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According to one of the Blog's sources inside Maynooth the Acting President - Fanny" Mullaney gave the opening pep talk this year to the seminarians as HUGH CONNOLY is somewhere on "sabbatical".

Father Mullaney earned his nickname "Fanny" when he taught in Thurles' Seminary where the seminarian Michael Deegan RIP committed suicide.

One seminarian said was a tough talk during which, he said, Fanny threatened "legal action" against "any student who brings the college, it's staff, or students into DISREPUTE!

Is this true?

Is that not a bit like closing the stable door when the horse has already fled?

Maynooth is now called GAYNOOTH by the Irish population and therefore the college is ALREADY in disrepute.

The ex seminarian who recently made a statement to the Garda says that he and his father were threatened with legal action during a meeting with Hugh Connolly and Fanny Mullaney?

The staff have been criticised publicly by many - and criticised implicitly by ARCHBISHOP DIARMUID MARTIN when he removed him seminarians from there.

It is also obvious that some of the seminarians are is disrepute for being on gay dating apps like Grindr, Fabguys and Gaydar and for having gay sex with each other and lay students and others.

Other current and former seminarians who are "straight" or who wanted to be celibate were bullied by the gay mafia and some of them have left - on some like poor Conal McGonagle from Derry who MISUNDERSTOOD what two seminarians were doing in bed together have been expelled! 

In the meantime someone has gotten around to change the "personnel" page on the Maynooth website.

Father Marsden who resigned in protest over Conan's dismissal is GONE!

There seems to be a NEW NUN?


But in all other respects it is BUSINESS AS USUAL!



While we are on the question of Dublin priests - does anyone know anything about the DISAPPEARED Dublin priest - Father Gabriel Slattery?


A few years ago he was the parish priest of Clontarf and then he disappeared into thin air!


He is no longer even listed on the Dublin diocese website among the alphabetical "S's"

  • Shortall, Bryan
  • Shortall, Michael
  • Simpson, Michael
  • Sinnott, John
  • Smith, Sean Canon
  • Smyth, Derek
  • Smyth, Patrick

  • He was a very handsome young priest and a great favourite  of Archbishop McQuaid and Monsignor Tom Fehily.


    Anyone know anything?






    1. Hard to make any sense of it all

    2. Fanny is detached from reality, like the rest of the Gaynooth Goons.

    3. Cover ups, threats and lies. All very Christian, ain't it?

    4. These unscrupulous priests have no idea of the damage they are causing.

    5. Fanny can threaten "legal action" until the cows come home. The reputation of Gay/Maynooth is in tatters on account of the behaviour of certain students and some staff.

      Fanny's threats are risible and pathetic. Where are Paul the Pry-er's threats of legal action some months ago? Not another dicky-bird from his solicitors.

      The game is up and the gay goose is cooked. They are just too stupid, arrogant and stubborn to cop on. Already, they are a sick joke in the eyes of both Christian and secular Ireland.

      The Catholic Church in this country, once again, is in for one absolutely massive hammering, caused by the incompetence and unworthiness of the very personnel, charged with the gravest of responsibilities, before God, to give right leadership and true service.

      The "top" is full of dead wood, corruption and utter rottenness. The ones 'at the top' are paralysed by compromise, cluelessness and stupidity.

      And what a nice introduction to priestly formation for new seminarians?? Threats of "legal action"??

      Sorry Fanny old girl, if you had even a modicum of decency - never mind fear of God, you and your fellow goons would exit the stage immediately and spend the rest of your days, in quiet penance, for the disrepute that YOU AND YOUR ILK have already brought crashing down upon May/Gaynooth - a scandal and a disaster - from which - Ireland's national seminary will probably never recover.

      Weary priest,


    6. @10,38 People have recourse to legal action if they feel it is being denied to them.
      Are you trying to take that away from Irish citizens?

    7. How is the bishops pyjama party going at Gaynooth or is it dragqueen fest?.

    8. It ended yesterday.

      They all went home until the next time.

    9. Picure of Ab Diarmuid Martin on fb arch of Dublin visitinh the hilarion metropolitan in Moscow. Maybe Georgeous is with him too.

    10. How many new students this year ? how many are there altogether?

      Did they have to have a degree from another university BEFORE they were accepted.
      How much off parish money is given to Maynooth?

