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Recently retired Knockbridge Parish priest, Fr Gerard McGinnity, has revealed how he is thinking of writing a book about his life and his role in highlighting problems at St Patrick's Seminary, Maynooth, days after Archbishop Diarmuid Martin revealed he is to send trainee priests from his diocese to the Irish College in Rome.

A series of senior bishops have backed the college amid allegations of a 'gay culture' in St Patrick's College. Archbishop Martin has withdrawn his trainee priests from Maynooth due to what he described as allegations of a 'homosexual, gay culture, that students are using an app called Grindr, a gay dating app'.

However, the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland, and Dundalk's parish priest, will continue to send trainee priests to Maynooth. A spokesman for Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin, the Primate of All Ireland, said the Archdiocese was 'extremely grateful to St Patrick's College, Maynooth, for the spiritual, human, pastoral and academic formation that he received therehis post after he raised complaints seminarians then had brought to him. Speaking to RTE Radio 1's News at One last week, Fr McGinnity he said the current controversy was 'like deja vu in many respects' and recalled what happened when he brought trainee priests' complaints to the hierarchy.
Fr McGinnity said: 'When they first came to me, they were six senior students, who were very mature and some had been in training elsewhere and came to Maynooth a little later in life.
'They had a good perspective and outlook and they are working well since in their dioceses. I took them seriously. They were afraid that they may be disciplined if they were not taken seriously. I relayed their concerns to a number of the (college) trustees at that time. It unfolded, in a nutshell, that I was deprived of my position. The person about whom they expressed concerns was promoted and later I had to resign etc. That's history, but they were proven true and I felt they should be taken seriously at the time.

'So what I would say to would-be whistle blowers (in Maynooth) is to be prepared for a difficult passage. It's very sad this has to be said but unless there is someone there to protect you, you may lose everything.
'It was appalling what occurred to me when I came back from enforced sabbatical I found efforts to discredit me and undermine my credibility'.

And Fr McGinnity said he 'thoroughly agrees' with the Dublin Archbishop. He added he had kept a diary during that turbulent time in Maynooth 'to preserve my sanity' and said he was 'aware of so much else and other individuals I felt it would be necessary to have that to keep the record straight'.

He said: 'I'm considering and thinking and praying about writing a book in the immediate future'.


In the 221 years of Maynooth there have been countless injustices done - including the horrific injustice done to Fr Gerard McGinnity.


Fr McGinnity was the dean when Monsignor Ledwith was president and was misbehaving sexually with seminarians.

Some students approached Fr McGinnity to complain about Monsignor Ledwith and Fr McGinnity - a good and just man - brought the complaints of the Irish Bishops. 

The answer of the Irish Bishops was to shaft Fr McGinnity and remove him from his role as dean.

The disgraced Bishop Eamon Casey tried to cover up the Ledwith affair helped by all his fellow bishops.


The job of decapitating Fr McGinnity was given to his bishop - Cardinal Tomas O'Fiach. In this case O'Fiaich proved himself to be a total COWARD.

He should have stood up for Father McGinnity and the whistle blowing seminarians. 


The incident proves that while many people regard O'Fiaich as having a heart - he certainly had no balls!

Father McGinnity deserves a MASSIVE PUBLIC APOLOGY from the Irish Bishops. Of course he will never get that - because there is not a true Christian or a  real man among them. 

There have been problems in Maynooth since the day it opened. In recent decades the problem seems to be focused on unsuitable priests in control of formation and a favoured gang of seminarians bullying other seminarians.

Maynooth needs to be CLOSED as a seminary and the building handed over to the Maynooth secular university as a hall of residence - or better still a centre for the homeless and refugees.

Father McGinnity. Write your book. Tell us the whole truth of the sordid affair in which they did for you and let Maynooth and the Irish Bishops once again hang their heads in shame!



