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It is now established beyond doubt that Maynooth Seminary has been and still is a hotbed of homosexuality between seminarians and others.

Even Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin has made this clear in his "strange goings on" phrase.

However it would be a grave fallacy to think that Maynooth was and is the only seminary in such a position.

I have never heard of a seminary - with the exception of the Pius X Econe seminary - that did not have a large gay culture. And I am not even 100% sure about Econe.   


I was in Clonliffe Seminary in Dublin from 1970 - 1973 - a seminary that at the time housed 120 seminarians for the Archdiocese of Dublin.

There was an active homosexual minority there  and the college president - Bishop Joseph Carroll once launched an investigation into it. Amusingly he appointed one of the most active homosexual seminarians there to conduct the investigation. That seminarian went on to be an actively gay PP in Dublin and to my knowledge is still alive and active. 


One deacon was found guilty of having sex with a first year seminarian and sadly the first year was dismissed and the deacon was ordained - and he too went on to be a sexually active gay PP in Dublin. 


I was in St John's Seminary in Waterford from 1973 until 1976 and to my knowledge there was one very promiscuous gay seminarian there. He tried to seduce me on a number of occasions and when I refused went on to successfully seduce a small number of others.

He went on to be ordained and is a PP in an English diocese.


St Peter's College in Wexford was a real hotbed of homosexuality - both in the boarding school and in the seminary. Priests there would have had gay sex with boarders and seminarians and seminarians would have had gay sex with boarders.

I featured very prominently in the famous FERNS REPORT and a number of sexually active priests went on to be charged with and convicted of paedophilia. 


Thurles had its gay subculture too but I believe that it was an issue among a minority of the seminarians.

One seminarian was accused on one occasion of trying to seduce a straight and married tradesman who came into the college to fix the plumbing.



Allen Hall in London is so famous as a gay seminary that generations of priests who attended there call it ALICE HALL to this day.

Seminarians there had gay sex with other other and with at least one lay staff member. 


Oscott College also had a particularly busy gay subculture between seminarians and it is believed that at least one priest member of staff bedded a seminarian.  


Blairs College was a hotbed of homosexuality and drunken gay parties and its most famous actively gay son is Cardinal Keith O'Brien.



Many English priests of all generations have told me funny stories about gay goings on in the English College.

Other English priests have told me similiar stories about the Beda College in Rome which specialises in late vocations.


We know that pre the 2007 investigation into The Irish College in Rome there was a major homosexual problem.

It was solved initially with a clear out of people.

I have heard no post 2007 reports.

So it seems that active homosexuality in seminaries is a very old and a very common problem.

However the worst reports in recent times have come out of AMERICAN SEMINARIES and our very own MAYNOOTH SEMINARRY. 



In recent months AMY MARTIN in Armagh has come out in a HOTPRESS interviews as a heterosexual man who dancied girls, dated girls and thought about marrying girls and making babies with them.

Here is what Amy said:

The Pope said he had a girlfriend before he decided to have a vocation. Were you in a similar boat?
Ah, yeah. I suppose like any other young fella I would have had girlfriends. I had a number of girls I would have dated and gone out with, to use that old term.
And did you ever feel you had perhaps even fallen in love?

I suppose I probably thought I was in love a few times – but, no, I’ve always believed that a good priest is someone that would have also made a good husband and father. Therefore, to me, I would say even during my time studying for the priesthood, and since becoming a priest, I have met many women to whom I’m fairly sure I would be attracted and in another life might have considered, “Would I like to be married to this person? Have children with this person?” But I’ve made a commitment that I have to try to be faithful to – and in that sense I’m no different to my friends from school who got married and struggled with fidelity and being committed for life. In my case, it’s a commitment to priesthood.

Eamon - the Bird catcher 

Have you regrets about not being a father yourself?
I wouldn’t say regrets. I love being with children. Just yesterday evening I was at a confirmation ceremony and a young couple came up to me looking for a photograph with their newborn baby and I said to them, “Do you mind if I hold the baby?” I gave her my crozier and took the baby in my arms and said, “This is so beautiful.” I am quite sure that it’s not easy – being a father and a husband. That it’s quite difficult. ENDS....
Must we not ask ourselves how did the Catholic Church that condemns homosexuality as a grave sin and a disorder - and has such heterosexual leaders - end up with so much homosexuality in its seminaries, among its seminarians and among its priests?



