Sunday, 11 September 2016



AT MIDNIGHT August 6th 2016 I received, unexpectedly, a message on Twitter from Deacon Michael Jack Byrne - and a long conversation ensued. He is a transcript:

Deacon Byrne in BOLD TEXT



+pat, can i ask you a question? Why did you do that to me? 

I have had people abuse me and call me 'georgeuos'. They are harassing me. Its not fair i am trying my best. Celibacy is  difficult but i made a promise and i am keeping to it because i believe in the commitment i made. Do you hate me?

Of course I do not hate you. I hate no one. You were mentioned in a lot of messages I received.

I am sorry i am not a bad guy.

Please dont gay shame me.

Ok. But there is a lot of rumours about you ?

People have been abusing me. Faggit, homosexual etc. 

Any truth in rumours?

No. I promise pat.

Why would people have bullied you?

I didnt know people called me georgoues.

That's what your name in Maynooth is.

Its hurtful i looked out for guys. Declan hasson called me that.

I have spoken to him.

People accuse me of a lot because of what i look like.

You are a good looking young man.

I have been accused of being wit a lot of people.


Thanks. Pat please take pity on me. I am so hurt. People are calling me fag. It hurts.

I do not pity you. You do not need pity. You must be courageous and be yourself. That's how God made you.

I am myself thats what annoys people. I have been out since i was 13. To patents and bishop. I do not hide. I love who i am.

Didn't know that. I admire that. People could use you?

And Archbishop Martin knows.

Have people used you?

Pat you know whats its like. People call me names.

Dublin priests have talked and gossiped about you.

Pat why did you name and shame me? People have been harassing me. I wish we could have lunch. You would see the guy i am.

I did not say you were gay. Priests and seminarians are talking about you and emailing me, I would be quite happy to meet you.

I feel sexually objectified. People are texting me saying 'georgeuos'. What did i do pat?

But you are a good looking young man. People are making out you are sexually active?

Pat, please believe me.

You do accept that there are people in Maynooth on Grindr?

I am not. I am good looking. I dont know. I never was on it. Its hard to know what people do privately.

Ok. But surely you have your ear to the ground? And the Grinders are accusing you?

Listen, its not the first time. I have been accused. If you talk to my AB you will see that i always tell the truth.

They can say what they want. Pat i am decent fella.

I am perfectly open to believing that.

Pat, look at them. Am i pointing fingers? They have issues.

I know !!! Did you not see SJ pic?

Seen it. I am a happy celibate guy.

Did you recognise SJ?

Its hard to know. He is a lot fatter.

I would be happy to clear your name as long as we can identify those with the issues.

I am open with DM. Do you hate me?

NO !!!!!!!!!!!

Why did you name me? I am not a bad guy.

Buy you must accept there's a problem in Maynooth?

Pat i dont know. Some lads need grow up. Its all very childish.

If you are honest with me I will exhonorate you.

They can bitch about me but bishop pat? I am a good guy. Would you please take that stuff Down. People are calling me Faggit. Queer.

Faggot :-)

Talk to AB i am happy.

Would you like to meet Wednesday evening in Dublin?

Hey Pat, i am away with family on holidays for the next 10 days. Thanks for the text. I got off social media because of the abusive messages i was getting off random people. I just want to enjoy my Can we touch base when i am back in Ireland? Hope all is well with you otherwise. Mike holiday with family. God Bless you. Mike.

No problem. Relax and enjoy. You are Better off social media for now. Pat.

Yeah getting a lot of hassle on it. Its all very sad. I just want to give my family some quality time. Missing my dog, he was buried yesterday :-(. Talk to you soon pat. Pray for me and i will pray for you at Mass tomorrow. God Bless. Mike.

I will offer my 12 noon Mass for you tomorrow.

Can you tell me who you are in Barcelona with? I know the answer already. Truth test !!! No answer Mike is a YES answer.


Sadly, I did not feel that Gorgeous was telling me the truth!


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has said that although his papacy wasn’t the best he at least managed to break up the ‘gay lobby’.

In book-length interview with journalist, Peter Seewald, called ‘The Last Conversations’, the former head of the Catholic Church said that he didn’t see his time in charge as a failure because he stopped a group of influential clerics from promoting a homosexual agenda.