    11. Pat, am I right in saying that publicly the bishops acknowledged there are problems in Maynooth, but that privately this week in Maynooth itself, their leader, Eamon Martin, has said that it is all "nonsense"? If this is the case the sheer contempt and arrogance with which he is treating the Irish laity is breathtaking.

      The bishops are typical of your contemporary lying politicians: spew the nice-sounding sound bytes for the public and media while behind closed doors sneer and laugh at the gullible fools, i.e., in this case the endlessly suffering Irish laity.

      It's business as usual in Maynooth and the Irish Church, so they think. Only it's not "business as usual" anymore. Through the Internet, thank God, people can access the truth for themselves.

    12. You are right and this is what Eamon Martin is saying !!!

      YES. We have the TRUTH available here on the internet :-)

    13. Was Eamon Marins talk published in any newspaper....It should be published
      Did he really say that the goingons was

      1. Yes he did. He said it was:


        And a misunderstanding of an incident - Conan finding the two seminarians in bed.

        According to Eamon they were in bed together but not having sex :-)

      2. In other words they were cold and to save the college heating bill they were just keeping each other warm :-)

      3. Is this the Eamon Marin who was once Irish College Rector. It is alleged a big clean up took place during the time or at the end of his time as rector. However rumours aren't substance

    14. Pity help the priest who makes a mistake (that he might deeply regret) if this blog gets wind of it - it will be splashed all over the internet for busybodies to read all the delicious detail. No chance for regret, for maintaining dignity - nope - reputation finished there and then. Tis indeed a year of mercy.

    15. It's the usual nonsense Pat of protect the Institution and reputations at all costs. Sure human lives and souls are only collateral damage in the sick proud process.

      I am convinced of this: God will allow the Irish Church to practically disappear because of their pride and lies.

    16. Aye, so much for the Irish anti-Catholic providing the truth!! Maynooth frightened the shite out of them with a muzzling order, like they try to frighten the shite out of everybody else!

    17. 11:24, pity the poor seminarian who wants to give his life to God and the Church and is destroyed on entering Maynooth... Pity the laity who sacrifice themselves for their priests who don't want to sacrifice in return, even though that's what they were ordained to do.

      It seems like that pity is indeed the problem - too much self-pity among the Irish clergy.

    18. Told ya! We need an X Files Dept.

    19. I think Eamon Martin should be taken to task over that remark
      Can u get a journalist to interviewe him for us laity
      11. 24
      Pity help us all who are taken for a ride every Sunday
      We once had a priest who asked for money every single week

    20. MourneManMichael7 October 2016 at 12:07

      Dear 'Weary Priest' above: your comment and indeed your pseudonym seem born of experience, knowledge and a heartfelt concern rather than an inherent negativity evident in certain other comments of the one liner variety.
      Using a New Testament / gardening type analogy: it's a sorry sight to see so many useful productive plants smothered by useless weeds. But the Gardner knows the true value of all his plants.

    21. MMm nothing wrong with one liners
      I'm still wanting to know how many new students and I want to know if my weekly envelope is in any way used to support this scandal

    22. Msgr Tom Fehily - there's a blast from the past - old preying queen. He used to hang around Gaynooth quite a bit in the 1980s - a friend of Ledwith. He'd always have an excuse - he was making some historical investigation, gathering something for his parish on Iona Road, lol - yea, another young man.

      1. Fehily was also commander of THE ARCHBISHOPS CORPS a scout like uniformed band of good looking boys.

        He also appointed me as Dermot Ryan's BATMAN for the day of his installation in Dublin.

        He was also a buddy of Eamon Casey.

    23. Deary Weary Priest, it is great to see a member of the Presbyterate making a searingly honest and humble appraisal of the Maynooth debacle. If the bishops and Maynooth hierarchy would publicly make a sincere apology to the Irish laity it would go a long way to repairing the damage done to the public's perception of the priesthood and seminary formation.

      But they won't. Why? Because of that old primeval pride by which they are gripped.

      I have read many self-referential comments here trying to ascertain the origins of homosexuality. Who cares! Whether you are homo-, hetero-, or asexual and you want to be a priest, for goodness and God's sake just do it! And stop whinging and whining about celibacy.

