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Here is his full text:

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis told a group of recently appointed bishops that the world “is tired of charming liars” and that they should embody mercy in their dioceses and not be whiners who promote their own “vain crusades.”

The pontiff also told them to be wary of seminarians “who take refuge in rigidity” of practices. “There’s always something ugly behind it,” he said.


Francis made his remarks Friday (Sept. 16) in a speech to newly appointed bishops who have been taking part in an annual Vatican orientation course on their new job.

In his address, the pope focused mostly on the approach they should take as pastors, saying in effect that attitude would do more to build up the diocese than any special management techniques.

“Be bishops who are able to enchant and attract,” Francis said. “Make your ministry a symbol of mercy, the only force able to seduce and attract the human heart in a permanent way.”

But, he warned them, don’t make it all about yourself.

“This is a danger! The world is tired of charming liars. And, I might say, of ‘trendy’ priests or bishops,” Francis said.

“People can sniff out — the people of God have the perceptiveness of God — and run away when they recognise narcissists, manipulators, defenders of their own causes and hawkers of vain crusades.”

Trust in the mercy of God, let mercy “form and inform” every diocesan structure, he said, and don’t give up in frustration and “invent bitter speeches” to justify “laziness.”

“The complaints of a bishop are ugly things,” he said.

With many bishops struggling with a shortage of priests, Francis also warned them not to be “tempted by numbers and quantity” of vocations but rather to focus on “quality.”

He added that they should help priests-in-training to be prepared for the rigours of their vocation.

In conclusion, the pope reminded the new bishops of the need to “make mercy pastoral” by using “prudence and responsibility” in staying close to families, especially those in difficulty.

Be like the Good Samaritan, he said, who accompanies the many people who are “wounded” by life and in need of a helping hand.

Church leaders today often “ask too much fruit of trees that have not been sufficiently cultivated,” and he said bishops should accompany their priests and their people with patience in every difficulty.

“I urge you be among them with discernment and understanding,” the pope said.

The pope referred to his Jubilee Year of Mercy as an opportunity for “a personal experience” of gratitude and reconciliation.

“The most precious richness you can bring from Rome at the beginning of your episcopal ministry is the awareness of the mercy with which you have been seen and chosen,” he said.

Earlier this week Francis and members of his nine-member Council of Cardinals discussed ways to improve the process of identifying the best priests to become bishops.


Its interesting that the Pope knows that some of his bishops are CHARMING LIARS.

We all know some bishops as well who are just ORDINARY LIARS with nothing charming about them!

He also talked about bishops, priests and seminarians being:






It was almost as if Pope Francis had been hearing about the recent horrors of MAYNOOTH and THURLES.

MAYNOOTH is full of narcissists, manipulators, defenders of their own causes and hawkers of vain crusades.

THURLES was full of all those types too.

Its good that the Pope has the same opinion of all these evil "bastardos" as we have. 

THANKFULLY - their days are numbered as we identify them and as more and more people see through them.


GARY TOMAN a priest of Down and Connor has left the diocese and gone to join the Irish Dominicans.

As far as I am concerned - and as far as many others are concerned - Down and Connor's GAIN is the Dominican's LOSS.

Toman was the arrogant chaplain to Queen's University Belfast where he tried to turn the Chaplaincy into a right wing gulag.

He was a "young" priest treating the students to fire and brimstone sermons on sexual matters.

He was proponent of the twisted "theology" of JOHN POLE 11's so called Theology of the Body.

He surrounded himself in QUB with a clique of what Pope Francis would call rigorous seminarians, Dominican Third Order nutters and a number of other strange folk.

Here he is having the Dominican belt tied around his circumference by the Dominican Provincial. 

I hope he succeeds in the Dominicans - not least because it will mean that some poor parish in Down and Connor will not be saddled with him.



"While we are under the tyranny of Priests, it will ever be their interest, to invalidate the law of nature and reason, in order to establish systems incompatible therewith". 

(Ethan Allen)



Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today... Aha-ah...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace... You...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world... You...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one



  1. Pope Francis comes up with these great statements from time to time perhaps a bit like the Queen's speech. Interesting but do they make any real difference Its a long way from the Vatican to Valentia Island

    1. I agree with Sean.

      I don't think Francis' words can make any significant difference; they are all smoke and no fire.

      Until non-clergy are heavily involved in the hiring (and firing!) of episcopal candidates (and in selecting seminary candidates), there will be no real and lasting change for the better.

