because they are not fit to be priests!!!"


    1. Ga wan, Clive, ye boy ye! Sure yer a beast when yer riled! LOL

  13. Clive, I do not know if this message comes from you? Does it. Let me know at

    All I did was praise you and your German department.

    Thanks for calling me a "LITTLE PRICK". Many call me a "BIG PRICK".

    I live in Northern Ireland. The Garda have no jurisdiction here.

    I have no intention of publishing anything about your private life which I am sure is perfectly blameless. .

    I am only praising you and your department for it's good reputation.

    1. PS: So good that the President of Maynooth himself - Monsignor Connolly - signed up for one of your courses.

      Is it not time that Maynooth had some good publicity?

    2. I know a current seminarian who lived with his boyfriend before he entered Maynooth.

      Current Seminarian.

    3. Dear Current Seminarian. See those white gates out front? take a walk through them and never come back. Kind regards.

    4. So!!!!!!!! That was b4 he decided to become a clerical student.
      BUT.....time will tell, I hope he is true to himself and does not lie

  14. Current seminarian,
    It might be worthwhile contacting the Bishop of that seminarian and/or the independent panel to relate that information, because that is a sign of deep-seated homosexual orientation (which means that he should not have entered Maynooth in the first place)

    1. The seminarian would be wasting his time contacting the bishops - and he would probably get himself expelled for his trouble.

      There is no REAL independent panel.

  15. The independent panel was set up by Dean Rev Michael Collins who is best pals with the trolly dolly

  16. Sure Ted isn't it mad alltogether!

  17. I'm glad you make mention of Mother Meigh, for many of us had thought she had died and gone to heaven. What you are not so forth-coming about is the fact that you and Mother Meigh had one hell of a falling out, and that have no communication. Would you like to share with us why? You seem to have no scruples whatsoever in publicising the secrets of others...tell all Pat. I feel sure you won't.

    1. No Mother Frances is alive and well and in good condition for her age.

      One falling out :-)

      We've had more than one - possibly because we are two strong characters.

      But I have always admired her for her intellect, her art and iconography, her distinctive spirituality etc.

      We do not live in each other's kitchen but we have no animosity towards each other whatsoever.

      She is an independent hermit priest and has my full support. I have no regrets about ordaining her on Sept 14th 1998 - 18 years ago.

  18. Over the past number of months a clear picture has emerged of Maynooth seminary as a scandal-riven place - peopled by gravely dysfunctional persons - both staff and students.

    The students, in particular, come across as vicious and vindictive queens, tearing the knickers off each other, telling tales on each other, bed-hopping with each other and others, spying on each other, squealing to equally dubious formation directors, etc, etc..

    Someone said "send them back home to mammy". I am a mammy. What I say is send them back wherever the hell you like - back to being "trolley dollies" - or whatever - but GET THEM OUT OF MAYNOOTH! Expel these clowns!

    Do we want these waspish, treacherous, self-worshipping, lecherous individuals ordained to serve our parishes, to be around our young people in schools, etc? NO!!!! WE MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT!!!

    Can no one see the catastrophe that is impending if these nutcases get ordained and are let loose on our Christian communities??? We already have enough problem cases as it is, that we are stuck with - men who are not fit to mind hens - never mind parishioners in parishes.

    Clear the whole place out. Sack the staff and start again from scratch. The current batch is a poisoned and poisoning brood. Get competent and discerning men and women to screen candidates because obviously those who allowed Gorgeous, King Puck, Stephanie and the whole merry crew to get through are a disaster and a disgrace.

    1. I agree. But we must spare a thought for the few good solid seminarians in Maynooth who are trapped there!

    2. To be honest, Pat, I'm thinking that "the few good solid seminarians" must be so very few as to be almost non-existent. Close the whole thing down. It's an obscene shambles.

  19. A very diplomatic response, but still not answering the question as to what caused the fracture. I understand that Mother Meigh has said that she wishes she had never met you Pat.

    1. Thats the first time I have heard she said that and I find it hard to believe. But if she has said that, and I greatly doubt it, it does not change at all how I feel about her.

      Frances, probably as an artist and intellectual, is a sensitice person and I am a shoot from the hip type.

      She did not always agree with my decisions and I have no problem with that. Some of the things we disagreed on were petty - lime my allowing the BBC to use Omeath Church for a comedy drama.

      But I wish her 100% well and pray for her everyday.

  20. What an insult to Bishop Daly RIP. They couldn't even get his title correct. As a Derryman I'm embarrassed.
    Bogside Brendan

    1. Mistakes happen all the time
      Ned would have a laugh...anyways he was very friendly with the bishop of RAPHOE and Ned belonged to all of us across the north

  21. Is 12 September 14 19 a wind up or a p take. Looks like it to me

    1. Looks like it's been removed...? Idiot Alcohol or Immature🤓

  22. Pat, did you and Mother Frances not fall out after greed got the better of you when you allowed the BBC to film in a church, where the Blessed Sacrament reposed, for money?

    1. The Blessed Sacrament was removed to the sacristy. The Church was made available to the BBC for a fee - a fee used to maintain and heat the Church. I saw and see no problem with that. As a small religious body with little funding we occasionally rented the building for various functions. Mother Francis and I made up after that and went on to have many agreements and disagreements.

    2. I admire your replies Pat, even when people try to rile you
      Loving your blog, best gossip pages on the net.
      I mean interesting read. Ahem

    3. Thank you. The Good Lord and Nature have blessed me with a good sense of humour.


  23. I see you didn't publish info about a vid link
    Was that because I was introducing other peeps tweets
    Just curious....but hope you enjoyed it

    1. I'm saving it for bigger exposure tomorrow :-)

      Hope you do not mind?