By Zalando
Pope Benedict XVI was in charge of the church from 2005 to 2013.
Although Popes usually serve until death, Benedict resigned amid whispers of internal warring within the church, ill health, and serious corruption scandals.
He was replaced by Pope Francis, who he admits he initially doubted, but who was seen as a more ‘liberal’ image in the media. Pope Francis has repeatedly ruled out reforms on LGBT issues.
Extracts of the interview with German-born Pope Benedict, born Joseph Ratzinger, will be released from today and will detail how he battled with and claims to have destroyed the church’s internal ‘gay lobby’.
The term ‘gay lobby’ is often used to describe a shadowy network of high-ranking closeted gay officials within the Vatican; though anti-LGBT Catholics frequently conflate it with alleged paedophile sex abuse networks.
The extracts will feature in Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, who acquired exclusive rights.
It’s been suggested that Benedict played this down in his memoirs, claiming the group was “a clique of up to five men” who held high ranks and influence within the church.
He claims that he managed to remove the group from power.
However, any suggestion that the Catholic Church has entirely purged its ranks of closeted gay men is likely to be met with extreme scepticism.
Pope Francis last acknowledged the ‘gay lobby’ in 2013, when he admitted: “There is talk of a gay lobby and it’s true, it exists. We have to see what can be done.”
A former high-ranking Catholic priest claimed last year that the Vatican is funding therapy to ‘cure’ the homosexuality of gay clergymen, and even operates its own gay cure clinic.
He named The Venturini Convent as the location of the ‘gay cure’ centre for Catholic priests.
Incredibly Father Gianluigi Pasto, 71, the head of the convent, confirmed at the time that it deals with “problems connected to sex”, but insisted it did not deal with gay priests or child abusers.

The Vatican is allegedly secretly funding ‘gay cure’ therapy

A former Catholic priest has claimed that the Vatican is funding therapy to ‘cure’ the homosexuality of gay clergymen.
The claim comes amid heightened tensions over the Church’s anti-LGBT stance, after a Polish priest was sacked for coming out as gay.

By Zalando
The allegations come from Sardinian former priest Mario Bonfanti, who was forced out of the church for his sexuality, despite maintaining his vow of celibacy.


He told La Repubblica newspaper: “There exists a convent where priests who manifest inappropriate sexual tendencies are sent to reflect.
“It’s a place where they help you to rediscover the straight and narrow. They wanted to ‘cure’ me but I refused to go.”
He named The Venturini Convent as the location of the ‘gay cure’ centre for Catholic priests.

The Convent was founded by Mario Venturini in 1928, and bills itself as a centre where priests “can confront their problems” through “various types of therapy”.
Despite the Pope’s ‘who am I to judge’ PR blitz, Catholic doctrine continues to maintain that homosexuality is a disorder.
Father Gianluigi Pasto, 71, the head of the convent, confirmed that it deals with “problems connected to sex”, but insisted it did not deal with gay people or child abusers.


He said: “Priests come to us for a period of formation and personal reflection. At the moment we have neither gay priests nor paedophile priests here. Certainly our job is to welcome everybody.

“We don’t speak of our work but it is well known to many bishops and dioceses. They know what we can offer.”




Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others,
even to the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.



  1. M B sounds hurt and confused. The word issues covers a multitude. Being in the spotlight is no picnic so what is the truth of it

    1. Bishop Pat. Gorgeous was clearly trying to elicit your sympathy in that chat and trying to get you to shine the light elsewhere. We all knew who his friend was and who he was in Barcelona with. He flaunted all the gifts he had received. It was like a Eau de Toilette breeze when he passed you on a corridor and saluted you with "Okay Bro". I can assure you that all is not well and that nothing has changed. Seminarian.

    2. I know for a fact that it wasn't Byrne at all. He was in the room when a group of his friends contacted you for a piss take. They all thought it was the most hilarious thing in ages. Byrne suspects you have a crush on him, Pat, hence your eagerness to drive to Dublin and take him out for dinner. In that regard you are just the same as many auld priests and bishops in their sixties and seventies. Would you ever wise up. Maynooth Boy

    3. If that is the case - and I have no way of knowing - it shows how cynical and manipulative Mickey Byrne and you all are - and how unsuitable he and you are for ordination.

