Tuesday, 27 September 2016



Do any of you remember the Parish Missions years ago when screaming Redemptorists scared the s**** out of us about sex, sin and hell?

Well apparently THE REDS have changed tactics now.

They are dressing up as women at Mass, waving balloons, wearing SINGING HATS and sending the temperature of conservative RCs through the roof.

Here is a communication I received yesterday.

Bishop Pat:

Just keeping you updated about the Reds under the bed (and under the sheets) an old face reappears in Clonard this week on a new posting. Noelle should be pleased. Birds of a feather etc etc. 

Sister Adriana Egan of the Sisters of Gay Marriage referendum vote fame.

Also mentioned in another wee blog is the same fella (with a right bunch of others haha!)

It gets funnier n funnier

Honest Bob

Warning: Contains photos of priests in drag. Viewer discretion advised.
The following post comes from a long-time source of Rorate in Ireland. While the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) have the last remaining breaths of life snuffed out of them, these scandalous priests run free, out in the open, for all the world -- and the Vatican -- to see:

By A. Friend:

You may remember this time last year, Rorate Caeli brought you the story of the Redemptorist priests in Limerick, Ireland -- and the scandal they caused with their balloon Masses and “solemn” novena, their mocking of the Traditional Latin Mass and their praise of Masses for -- and run by -- the Gay [sic], Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender groups, all while attacking Catholics praying the Rosary outside those Masses for their conversion








Take a look at the Balloon Mass (there has been two so far) with the rector of the community, Fr. Adrian Egan, wearing his “singing hat” and belting out the song “Our God is a Great Big God." Don’t miss the hand puppet called “Oscar” – “one of the camels that visited Jesus in the crib at Bethlehem." It’s no wonder the Irish Church is in a complete meltdown considering this is what passes for Catholicism these days.



PHEW! What a story.

I'm not sure I want to go to Mass and see balding, middle aged, pot bellied priest cross dressing?

I am not a DRAG man at all - but I think if I was I would want to see my DRAG in a night club or a gay bar and I would like the artiste to be tall and lean.

Father O'Connor in his SINGING HAT reminds me of a circus clown and I am not sure that I want to see clowns at MASS. I think I might prefer to see them an a Big Top or on a stage.

I know we have to make the GOSPEL relevant to today's generation - but what has MRS BROWN, MRS DOYLE and the BIRDIE SONG got to do with the Gospel?

Is there a sense here that the Redemptorists have realised that Christianity is not for them and they are hoping to move over to Show Business?

Or have THE REDS now become THE PINKS and is this their way of coping with their gayness?

I hope that Bishop Treanor of Belfast is not too impressed with this or the new PARISH PRIEST of Drumbo could be MAY McFETERIDGE.


Mind you having said that May might do a better job than a lot  of PP's.

What do others thing ???

Do you think this RED strategy will bring people back to the RC Church?


MAYNOOTH CORNER (Sponsored by the Maynooth Grindrs Association)


The Blog has received the following letter:

The Maynooth Grindrs Association
Room 69
Ledwith House.
County Kildare.

My Lord Bishop,

I hope that Your Lordship is well and working away as diligently in the Vineyard of the Lord.

I write to you in my capacity as the General Secretary of the MGA - the Maynooth Grindrs Association.

Our Association is deeply concerned  about the inaccurate definition of the term "bae" that has been adopted by readers of your esteemed Blog.  As far as we are concerned "bae" is simply a term of friendship or endearment used about each other by friends and has no sexual or romantic connotations whatsoever. 

This matter arose in connection with a photograph that appeared on the Blog featuring two of our members - Mr Brendan Marshall and The Reverend Mr Sean Jones. Mr Marshall and the Rev Mr Jones - like all active members of the MGA - fully accept and are fully committed to the infallible  teachings of our Church that homosexuality is a serious disorder and that compulsory celibacy for priests can be theologically inferred from the fact that our Blessed Lord never married and never engaged in a sexual act of any kind. 

We believe that the original picture was "doctored" by a malign reader of your Blog and that the words "out with bae" were added to the original picture.

Thank you for allowing us to put the record straight on this matter.

I remain,

Your Lordship's obedient servant,

Stephan Winston


Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your letter and indeed for your kind greetings.

I am more than happy to allow the MGA to clarify its position on the term "bae" and to challenge other interpretations. This Blog seeks to give everyone a voice.