      It appears that these seminarians and priests have way too much time on their hands to be dillydallying on apps such as Grindr. The recent scandals make a mockery of the oft repeated assertions of priests being overworked. I think the priesthood is a vocation where there is plenty of work if you want it; and it can be an easy life if that's what you want.

    24. One wonders if there is link between proud clerics not wanting to "fess up" and the ever diminishing lines of laity going to Confession..? One wonders indeed...The sheep follow the shepherds.

    25. Until celibacy is abandoned seminarians should not be having sex..nor should priests ,no matter what orientation.
      If you want to have sex then join Pats Catholic 's church....don't think the pay will be good though or the congregation, so that will be a non starter then.
      Go to a different faith that allows sex...if you can't keep it in your trousers.

    26. Tell us more about the Archbishop's Corps, Bishop Pat. This sounds very interesting. Was this an outfit from McQuaid's time? How did the good looking boys fare?


    27. Thinking about confession
      I haven't been since a day trip to lough Derg in 2014

    28. So acting President Rev. Mullaney is supposed to have threatened "legal action" against "any student who brings the college, it's staff, or students into DISREPUTE! Did he by any chance say that this treatment would also be meted out to any staff member, or patron who has already /or who would in the future bring the Seminary into disrepute? Probably not!

      Also, did I read that Eamon Martin said the walls of Maynooth seminary exude prayer or some such waffle [ I can't find the exact quote at the moment ]. It's such a great pity that the same walls can't talk!! What truths they could tell.

    29. So he threatens legal action to a new student
      Think that should be a header in the SUNDAYS
      Do these new students parents know he said that
      Or were they away home at this stage

    30. I think celibacy shouldn't automatically be equated with sex. I think many people can forego a sexual relationship either through sublimation or even self-gratification. Sometimes older people marry. Many do so mainly for the sense of belonging and emotional security which comes with comapanionship. Two is better than one generally speaking. It probably even makes economic sense on a purely practical level.I think a lot of priests abandon ministry because they don't feel they belong to an institution which values them as a parent or spouse might. They don't trust their PP, certainly not their bishop, and even some parishioners. Most parishioners are indifferent anyway and just see the church as a service provider like any other. There are usually a few parishioners who will support the priest but at the end of the day he is on his own. Some men can handle this well. Others go off the rails- drink, women, men etc. It takes a certain maturity to live this lifestyle. On the one hand a priest is a public figure who has to involve himself in deeply emotional and personal matters in the lives of parishioners. On the other a priest has his private life and his own personal demons to contend with as well all have. What does he do with all this projected energy? He can't deflect it off a spouse or a significant other. The danger happens when all this pent up energy is diverted in the wrong direction. Celibacy for a monk is fine and even commendable but one wonders how it can truly benefit the typical diocesan priest, especially one who is caring and sensitive, and easily affected by the sufferings of others.

    31. The fact is a priest can leave all the parishioners woes behind when he closes his door and relaxes
      Yes they do need a great big chunk of maturity...but there are other people coping with life events daily...and getting on within
      A priest can have a round of golf...and many otherrelaxingstuff...most family's just don't have that privilege,they might just manage to be ina football club and an annual holiday, but always have the family to care for.
      Don't understand your first sentence14.52. To be celibate you don't have sex, and if u don't have it you won't miss it
      We have many bachelors and spinsters and they very happy people...although may be inclined to be very selfish by nature

    32. Isn't it time then to get rid of celibacy
      Just do it
      No point whinging about it...what have you actually done to have it abandoned?
      Have a refenderum...get it brought into every debate you guys have
      Us laity can change stuff within the must come from within
      Well maybe we can, but you should talk about it in your Sunday homilies...then get censured by Eamon, they we can all protest against the censure.
      Personally I think all priests should be allowed to have a wife or partner..earn money doing a paid job
      Bishops are unnecessary....sorry Pat, you made a big mistake there...give it up and become a humble pastor

    33. Well now Anon @ 15:18 we're into a whole new ball game!
      'We have many bachelors and spinsters and they very happy people...although may be inclined to be very selfish by nature ' First of all I really dislike the terms 'bachelor' and 'spinster' - mostly used now in this more enlightened age as a legal term, I think. What an outmoded presumption that 'bachelors' and 'spinsters' don't have sex. LOL. And then the smugness, ignorance, generalization, stating that they 'may be inclined to be selfish by nature.'!!
      Many people choose to marry and other choose not to marry. That choice in itself doesn't make them selfish or indeed automatically unselfish. Men and women can end up unselfish or selfish for lots of reasons, but how simplistic to cite marital status as a determinant.