The Punisher's torment: 

How Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's bloodthirsty war on drug dealers is driven by being sexually abused by a Catholic priest as a child

·         Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte was sexually abused as a child
·         Said his experience with the Catholic priest shaped his values as an adult
·         Is waging a brutal war on drugs in which over 3500 people have died 
·         'You destroy my country I'll kill you', he said in his first interview 
PUBLISHED: 04:14, 17 October 2016 UPDATED: 05:32, 17 October 2016

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was sexually abused as a child by a Catholic priest, a traumatic experience which now drives his bloody war on drugs.

In his first interview since taking office 100 days ago, President Duterte told Al Jazeera that his tumultuous childhood shaped his current beliefs and policies.

'It's what you get along the way that shapes your character'.

Known as 'the Punisher', Duterte first spoke about being sexually abused as a child during a press conference in December 2015.

He claimed he was 'fondled' by a priest in the late 1950s, while attending the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Davao High School.

At the same time he made the suggestion that he was not the only one to have fallen victim to his attacker, but said he did not report the abuse out of fear.

'I was young then and I was afraid of what would happen... How could we complain? We were scared,' Duterte said



  1. Some years ago when I was a seminarian, I considered complaining about a member of Maynooth faculty who was clearly 'coming on' to young seminarians whose own sexuality was completely undefined at that time. They were very immature and were not quite aware that they were being in a sense groomed.

    I and another seminarian visited Fr. McGinnity at his home and sought advice from him. He received us very kindly and explained what had happened to him and accurately predicted what would happen if a complaint was made such as we had discussed.

    Fr. McGinnity's prediction was entirely accurate. The seminarian who did make a complaint was thrown out of Maynooth within 18 months as a 'failed vocation'.

    Please write your book Fr. McGinnity. Maybe I and some others will do likewise.

    Pat, keep up your work which is in fact GOOD.

    That weasel in Armagh makes me SICK with his arse-licking and shameful uncritical support for Maynooth Chamber of Horrors.

    1. Did you know that a female weasal is called a "Jill"?

    2. Why don't you start by writing a brief summary of your time in Maynooth to be published here as an anonymous blog.

      Please think about it.

    3. I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that the Church has rotten bastards at its core.

      I'm still trying to mean it when I try to forgive a corrupt shower of bastards and pray for their evil souls.

      It would have been better never to have entered Maynooth because I might then have continued in a happier ignorance of how totally corrupt it and those who support it are.

      Too much negative emotion about it still. Maybe later.

    4. I fully understand :-)

      But I have discovered that there are three great ways to rid ourselves of strong emotions:




  2. I hope Fr McGinnity writes a book on what he experienced in Maynooth. All the Cowards need to be named in public and justice given to all who were dismissed and bullied.

  3. Definitely it needs to be closed but should not be handed over to the secular university - it should be sold to the highest bidder and the money used to fund an entirely new seminary. A fresh start is sometimes needed and that is what should have happened at the time of the Apostolic Visitation (an exercise which seems to have been a hugely expensive waste of money and time).

    I think now that Fr McGinnity has retired it really it time to write his memoirs - his diaries must be fascinating and would really shine the spotlight onto the current regime at Maynooth. He will be doing the faith a great service. I blame the pressures of his treatment by the Maynooth regime for his unfortunate association with that charlatan from Achill.

    Is Ledwith still with that new age gang in the States?


    1. Yes Ledwith is with that rich gang still.

      I often wonder if Fr McGinnity's association with the Achill lady is some form of protest?

    2. After such a total and terrible rejection by his own church I can understand him feeling happy any place where he was totally accepted and found some warmth, love and social intimacy. Who the f*** would blame him?

  4. I'm afraid this comment will seem flippant but among the covertly sexually active priests (not seminarians) mentioned here, not one of them is a looker. Not one of them has a personality that leaps out at you. They are without exception uninspired and uninspiring. I'm just wondering whether this lack had anything to do with them going into the priesthood.
    It's also noteworthy that the priests mentioned here who have whistle blown, stood up for principles, etc, do have personalities that leap out at you. They're also the ones who are frozen out...
    I think I've just sussed what formators are looking for...

    1. You mean "sissies" with little intellect, little spirituality, little principle looking for a safe place to practice their "gayness"?