I also received the information below from the person who submitted the picture in question and reproduce it for your information and the information of all readers.

Sincerely yours,


Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.
Bae I love u so much

Brian, my bae

I just made a bæ


If by Rudyard Kipling

IF you can keep your head when all about you 
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools: 

If you can make one heap of all your winnings 
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
' Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!


  1. Utterly PATHETIC to see these mostly late-middle-aged gay men desperately seeking relevancy. What a complete FREAK SHOW!

    The Reds are a total joke and Clonard is a dumping ground for their misfits.

    Does anyone remember the absolutely cringeworthy "advert" for the Clonard Solemn Novena some years ago - "If Heineken did Solemn Novenas...."? Sr. Adrienne was responsible for that whopper too.

    The unholy "trinity" of Nasty Noelle, "The Mother" Petronella and Scissor-Sister Adrienne, now gloriously reigning over the once holy and glorious Clonard.


    And the Opening Hymn for tonight's Sesh is - "Our 'god' is a Great Big Con Job!" led by Sr Adrienne and her Singing Hat, with The Combined Piss-Artist, Drag Queen and Confidence Trickster's Rainbow Choral Society

  2. The Maynooth lecturer would need to be careful that Monsignor Connolly does catch him with his "friend" at the gym!

  3. Indeed I do remember the mission. Masses and confessions all day long. Stalls with medals and statues of every saint under the sun. Full churches. People seeming interested in sermons. In short an aura of mystery. Can't remember collections but they must have had them

  4. When they are looking for replacement MALFORMATORS in Gaynooth, those eejits of Reds would be perfect. King Puck, Sailor Boy Byrne, Queen Stephanie, HornyAndyX, Marshall the Bed Magician and all the other Grindrs holed up, literally, in Gaynooth would be delighted to be able to lead morning prayer dressed up in mammy's best dresses! LOL!! I'd say even Fr Chris "likes to befriend underage men on Grindr" Derwin would make a cameo appearance dressed up as Shirley Temple Bar! :) LOL!!

  5. The calibre of Redemptorist priest has greatly declined and, obviously, they don't have men with much ability anymore, as is evident from the guys they are appointing to positions once considered key.

    "Scraping the bottom of the barrel" - is the phrase that comes to mind.

  6. Yesterday's blog gone AWOL ?

  7. No. Just had a sequencing problem with it.

  8. I heard a senior Redemptorist say a few years ago: "the gays have taken control of the order".

    1. When I was on the Falls in the late 1970s many of the Reds were "at it" with women.

    2. They're "at it" with the lads now, Pat!

  9. The celibacy vow for the diocesan priesthood needs to be abrogated. That would stop all these sissies running into seminaries, being ordained and then sponging of the laity whilst shagging away like rabbits. If celibacy was eliminated it would also encourage more heterosexual men into seminaries.

    Jarlath Vaughan - I can understand why you have become a Protestant. I believe in the truth of the Catholic Church; however, I am sickened more and more by the feminisation of Catholicism. It is coming from all these effeminate bishops, priests and seminarians. Many young men won't go to Mass now because they believe that it is "for the women and girls". This trend will only get worse as the homosexualisation of the priesthood continues unabated.

  10. The Gaynooth gang and those revolting Reds are a sick parody of the priesthood.

    Sick to the core.

  11. It is an atrocious sight, for many who been subjected to it, watching these "Redemptorist" clowns mince, prance, dance and generally arse about in churches, thinking they are funny, cool, hip, with it, hilarious, etc., when, in reality, they are a thundering disgrace to God, the Church, the priesthood and St Alphonsus.

  12. Fact of life: The priesthood is now a gay profession. And the word "profession" was used on purpose by Pope Benedict because it is viewed as such and not as a vocation by the homosexuals who lie about their true intentions and sexuality.

    If a gay man wants to get married now he can do so. If a gay man wants to pursue a Catholic vocation, he can do so as a chaste and celibate layman. But no, the liars want to fool mammy, daddy and the laity while having an excuse for dressing up and living with a load of other gay guys and have the perk of surreptitious gay sex.

    The gay gays who became priests back in the 60s and 70s are now bishops, and they like their own.

  13. pope francis is veering towards getting rid of celibacy. i hope to god he does. it has to be done if the catholic priesthood is to be saved from sissification.