I trained to be a priest - started to. I went to seminary school when I was 11. I wanted to be a priest, but when they told me I could never have sex, not even on my birthday, I changed my mind. 

Johnny Vegas



Whenever I pass a church,
I always pay a visit;
So that when I'm carried in.
The Lord won't say: "Who is it"?

Noel Purcell (Irish Actor)



  1. My friend's son went to Allen Hall. He became very withdrawn. He then trained to be a social worker and married a lady teacher. Now I know why he wouldn't talk to anyone.

    1. Jane, God knows what your friend's son experienced at Allen Hall!

  2. Amy Martin's interview with Hot Press is laugh out loud stuff. "Oh yeah,..... oh yeah,...... oh yeah,.... oh yeah...."

    Sweet suffering Jesus, have these gombeens any titter of wit? This is what the Irish Church is stuck with for the next 20 odd years. "Odd" being the operative word!

    "Oh yeah, course A likes pussay. Oh yeah, course A see a mot and fink 'wooden mind givin 'er one'. Oh yeah, wood luv to get some burd up da duff and 'ave a few sprogs like. Oh yeah, course A be a good daddy. A'm yo daddy. Pass da bong man".

    Holy God, who will deliver us from these imbeciles?

  3. Pat, St Peter's Wexford may have had some seminarians and others having consensual gay sex but it's legacy is more as a hotbed of SEXUAL ABUSE.

    SPC spawned the likes of the prolific rapist of boys and young men - Sean Fortune. James Doyle, Donal "Slinker" Collins, Míceal Ledwith, James Donaghy - and many others identified in the Ferns Report by letters of the Greek alphabet - are among the illustrious alumni of that hell hole.

    It wasn't some sort of gay paradise, Bishop Pat, it was cesspool of physical cruelty, psychological torment and the looming dread of sexual assault on a daily basis.

    I was a boarder in College in the 1980's. To this day, the sight of that dump on Summerhill, overlooking the town of Wexford, makes me nauseous. I would love to see the Pugin buildings bulldozed and the sight cleared.

    Ex SPC boarder.

    1. I agree with you and hope I have not offended you or indeed downplayed the abuse there.

      Everything you say is TRUE.

    2. Eamon - are you a breast or a leg man :-)

      PP Armagh.

    3. I'd say the only dates Amy ever had came from a supermarket shelf.

    4. So so true ex-SPC boarder.

      In my day, St Peter's College, Wexford, was presided over by bullies, perverts and psychopaths. There were men, clerical and lay, who enjoyed inflicting serious pain on young boys.

      Then there was Slinker Collins who had a fascination with the length of penises and had an an abiding interest in boys' erections (a bit like some of the staff of Gaynooth today).

      Scumbag Slinker once asked to watch me have a wank so that he could see that I was doing it "safely", without "harming myself".

      I declined - "Nah, you're alright, fr, thanks. Sure, I'm grand".

      I'll never forget the day one bastard of a "priest" took a hurl to my arse for being late for study.

      Many of my contemporaries carry psychological scars from the days of their incarceration in that vile bastard-dump.

      I narrowly escaped Fortune's clutches on one occasion but, as we all know, hundreds of others were not so lucky.

      Loch Garman.

    5. Truly sad, shocking and disgusting. You at least can talk about it and had the courage to stand up for yourself. What about all those who can't talk about it and were to scared to decline. The psychological scars must be horrendous. I cannot imagine going into such an institution filled with a sense of vocation only to be confronted with what must have felt like entering hell itself. As Sean says, where do you go from here? Where is God in these evil perpetrators? I have a friend whose brother is a priest (now in his late 60s) and something happened to him for sure. He barely communicated with his family after entering the Seminary. Distanced himself from a close family of 9 siblings and whilst still a priest today is withdrawn, has obvious mental demons and according to my friend has never been a happy man.

  4. For once I am stuck for words especially after reading Pikeman's post....where to from here

    1. Sean, Pikeman is one of the lucky ones. Stuff like this and worse is in the Ferns Report.

  5. Left Primary School in 1945 having experienced in my last three years regular lashings with canes - welts lasting for days on hands - lashed on the ears with 'The Master's open hands which caused bleeding from my ears - now aficted with TWO hearing aiids. etc. etc. etc
    Graduated then to College - boarding school - pleasantly surprised that we were beaten with straps - baby stuff compared to the Primary School canings!
    I, and many in my age group - and from different primary and secondary schools - wondered why brutality was tolerated in those days - now such teachers would be gaoled. I am coming up to eighty years now - our tormentors are long dead - no compensations, no apologies

    1. Sorry - left P.S. In 1949!
      Some of the punishments we hear of nowadays are small change to what we had to go through!!!!