    2. (Same anon)
      I didn't mean even that much personality actually!

  5. When Eamon Martin was Secretary General (such a grandiose title) of the Irish Episcopal Conference from 2008 to 2010 he was a fully paid up member of the Save Maynooth Campaign regardless of any of its previous or future horrors.

    Eamon Martin is the current President of the Irish Bishops Conference with oversight of Maynooth.

    The Vice(sic)-President of the Irish Bishops Conference is Diarmuid Martin, with shared oversight of Maynooth.

    If Diarmuid Martin had REALLY wanted to pull the plug on Maynooth, he could easily have said he no longer felt able to work in the Irish Bishops Conference while it was not safeguarding seminarians in Maynooth - that would have precipitated a mini-crisis which would have brought about change.

    Diarmuid Martin's temporary removal of his threesome from Maynooth represents an assault on Maynooth similar to a gnat's bite on the hide of a rhinocerous.

    These Housemartins should get together and sing Caravan of Love around the walls of Maynooth until they fall down - they or the walls - doesn't matter which.

  6. Anon 10:35

    If the Dublin ex-seminarian had not gone to the Gardaī to make a complaint Archbishop Diarmuid Martin would have continued in his conspiracy of silence which has extended throughout his 12 years in governance of the Archdiocese of Dublin, St Mary's Pro-Cathedral and Maynooth.

    These Archbishops aren't revolutionaries or reformers - they are bricks in the wall until they're six foot under.

    1. And when they become worm food they will be replaced by new "bricks" - and so ad infinitum........

  7. The only sure test of a man is how he deals with what life actually throws at him. If McGinnity had got his heart's desire he would today be sitting in Armagh with his red hat and we would all be laughing at him.

    1. Are you saying he was an accidental and reluctant challenger?

    2. The most inaccurate and unfair blog post I have seen on here in months.

    3. If Maynooth is proven to have been a Chamber of Horrors and if it is subject to a closure order all of the members of the current Irish Bishops' Conference will have to resign for abject failure to safeguard seminarians.

      In light of this 'appalling vista' does anybody really think they will cease to defend Maynooth?

    4. Please tell us why this is inaccurate and unfair?

    5. A bit like the Agony in the Garden period in Jesus' life, Father McGinnity considered exactly what sacrifice was going to be required when he stood up for the seminarians against the grand edifice of Maynooth and all of its history.

      He looked into that horrific prospect of suffering and entered into it willingly on behalf of the weak and powerless.

      When he was cast out as scapegoat in the Gaynooth affair he bore his Cross down the years and yet was not afraid to re-tell his story, aware that he was being buried in a backwater of a Parish on the border.

      I don't have a Red Hat but I take off an imaginary Red Hat in honour of his self sacrifice.

      He has not been afraid to give support and advice to seminarians down the years in his very house and never asking for confidentiality.

      If Sean Brady had acted as Father McGinnity did Brendan Smith would have been stopped.

      The difference between Shauna Brady and Father McGinnity is that Father McGinnity had BALLS.

    6. Pat, I think Anon 11.01 was referring to the post by Anon 10:55. Today's blog itself is a great blog, highlighting the suppressed.

  8. Who dares to know what is in a man's heart?

  9. Not at all. He challenged too soon and too recklessly.

    1. Can wrong be challenged TOO SOON?

      Is recklessness not one of the chief weapons of the prophet and the freedom fighter?

      Is diplomacy not a cancer of courage?

  10. Thank you to Fr McGinnity for your contribution to the Independent and the radio which has been relaid in today's blog. Moreover thank you for your contribution to helping expose the injustices of Maynooth. It never ceases to amaze me how clearly obvious the injustice done to you is, and yet no bishop has acted to resolve that injustice.

    I am a firm believer that the bishops have not read the Catechism of the Catholic Church - then again it is not on the syllabus in Maynooth either despite it taking 7 years to form a priest. The Catechism calls for restorative justice, yet the Irish Catholic Church once again fails to provide.