    1. Fair point - but remember that not all gay men or gay priests are sissies :-)

  14. Sister Act indeed! Go girls!

  15. A verse of germane scripture for boyo Kehoe and his hareem to reflect upon.
    "Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day."
    Liberal lefties are infiltrating and corrupting Holy Mother Church.

  16. To "Anonymous" at 18:47: Dear Faceless, did you ever hear of a Fr. Martin Luther? Did you ever hear of his 95 theses? Did you ever hear of a Dominican called Tetzel who was Sales Pep for Europe - his wares? Answer: selling Indulgences. Ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition? Ever heard of Whitcliffe? Ever heard of burning at the stake?
    Do me a favour,take a laxative - and stay near a commode for the next 48 hours. You will feel better! God bless.
    Jarlath Vaughan

    1. Good man Jarlath.

    2. Mr Vaughan, nothing in that person's comment at 18:47 warrants the ungraciousness of your response. Go and take a look at yourself for all your pious and self righteous craw thumping about the Bible. Go and take a few basic lessons on Chrsitian charity and leave off the soap box for a change.

      Mary Doyle,
      Co Derry.

    3. Windy yer neck in Jarlath. You don't need laxatives for you talk fluent shite here all the time! LOL

    4. Jarleth I don't believe one becomes a protestant one just broadens ones view of Christianity. Did it not start with the famous phrase I am for Apollos and I am for Paul. True Christians look for marks of catholicity while agreeing to differ on other matters including the shite uncovered through history

  17. The Redemptorists' habits always make me think of the Oratorians'. The approach to church is the polar opposite, but the sexuality isn't...

  18. I am mystified why so many homophobic people (e.g. Anonymous @ 19.38 who thinks a faithful gay Catholic must only be a layman) read and comment on this blog written by a gay (free) catholic bishop. All these commentators who think that a gay man cannot be a priest even if he is chaste are devouring all this gay gossip about Maynooth under the guise of concern. Might it be that they continue to read about this stuff with such relish because deep down the ENJOY the titillation? Every time a commentator uses the term "Gaynooth", the alarms bells for a Repressed Homosexual start ringing. The alleged disgust is a bit too virulent to have the ring of truth - Queen Gertrude would have something to say about the matter.

  19. Jarlath! I reckon we should send you into Gaynooth to sort out the mafiosos and nancy boys!

  20. Dear Anon 20:53, it is not I or other commentators who "think" that gay men cannot be priests: it is the Catholic Church herself that states explicitly so.

    It is funny that one can't speak the truth now without being called "homophobic" or a "repressed homosexual". It is also funny that gay men think that all men are gay or can be "made" gay.

  21. Interesting link about girly sweet Eamon Martin


  22. Bishop Pat, have you any indication who won the Great Belfast Holy Door Off between Fr. Sheehan’s traditional, Romanesque ensemble and Fr. Noelle’s racy, off the shoulder attire.

  23. Dear Anonymous at 21.18, so why are you reading the blog of a man you clearly consider to be gravely deficient? And how exactly do you know that gay men think that all men are gay or can be "made" gay - is that because you are gay and that is how you think and you thus project it onto others? And if not, how on earth would you have any idea what gay men think, other than on the basis of some half-baked, ill-thought out claptrap that you read on some dodgy internet page? And all gay men think the same - do they really? Is that because they are demonically possessed and they are no longer able to exercise independent judgement like other human beings?

    As for the church teaching, the 2005 Dicastery Instruction refers to 'deep-seated' tendencies (it isn't magisterial in any case by any normal measure of what constitutes a magisterial document). Anyone familiar with Vatican-speak will know that this is a get-out clause, and the actual interpretation is that 'deep-seated' refers to abusers (cf. Cardinal Dolan's comments on the matter for example). So your interpretation of the instruction trumps that of Cardinal Dolan I assume? As for the "it is funny", what really is funny is why are are reading the blog of a gay catholic bishop (and who, if you apply a logic I suspect you would apply, is not actually permitted to function as a bishop (valid but illicit and all that carry on)).

    1. Utter bullshit. You are another one who can't connect words on a page with their required semantic meaning. Truth is a correspondence of mind and being! Not your version of reality or how you would like it.

    2. Benedict himself ordered that no homosexuals were to be admitted to seminary and that none were to be seminary staff. Get your facts right asshole.