      Byrne suspects EVERYONE has a crush on him ! That's a big part of his problem.

      I offered to meet him on Wednesday evening in Dublin as I was in Dublin that day attending a Garda interview with an ex seminarian.

      I would not drive to Dublin just to meet Gorgeous.

      I suspect you are another Grindr man!

    4. Pat Reading that comment at 10.35 I hope you are not being made a fool of. Take care

    5. If it is true - do you not think it says more about them than me?

    6. Indeed it does. Whoever they are none of them are fit for priesthood. Don't let them get to you Pat . Keep up the good work.

  2. As I made clear in a previous blog, Rome does not allow LGBT people to feel comfortable about their sexuality and their sexual identity, even should they remain celibate and chaste. This is unadulterated homophobia, and it is driving too many of our young people to suicidal ideation (if not to suicide itself). I have done my utmost to counsel and calm some of them, but it is almost impossible to do so when signals come out from the highest office in the Catholic Church (from God himself, as it were) that LGBT people are somehow a sinister and plotting 'lobby', something to be on guard about. This is not Christisn love; this is persecution. And it is a moral monstrosity.

  3. This whole process borders between Calumny and Detraction.
    Why should this young man tell anyone who is in his company in Barcelona?
    And what right have you to ask?
    Leave him in peace - it is a matter for himself and his Bishop!
    Pat, you are upsetting my budgies again - Chip - my dog has gone into a huff!!

    1. Pip, I would be more concerned if you kept doves and if they were upset.

      Doves are much more in tune with Catholic Teaching than budgies :-)

    2. Pat,
      My budgies are very sensitive - you have upset them again. They seem to pray in silence and bow their heads for the Angelus and so does Chip. They tell me - the budgies - that they sing better than doves.
      Seriously - your comments on this unfortunate young man border on Calumny - and are, in my opinion - most definitely Detraction!

  4. Pat you are becoming like a broken record over this Maynooth business, would you for God's sake change the record and move on. No one is interested any more. In fact your relentless harassment of the seminarians in general, and Deacon Mike in particular, have resulted in a huge groundswell of sympathy for these men. Your marvellous blog is in danger of becoming a refuge for cranks and has beens who have been kicked out of seminaries because they didn't have vocations. The circus has moved on. You need to also.

    1. I do not believe I am a broken record. On Maynooth I am a voice crying in the wilderness - a voice that many would like to silence.

      That will not happen.

      Sadly the "circus" has not moved on - just a few of the clowns have changed.

  5. Before it closed its doors, priests in trouble ( child abuse and alcohol mainly) were shipped off to a centre in Stroud in the UK. I know at least one heterosexual priest who refused to go after his bishop tried to send him after an affair with a female adult parishioner came to light.
    I have heard the jesuits in dollymount offer therapies for gay clergy. Whether this is conversion therapy or not I don't know. Other gay priests are now sent for counselling (conversion therapy?) in Canada or the USA.

  6. so he has lied to you (fair play for catching him out), and then he refers you to Ab Martin. this means Ab Martin has fell for the lies...

    1. Seems so. What are to make of D Martin then?

  7. Pat, do you know how the photo of "Gorgeous" got into the public domain? If he made it publicly available I wonder to what purpose. It seems taken in a bathroom and to me at least, it smacks of someone much concerned with, and flaunting, a certain self obsessed image.
    As for you "conversation" with him, I suspect alcohol, for him, played a part.

    1. Gorgeous bombarded Twitter, Facebook etc with these kind of pics of himself.

      Alcohol may have played a part? I have no way of knowing?

  8. Pat, stop being a bastard! Why the hell would you publish that whole conversation, simply to provide entertainment for your readers? Do you even still consider yourself a priest?? How could anyone trust you to keep confidence, ever??

    I have supported quite a few things you have said in the past, but I was so angry to see your post today. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Many seminarians, priests and others over the years can attest to my keeping of confidence.

      As you see above Gorgeous and his friends are now claiming the conversation was a laugh and a set up.

      I'd prefer to be a bastard in the eyes these people than to be regarded as one of their "legitimates".