    2. I agree. Non clergy and truly professional hiring and firing is a MUST.

    3. Isn't that the model the Anglican church has? I think their parish councils interview candidates and select the one they find most suitable? It probably brings some sense of accountability. I don't think the heavily clericalised mindset in the RC Church would be happy with that. Anything that seems to empower the laity and take from the bishop is seen as a threat. That's why terms such as lay participation and the people of God mean little in practice. It reminds me of Fr Ted when the visiting bishops ask for his opinion on lay participation. Ted cautiously says they should be involved but also kept at a distance and when asked for further clarification says about two miles. Even today pastoral councils are only window dressing when the buck stops with the PP. Also ordaining deacons is a waste of time, adding a further clerical layer to adorn and ornament the altar and another job for the boys. The so called People of God could easily be baptising, catechising, preaching, holding Eucharistic services and funeral services and taking full administrative responsibility for their own parishes but that won't happen.

    4. I can't fault your comment, at least not in full. It is a statement of the status quo and also a statement of the reasons for the rot in the Catholic Church. If you like, it's a diagnosis of the illness and a prescription for its cure. But the medicine will never be voluntarily taken by the clericalist elite. This is where non-clergy need to make their presence felt; they are, after all, the greater part of the People of God.

      Such radical change in the Church will not be driven by priests.

    5. I agree Sean. The same old words falling on deaf ears. I agree with everything Pope Francis says but they will all be sitting there with their fingers in their ears going "Lalalalala" They aren't going to change now are they. So set in their self-serving and often bitter ways. I can't even begin to describe how shocked I was when I was told how our Bishop treated his priests. I met him recently as well and though he was there to meet parishioners he had no interest in doing so. No soul at all. Just a rude man with a bit of gold bling around his neck as my 13 year old daughter observed.

    6. @ 13:25 Emulate the Anglican Church? Oh, yeah that will sort everything out! It is nearly dead in the UK for all its 'powerful' parochial councils (which no-one wants to join) and 'if it feels good, do it' trendiness. Believe me they can't teach anyone anything except maybe those determined to bleed slowly to death.

    7. 14.21 Your daughter is a perceptive young lady. These guys took "in the world but not of the world" literally. Having lived the concept all their lives I believe they are now divided in spirit worn out and unable to function outside the system. They are a body without bones. I was almost one of them. Anglican Church is not perfect but from what I see it is trying

    8. 13:25, and you think the RCC is faring better? Open your eyes.

  2. If you looking for Anti Catholic quotes to use. you should try Oliver Cromwell and Dr. Ian Paisley,or if you prefer to use obscure Americans you should stick with Bob Jones, Maria Monk or even Alberto Riveria, Maria was a fantastic former nun, and Alberto Riveria was a Jesuit Bishop who saw the light like yourself Pat and left. Ethan Allen was a total nutcase:

    Ethan Allen became involved in negotiations with the Canadian governor Frederick Haldimand to have Vermont become part of Canada. Had that happened, Vermont would have become part of the British Empire once again. Allen’s support of these negotiations contributed to his reputation as a rash and untrustworthy man.

    With his military service completed and his political and diplomatic skills in question, in 1787 Ethan Allen retired to his home in what is now Burlington, Vermont. There he revived a book he had begun years earlier with a philosopher friend, Dr. Thomas Young. In 1785, he published Reason the Only Oracle of Man, a book of Deist philosophy. It was largely condemned by Christian clergymen. Ethan Allen died in Burlington, Vermont on February 12, 1789. Two years later, Vermont joined the United States.

    1. Thank you. I found that interesting.

      One can agree with some things a man says without agreeing with all he said and did. No?

    2. Actually I thought it was a very good quote. I could totally relate! Sometimes a pearl of wisdom or insight can escape from a mad man...

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  4. Pat, your comments beg the question, who had a say in you becoming a bishop.

    1. What does it matter? He's not doing a worse job than any of the other jokers with that title. I know who I would rather have heading up my Diocese.

    2. I took the step very cautiously and after a number of years of consultation, prayer and consideration - and even postponed it at one point.

      When I was consecrated a bishop I was 46 and had spent 22 years in the priesthood.

      Leaving canon law aside - a bishop is the senior or "overseeing" pastor / presbyter of a Christian community.

      In my case that is the church that meets in The Oratory, Larne at 12 noon every Sunday and on other occasions.

      I have the full support of the congregation who know me warts and all.

  5. I have more faith in Bishop Pat than my own bishop

    1. So with you on that Jane.

  6. As someone who has more than their fair share of contact with members of the episcopate in Ireland I have to say that if you merged the majority of them together you still wouldn't get a real man !!

    1. Doran been made a Bishop of Elphin a disgrace a few yrs back.

    2. Pat how do you encourage and promote Vocations for the Oratory?.

    3. Elphin is a very small feather in the Roman cap. Keep it quiet and ticking over

  7. Have to say I feel sorry for Pope Francis, sure they won't listen to him. Like any multinational, the Vatican and the RC Bishs ensure the company men get promoted, the ones who will tow the line, and operate within an unquestioning framework. This multinational 'boys club' is just a joke, a sick one at that!
    People get what they settle for, the Irish laity are sheep, lacking courage, lacking self belief, the ACP likewise. We are a sad reflection of what we could become! Alas even some of the great critics end up with church funerals, makes you think! I don't believe the church has any power over me so I'm free! I have written my instructions regarding my demise, no church,no mass, no priest, no circus, at least it's authentic that way...
    Wil D West.