    3. He has got his facts straight. The dicastero statement in 2005 was Benedict's statement. Truth implies that we actually hear what is being said with respect, and not believe media at face value (even if they add to any discussion imho). Pope Benedict never said homosexuals are not to be admitted. If he had he would have nullified the Catechism. The term deep-seated tendencies WAS Pope Benedict. But let's not forget that the papal authority of Benedict has passed to Francis. Sometimes I think conservatives are only obedient to the popes they like - protesting against those they disagree with (and yes, I use the term protesting advisably)

  24. Just a wee word of advice to Mary Doyle @ 21:12, and Faceless at 21:38: I do NOT take lectures from finger-wavers - certainly not from the likes of you people; now, let's get our facts straight here: I have NO self-righteousness (see Isaiah 64:16) and 1 Peter 1:8. I am a SINNER redeemed by the precious Blood. And, if that rattles your cage, then tough! So, what I would say to Mary, and to Faceless @21:28, is really this: mind your own bloody business. God bless.
    Jarlath Vaughan

    1. You are a self righteous, arrogant, ignorant and aggressive man, Mr Vaughan, who does plenty of "finger waving" waving himself. Go
      And learn some humility and how act like a Christian.

      Mary Doyle.

    2. We are ALL redeemed with the Precious Blood, Jarlath - not just you. Take your head down out of your own backside and learn a bit of humility.

  25. Anyone in need of a good laugh.. a bit of comedy, amidst all the tragedy ? See;
    YouTube Dave Allen on religion xo

  26. Sean Page @ 22:02. Thanks Sean; yes, that wee excerpt from 1st Cor. 3-4 is a most thought-provoking portion of sacred Scripture since it has a human dimension to it: an inherent danger of men following men's ways - as opposed to Christ our Saviour. Huddling and cuddling up to a particular denomination is not my scene. Did not Christ say: those who are not against me are for me? I mean: it's Romanism, Sean, that seems to cause me a lot of head-scratching. Did Christ wear cloth-of-gold, embroidered vestments? Was He carried around in a "Popemobile"? Was He revered like the way Peter was (see Acts 9:27) by Cornelius? Like - there's more to spirituality than statues. And yet, on this blog, I have been mauled to shreds by those whose insatiable - dare I say hared? - of me is because I embrace the Word of God. I can sense - even on the internet - the vitriol that exudes from the hearts of those who, I suppose, would love to control me, perhaps. Being a fully-grown adult, with plenty of neck wrinkles - and a bit of height - I am fearless; but: what about young folk who receive menacing trolls from riffraff? Anyway, to get back on track, yes: some certain people need to wind THEIR necks in.
    God bless Sean.
    Jarlath Vaughan

    1. Poor you, Jarlath - mauled to shreds indeed. Would you ever wise up. You are so blinded by your own arrogant stupidity that you are unable to see your own need to cop on and exercise a bit of control over the vitriol you spew all round you at others.

  27. I sit here reading the increasingly heated school yard type attempts at point scoring on matters biblical. It's boring! Do all you ecclesiastical historians and biblical scholars never come to the conclusion that you are indulging in wasted scholarship. Try the golden rule. Do unto others as you wish done to you. Remember unconditional love is the greatest human act of all. When I snuff it I don't think the good chap above will be interested in whether I'm well versed and can argue a salient point in the Acts of the Apostles and cross reference it with a similar reference in the Book of Wisdom. He'll be more interested in me if I showed kindness to others and perhaps helped some soul who was struggling on the road of life.
    And if there is a God- and it's an increasingly big if- I trust he puts me in a part of the hereafter where I will be far distant from some of the self serving,opinionated and complete dickheads who populate this blog and who are full of wind and piss and their own ( and only their own) self importance. Give it a rest chaps. You're only impressing the increasingly voracious demands of your own egos. And boy are they demanding.

    Dalriada Dick

    Ps Nice to see MMM still around.

  28. "Act like a Christian" Ms. Doyle? I would hardly describe your words of seemingly boiling rage towards me as "act like a Christian!"
    Ms. Doyle, let's be clear: I don't hate you - indeed I will pray for you - but I will not lie down and roll over as the likes of you and your sort spew out out your words of sarcasm and nauseating, hackneyed, threadbare, heard-it-all-before, cheap prate over the blog / internet. Good night - and settle down dear. Take a cup of warm Horlicks and - as they say - sleep tight. God bless.
    Jarlath Vaughan

  29. Mary..just ignore him, I do, and all the other bible narrators.when I was at school, grammar too, we didn't read the bible, so I have no intentions of reading it at my stage in life.we read a couple of gospels according to Matthew and Mark..I think.