    2. Laugh and setup. Sounds like someone desperately looking for cover. Info in public domain is subject to scrutiny. What is said above does not add or take from what already is in public. If people are being victimised it opens a new window

  9. The Deacon comes across as having serious developmental issues. The immaturity and self-hatred just oozes through.

    First a sensible man does not use social media the way he has to defend himself. He provides no evidence for his innocence. Evidence never lies.

    Second, denials especially brief ones in this case seem to hide something. We need something more concrete.

    Third, if he does not want attention he is going about it in a strange way. He is acting like a child with the endless I am not a bad guy stuff.

    Four, I am not convinced he really is getting much homophobic abuse.

    Five, Please dont gay shame me. Is that a Freudian slip? It is only something a real gay who is active might say.

    Six, the I feel objectified by being called gorgeous is so silly and childish I am speechless.

    This man does not have the sense or the maturity to be put in a position of trust over vulnerable adults. I would not want my child going to him for confessions or advice. They would come back to me less mature than before.

    1. I think you have analysed the situation quickly and successfully.

      He clearly thinks everyone if after him?

  10. Ask Byrne who his friend is and if he wont say I'll send you a link

    1. Ok. Mike, who is your friend?

      If you do not tell me - above will.

    2. Bishop Pat, might it not be better if, in future, you confined your blogs to just one topic? Here you've mixed the ridiculous ( Michael Byrne) and the sublime (the much more serious issue of the Vatican's mistreatment of LGBT people, including clergy).

      Michael Byrne has made himself a national laughing stock, along with AB Martin. But the other matter should not be trivialised by association with these clowns.

    3. I understand your point.

      By addressing a couple of topics I was trying to respond to people who said they were tired hearing about Maynooth and wanted something else addressed.

      It is my attempt (maybe failed) to provide variety?

    4. I take your point. But what about alternating such topics rather than dealing with them together? It's just a thought. I realise you have much more journalistic experience than I. Full marks for trying, though.

  11. What on earth is all this about? Mike, who may not be Mike but a gang of his buddies, who may or may not have been under the influence of alcohol on the midnight of August 6, write a weird mix of misspelt messages to a much older man, who in turn promises to "exhonorate" (spelling as bad as Mike's) if he will tell the truth (this has overtones of the very kind of prurient bullying of which the Maynooth authorities are accused without proof; or it even suggests a coy sexual toying with the young man, little more than a boy). I suggest that for more straighforward communication and savvy, you might try out the lads on Grindr.

  12. On Grindr you would learn that if one of those young guys does not follow up on what seemed a promising conversation, you had best just look elsewhere. Your persistence in begging Mike for an answer is close to the pathetic behaviour of certain oldies who frequent such sites (which are definitely no country for old men) and expect their objects of desire to respond to them with enthusiastic affection. Could you possible be so naive as to credit that Mike, whom you dragged through the mud in public, would write affectionate notes to you, sharing his sadness on the death of his dog, assuring you he was really a lovable guy, and asking you to invite him to dindin!

  13. Pat,
    It does seem that you have been conned!!!
    I was given the impression that he was in Rone!
    Is he in Rome - or Barcelona - or on his holidays with his family??
    If he is in Rome it would be very difficult for him to make a lunch agreement with you in Dublin -

    1. At the time of the conversation Gorgeous was in Dublin. The next day he went to Barcelona with ????? Then he came back. had a char with Archbishop Martin and was sent to Rome.

    2. I have tried not to respond to this blog but the publication of this transcript and the comments have made me angry. The transcript is not a spoof. It was typed by Byrne and the only thing that it proves is that he is a very deceptive character and an absolute liar. He is also completely indiscrete and has a big mouth and poor choice in friends. In response to some of his tweets I want to state 1. By naming Declan in the tweets all he was doing was trying to move attention off himself. 2. As far as I know, he hasn't been accused of being with a lot of people as he states. It is however common knowledge that he has had a sexual relationship with a theology student and no, I will not name the student. Byrne has also had a very strange and inappropriate 5-6 year relationship with the Canon of the Pro Cathedral Damian O'Reilly who is actually quite a foolish figure in his infatuation with Byrne and in his abundant lavish gifts to him. 3. Byrne joined O'Reilly in Barcelona for their annual 5* break and so Byrne could attend the Circuit Festival. 4. When Byrne says he was never on Grindr that is another lie. I know that another Canon of the dublin diocese sent a photograph of Byrne's Grindr profile page to Monsignor Paul Callan of the Dublin Diocese. He sent it anonomously and received no reply. 5. Byrne obviously thinks nothing of Sean by calling him a lot fatter. 6. He then says we're being childish! I'm not childish. Maybe I am like the older brother. Why should Byrne who was denied his place here in first year, by favoured by his AB and his pathetic sugar daddy, behave in the way he has in the past 5 years with grindr and the gay scene now get sent to Rome to learn Italian and finish his studies there. Where is the justice? One Priest in Rome told a priest in my diocese that Byrne is having a great time. Readers, Spare a thought for the rest of us who are left behind and those of us who aren't gay and how difficult it is for us. Disillusioned Maynooth Seminarian

