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R. Sipe

"Problems with seminarians are not new. Time magazine carried a story in 1965 about a research project about priests conducted by Dr. Robert J. McAllister, a consultant to Catholic University. “Reporting on 100 hospitalized Catholic priests at the Seton Institute, (he) pointed out that 77 had serious emotional problems as seminarians; 32 ultimately became alcoholics.” McAllister added that a conflict between their desire for perfection and their basic needs and desires can drive men to leave the priesthood entirely: "Suddenly their own humanity breaks through and they are gone".

This is also related to what therapists have identified with sexually abusing priests as altruism in the service of narcissism. 

As one psychiatrist put it in a folksy phrase: Men are loving animals and they are going to love whoever’s near.” In the judgement of some the priesthood in the United States is becoming a "gay profession" (meaning more than 50%). This is not merely a result of the structural predisposition, but due to the predominance of gay oriented bishops, religious superiors, and rectors of seminaries—those in charge of church power. 

Of the several dozens of seminary Rectors I have known personally over the past half century many were exemplary; one became a cardinal, two were named bishops, three left the priesthood to marry, three were elected abbots, however, several were active homosexuals even with seminarians; as many were sexually active with women for whom they served as confessors. 


Seminary faculties as a group are not celibate observant. At any one time one-third are variously sexually involved in a range of activities. 

The tendency of seminary confessors is toward leniency and tolerance of behaviours (including mutual masturbation) that they tend to judge as phases of development toward psychosexual maturity. This rarely ripens into either sexual or celibate understanding and commitment. 

One priest, later jailed for sexual involvement with a minor student, was encouraged by his confessor while in the seminary to have a sexual friendship with a priest in order to develop his social skills. That seminarian, once ordained, repeated with the minor the identical behaviour he learned under the priest’s tutelage. 

Confessors, often because of their own unconsolidated celibate identity, tend to encourage sexual acting out by less than conscious motivation. Subtle and subversive grooming of seminarians under the guise of spirituality conditions the young students to be future friends and partners. A seminary professor who served as a confidant successfully propositioned a newly ordained priest who had been his student. After the sexual encounter the teacher said, “I have waited five years for this.” 

The range of rationalizations used to justify sexual activity under the cover of celibacy seems endless: “priests are human; sex is permitted if you don’t get emotionally involved; it’s only a sin; it’s O.K. as long as you don’t leave the priesthood; take her as your housekeeper and God will understand if you fall from time to time; it’s natural (even in cases of homosexual acts); I deserve it,” and so forth. 

A moral theologian in a large seminary advised his students in class: ‘if you must have sex, be sure to go out side of your parish to where you are not known; do not wear your collar or show any evidence that you are a priest; and don’t get married.’ The object is to avoid scandal. Is there any better way to teach sociopathy? 

So few faculty and confessors are celibate mature that formation that looks good in policy brochures rarely takes place. 

The clerical culture favours sociopaths—men whose words and deeds are not connected. Vatican experts have written that it is easier to get promoted saying the right things (even employing sexual tactics) than being righteous.

One counsellor was perplexed by a seminarian finishing his final year of theology.  His confessor was well aware of the student’s tendency to get involved sexually whenever he was on a break from the seminary. The partner could be a casual acquaintance in a bar or a prostitute from an Adult Bookstore. For example, on his way back to seminary a taxi stopped by him and the driver propositioned him for his passenger in the back of the cab; he accepted. His confessor did not see this as sufficient reason for postponing or even questioning ordination. His reasoning seemed that, although sinful, the partners were all age appropriate and his behaviour did not threatening marriage therefore his celibacy could remain in tact. 

Celibacy is neither well taught nor well observed by Catholic clergy".




MAYNOOTH SEMINARY is set to open a new underwear boutique for seminarians - the brainchild of a well known priest who wishes to keep his name confidential. 

"Father D" has worked in various locations in the Catholic world and has had an interest in men's designer underwear since he was a seminarian.  He started off his underwear collection with a small drawer interesting and colourful briefs. 

His first designs were of suspenders in black, purple and red for priests, bishops and cardinals. We do not know if The Wounded Healer subscribes? 


Asked if he was the designer of the KP Jock Strap (King Puck) he answered: "No comment"./

Father D completed a Masters Degree in Psychology and his dissertation was entitled: "The Use of Erotic Underwear in the Management of Homosexual Fantasies in Celibate Catholic Clergy".

Last year - 2015 = Father D was a finalist in the Cardinal Burke Golden Buskin Award hosted by The Brompton Oratory, London. 

His entry - which came second - was a redesign of a 16th century underpants which he called: "The Michelangelo Brief"

The Michelangelo Brief

The Church needs more priests like Father D.


  1. Surely Pat you have not reached Bottom of the barrel. Most now accept celibacy can seriously damage most people's health

  2. What iimmense dedication, what intense effort, what wearisome hours, what profound scholarly research - dear Bishop - do you go to in delving into the very sewers of creation to find the most base unnatural, dreadful scandals available in the Catholic Church?
    You must surely be aware that most priests are good, committed men who have given their utmost to serve God in every possible way!
    I did, some considerable time ago state that my P.P. Would be a better candidate for Sainthood than Pope JohnPaul II.
    Armagh Sam

  3. Sam Many priests are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Priestley training for for middle aged gents is one of the most difficult skills to recycle on civvy street. Some are saints. Others are stuck in a rut the rest are idiots cought on a sinking ship

  4. My late husband was much more a saint than any canonised in recent years.
    Let's not forget that any of us can have living saints in our lives.
    Priests are no more saints that anyone in laity who lived a life in the presence of God...Sam

    There is no comment to this today worth making.

    1. Yes their is! Any descent Christian lay or priest does not need to justify their existence. One is a Christian first. The rest is add-ons


  6. It appears that the majority of Irish clergy is on an entropic trajectory to oblivion and obloquy.

    I agree with the above comment that today's blog renders any comment meaningless.

  7. There are some lovely priests in a rotten inhumane system.

  8. What's coming next Pat?

    Don't tell me you have more pictures of Grindr priests and seminarians, or worse?:(


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  10. sometimes when I'm bored, I go into the garden, cover myself in clay and pretend I'm a carrot

  11. 15.31
    My sympathies on the death of your husband.
    I am well aware that in any graveyard of any religious denomination or none that there are Saints in abundance!
    But please note that I only mentioned my PP since the venom in these 'blogs' is targeted towards priests - more so to Bishops. Lay people do not figure in Bishop Buckley's deliberations.
    I do not ignore the great spiritual qualities of the largely unknown and unfortunately forgotten Saints who have gone before us!

  12. I'm getting flashbacks to Long Corridor c. 1996. I saw the array in real life (not sure all did or was it just for intimates). The Cavan branch of Primark must have been stripped bare.

  13. I wonder is 20:01 a pretend "seminarian" in Maynooth.