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Priests, like all other human beings have no say over their own sexual orientation. Their sexual orientation is a "given" - either by nature, by experience or by a combination of both.

NOBODY can help their sexual orientation - but EVERYONE has to control their sexual urges and use them in a loving and non abusive way.

However if you are professing to be a Christian - especially if you are a "professional", preaching Christian like a priest - you are bound by the boundaries of Christian morality?

If you preach one thing - and practice another thing you are quite frankly a HYPOCRITE.

The fact that you are a priest - and dress like a priest - whether in the street or in the church means that you are PUBLICLY PROFESSING that you believe in and agree with the teachings of that church.

If you wear a Roman collar in the street - and vestments at Mass - and after Mass sneak off to have sex with another man - or attend a gay sauna - you are CONTRADICTING your professed beliefs.

When you were ordained a deacon - a year before you were ordained a priest you made a promise / vow to be celibate.

Being a Roman Catholic priest celibate means that you are expected not to marry and not to be sexually active. If you are sexually active you are breaking the promise you made.

If you are doing that how can you stay in a job that publicly upholds that sex outside of heterosexual marriage is a mortal sin?

You are like a doctor who has taken the Hippocratic Oath to save and preserve human life but you really privately believe and practice the belief that it is okay to take human life. 

That's the first principle.

If you are a gay priest and cannot cope with celibacy and have a private LOVER whom you treat with love and respect you are still breaking your celibacy promise but somehow morally you are not like a priest who:

Is sexually promiscuous.

Has many sexual partners.

Hunts for promiscuous sex on mobile and internet sites.

Practices unsafe sex and puts himself and others in danger.

I know both types of gay priests. I know priests who have one long term partner and lover.

But I know the other types too - priests who are sexual hunters - priests who want new guys all the time - priests who want no strings attached sex - priests who are absolutely cynical about faith and using people who talk about the men they have sex with as "MEAT".

And more and more in the Church - as we see in Maynooth and probably every Irish diocese we have gangs of seminarians and priests who are actually associate in vicious predatory  cabals or gangs and want to seduce others into their gang or bully them out of seminary or priesthood altogether.

They are 21 st century Roman Catholic priests - involved in 1st century Roman Empire orgies and subcultures.

These men have no belief or faith. They do not pray. The priesthood merely affords them comfort, security, prestige and cover and gives them access to more and more "meat".  

They truly are "wolves in sheep's clothing" - and even that description is not strong enough and is unfair to the wolf species. 

And some of them become bishops, archbishops and cardinals.

This is one - if not the most serious issue - causing the decline of the RC Church.



The blog has received a number of communications about Clonard Monastery in Belfast - nearly all of them asking questions about the rector - Father Noel Kehoe.

For some reason some of the correspondents refer to the good rector as "Nasty Noel" ! Is that really fair?

Two common questions come up.

1. Did family connections of Father Kehoe get appointed as the contractors on recent work in Clonard?

2. Are the new fleet of Clonard cars provided by a family car firm?

Father Noel is a Redemptorist and the Redemptorists have a reputation for being holy men and just men.

So I would imagine that any accusations of nepotism are absolutely unfounded. 

It might be no harm though if Father Noel made a statement about these unfounded accusations and put the rumour mongers to shame.



  1. Are those 2 actors or real ordained priests in the photo ?

  2. There is a priest in Belfast who takes his girlfriend to all family gatherings
    They know them as a couple

    1. There are many priests in Down and Connor who "step out" in one way or another with their boyfriends od girlfriends.

  3. So what about the 2 priests in a recent blog
    Their girlfriend's on here and you Pat comforting them
    So it's ok to be a hypocrite ? If you in love.
    Sean P left when he fell in love and took the consequences

    1. I think "comforting" is too strong.

      In one case the priest was leaving?

      In the other they were not having sex?

      In general, until the RC crowd change the rules people like Sean P are doing the honourable thing.

    2. So what was the intimacy she typed about.
      Oral sex ?
      Just sleeping together hands clasped ?

      Intimacy Is how married couples behave...having been married for 54 years,that's how I saw it

    3. No we do not have oral sex. We don't have any sex. We haven't even shared a bed. We hold hands, we kiss, we hug. We have intimate conversations wherein we show that we care for one another beyond just being close friends. We would both love to have sex with each other but we know it is the final boundary. You might argue enough boundaries have been crossed that the last hardly matters. Maybe intimate is the wrong word, but put it this way, we wouldn't do what we do in front of parishioners out of respect to them in that they would find it inappropriate even though it is the lowest form of two people who care for each other showing affection. I'm not sure your belittling tone was necessary.