    One could also ask; what is the common factor in the injustices done to Fr McGinnity and the injustices in Maynooth in recent years? Certainly there have been a spate of new bishops in recent years, but up to about 5 years ago few of the Trustees were different to those who were Trustees in Fr McGinnity's time. Today there are still quiet a number of Trustees who remain the same as those who screwed over Fr McGinnity. We have a batch of bishops in this country who were all formed together and who are mostly in their 70's - some recently retired, some near to retirement and some overdue retirement. It is they who have built their little empires, forged out of an Ireland where 2,500,000 Catholics attended various aspects of the 1979 Papal visit. The product of their work are the many many empty seats that were seen at the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. This is more than a social change, this is an abandonment of faith because the Bishops have not led the Church according to the church's own teachings.

    The Papal visit to Maynooth was bound to fail. Why, because it only had remit to speak with present students or priests ordained out of Maynooth. It had no remit to speak to seminarians who left without being ordained for whatever reason. It was biased; and even with its bias it still found that much reform was needed. But is the problem the seminary? Not really - the seminary is problematic, but it is only a symptom of a dysfunctional bishops' conference.

    Mind you if you complain to the bishops conference the secretary is left with two options, ignore the complaint or follow the path of Fr McGinnity. Indeed the legend on Fr McGinnity's path was spoken about in Maynooth to as to quell the complaints of any seminarian - it they do it to the ordained they will do it to the seminarian.

    There can be no winners in this systematic culture of cover up.


  11. I hope this blog will be taking up a christmas collection for Puck and Georgeous

  12. I can predict with absolute certainty that if Father McGinnity writes a whistleblowing book Diarmuid Martin will authorise yet another cash settlement with non-disclosure deal attached to silence such a troublesome cleric.

    When it comes to the legion of non-disclosure agreements secured by solicitors acting for our Bishops in recent times, opacity is the word.

  13. How weird is it that a church preaching confession of sins with full disclosure in the part of the laity seeks so many non-disclosure agreements in relation to victims of various kinds!

  14. On numerous occasions recently I attended Devine Mercy prayer meetings in Monaghan with both Fr McGinnity and Archbishop Eamon Martin both Praying through the 'Devine Mercy' for healing and reconciliation within our wounded church, both fully acknowledging their prayers with mercy.
    Is that not what true Christian Clerics are supposed to do?
    I'm disgusted at your blog today and that of trying to use Fr McGinnity for your own gains.
    He's a man of real Christian values who now spends most of his time praying for us all to have a closer bonding with the sufferings of Jesus Christ and within his ministry of being a Catholic Priest.

    Pat your trying to take advantage of the wrong man, he'd be dismissed by these postings.

    1. The Fr McGinnity story ia a very public story and has been featured on much media including this blog.

      I do not need your permission to blog about matters in the public arena.

    2. Its DIVINE Mercy - not DEVINE mercy!

    3. Now why would they want to be seen praying in Monaghan? Was Charlie Brown there too?

    4. But probably the permission of Fr McGinnity out of respect for the man would have been good to have, I suspect not, he'd be mortified to be cast in the same league as you, fact!!!
      Why my permission?

      16.59 Why would Archbishop Brown be present? Not sure if he's any connection with Divine Mercy but I'm sure he'd embrace such prayful and spiritual gatherings, like his 2 brother Priests and the many other good Priests that attend such Prayer meeting.

      16.44 Thanks for the correction, predictive text!

  15. It's not just about praying for mercy and reconciliation. Father Brendan Smyth offered the Sacrifice of the Mass hundreds if not thousands of times while he was still abusing children. What Eamon Martin needs to do is to make the leap from prayers to action and up to now he has been an actionless supporter of Maynooth in spite of all the calls for mercy with justice.

  16. Pat Buckley is releasing information on something starting with the letter B, namely a Blog.

    Fr McGinnity has announced that he is going to release information on something starting with the letter B, namely a Book.

    What's the difference? Why criticise Pat for doing what Fr McGinnity has now announced he is going to do?

    Double standards!

