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MICHAEL DEEGAN is the name of the seminarian who committed suicide in the 1990's in St Patrick's Seminary, Thurles.

He would have only been 20 / 21 years old and he was found hanging behind a curtain in one of the seminaries lecture halls by a visitor to the seminary. 

During his time in the seminary he was the victim of extreme homosexual stalking and harassment. People were putting sexually explicit notes under his room door and were leaving homosexual pornography on his bed.

One night he was found in a very bad emotional state on the corridor by a fellow seminarian who is now a priest of an English diocese. For now he wants to keep his identity hidden so we will call him FATHER A.

Father A brought Michael and the pornographic material to a member of staff whom we will call FATHER B. Father B sympathised with Michael, agreed that the material and bullying was awful and held on to the material.


We do not know if Father B reported the matter to the seminary president WILLIE LEE who went on to become the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore - or indeed to anyone else.

Last week I supplied the IRISH INDEPENDENT newspaper with the story and supporting evidence. The journalist involved even interviewed Father A.

The journalist then, in fairness, asked Bishop Lee and Father B for a comment. Bishop Lee said nothing and lawyers for Father B denied that he had been approached by Michael and Father A - and basically threatened the IRISH INDEPENDENT with a law suit. 

For now that's where the matter sits.

However I was well aware from the time I heard this story that there may very well be a criminal aspect to the story. So yesterday I contacted the Garda and started that ball rolling.

Father A is 100% sure about his version of events and is making a full statement to the Garda. 

I have also tried to contact, in as sensitive a way as I can, members of the Deegan family who live in Birr, Co. Offaly. To date I have not heard back from them.

They may not want such a painful wound reopened? 

But I have been haunted by the thoughts of the plight of Michael since I heard the story. It is a question of JUSTICE as well as a human question.

Surely poor Michael cries out for justice from beyond the grave.

We can also not allow his death to be another horrific secret that the Irish Catholic Church wants to keep buried - just like the bodies of the 700 babies the nuns buried and hid in a sewerage tank in Tuam.

Jesus told us that a good tree CANNOT bear bad fruit.

With all the rotten and bad fruit that the tree of the RC Church in Ireland and internationally has brought forth - surely we must conclude that its a ROTTEN TREE?

I would like Michael Deegan's death and suffering to be the subject of a thorough Garda inquiry.

And if there are guilty parties they need to be made feel the weight of the criminal law.

I'm told that at least one of Michael's torturers was ordained a priest and still works in an Irish Catholic Diocese!

How does this man live with himself?

What kind of harm is he still doing?

I have given his name, Father B's name and several other names to the Garda.

Let us hope that Michael's tragic death and suffering will not go unpunished for too much longer.

In Michael's case the Irish Catholic Church is afraid of:

1. Been seen to have more blood on their hands.

2. Afraid they will have to compensate someone - as if they could !!!!!!!!!!!




The sender says that "bae" is short for "babe" ? Never heard it myself.



“The only difference between a suicide and a martyrdom really is the amount of press coverage.” 


Touched by An Angel 
Maya Angelou
We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

Love arrives
and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold,
love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity
In the flush of love's light
we dare be brave
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free.


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  1. Bae means babe. it's an affectionate term girls use for their boyfriends.

    1. Is it also, I wonder, an affectionate term seminarians use for their boy friends?

      Is it a Maynooth term?

    2. In Germany they use "Baby"


  2. Pat. Think the photo of young man with rope highly inappropriate. Shows a lack of sensitivity for families who have lost loved ones through this form of suicide. They don't need reminded.
    Distressed parent.

    1. Im sorry if that pic hurts you.

      I understand that families do not need reminded.

      But the people who "killed" Michael do - as do those who covered it up.