    4. I am quoting the priest's intimate 'mistress' - " we wouldn't do what we do in front of parishioners out of respect to them in that they would find it inappropriate even though it is the lowest form of two people who care for each other showing affection".
      I see, but you have no problem doing it in front of God? Is that appropriate? Or do you think he's out chasing the wolves while your been molested and kissed by one?! Come on, get real darling. Playing with fire leads to serious burns and disfigurement.
      Kissing is a form of oral sex-play resulting in full sexual arousal or do you put a spin on that too?! if you are not doing it to each other then no doubt you are both doing it to yourselves - defiling the holy temple (your bodies) where God resides. He must be thrilled; and with his priest.
      To do it in front of God shows complete lack of respect for him who created you. You are the local Eve, and like her, your mistake is engaging with the serpent - don't worry if you have't met him yet, you will, as he'll show his face soon. You can't miss him, he'll be wearing a helmet but I'm pretty sure you've already shook hands with him.
      Good luck Miss Blindside. Oh by the way - you know your sweet loverboy priest is already married when he entered a spiritual nuptial with God and his Church at ordination - so adultery has been committed. I suspect you are also married but finding comfort in Father who is there for all your intimate conversations and tongue wrangling. Marvellous really! Belittling tone is fitting for such a set-up. S

    5. You talk in so many riddles I'm losing track of what I'm being accused of. In any event I will let God judge me, not you. Yes I have done this before God and he knows all that I do in all areas of my life and what is in my heart. You keep making this very 'dirty and sexual'. I think that says more of you than me. I see you hope for the worst for me and the priest in question. Maybe your prayers will be answered. And then will you be happy? Will you lose the anger, hatred and punitive and sanctimonius manner when that happens? Let's both hope that is the positive outcome of this terrible love situation.

    6. @22:50
      So these two folk are not using their relationship to bully anybody, nor do they use it to exclude others from priesthood or marriage.

      You assume much about their activity, assume this lady is married, you belittle and name call.

      Perhaps their circumstances are not ideal. But the harm appears only toward the promise of celibacy (and even that is loose given that they appear to remain chaste). A priests promise is between God and him; you are quite simply not involved.

      However my opinion on this is worthless, I only popped by to invite you to draw pictures in the sand rather than casting more stones. You have spoken about meeting Satan, let us all be more concerned with meeting God.

  4. If a senior priest has family members in the business of whatever needs doing
    It is incumbent on him to ensure that an advert is placed so that the best contract is obtained...even if this monastery Is a private business.
    I wd imagine the monastery Is run as a company, so it should be open to scrutiny
    But then knowing how people of RC orientation tend to coverup and have no moral is possible that the 'who you know! technique was used here

    1. I once knew a bishop who insisted on particular architects, contractors etc and received many brown envelopes.

      I think that everything should be by tender and if any preference is shown it should be shown to parishioners who have supported the parish for decades.

  5. Even that Pat is frowned way should parishioners
    Be given preference
    Yes Tender it is where communal
    Work is being done
    I could tell you a story or two...but better not.
    Sure that bishop had no business doing that, he doesn't own anything, he is a servant to Christ....all churches and buildings in any R C area belonged to the people...and everything should be transparent
    Now could you cite me anything within the R C peoples That is open to scrutiny

  6. There is a surveyor/architect in D&C who is using a friend to get some church renovation work in D&C. The contractor helped renovate the architect/surveyors friend's holiday home in France at a knock down price and are often wining and dining together. It's a case of you scratch my back and I'll wine and dine you and do renovations for you in France on the cheap. There is no transparency or anything put out to tender. An outrage.

    1. Well the parishioners
      need to step up to the plate and ensure that all work is done legally
      I hope theses parishioners have consciences and are not complicit to wrong
      doings.....they will be exposed if not by the previous poster by others
      Nothing goes unnoticed in this day and lookout
      D andC

  7. So his friend is a priest ?
    A parishioner maybe could be used,if when tenders are in, he offers to do it much cheaper using parishioners to help...but only if it fairly uncomplicated painting a church
    It is possible that some would do voluntary work too on restorations

    1. If you read my contribution properly I made no mention of a Priest. The work being carried out is far from uncomplicated. As far as doing voluntary restoration work, wake up. You get nothing for nothing in this world today.