    I've lived and earned my living by the sweat of my brow until I was 65, I'm still working but not sweating as much now.
    Gay people are welcome to be priests, I object to clerical students choosing the priesthood to indulge in gay sex in seminaries.
    Many women read and post here..I'm one, a mother, grandmother.
    So please stop all this bible and scripture quoting..Pat doesn't show off.
    Just try to be good Christians or whatever is your bag...I couldn't care less..I know several lovely Muslim peeps too.
    Today's posters have been boring...and I've just enjoyed Bridget Jones latest laugh filled flick.

  30. To Faceless @ 23:43 and 23:48: Dear Faceless contributors, did I say that only I was redeemed by the Precious Blood. Don't be such an imbecile. And to that other faceless contributor: I know where I stand - maybe your head is up your arse-hole -but don't try the cheap one-liners with me. They don't work. It's your bedtime - your're ready to hit the sack - but don't forget to fill the pan first. Maybe that's the sort of bookie-shop / corner-boy language you people understand? God bless.
    Jarlath Vaughan (neither faceless nor fearful)

    1. Folks, can't you all see from Jarlath's words what a nice Christian gentleman he is?

      Don't annoy yourselves with him - the feckin aul eejit. He's well known around Co Down for a head the ball.

      He can dish it out but he can't take it when he's called out on his own "boiling rage" and venom.

      He's a sensitive soul you see. It comes from spending all that time stuck up his own arse hole :-)

      The man from God know where

    2. My oh my, Jarlath, talking about the Precious Blood and arse holes all in the one spew. Says it all really......

  31. Welcome back Dalriada D. You haven't commented for a while now. Your comment above is very apt, especially your summing up of all the bible quoting stuff as 'schoolyard point scoring'. I simply do not get involved in arguments with such persons as there's simply no point to it.
    The problem I've found in discussing beliefs with such persons has been their complete unwillingness to consider there could possibly be any other belief, or interpretation of reality, than what they themselves hold. They will not acknowledge their viewpoint as possibly one of arrogant intolerance, for to them, there is only one truth, and as they hold it, it entitles them to denigrate any other view differing from their own. Perhaps the origins of such totalitarianism lie in the absolutes of Thomistic philosophy and theology?

    1. More boring relativism...yawn.Like stupid dogs running around after your tail in endless circular arguments.

  32. Please kids, play nicely--!

  33. Moral relativism starts with the Ego (I) and ends with the Ego (I). Everything revolves around the "I". If "I" want to be a woman, even though my chromosomes and physiology say I am a man, I can be a "woman". If "I" say green is red when it is really green, it is "red" for me and green for you - sure who cares man? Moral relativists can no longer engage in any meaningful discussion about reality or morality because they twist everything back to themselves and project themselves onto everything. Even words lose all meaning and become detached from their true semantic moorings. They even twist the words of Truth Himself - Jesus Christ.

    The main problem with Maynooth is moral relativism. They don't believe in the God revealed by Jesus Christ; they only believe in the "I".

  34. Below is for all the liars and those on hallucinogenic drugs in Maynooth:

    In his recent interview published as the book Light of the World, Pope Benedict XVI noted that the Vatican has repeatedly stated that men with a homosexual orientation should not be admitted to the priesthood even if they performed no homosexual acts. He stated that he did not want celibacy to be an excuse to attract people with a homosexual orientation. There are several reasons for this stance. The priesthood is not a denial of the spousal meaning of the body which underlies marriage. This spousal meaning entails the fact that since man is a composite of body and spirit, the body is the physical self by which the gift of the soul which characterizes married love is finally ratified. The giving and receiving of sperm and ova expresses physically the prior giving and receiving of soul. This gift of self to another, for those who are called to it, can also be realized by the gift of self to God as is the case with virgins and religious. Though celibacy is a discipline, because of the all-encompassing concentration of forces necessary for the priesthood, realized especially in the consecration of the Eucharist, it is a fit means for carrying out this spousal meaning of the body. As a result, a priest must have the same ability to give the gift of himself totally as a married man does; only his gift is to the whole Church. There is an argument as to whether homosexuality is a result of nurture or nature. In either case, as long as this condition remains, the total dedication of self required of the priest would not be possible. If this is the result of nature, this cannot be changed; and the person could not contemplate a priestly vocation. If this results from nurture, then it could be changed; in which case after a person has changed it, he could pursue the priesthood. © 2011 by the Catholic Medical Association. All rights reserved.