    2. Pat, thinking about this young man and his family, professionally you should have spoken to the family before you posted any information. Having experience the lost of a love by them taking their own life, to read about in a blog would not be right. Michael could have got his justice but you should have spoken to the family first

  3. I'm on another planet I thought bae was an aerospace company. Anyway threatening a lawsuit sounds defensive. Fr A should have no reason to make up a story. Let the Gardai do their work. Where is the Irish Indo up to now. There is a subtle difference between allegation and accusation

  4. Pat,
    may I please refer you to the following document:


    You might wish to review this and other posts relating to the Mr Deegan RIP in light of this very good advice.

  5. BAE means friend Pat! It is used for friendly banter time and time again. Stop twisting!!

  6. While I have great sympathy for Michael's family, abhorrence at how he was abused, disgust for his abusers and those whose inaction colluded with his appalling treatment, I cannot see much prospect of redress through legal action via the criminal route.
    At this late stage, proving a direct link between his death and any specific individual to the criminal standard of 'beyond reasonable doubt' will be virtually impossible, as will providing direct compelling evidence of sexual harrassment against any alleged abuser.
    On the other hand, civil action nearer the actual time of the abuse may have succeeded with the evidential standard required being 'on the balance of probability'. But again, at this late stage, what evidence would succeed that test, and would Michael's family wish to ressurect such painful memories?
    RIP Michael.

    1. If a crime has been committed the Garda will act.

      If not - they will not act.

      The officer I spoke to yesterday immediately mentioned the family aspect.

      Lets leave it with professionals now - unless anyone has more information?

    2. You do understand that you cannot hear of such tragic events and do NOTHING?

      There is the human, legal and citizen aspect - not to mention Christian responsibility.

    3. True, Bishop Pat.

      As Edmund Burke reminds us: evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

    4. Thing is that Garda can only seek evidence and present it, initially, (if ROI legal system is similar to UK), to Prosecution Service. They will only proceed to court if there is a 'realistic prospect of success'. And if it does go to court defence lawyers will dispute all evidence and seek to undermine all witnesses. A very messy and arduous process.
      But I do understand your attempts for justice and commend them. But don't expect too much.

  7. http://www.slanguide.com/what-does-bae-mean/

  8. Threatening lawsuits, denying everything is what these bastards do well. Fr B is obviously rattled. How indeed do these people live with themselves???

  9. Whatever the meaning of "bae" - the picture clearly shows that it is business as usual for the Gaynooth baes. The scandal of the last number of months is just a great big laugh.

  10. You repeat the inaccurate story of the Tuam babies. This undercuts the reliablility of your coverage of the present story -- you should not be pestering the family.

  11. I have to say that this blog is descending into sickening levels of anti-catholicism
    The main reason why people are visiting is to gain information and share it in order to fix maynooth, but it seems that the motivations behind articles now are not to fix those problems but to attack the church and distance the readers further
    If this continues you will lose readership
    and the Gaynooth staff and their mafiosi seminarian informers (who coincidentally are all anti-catholic at a fundamental level also) will remain in power

  12. There is a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE between anti catholicism and anti Roman Catholic Institutional Abuse. No?

    1. Is it really against R C church. In theory the organization could be called anything under the sun. Justice still needs to be called for

  13. BAE means babe, baby or significant other in social media slang.

  14. MMM, Understand all the diffs.

    But doing nothing was not an option.

  15. It's great what you are doing Pat. These lying malicious clerical abusers have been protected by a moral hazard created by cowardly and/or compromised bishops for way too long.

    Flush the f*****s out I say! They have destroyed families and the faith of thousands of good Irish people.

  16. Why has this Irish Priest working in England only spoken out now?

    1. Exactly. The Deegan family will not need or want this. Why now ???. Why is this English priest witholding his identity ??
      R.I.P Michael

  17. I'm afraid you've been duped. The original snapchat didn't have a caption. It's the work of some mischievous person.

  18. more aliens eh anon 15:06 re snapchat caption? i bet you're another lying gaynooth sycophant. lying is in yer DNA.

  19. The identity and the full contact details of the English priest is known to me - and now more importantly to the Garda. Let the Garda meet him and go from there.

