Celeb-Loving Priest
Meet Fr John Kenny, the highflying West of Ireland priest who enjoys cosying up to beautiful women.
But it’s all in the name of charity. When he’s not rubbing shoulders with celebrities, the self-confessed ‘petrol head’ is hanging out beside his silver Audi with a bunch of Brazilian dancers, or enjoying his favourite pastime – paddleboarding.

Fr John Kenny Is Fr Trending - West Of Ireland Priest
Surf’s up: Fr Kenny paddleboarding

But the parish priest from Partry, Co. Mayo, who has been making waves on social media, insists it’s all in the name of charity and helps bring him closer to his parishioners.
His antics have certainly won the hearts of Mass-goers who have praised his alternative approach to pastoral work.
Over the weekend Fr Kenny posted a selfie to his Facebook page of himself and sexy model Emma Quinlan, dressed in a revealing ‘bunny’ outfit, at the Irish Cannonball Run at Mondello Park.

Fr John Kenny Is Fr Trending - West Of Ireland Priest
Risqué: With model Emma Quinlan in bunny girl costume

Fr Kenny told the Irish Daily Mail: ‘The profile picture is a selfie with Emma, from a recent charity event.
‘The poor girl was too cold to get out of the car because of what she was wearing. I just jumped in the car beside her and took the selfie for the fun of it while we were waiting around.’
The popular priest has more than 1,800 friends on Facebook.

Fr John Kenny Is Fr Trending - West Of Ireland Priest
Fragrant: With 2014 Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh

And photos he’s uploaded in the past include ‘selfies’ with Enda Kenny, former Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh and presenter Christine Bleakley, whom he met last year during a UTV series about the Wild Atlantic Way.
In fact, Fr Kenny bumped Ms Bleakley off his Facebook profile in favour of his picture with sexy model Emma.
And it’s a common occurrence. It appears that as soon as a ‘bigger’ personality is captured in one of his selfies, the previous celeb is swiftly replaced.

Fr John Kenny Is Fr Trending - West Of Ireland Priest
Altared state: Fr Kenny poses up with travel show presenter Christine Bleakley

Other pictures show the priest surrounded by a host of Brazilian dancers, on motorbikes or enjoying his favourite hobby of being out on the water.
The Emma Quinlan picture certainly got a lot of reaction from friends on Facebook, receiving 322 likes.
One friend quipped: ‘He is obviously cold, with the coat and all that, but she appears to be hot.’ Another Facebook user asked: ‘Are you vying for sainthood? Lord, lead me not into temptation.’

Fr John Kenny Is Fr Trending - West Of Ireland Priest
Vroom: Fr John Kenny tries a high-powered Can-Am Spyder for size

Ms Quinlan left a comment on his Facebook page saying: ‘We look good.’ Fr Kenny responded saying: ‘You’re very kind Emmy but you look TWICE as good. Hope ye are all having a blast. Keep up the good work for charity.’
Fr Kenny has since removed the selfie as his Facebook profile picture in favour of an action shot of him paddleboarding.
Speaking to the Mail, Fr Kenny said it was all for a good cause.
‘We organise a lot of charity events for Barretstown and the Laura Lynn Foundation. It’s a great way to raise awareness and have a little fun along the way,’ he said.

Fr John Kenny Is Fr Trending - West Of Ireland Priest
Looking good Fr Kenny

‘Any of these pictures come about because of the charity work I do in the community.’ He said involving himself in such charity events brought him closer to his parishioners.
Fr Kenny admits having an appreciation for nice cars, and recently upgraded from his Audi to another high-powered vehicle.
His cover photo on Facebook shows the Mayo priest surrounded by Brazilian dancers in front of his Audi car.
‘I suppose I’m known as a bit of a “petrol head” and my presence on social media is just a light-hearted side to the work I carry out in my parish,’ the light-hearted priest admitted.

Fr John Kenny Is Fr Trending - West Of Ireland Priest
Samba: The priest with his Audi and a bevy of Brazilian dancers

He said the majority of his updates on social media were related to his charity work – and stressed that not all of his work related to the ‘fun’ side we see posted on social media.
Fr Kenny said he was acutely aware of the pressing issues, especially the current migrant crisis.
‘People might see it as trying to be trendy, but it’s about raising awareness and having some light-hearted fun along the way.’

Fr John Kenny Is Fr Trending - West Of Ireland Priest
Political spin: At a charity cycle with his namesake Enda Kenny

When the Mayo priest is not busy working in the parish or being surrounded by Brazilian dancers, he describes himself as a ‘keen sportsman’.
When it comes to keeping fit, the popular priest is a fan of white water rafting, paddleboarding and rowing. ‘I like to get out in the water in the West and have always had a keen interest in paddleboarding,’ he said.
Fr Kenny is also busy preparing to host a sporting competition, in 2017, that will be aimed ‘at Irish-speaking counties’.

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