    2. 13 39 This stuff needs to be addressed now. Nobody should be burdened with a life of unnecessary suffering. Times have changed. The suffering is different but it is still the same sick nazi like? mentality to blame

    3. I have to question the basis, foundation, and ultimately the morality of any religious beliefs which believe such behaviour is justified.
      I've experienced such excesses myself, (a head De la Salle brother) using a hammer shaft as cane, and now 60 years later regard most religion as counter intuitive brain washed guilt derived obsession unable to acknowledge the reality of our humanoid origin. Religion's origins lie in the development of human consciousness and need for survival through commonly accepted ethical precepts over countless generations. It piggybacks on our insecure mortality and is fostered ( and foisted) by the vested interests of its self selected priestly caste .

      As we now become more aware of priestly misbehaviour we have to question the credibility of the whole farrago of beliefs they profess.

  6. 10:26
    Just read Amys interview with hotpress. I think he exists in a parallel universe - like the matrix

    Anon Ard Macha

  7. Amazing place for lunch, Cassidy's Roost in Maynooth - especially when some of the the Gaynooth key-players are at a neighbouring table.

    There was Hugh, in a big sombrero hat, crying his eyes out - because the dog ate his homework - and him afeard of the master - being comforted by Fanny - who was doing her knitting - telling Hugh - 'don't worry, sure don't you know xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx about the master?'

    The two "formators" were engrossed in books.

    One was actually reading two books - "Spirituality and Erotic Oneirology" and "Sensual Massage for Dummies". He was sweating heavily. It must have been the Thai curry.

    The other had his nose buried in "Formation and Torture - How To Extract Private Information Painfully, Traumatically and Effectively". He was doing a lot of high-lighting with a glo-pink highlighter, as he systematically demolished a very rare steak.

    Sitting slightly aloof and looking totally independent was a nun. She was going through a huge pile of files marked "Complaints". She was tittering a lot. It must have been the two bottles of Zinfandel.

    1. Meanwhile, in the Eternal City, at the exclusive La Pergola Terrace Restaurant, with stunning panoramic views of the City of Rome, a senior priest (SP) from an Irish archdiocese and a young deacon (YD) of the same diocese, are chowing their way through the €550 a head menu gastronomico.

      SP: How is your Lombo di agnello con finocchio selvatico in crosta di cereali e di capra perle formaggio, my sweet young prince?

      YD: Oh, its scrumdiddlyumptious Daddy. You have me sooooo spoiled.

      SP: Nothing is too much for my little sailor. We'll take a stroll after lunch along the Via Corso and have a bit of retail therapy in some of the boutiques. It must be at least 12 hours since I last lavished upon you a gift. A cheeky little pair of cuff links caught my eye - a steal at €5000.

      YD: Oh Daddy. I'm so glad you managed to cancel everything at home and come visit. I've been so frightened, Daddy. The Big Bad Bishop has been giving me scary dreams (YD's lower lip starts to quiver).

      (SP reaches across table and strokes YD's face). There there sweet prince. I told you not to worry about him. He's a crank. No one treats him seriously and only a few aul' contrary yokes read his ramblings.

      YD: But Daddy, what about the AB? Won't he be cross with me?

      SP: The who?

      YD: The AB, Daddy. The Boss.

      SP (guffaws): Oh, him. Don't worry about him. Leave him to me. I know how to play him. Anyhow, he's forgotten all about it already. He has a very short attention span. Also, he's a big softy really. His bark is much worse than his bite. He's just a big cuddly teddy bear behind that gruff exterior.

      YD: Dear Daddy. You always make me feel better about myself. I'm so insecure. I feel so worthless. I have no self-esteem (YD chokes back a sob and slugs down a slurp of TENUTA DELL ORNELLAIA L'ELEGANZA BOLGHERI SUPERIOR ITALY 2013, to steady himself).

      Ah, dear heart, it so grieves me to see thy lovely brow so creased with cares. Smooth down thine eyebrows and be cheerful, once more, of visage. Thou and I shalt refresh ourselves with a bracing stroll after this fine repast. Let us sally forth as far as Stazione Termini and think no more of our troubles. What say you we swing past Pontificio Collegio Irlandese and invite one of your other little friends along for the rides?