      1. To 15.58 Absolutely! You're so right!

    34. Maybe I'm am being simplistic, but keep your hair need for Omg
      had lots of aunts and uncles (stay single) if you prefer...bachelor and spinster were terms used and still are whither you like it or not
      Yes I do know it used by the legal eagles
      And yes they were mostly ....a me me me in their outlook. Very selfish. Nothing smug or ignorant about me...I assure you
      Just saying as I saw it...did they have sex...don't think so, but sure I'm only saying what I observed.

    35. The new NUN in Maynooth is from St Lukes centre in Manchester where the pre interview phyc evaluation is completed.

    36. Celibacy is not the issue, those entering formation for the priesthood know the sacrifice.

      The issue here is not homosexuality but a wicked homosexual cabal where good men living in honesty and truth who want to live the life compatible with the priesthood are bullied out by evil men.

      Why Why Why are they continuing to get away with this bullying?

    37. Well rise up and stop them
      Ask all those bullied to stand together and stand in front of Fanny
      Is he going to sue them all
      Is he going to sack them all
      They need to get together...not stick their heads in the sand

      Celibacy seems to be non existent for the gay u call them

    38. There is reportedly a massive shortage of students studying to be Lutheran Pastors in Germany and Austria. The number of evangelical theology students has fallen, in less than 25 years, from 26,000 to 2,400. As the 'baby boomers' retire parishes are unable to find replacements (sound familiar).
      Pastors may, of course, marry and are quite well paid because of the German Kirchensteur (Church tax on members collected by the state). Perhaps some of the people spoken of on this blog may wish to learn German and move there (they don't need to believe very much and won't need to go to confession).

    39. Anonymous at 18:14 - the new nun in Gaynooth - yes, she was in Manchester and Rolla in Rome before that. She's from Tipperary - Cashel diocese - an O'Reilly appointment?

    40. Well the nun on the staff will be the death knell for any good formation. I'll correct that - the formation was always rubbish so I suppose she couldn't possibly make it any worse. Ever since they introduced psychological testing and evaluation based on a load of new-age psychobabble crap which we then have to suffer (yes, suffer - it's that painful) throughout formation, all we have had is scandals and problems. Chuck the psychobabble in the bin and get back to mortification of the flesh and spiritual growth. I have a pathological aversion to the word 'spirituality' now as it conjures up painful memories of pan pipes and 'sacred spaces', may the Lord preserve us.


    41. Sean Baptist - she will fit in perfectly in Gaynooth - she is a .....

    42. Back in the day down Limerick way, there was a young gay,
      Hair dresser and tall, always on call,
      Priested he was, but Donal knew all,
      No more on call and not having a ball,
      Good life he lived and esteemed by all,
      That in the Fall he got the call,
      To go to Rome to clean the hall!

    43. Sr Cait is a great appointment. She trained with the Famous Jesuit, Rullla. Maybe people will give out about her, maybe Pat will give out about her. All I'll say is they are anti-feminist if they give out about her.

    44. @21.30 What are you on about?
      I'm lost????

    45. Fr. Slattery is now doing aroma therapy in a private sports injury clinic in Dublin

    46. @20.54.... you leave a blank.... do you want to fill in the dotes .....

    47. I am a single man and I feel comfortable with myself being single. I don't know why some people on this blog are giving out about bachelors.
      I'm also a gay man and I currently don't desire being married. Maybe I might meet the right person some day. I see it as very much my own private life. That's my thought for the day given over.

    48. Well Good luck to Fr Slattery, why was his name brought up here at all?

    49. There are a lot of 'blog police' in here tonight!

    50. Has anyone got a positive story to tell. The weekend is coming and listening to the comments on today's blog sure your head would be away with the fairies. Not that there is anyone wrong with being away with a fairy. :)) Only joking, lol, fellow travelers on the journey of life I bid you good night and God bless.