    1. Fr McGinnity has only stated that he's 'considering' putting his story to a book, a huge difference from announcing that he is doing it.
      No double standards in my post, it's sadly your interpretation of it.

    2. But he stated it to the MEDIA !!!

    3. He stated that he is considering and praying about writing a book, there's a slight difference Pat.
      I'd say his book would be a good honest read, but suspect it would be written in a compassionate and merciful way as I know him still to be very supportive and protective of the Church and her institutions. He really is a remarkably spiritual Priest.

    4. Then why is he part of a prayer house condembed by the local archbishop?

    5. Point taken but I'm sure the Archbishop has softened with his approach to the prayer house which has to be welcomed and taken as positive.
      Would you not agree?
      I've been and prayed in that same prayer house.

    6. Neary has not softened at all. In fact Fr Mc Ginnity's association with the lady of the house gets him a bad name.

      Too much about money, millionaire houses etc.

    7. He says very little about it of late Pat, to be fair.
      He has come to realise that any gathering in Christ's name can only be good.
      Christine Gallagher on occasion has brought unnessary attention to the House of Prayer with her greed towards money and the want to amass huge amounts of it which goes against all of God's teaching.

  17. Is there really anything more we want to know about this old story from more than thirty years ago? A judge's report on it was published in 2005 and it figured again in the same year in the Ferns report. Cardinal Brady on behalf of the Maynooth Trustees expressed regret that Ledwith had not been fully investigated at the time and apologised to Father McGinnity and the seminarians.

    There are a number of errors in today's blog. Bishop Casey, for example, was not "disgraced" at the time in question. Nor was Ledwith President of Maynooth. The sudden resignation of his predecessor was not then in prospect and the most likely successor was in any case somebody else. The seminarians were moved to express their concerns about Ledwith because there were rumours (almost certainly unfounded) that he was about to be made bishop of Ferns. The substance of their concerns was his allegedly opulent lifestyle that they considered inappropriate for a priest. They had suspicions too regarding his sexual orientation but it is important to be clear that no allegations of sexual harassment or impropriety were actually made.

    Father McGinnity was given a year's sabbatical in Rome (a privilege surely) and then returned to his diocese to take up parish duties. Many will think it altogether extraordinary that a man who had been responsible for the formation of future priests should make such a fuss about being himself asked to do pastoral work. Not a good example at all for him to take on so about the "damage" to his "career".

    1. Recently in St Patricks Cathedral Armagh there was a Diocesan Mass concelebrated by Archbishop Eamon, Cardinal Sean with Fr McGinnity as guest speaker, I for one didn't feel any tension or ill feeling from anyone either at Mass or the social gathering for all afterwards.
      Just three men spiritual embracing one another.
      Pat trying to boil the pot again with his ever ending rants about a church trying it's best to move on from a somewhat rocky past.

    2. @20:28
      What you reflect is positive news indeed, but two points to note.

      If a man is disgrace a man on the national level it is insufficient to rectify this on a local level.

      Secondly there is merit in considering this situation given that if the bishops can now acknowledge that they got that wrong then why oh why are they clearly repeating their mistakes today?

    3. 20.28
      Who was a disgrace? If your referring to Cardinal Brady that's only crime was to implement the farcical rules and regulations that was indictive of the Church at that time.
      If a priest had of asked me 40 years ago to climb a tree, I like many others probably would have tried it, that was the times we lived in, thankfully that era has now changed and so has the Church and it's moral thinking.

  18. Am I not the quare boy this night sitting,yet again, in my big soft chair having a laugh at all the religious fanatics and apologists getting their knickers in a twist over a church that couldn't give two f***s about them and a load of pompous twats in purple attire whose principal functions are the protection and enrichment of the RC church's assets, the suppression of dissenting voices and pleasing of their masters in Rome.
    Anyway as I wasn't relieved on Sunday ( or for many a Sunday) of a couple of quid to keep the boys in black in this area in a great standard of living for little effort I just used it to buy myself a wee half bottle of Bushmills.
    So a wee toast to all you clerical lackeys. " Catch yourselves on and God bless"
    Nite nite from North Antrim.
    Dalriada Dick

    1. 19 13 and 19.16
      Methinks you doth protest too much...putting up 2 posts too lol

  19. Sorry I ment 19.13 and 20 .28

    1. Am I not entitled to my opinion be it for or against Pats blog?
      Is a blogger not entitled to a differing opinion 21.36?