    3. Seminarian, you comment is deeply thought provoking.

      I can only imagine how difficult it is for you. I hope you have a supportive family, good friends and a good spiritual director.

      I wish you well as you make your way through this maze.

    4. Anon at 16:02 wrote:
      "I know that another Canon of the dublin (sic) diocese sent a photograph of Byrne's Grindr profile page to Monsignor Paul Callan of the Dublin Diocese. He sent it anonomously (sic) and received no reply".

      Anyone else see a problem with the above?

      How the f**k could the "another Canon" get a reply from Mgr Callan, if he sent it anonymously???

      Is this "another Canon" on Grindr too? How did he get access to Byrne's account?

      If he obtained the information, legitimately, through another source - and if it is, in fact, Deacon Byrne - then why doesn't Canon A.N. Other go directly to AB Martin with this important evidence?

  14. I'm rereading the chat between the deacon and the bishop with the supposition that it is a spoof. Now it makes much more sense. It is in fact hilarious, and cruel to the bishop. The spirit of Jonathan Swift seems alive and kicking in Maynooth.

    Fake Deacon: People accuse me of a lot because of what i look like.

    Bishop: You are a good looking young man.

    I have been accused of being wit a lot of people.

    Fake Deacon (without even blushing): Yes.

    Thanks. Pat please take pity on me. I am so hurt. People are calling me fag. It hurts.

    1. Thank you for your comment :-)

      The Bishop is quite robust and well used to all kinds of things :-)

      I think that there is more chance that the spirit of Oscar Wilde is more alive in Maynooth than the spirit of the good dean, Jonathan Swift :-)

  15. Ps. Deacon: Pat why did you name and shame me? People have been harassing me. I wish we could have lunch. You would see the guy i am.

    Bishop: I did not say you were gay. Priests and seminarians are talking about you and emailing me, I would be quite happy to meet you.

    Ps. Deacon: I feel sexually objectified. People are texting me saying 'georgeuos'. What did i do pat?

    Bishop: But you are a good looking young man. People are making out you are sexually active?

    Ps. Deacon: Pat, please believe me.

    Bishop: You do accept that there are people in Maynooth on Grindr?

    Ps. Deacon: I am not. I am good looking.

    Good-looking, good-looking, the bishop obviously has this at the forefront of his mind, and the Ps. Deacon plays along, cruelly luring the bishop into making a fool of himself.

    Ps. Deacon: Do you hate me?

    Bishop: NO !!!!!!!!!!!

    Ps. Deacon: Why did you name me? I am not a bad guy.

    The bishop's exclamation could mean, "how could I hate such a good-looking young man?"

    1. As the bishop said - he hates no one - be they good looking, bad looking or ugly.

      The bishop had just retired for the night when the deacon started messaging.

      Rightly or wrongly I went along with what I thought at the time was sincere communication.

      If that makes me a fool - so be it.

      I always give people the benefit of the doubt.

    2. An honest and convincing answer.

      You've shamed your critics.

  16. Pat do you know anything about the Coalisland PP in the Archdiocese of Armagh? Concerned Coalisland parishioner

  17. Yes. I heard one or two stories about him. I question if him and Rory shared the cost in flights. If you get my drift? Concerned Coalisland parishioner

    1. Okay. Maybe some of our readers will enlighten us? I hope that he - and Rory for that matter - get and take whatever help they need.