    2. Not at all
      I'm away for a couple of days so won't be here to post
      Being retired from a life of hard work is such fun.
      Regarding your pay whilst in DIVIS I got 130 a month as a registered nurse in didn't even keep my car on the road, but luckily I had a husband to foot the bills.

    3. Even though you got £130 and I got £70 per month I did better than you.

      I had me keep paid - shelter, food, heat, light etc.

      I think I even got help towards car payments.

      Enjoy your break :-)

  24. Is the Irish catholic church imploding? Is gaynooth simply a symptom....the tip of the iceberg? Iwould like this blog to engage with run of the mill young irish (and I dont mean sailor boy!). I think our youth have already delivered their judgement on the bishops. The answer is in the diminishing financial income of the bishops. Not only are they moraly bankrupt....ultimatley financial bankrupsy will follow.


    1. Rasputin,
      On September 4th at 22.22 OU posted - of all the dozens of priests, bishops! and cardinals that I have met and worked with only 2 were straight!
      You were asked for proof, evidence of this outrageous statement and gave none!
      I am asking you again for an explanation - how did you arriv at such a conclusion? I wonder about your sanity - more than once you have come out with such illogicalities!
      You did pick a very appropriate nom de plume - Rasputin - con man - inveigled his way into the Tsarina's confidence and got away with every suggestion he made!
      You too have upset my budgies an my poor dog - Chip!
      Answer - please!

    2. Pip, away and ride Chip and the budgies and give our heads peace!

    3. 23.45 - If you are not Rasputin you are even more sick in the head and more nauseous than he it!
      I consulted a psychiatrist - he believes that both of you are incurable - possibly a brain surgeon might help! Scoop the whole sick garbage out of your head!!!
      Pip ����

    4. Answer the question- Rasputiin - your continued silence indicates that you are an irredemable five star moron

    5. If, perhaps, 23.45, your are not Rasputin, you need serious psychological treatment!
      If you are Rasputin, you should immediately join an intensive course of psychiatric care! I would imagine tha both or you are suffering from irreparable brain damage
      You were asked for an explanation of the above moronic statement - give it! Answer up!
      I further note that before a comment can be accepted it must be approved!
      By whom?
      Bishop Buckley?
      It could be claimed that by approving 23.45 you are condoning and possibly approving of - I am not sure of the terminology - bestiality!
      Entering a whole new sphere of depravity!!!!!!!!

  25. Pat, who consecrated you as a Bishop?

    1. Two bishops. Michael Cox from the Ngo Den Thuc lineage and Archbisbop Peter Paul Brennan (recently deceased)

    2. Who concecrated Pat a bishop is an unnecessary distraction. Who came up with this question? One of lord yellow teeths followers?


    3. Pat could you explain why you felt called to be a bishop? Bishops aren't exactly popular on this site except for archbishop d martin for some strange reason. Dr Martin is good (at times) at analysis but has offered very wobbly leadership. The buck stops with him. My sister refers to him as mater dolarosa - the mother of sorrows. He moans about how bad things are but has little or no solutions to offer.
      Bishops will never please everyone. The late cardinal heenan called the bishop's vocation as a "crown of thorns". Would you agree?

    4. To ordain others.

      The Christian life, the priesthood and the episcopate ( senior presbyter / overseer ) is 50% crucifixion and 50% resurrection :-)

  26. I never took religion all the serious, but I did live a life as a good practicing Roman Catholic
    Dot think I will change my direction anytime soon, I do admire you Bishop Pat...might even take a trip East to Larne sometime.
    I'm amazed at how corrupt some of our clergy appear to be acting or is that behaving.
    Can you tell Pat where a post comes from...I mean which area?
    I have been on forums and blogs now for about 10 years, but just came across yours in May
    After the Rory story broke.

    1. I canbot tell where a particular post comes from. But I can view my stats and know how many follow me in each country.

  27. Onto the stage of the long-running Gaynooth Pantomime there comes, a strolling and sashaying, another comical young dame - the Trolley Dolly - pushing her cart of perfumes, booze and fags - like a modern Molly Malone - peddling her wares.

    "Openly gay" apparently and regularly seen pushing her trolley up the corridor to the dean's room - Michael "The Extractor" - one of her most loyal customers.

    One thing is certain - Cardinal Dolan's apostolic visitation of Gaynooth was an absolute farce!!!

  28. Her ears pop up with delight to hear a whimper of gossip so she can scurry up to Mikeys office to unravel the details in full.

  29. She sneered at the people who prayed the rosary and gave the list of names to dean Collins which was a black mark.

    Quite ironic now they pretend to value our ladys prayer, by having all saying it but it a shame that it is not for the right reasons.

  30. Her and Mikey love booaatts in Enis

  31. I have no objection to homosexual priests provided they are cultivating the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    A Catholic priest needs all the charisms and helps of the Holy Spirit. Self-control is a fruit of God's Spirit.

    We are in a most gravely dangerous situation now, in Ireland, on account of unconverted men in the seminary, priesthood and episcopate.

    These men have no love of God in them. They are in love with themselves, their own lusts, perversions and filthy passions.

    Whoever loves our Blessed Lord and His Church will expose this vile, gangrenous, hell-spawned wickedness, that must be amputated, cut off from the Vine, from the true clergy of Christ's Church.

  32. Pat, the first pic that you had up of Dr. Clive Earls has 'disappeared' from the Internet! It was a great photo but I understand that he didn't permit you to use it. He's a hot looking guy.

  33. With a stinking attitude.

  34. So the ACP have a new Admin Secretary, they obviously mean business! I'm sure the Bishs and Rome are scared. What an ineffectual bunch of cowardly whingers the ACP is, if ye believe in change then 'be it', stop p***in about!
    Wil D West