  8. Can 15.16 show any examples where this nod and wink system has been in evidence or where there is a suspicion of it happening relating to work being awarded in D &C.

    1. I can, I've provided Bishop Pat with the name of one Church in question. There are others.

  9. I keep hearing the word 'bullying' on this blog. Can someone please define it - give examples of the behaviour? Why is this word used rather than 'harassment'?

    1. Both relate to unwanted behaviour designed to intimidate offend or injure a person, physically or emotionally.

      Harassment is generally applied to such behaviour when it relates to a particular characteristic such as age, gender, sexuality, race etc which are usually protected by anti discrimination/equality law.

    2. Thanks. That is my point, basically. Both relate to unwanted behaviour - apparently in Gaynooth it relates to sexuality, so would qualify as sexual harassment. Why then the word bullying? My point is that is a word that I have not heard since I was a child. It is a child's term. I think it is another indication of the essential childishness of the man-child folk involved in the place. That they don't think in terms of harassment, but instead 'Mammy, Mammy, I'm being bullied!".
      Jesus wept.

    3. Indeed perhaps it would be more accurate to refer to some of the behaviour going on as harassment, but bullying does exist and is recognised as an issue in the adult workplace too.

    4. In addition to Anon 19:28's post I would like to add the following reply.

      When it relates to one of the nine grounds (age, gender, etc) it is called discrimination. Discrimination is illegal in certain situations, such as employment. People can discriminate freely in their personal life should they choose to do so - not that I'm advocating that they do.

      Harassment is defined as the application of aggressive pressure or intimidation. Section 10 of the Non-fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997 provides for situations were harassment is illegal. These are

      acts of persistently following, watching, pestering, besetting or communicating with the victim such that;

      ( a ) he or she, by his or her acts intentionally or recklessly, seriously interferes with the other's peace and privacy or causes alarm, distress or harm to the other, and

      ( b ) his or her acts are such that a reasonable person would realise that the acts would seriously interfere with the other's peace and privacy or cause alarm, distress or harm to the other.

      ZeroTime; The essential basis of all criminal law is that we can live or lives in a safe and peaceful manner. We call this civilised society and it is what sets us apart from barbarians.

      When we consider harassment in schools or the workplace we generally use the term 'bullying'. Perhaps using this word 'bullying' in both contexts is reflective of a change in semantics whereby the word bullying has grown up with a generation who carried it into the workplace. Perhaps not. Either way every workplace I've ever worked in has had a bullying policy.

      Your closing remarks are simplistic. Should a victimised worker not go to a HR manager and report if they are being bullied? It does happen. Just like domestic abuse happens. That is the nature of human relationships. Damaged people damage others. The healthy interjection is a HR manager who stops the hurtful actions, informs the actor how their actions are damaging and puts in place the responses needed to ensure that the damage done to the victim is not lasting.

      You have a particular issue with the word being used in Maynooth. Yet here the formators and trustees have a hegemony. If a person is powerless and under the 24/7 authority of a person with unquestionable authority they may need to use that bullying policy.

      Alas Maynooth is the one established place I have never seen a bullying policy. Free reign was given; free reign was used. People were damaged. Vocations were destroyed. And a sizeable number of people ordained have left within 5 years of ordination or now have some interesting question marks over them simply because they were not prepared properly by Maynooth.


    5. What I wonder about is "Mammy, Mammy, I'm being bullied"; not "Mr. HR Manager, I'm being harassed." I've been in multiple workplaces where there are harassment policies; never came across anything about bullying. I know a covert-narcissist, who is also a Irish priest in his fifties. He was trained - if you want to call it that - in Gaynooth. He cries 'I'm bullied' where someone - a peer, mind you, not someone with power over him - is simply disagreeing with him. Simple speech acts, or perhaps small interactions, that he does not like. The other party has no power to enforce anything; he could leave at any time. He plays the victim, because in his mind, Baby is a victim, and so, "Mammy, Mammy, I'm being bullied." If the word 'harassment' were there, that exit for him would be closed and something of the reality of his own extremely immature behaviour would be disclosed to him.