  18. I am a parish priest. Twelve years ago I was in very serious trouble and was desperate. Having no place else to go I went to Bishop Pat. He received me into his home for a few days and we spoke at length. I left knowing the right thing to do and I did it. I managed to get back on the road and have done well since. To this day no one knows that I went to Pat - neither my family, my friends or my bishop. I had a pretty bad story to tell me and he never judged me. He also never betrayed my confidence, then or since then. I feel guilty I cannot offer him my public support. I am a coward. There are two things you need to know about Pat. If you are honest with him his compassion will move mountains for you. If you try and play him you will come off worse. I wish some of these Maynooth victims would trust him. It is their loss.

  19. Pat, XXXX XXXXX is an evil evil man. The word devious is the only word I can use to describe such a man Pat. That man never leaves soho in London. I was told he has had sex with male parishioners in his parochial house. I know someone that might be able to send you pictures and transcripts that he has had with him on Grindr. I would recommend you investigate this man. You would be shell shocked!!!!!!!! I have spoken already to people and they did not seem shocked!! I might contact the bishop Pat!!!?

    1. You would be wasting your time contacting the bishop. Collect all the proof you can and send it to me. I will guarantee you action.

  20. Any word on Dublin Diocesan changes this year and how all this fits into them? Also whats the latest on all the stories in D&C and any word on changes there?

    1. Heard of some in Dublin but I believe their is not a whole lot this year.

  21. On the Deacon/Maynooth scandal -

    1. If the young man is innocent of all wrongdoing then his reputation should be restored as a matter of urgency. I have no doubt that Pat Buckley would do everything possibly to ensure his blog did its part in setting matters straight. That no one, however, is making an energetic and proactive move to defend this young man's reputation, bodes no good.

    2. If the Deacon did, in fact, himself, engage in this Twitter exchange with Pat, then clearly he is an individual with such deficient levels of maturity, prudence and cop-on, as to render him absolutely unfit for ordination.

    He should never have progressed as far as diaconate which, indeed, raises grave concerns about formation in Maynooth.

    Many young - and not so young - people take selfies for a bit of harmless craic. The Deacon's style of "selfie", however, betrays a fixated narcissism, a deep-seated obsession with himself and a vanity is that utterly unbecoming, in a minister of the Gospel of Christ.

    To ordain this man a priest - to set him at large among the faithful - would be the highest irresponsibility and gross dereliction of duty, by any bishop.

    3. If the Deacon and his friends engaged in this Twitter exchange with Pat for a "piss take", as alleged by one of his pals, that too raises the GRAVEST CONCERNS!

    Do the Deacon and his pals feel they can treat this whole business as a big joke because they believe/know themselves to be "untouchable" perhaps? Have they been given some type of "immunity from prosecution"?

    4. Does the Deacon and co think they are "untouchable" as regard disciplinary action/dismissal from seminary/removal from the clerical state, because they have "connections" in high places?

    5. To put it bluntly, has the Deacon been sexually active with clerics, including SENIOR CLERICS, including, indeed VERY SENIOR CLERGY, in Dublin diocese, Maynooth and beyond? And, therefore, he knows he has a free pass and can do, basically, whatever the f**k he likes?

    6. Are there other seminarians, for Irish dioceses, who have a similar hold over key figures in the Irish Catholic Church?

    The above are, in my view, key questions and issues. I dread to think of the answers. I fear that we are in very serious trouble as a Church in Ireland.

  22. Are these guys allegedly living in s kind of parallel Dan Brown land with a code of ethics all of their own*t

  23. I hope that it was not true that archbishop Martin accepted him back into the seminary, if so I have grave doubts about him
    1) because it means he is rejecting church teaching regarding the accepting of homosexual men into the seminary
    2) it indicates that he doesn't believe that these scandals are serious, which shows a disconnect with the scandalised laity
    Why do bishops not do something in these situations? Do seminarians like these have something on them????

  24. If the Irish bishops were serious about their faith, I would expect them all to take part in a mass resignation/exorcism. To have had any responsibility for polluting the Church by permitting this situation to arise and continue is to place themselves in horrendous spiritual peril (and I am sure that some of them know it). Only a dramatic and public act of repentance can save 'shepherds' such as these. Forget your pensions, think of your eternal fate.

  25. Pat, you've been shown to be the Christian here.
    I too am struck by how childish the other person in this exchange is. If it is Michael Byrne I would suggest he goes away and gets his hands dirty with aid or care work for a few years.