  35. You are detached from reality Anon 11:35.

    You have been trained well in art of lies and deception by your masters in Maynooth. A prime candidate for a future Irish bishop or seminary formator.

  36. "The Congregation for Education issued a decision a few years ago to the effect that homosexual candidates cannot become priests because their sexual orientation estranges them from the proper sense of paternity, from the intrinsic nature of priestly being. The selection of candidates to the priesthood must therefore be very careful.
    The greatest attention is needed here in order to prevent the intrusion of this kind of ambiguity and to head off a situation where the celibacy of priests would practically end up being identified with the tendency to homosexuality."

    "Sexuality has an intrinsic meaning and direction, which is not homosexual. We could say, if we wanted to put it like this, that evolution has brought forth sexuality for the purpose of reproducing the species. The same thing is true from a theological point of view as well. The meaning and direction of sexuality is to bring about the union of man and woman

    And, in this way, to give humanity posterity, children, a future. This is the determination internal to the essence of sexuality. Everything else is against sexuality's intrinsic meaning and direction. This is a point we need to hold firm, even if it is not pleasing to our age ...
    Homosexuality is incompatible with the priestly vocation.

    Otherwise, celibacy itself would lose its meaning as a renunciation. It would be extremely dangerous if celibacy became a sort of pretext for bringing people into the priesthood who don't want to get married anyway." (Pope Benedict XVI, Light of the World, p.152)

  37. I've just returned from sacred worship to read another two (faceless - of course) unwelcome comments from Faceless @ 00:57 and Faceless @ 9:59. I will just say this: you(plural) and I are SINNERS. I do not claim to be a good Christian. But I accept the vicarious Sacrifice at Calvary. Evidently, the Faceless (insomniac) @ 00:57 knows me. Would you care to meet me in person? And then you will see how sensitive I am. Bring it on big lad! Make my day / night! It can be arranged. As regards Faceless @ 9:59, as far as I am aware, "ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God".
    God bless you all.
    Jarlath Vaughan - a SINNER like everybody else

  38. So the only argument brought forth about whether or not candidates with a homosexual orientation can or cannot enter seminary is the personal opinion of Pope Benedict, based on a shaky grasp of science (and a logic which he recently rejected in Last Conversations when discussing how he rejected the theological reasoning underlying Humanae Vitae (thought not its final conclusion)). And presumably a new directive from Pope Francis would change the discipline of the Church on the matter even though few bishops interpret the directive in the same way as Pope Benedict did. Using the same natural law Thomistic reasoning, we must therefore conclude that any man who masturbates (a mortal sin with the same moral consequences as homosexual sex let's not forget) has acted against "sexuality's intrinsic meaning and direction", and if he masturbates as of habit, that his sexuality is incompatible with the priestly vocation. Does anyone have any tips on how we might root out these masturbators so that we can ensure that the priesthood is kept healthy? I also think that if these masturbators are in the seminary, they must be exposed in the same manner as these Grindr users, given that the spiritual consequences of their sin are the same.

  39. Dear Anon 14:21, your specious line of reasoning is not in harmony with the Church, the Bible, Popes, Tradition or the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict was not espousing his "personal opinion". Since you have not read the text properly, below is the opening line for you again:

    "In his recent interview published as the book Light of the World, Pope Benedict XVI noted that the Vatican has repeatedly stated that men with a homosexual orientation should not be admitted to the priesthood even if they performed no homosexual acts".

    Your mumbo jumbo nonsense is an indication of the warped theology you have been fed with in Maynooth.

  40. Jarlath at 12:59, was the "sacred worship" Mass, or in a Free Presbyterian Church?

    You come on here using bible-thumper terminology that certain types of Protestants use and insultingly refer to the Catholic Faith as "romanism" - a term employed by certain types of "Christians" who hate the Catholic Church.

    And then you get stroppy, belligerent, crude and offensive when someone tackles you back. You also have a fully blown martyr complex, Jarlath.

    I think St Jerome's dictum applies to you: "“It is worse still to be ignorant of your ignorance".

    You're a big boy and well able to dish it out, so don't be surprised when someone comes back at you.

    For all your cosying up to Bishop Pat, the "evangelical" "Blood and Book" mentality you are so taken in by, would condemn him and people like him, to Hell.

    Observer, Co Down.