    6. Both 'bullying' and 'harassment' have their own distinct definitions in terms of workplace behaviour - 'harassment' is defined as unwelcome behaviour as a result of a protected characteristic, such as gender, religion, sexual orientation etc. On the other hand, 'bullying' is generally defined as negative behaviour causing another to feel belittled, intimidated, threatened or afraid.

      Guidance on the North has been published not only by the Labour Relations Agency, but also by the HSE, given the health related impacts. As a HR Director, I can categorically state that it would be very much frowned upon for a workplace not to have a policy which addresses both. I have had the misfortune of dealing with very genuine instances of both over the years. Of course there are the 'chancers' who will claim bullying or harassment without understanding those terms. But the genuine instances inevitably involve vulnerable targets and they never fail to make me angry.

    7. Thanks HRD. That's good information there.

      My experience of Maynooth would match what you describe as bullying. It began with criticisms, normally unjust, personal and frequently factually inaccurate criticisms from my director of formation. It grew into outright contempt from him directed towards me. This triggered defensiveness on my part, which equally didn't help the situation.

      It culminated in my second psychological report - which is undertaken as a seminarian enters theology. This report stated that it was "clear that Maynooth was not capable of supporting young men in discerning their vocation". I was unique at that time by not going to the Oblete priest Fr Des O'Donnell for my second psychological report.

      I was taken on by another bishop who transferred me immediately to a different seminary which was an absolutely life giving experience, leagues ahead of what Maynooth was. The Director of Formation who bullied me is no longer a priest.

      ZeroTime would provably mock me (and my parents) too because I was bullied.


  10. The Kehoe family are most decent business people that contribute a lot to the work and life of the Church.
    Are they not intittled to business from the Church?
    The Kehoe family have at this time the task of dealing with their very ill mother, Pat show a little Mercy and compassion at this time.
    This is a dig to low that hurts dearly.
    I'm sure you wouldn't like your family demonised at a time of pain?

  11. If it's in anyway funded by lottery or ec funding, the answer is no
    We all have illnesses and other stuff going on in our lives
    Really we do

  12. One can be bullied
    even by how someone looks at you whilst you speak
    Google is excellent at giving examples.i have been bullied by how the one bullying me looks at me when I'm in a group
    Harassment can also be should try it sometime
    Just like we defined the Stockholme syndrome yesterday

    1. I must google passive-aggressive too

    2. Me too. Cos that is called Normal Adult Behaviour. People try to subtly attack, criticise you. Only the covert narcissists of Gaynooth, with their super-fragile egos, would consider Normal Adult Interactions, bullying.
      Pathetic. And they tell us - and themselves - that they are Spiritual Leaders ...

  13. Have to say pat, it looks like demonising. Obviously, someone has issues with him, but it all seems a bit bitchy! He works hard and spends as much time in hospital caring for his sick confrere. Nothing nasty there! I'd say give this a break.

  14. Pat is only asking for a statement of clarification.

    1. There's a time and a place to ask for clarification. A little common sense could have been applied here.
      An occasional reader/ Blogger on here but feeling bitterly disappointed at Pats onslaught on a family and Cleric in their time of distress.

  15. Understood that the restoration was completed in 2012 for around 3 million
    What part is being restored now?
    I'm never happy that so much money is spent on Rc churches, but I do know that Clonard has a long history....but even then away back in 1911 why was it necessary to build such a lavish place to worship and celebrate mass in? My mind is boggling here.i notice in Spain many churches are rundown and closed for most of the week
    I thought it disgraceful the amount of money spent on Longford cathedral that they Irish poor and homeless would have appreciated

    1. Wasn't Longford Cathedral paid for by the insurance company?

    2. Partly. And already there are problems with cracks etc !!!

    3. Most of the money for Longford cathedral was insurance money.when I hear people moaning about how money spent on worshiping god should go on the poor and homeless I ask why can't we give to both? we waste plenty of money on ourselves without too much anguish or regret.