      YD: Oh, but Daddy, I like having you all to myself! (YD pouts).

      "Now, now, dearest and finest boy. We mustn't be selfish. When we are greedy gannets, we make the baby Jesus cry. There's more than enough of Daddio to go round. Speaking of which, your Maserati GranTurismo is being delivered on Monday.

      YD (breathlessly): Dddddaddy..... Wwwwwowwww.

      SP: Now now, not another word. You're more than worth it and you've more than earned it. I'll soon take care of that poor self esteem of yours.

      (Italian minstrel approaches table playing a zither).

      YD: Oh Daddy, he's playing our song. Shall we?

      SP: You know I just can't control my feet when I hear "My Boy Lollipop". Dear young Sir, may I have the pleasure?

      (SP and a tipsy and giddy YD take to the floor to the utter astonishment of the other diners. After whirling around like dervishes for several minutes, they resume their seats once more).

      SP: Sweetheart mine, wouldst thou partake of a Cappuchino?

      YD: Oh yes please. Pass the sugar Daddy.

    2. Skipped half of that gibberish inconsequentiality!

  8. 17:40 thank you for a bit of levity! When you think about what now appears systemic in th church hierarcy I shudder at the thought of such a dark place.

  9. It's reassuring to know that Bishop Eamon had his share of girlfriends in his youth. I'm sure he can bring that wealth of experience to bear on his pastoral work esp in the area of relationships and marital counselling. We need more male role models like him rather than all the effete sissies and nancy boys we're reading about on this blog. It's great to know our primate is a real man who has experience of the fairer sex. We need a bit of raw male heterosexual energy to act as a counterbalance to all the strange goings on they talk about.I'm sure the good bishop has that in spades. Too many priests are interested in floral arrangements, interior decor and colour schemes so it's great to know of a bishop who once upon a time at least had a healthy interest in girls. This will surely make him popular with rough and ready GAA types. They too need role models in the Church.

  10. @ 22:00, so a gay man cant be a 'real man'? I'm a 6'2 rugby lad who happens to be gay and a practicing Catholic. I suppose I'm intrinsically disordered. Oh well back in the closet with me, sure I've noting to contribute to the Christian world or society for that matter.

    1. Calm down big rugby lad. I strongly suspect anon at 22:00 is being ironic. Some people have no sense of humour lol

    2. In fairness Anon 22:31 I think Anon 22:00 was being sarcastic as there is nothing 'raw male' about Bish Eamon I can assure you. Trust me on this, I'm a woman. I think the commentator who talked about the only dates he's had being ones in the supermarket hit the mark.

    3. How can you be a 'practicing Catholic' when you reject Church teaching? Not possible. There are other 'churches' who will agree that homosexuality is not incompatible with Christianity, why not try one? We Catechism Catholics pray for such as you but you cannot pretend that 2,000 years of consistent teaching and the solid teaching of the Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic churches have been overturned because it is inconvenient to your 'lifestyle' - get real, do something honest.

    4. Do something honest? Well, how about you as a 'Catechism Catholic' blazing a trail here? You speak of '...2000 years of consistent teaching and solid teaching of the Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic churches...' . You are aware, aren't you, that the Catholic Church has, for well over a millennium, taught in favour of capital punishment...which is a direct and grave violation of Jesus' command to love enemies? Nothing morally solid in this.

    5. Yes, and so? The Buddhists recommend capital punishment as being a good way for an evil person to face his end before suffering a spiritually unprovided death, I can see the point.

  11. Eamon is very effeminate, why pretend otherwise
    Pat what happened to Sean mc avoy, or did you do a blog on him back in 2011

  12. I heard Eamonn is a popular viewer of superstore on hulu. The ideal place for him to find his woman. LOL.

  13. He was released of his priestly duties because of some complaint, which wasn't proved.
    He never came back to his parish...I don't know why
    But I'm sure Cardinal Brady does

  14. Pat at 23.28
    Where have you been
    Yea ...sure...tell me about him
    As if....

    1. Sorry. I know now. Just so many names and stories. Sorry.

  15. "With the exception of Econe". Well that says a lot doesn't it? Their leaders gave up their comfortable positions, income, pensions and assets for their principles. The 'gays' and others, who reject Church teaching but remain in the Church, might learn something about sacrifice for principle & start their own Church or maybe join another. The laity who believe in the Catechism despise them and believe that some of them (those who crossed their fingers whilst taking their solemn oaths) are not really priests at all.