    51. How did Fr Slattery get from being the pp of Clontarf to giving massages in a private clinic?

    52. And to you my friend in the faith, with so much hate in the world let's not bash each other up on this blog. enough hate, and worry and stress, Spread peace not war. Chill and leave it all up to God. It's in his hands.

    53. Pat, are you for real? He did a course like everyone else. I sometimes wonder at your motives, Pat. do you find people like to give out about you? I try to stand up for you but you make it very hard at times.
      Maybe you have had a stressful day?

    54. Maybe he has physiotherapy skills or massage skills
      At least he is earning a crust, much better than living off the collection plate.

      Have heard that another man who was once a pp went to work ina flower shop
      Nice to know that there are jobs out there and some aren't afraid to get on with it

      Now aren't these positive stories 2234

    55. Would be nice if Pat did a few stories of Priests/religious who are happy in the new vocation after a religious vocation. The Maynooth story and so forth are a bit played out.
      It would be healthy to hear of a few successes, not just the gay bashing on this blog that was made by a previous commentator.

    56. Yeah, there is enough scandal in the world and I think that Pat is about all that kind of stuff to be honest. There has to be plenty of priests and nuns who are a lot more happy in themselves than all this talk about sex. It's like sex therapy in here at times. No need to watch a porn show, all you have to do is go onto a blog.

    57. Michael Harding was good craic on the late, late tonite
      He was a priest for 5 years

    58. more positive stories would be great, Pat, might not like it. I'd say the sex sells and he likes to get the hits on here.

    59. I am sorry that I missed Michael Harding, Is he the chap from Cavan? What was his story?

    60. sometimes I think people use this blog to vent their anger. It's like a magnet to them. The sad thing is it just leaves them feeling more angry. I agree with the call to have more positive stories. This is meant to be a spiritual blog after all. If you wanted some sex/porn go somewhere else.

    61. @21:48 - Irish College - vice rector

    62. 23.23
      I think you have got sex therapy and porn mixed up.
      Re read what you posted

    63. Dejected Cashel priest8 October 2016 at 00:01

      in the past few days on here, someone mentioned Clifford of Cashel and a car incident. This is serious stuff. Does anyone know more about this? He was bad, a tyrant and thug, but even I thought he'd have the decency to remain at the scene of an accident

    64. Lol. Michael Harding is one of the good Cavan guys who got away, unlike the Brady Bunch - the Wounded Healer, Pauly Prior and Rear Enda, now in the Curia in the place of the ousted James O'Brien. The vindictive healer shafted O'Brien for one of his own.

    65. Is this O'Brien from Cloyne? He made a lot of enemies among the boyos. The Wounded Healer spent years trying to shaft him and he got him in the end. The Cloyne monsignor is a wily one and a real survivor. How did Shawny B bring him down finally? He probably pinned some shit on him from the Irish College mess... Dolan's inquisition, Bergin's downfall... and all that

      1. In fairness, O'Brien is a total nut job.


      Regards, Maynooth student.

    67. Rear Enda is a knight of the Holy Sepulchre and the Wounded Healer is the Irish Grand Prior. Fancy that!A version of the Archbishop's Corps for older folk?

    68. Ah now, Jaysus, poor Enda isn't a bad ould sod. I mean it's said Bergin wrote his doctorate, and all that, and he could do without being associated with that liturgy queen in Gaynooth ...'darling' or 'mother' or whatever he calls himself these days...Puck's Thomist friend. But, now lads, leave Enda alone. He must owe his meteoric rise to the curia to some innate talent.

    69. Pat, you are a fierce man, surely priests are entitled to have their own private without the former Catholic, inspector Buckley, the former catholic chasing after them.
      You think you do so to take the high moral ground but all you are doing is spreading hate- You must live a very lonely life, unable to control yourself so you are trying to control everyone else.
      Pity you.

    70. Only a dying institution, with no defense, threatens 'criticism' with legal action. Rather that respond and reform in the face of critizm, they wish to silence it. Fanny has spent so many years cultivating the right image, connections, positions, he will do anything to protect that! With so many empty mitres about he does not want to see all his efforts end up in flames. All these years he has spent having no opinions or thoughts of his own, an empty Episcopal throne in sight and wham! Some bloody up starts start questioning the maynooth aristocracy! How dare they!:set the legal guard dogs in them!

    71. fucking priests x