  8. Personally I don't like the circus at funerals.
    Keep it simple, I say, but who listens?

  9. The people need to have big input into the three names that are submitted to Rome for one to be chosen as Bishop for their Diocese. But sadly this will never happen. In the U.S.A at least in selecting a new Pastor, the Parish Council and Trustees of a Parish meet with the Vicar for Clergy or head of the Priest's Placement board and state what they want in a new Pastor. Gifts, Talents etc.

  10. Anon 14:07 makes a very good point indeed, even if it may be a painful one for you to reflect upon Pat. Whatever the reasons that compelled you to become bishop, the complete lack of matter and form is one of the most serious aspects of the whole affair. Even if that is ignored, the fact that you were not "called" by a particular diocese, or community to be their bishop, the fact that you appointed yourself as bishop, out of your own authority, means that you cannot be considered bishop in any meaningful way, other than that your are the self-appointed bishop of a handful of people that you have gathered around you. I recall a comment from Cardinal Ratzinger at the time that Lefebvre carried out his illegal and schismatic ordinations of bishops before his death. Ratzinger said that he wasn't particularly worried about these acts, as "these men are not Bishops at all, as the only Bishops are those who are called and appointed and intended to be Bishops by the Universal Church. You can be what you like, but you cannot be a Bishop of the Catholic Church, however much you dress like one, or say you are one." I think his words are very true.

    1. And yet Pope Benedict accepts that the bishops of Pius X are bishops?

      The call and or acceptance of a man or woman as their bishop, overseer or senior presbyter by a particular church makes that man or woman a bishop in God's eyes regardless of what corrupt Rome has to say about it.

      Even Rome accepts there are valid bishops in other churches.

    2. Pat, they dont know Church History.

    3. True. They dont even know that most of the Apostles were apostles and not bishops!

    4. Bishops in the RCC are not 'called' by a particular diocese or community but appointed by an individual or individuals. That's a point I made earlier.

  11. I would love to wake up tomorrow morning and see the headlines on every tv news Channel, Pope fires RC Down and Connor Bishop Noel Traynor and replaces him with a more Pastoral and Sign of the Times Bishop, Bishop Pat Buckley. Bishop Noel forgot we were living in 2016 and lacked Compassion, Forgiveness and mercy in his Ministry as Bishop to his people and Priests. Bishop Noel will now be ordered to take a Sabbatical and work with the Homeless for a period of time under the supervision of a team of Women and Men in the Diocese.

  12. Anon 16.39 another rigid rule boy. Bet u love reading the Code of Canon Law as your bedtime story every night. Get over yourself. If you are a RC priest , God help us and the people who have to listen to your bullshit. If your not a Priest maybe u belong to Opus Dei in some form or capacity. I pray for you. Rigid . God please tell me ur not a Priest.

  13. 14.39. Has nobody told you yet that the RC Church does not own the Jesus franchise?

    1. I believe I coined phrase R C don't own Jesus FranchisešŸ˜€

  14. Dear Pat,
    I was interested to hear from your blog that Fr Toman has finally entered the Dominican Order.
    I hope he will finally learn to accept himself, but I have my doubts. Fr Gary is a classic example of a cleric who sought self acceptance by adding letters to his name, and once any of us rely on external forms to give us an acceptable identity, then we are almost certain to become divorced from our true self. I fear the Dominican habit is yet another external form to be clung to.

    Priest of Down & Connor.

    1. I am inclined to agree with you.

      Gary has brought Gary intu the Dominicans with him!

  15. So another diocesan priest goes to the Dominicans - whats the attraction? Is it a place for priests who can't cope/deal with the ordinary folk in parishes?
    With this D & C priest leaving - what now of the clerical changes in D and C?

  16. Anon 16:39 The Society of Saint Pius X are not schismatic. The ordinations might have been illegal but they were not schismatic. Schism requires the person or organisation to deny a doctrine. The Society has never denied doctrine, in fact they have always upheld what the church always taught. Please be careful with your wording. Loyalty to the Holy Father does not mean accepting every word the Pope utters. As we have learnt with the present Pope most of what he says in a personal capacity contradicts the previous statement. The SSPX are not and never were in schism.

  17. I am delighted to hear that the non-schismatic [sic] sect now accepts in full the teaching of the Church as solemnly expressed in the reforms of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, including the Decree on Religious Liberty. What utter balderdash. Of course they are schismatic as they have fractured and ruptured the Body of Christ that is the Church. Marcel Lefebvre did this when he ordained priests and then bishops without Papal Mandate. As you are well aware many of the sects adherents actually are Sede Vacantists, who believe that the last pope was Pius XII and that all subsequent popes, including their defender Benedict XVI are imposters. Get your facts straight.