    4. I think if we asked God he would tell us he needs nothing and to give it all to the poor???

  16. No one is entitled to business from any church
    Absolutely not 17 07

  17. As far as I can recall at mass one Sunday, we were told that all parishes had to give more to some Fund/ collection because of the Longford expenses
    This was said in an Armagh dioceses chapel
    Perhaps someone could I recall it was that all RC chapels insurance was going up something
    Like 3 gran a it probably wasn't a Fund/Collection
    I have great difficulty with this format, so I ain't going to delete first part
    Yes all chapel insurances we're going up by thousands
    Because of Longford fire...prob not the cost

  18. Tbh there are always plaster cracks in most buildings caused by temperature changes etc
    But after they repaired...say after a year...there shouldn't
    be any further cracking
    Anyways it was an absolute disgrace the amount of money spent on it

  19. I see that a burser Is required by Clonard
    Is it the church of the redeemer there that is being restored now?

    1. Apart from the cars etc Nasty Noel should be asked these questions also:

      I heard hundreds of thousands was spent on their organ restoration not too long ago.
      A new Director of Music was appointed about a year ago.
      Can the person appointed play the Organ?
      Was this position advertised and where?
      Were interviews held?
      Who was on the appointment panel?

      Interesting questions.
      But I'm sure no great

    2. The parts an parcels of running a modern day Church! I'm sure if the Old Organ needed money spent on it that it was carefully deliberated on by the Redemptorist family.

  20. Nuala..I'm not stating that we shouldn't
    be giving money to worship God
    I'm not moaning, I'm very angry at copious amounts of money being spent on ornate churches and stating that our Lord would not want a display of wealth
    And I'm very careful how I spend my money
    I have umpteen grandchildren
    Who will be needing a uni education....and who do you think is going to fund that, certainly not the ni government or the English gov or the R of I gov
    No it will be loans and more hardship
    for hardworking families
    No I won't be funding gaynooth.

  21. And I've never wasted money
    My professional salary was and still is disgraceful, but I loved my profession and was with it until I was 65
    No priest could do the hours I did.and I don't need any lectures about how I spend money on myself
    No I never did, I had my children to put through college so that lasted until they 22 or 3

  22. 22.06 Very interesting,so no H R manager present then?
    This is so wrong to spend large amounts of money, how many people approved of this
    I read on Google that lottery money was given
    In that case every expense should have got approval from a committee
    The bursar appointed will be interesting

    1. I'm sure that with most of the money been great aided that every spend would have been fully approved by a chartered Quantity Surveyor.
      People talking fresh air that they know nothing about.
      Don't see anything interesting about appointment of a Bursar, that's the norm in all well run Religeous communities, old news this!!!

  23. So does all parishes know that their chapel insurances went up by thousands because of the Longford fire.

  24. 18.22 now what is the health service coming to that a busy head of church has to CARE for an ill relative In hospital.
    Aren't you going over the top just a little ?

  25. Zero time is very far behind the times, if he/ she hasn't heard of bullying other than from kids
    Jesus wept indeed

  26. Lack of belief extends beyond the homosexual set within the Church (though I am certain that it has a strong hold among them). Someone I know in Ireland (an ex-religious who was asked to leave the order because he was 'too pious'!) goes to daily Mass and couldn't get to his own church during the week so went to one on his route to work. He attended for several months (just him, a guy in his forties, and several old ladies). One day the priest caught up with him on his way out and asked if he had time for a chat. They went to the presbytery for coffee. The priest asked him why he came to his church every weekday. The man thought that he was asking why he wasn't there on Sundays and on the parish register and explained. The priest said, 'No I am wondering why anyone would attend Mass every day'. My friend explained that he wanted the strength and graces available from the Mass to see him through each day. The priest said, 'So you believe all this stuff?' 'I certainly do', he said, 'Don't you?'. 'Not for years' was the reply 'But it's too late to do anything else'. I wonder what kind of homilies that priest gives?

    Another friend was in Lourdes and came across an English bishop who was very friendly and chatty and he was very impressed with him. At the end of the conversation the bishop said, 'So you're here because you actually believe the story about Our Lady appearing?' Said in a tone that clearly indicated that he didn't (he was shortly thereafter exposed in the press by an irate husband, resigned his diocese and has 'gone off the radar'). It's a mess and lack of belief by seminarians, priest and bishops is a major source of the rot. If they did believe, they would leave because they would know that the consequences of staying are (in eternal terms) too horrible to contemplate.

  27. (To poster at 00.00) Thank you for that.
    Never drop the habit of daily prayer even if it's sometimes short. (You can spend longer on a day when you're calmer or have more time)
    It is my experience that once we pull the plug on daily contact with God, things can start to unravel in our lives surprisingly quickly - - Cecily.