  20. Your opinion and I respect that. Have I not the right to post twice on this blog? Freedom of speech?

  21. How can the rc church move on, if it hasn't cut out he cancerous cells.
    What they have done so far is just covering up using the odd patch here and there.
    Just not good enough.
    Fr mc Ginnity Getting a year off to tour around Rome, I'm quite sure that Rome was not what he has envisaged when he tried to get the gaynooth abuses noted and death with.

  22. Fr mc ginnity is a good priest. He was treated in a disgraceful way by clerical creeps in maynooth and by members of the irish hierarchy. Unfortunately he is also involved as spiritual director with the notorious Christina gallagher of the achill house of prayer. This charade has been exposed in various media reports so I won't elaborate here It's a terrible pity fr mc ginnity continues to be associated with this nonsense which is deeply corrupt and damaging to authentic catholicism.
    The wounded healer. as fr mc ginnity's former superior, never asked him to end his links with Ms gallagher. Me thinks the bishops are afraid to say anything to him now lest they get attacked by the media.

  23. Nuala, I think that Fr mc Ginnity
    got psychologically damaged by that debacle in gaynooth....and yes so sad that achill happened to him.....But the hierarchy, imo, love this, so they can say at least to themselves....'' Who is going to believe him now'''
    But let me reassure them WE WILL BELIEVE HIS BOOK,when it arrives

  24. Bishops continue to bury their head in the sand. Eventually they will suffocate.

    "The case of Dr Ledwith is stranger. In 1994, an allegation was made that he had abused a 13-year-old boy in 1981, a matter which Ledwith disputes, claiming that he did not meet the boy until after his 15th birthday. In any case, Ledwith settled with the boy and his family, paying a sum of money with no admission of liability and with a confidentiality clause. After the boy had had a meeting with Bishop Comiskey, the diocese of Ferns paid for ‘intensive counselling’ for him and his family. In 1983 and 1984, when Ledwith was vice-president of Maynooth, there were complaints to bishops about him from the seminarians, relating to his ‘orientation and propensity’ rather than any ‘specific sexual activity’. When a senior dean at the seminary continued to make these complaints to the bishops, he was asked to produce a victim. When he could not, he was removed from the seminary."

    Dr. Ledwith's current 'guru' preaches (amongst other weird things) the following: “Thus the one who needs to molest and the one who needs to be molested—because he needs to understand it—are brought together for the experience. In the understanding called God, nothing is evil.”
    - JZ Knight’s "Ramtha—The White Book."
    Which might be considered convenient in certain circumstances.
    Dr. Ledwith (who was considered for the Archbishopric of Dublin) was under the influence of this 'teacher' while a leader in Maynooth (we paid for his travels to the US for his 'training' no doubt) and now he apparently travels the world teaching this stuff. You couldn't make it up!

  26. Thank you Nuala, see it takes us women to read into how some males thinking takes shape.We are not easily fooled.

  27. Hi Pat, can you do a search and find out how much of our money has been paid out over the years because of people, mostly so called clergy, abusing other people?Thank you for your very informative

  28. Baha'i
    Religion....Pat why are so many Catholics
    turning to this Religion!

  29. When I consider how my light is spent
    Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
    And that one Talent which is death to hide
    Lodged with me useless, though my soul more bent
    To serve therewith my Maker, and present
    My true account, lest He returning chide,
    "Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?"
    I fondly ask. But Patience, to prevent
    That murmur, soon replies, "God doth not need
    Either man's work or his own gifts. Who best
    Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state
    Is kingly: thousands at his bidding speed,
    And post o'er land and ocean without rest;
    They also serve who only stand and wait.