  20. Ireland needs to be reduced to one diocese under the jurisdiction of an irreproachable bishop helped by two to three excellent auxiliaries. Maynooth has to be closed down and a new smaller, modern seminary built wherein seminarians can be easily overseen by peerless staff. St Pat's is too big and old to house the small number of seminarians now in formation. It is an ideal environment for morally corrupt staff and seminarians to have illicit sexual liaisons.

    The size of Ireland and its number of practicing Catholics does not warrant or justify having 26 dioceses. The current situation is absolute insane and will only lead to endless scandals.

  21. the way things are going there will be more bishops than sems! gaynooth is rotting the church from the inside out to the peripheries.

  22. I agree with you Anonymous 16:15. The Irish Church is much like a bloated, non-profitable business that is too top heavy with useless bureaucrats and is haemorrhaging money faster than Deutsche Bank. The shareholders (i.e., formerly practicing Catholics) are cashing out at an exponential rate while the CEO, aka Eamon Martin, issues statement after statement asserting that all is well with his underlings, who wouldn't train pigs to be dirty but have a penchant for recommending for ordination young men addicted to Grindr, Fabguys.com etc.

    It will take the Troika of the CDF, Fr Gabriele Amorth (Vatican exorcist) and some intrepid lay Catholics to sort the sorry mess that is Gaynooth out.

    BTW, very sad story about that young Deegan chap. I have to say, sadly, it doesn't surprise me.

  23. The Irish bishops are now viewed internationally as hapless and calamitous men. Absolute disasters.

  24. This blog is all the talk in maynooth. Resident here.

  25. So resident what does one do when one views the world from a goldfish bowl

    1. I'm a resident of the town. Now who lives in the fishbowl!!

  26. 15:22 Why would I lie? I am a gaynooth seminarian but have no love of the place. im telling ya that the snapchat has been doctored and you have to believe me there.

    1. Unfortunately anonymous comment makers can say what they want.

      But I am not calling you untruthful at all. We must wait and see - but sincerely wish you well :-)

    2. I bet 20:04 is Marshall. Ya little liar causing a decent seminarian to be kicked out of Gaynooth. i wouldn't' believe a word from any liars in that twisted seminary.

  27. 20:53. You don't have to believe me. But what I am saying is the truth. I have seen the original snapchat which was caption less.

  28. Oh who cares if it doctored..far too much bitching going on here.
    Bish Pat might have to delete half of the rubbish published .
    If these clerical students are actively practicing gay sex they need to thrown out
    Vows taken or not...it's no way to prepare for priesthood.
    I had thought that nowadays a young man could not be accepted into clerical studies until he had done a degree course in a secular uni...under the normal loan or parental funding.

  29. Then send it to Bishop Pat Anon 20:53
    You people disgust me. Remember you will be judged by the Almighty someday!!

  30. BAE stands for "before anyone else" as a term of affection like saying we are the very best of friends. It is a common term amongst teenagers in their usual plight to be extreme in all their communications. Source: two teenage girls who talk a complete new language!

    1. Wrong - BAE stands for babe, baby or significant other. Google it if you do not believe me.

  31. Personally I think that all those posters that are worrying about the family of Michael
    are possibly people who know something that they wish to remain hidden
    There will be members of Michael' s family who would dearly love to know any scrap of information that might throw light on his last few months in that horrible place.
    I pray that information will be given to Pat, because he alone,with this English priest, has tried to solve this tragic event.
    We are all human and many have family members with extreme stress in their lives.
    Read this blog again and you can pick out the ones trying to hope this story will get buried
    It certainly isn't Michael's family. Imo.

  32. Wow. Calm down. I did. In fact both of us are right.

    1. BAE means babe, baby or significant other. I have never seen it used in any other context.

  33. Stories like this make me want to leave the Church.

    Peace ~ Bear

    (Just another cradle Catholic.)