Monday, 24 October 2016



At least TWO IRISH BISHOPS have begun withholding some clerical appointments in the list of their diocesan changes especially in the cases of priests whose names have appeared in the public arena for one reason or another.


In the Diocese of Down and Connor in Belfast the former cathedral curate who made a parishioner pregnant - Father Ciaran Dallat in now working as a chaplain in Maghaberry Prison. But there was no mention of him in the recently published diocesan changes?

This is how Father Dallat's name appears in the online directory of priests:

But Father Dallat has not lived at St Peter's Cathedral for nearly 18 months !!!

And then if you take a look at the diocesan directory to see the prison chaplains you see no sign of Father Dallat even thought he has been working as a chaplain in Maghaberry Prison for months !!!

The chaplains in Maghaberry are Fr Brady, Fr Bannon, Brother Monaghan and Sister McMahon.

But no sign of Father Dallat ?


And then we move to DUBLIN and to DIARMUID MARTIN.

Fr David Brough, the former PP of Rathmines was off the mission for a while after certain difficulties.

Then we heard that Diarmuid Martin had appointed him to Arklow Parish.


This is how Fr Brough appears in the Dublin on line directory of priests:

The Parish of Arklow consists of three sections - Arklow, Castletown and Avoca. 

This is the Parish of Arklow website telling the public who the priests of the parish are:

No Father Brough.

This is the contact list of the Castletown part of Arklow Parish - no Father Brough.

This is the Avoca side of the parish list of personnel:

Where is Father Brough? Is he in Arklow, Castletown or Avoca? But if he is his names are not listed as belonging to any of those areas. If he is in Arklow he is not listed as a PP, a Co PP, a Curate, a Parish Chaplain. 

If he is in any of these areas what is his role?


Father Derwin has been in the news and has been curate in Balbriggan in Dublin. This is how he is listed in the on line Dublin directory:

There has been talk of him moving for months now and talk of him not getting on well with the PP Father Eugene Taffe and talk of security cameras being installed at the presbytery.

A parishioner of Balbriggan sent us the following from Sunday's Balbriggan Parish newsletter:

A call from Archbishop's House. There have been rumours for weeks that Diarmuid was moving Father Derwin to the south of the diocese - the deep south.

But no announcement as to where he is going?

Normally it is announced that Father ............... is leaving Balbriggan and we wish him well in  his new parish of .............

But Father Derwin's destination is not known - except to Diarmuid Martin and presumably the PP of wherever he is going.

What is the point of having CLERICAL CHANGES if some appointments are published and some are not?

What is the point of having on line Diocesan Clergy Lists if not all diocesan priests are on it?

What is the point of diocesan websites if they are not kept up to date?

Why are some bishops publishing their clerical changes late or not at all? 

What is the thinking behind publishing SOME clerical appointments and keeping other SECRET?

I hope we are not repeating the habits of the bad old days when priests were quietly moved around from parish to parish for all kinds of reasons.

We don't really expect a lot from most of the Irish bishops - but Diarmuid Martin is supposed to be the champion of TRANSPARENCY.

What are you at Diarmuid?




  1. The point of doing this is that it stops journalists and others noticing how many of a diocese's clergy are off on specious forms of leave!

    1. But I thought we were now in the age of post abuse transparency ???

    2. Oh you are a wag!

  2. I never understood the logic behind clerical moves. Why such secrecy and why do the parishes have no say in who they are getting. Old reasoning may have been to stop the priest getting too familiar with the people of the parish. What a load of bull and inhuman thinking that is

  3. It would make more sense to have someone from the Parish itself to be the leader. Ordained or non ordained.

  4. A degree of confidentiality in such situations is a courtesy to all concerned. The last time I was moved the idiot who replaced me had blabbed months before I got the call from the palace.

  5. MourneManMichael25 October 2016 at 13:27

    Given past episcopal performance is it reasonable to wonder if this "secrecy" is intentional subterfuge, or just functional ineptitude?

  6. MMM I believe it is a leftover from the power and authority wielded by princes of the church after they told God what he should advise the reveal to their singers. PS I believe the Queen now has citizens instead of subjects.

    1. We became citizens at the behest of the EU. We'll soon be subjects again and loving it.

    2. In Ireland we have been Roman subjects for a very long time :-(

  7. Indeed we have been Roman subjects in Ireland since Develera times

  8. saw Michael Byrnes friend today. he looks in great form. laughing and joking in Pugin would appear the storm is over.

  9. The said Father Derwin is bound for Springfield in Tallaght it would appear. Father Brough is indeed in situ in Arklow albeit in a very low key manner.

    1. Why is the ex PP of a senior parish like Rathmines living in Arklow in a "low key manner"?

    2. St Marks Springfield in Tallaght.

    3. Seems Fr Brendan Kealy going to Nth William St as Adm from Athy. Fr Brian Lawless Adm Nth wm St going to Grange park and St Monicas Edenmore.

    4. Msgr John Fitzpatrick PP Sutton Dublin. Retiring.

    5. He was Arch J C McQuaids secretary.

  10. Does anyone know anything about the Dublin priest who was / is being blackmailed by his younger male lover - and DM's role in sorting it out?

    Did any money change hands?

    1. I hope if this happened no church money was paid over.

  11. Fr Derek Farrell from Travelling people church to Ballymun. This church in Ballymun Dublin was run by an order for many years.

  12. Hi Bishop Pat,

    You asked today to mail you for any oddities on the clerical listings.

    Cloyne has one. If you look at the list of priests Fr Birmingham is listed as on Sabbatical studies, and can be found on the alphabetical list of priest names. Nothing strange there. But why is Fr Ger Cremin (on study leave) not listed on the alphabetical list? Instead they use a different term for his leave and place him in a different section, almost like they want to hide him.

    He was part of the party mafia in Maynooth. After ordination he went to Rome but didn't last long before coming back to Ireland - perhaps a semester.

    Why hide him?
    Incidently, why do so many young priests want out of ministry asap?

    1. I wasn't aware they did. Things have changed since my day. I would like to know more. I could hazard a guess at expectations vs reality. Every case is different but there must be an underlying thread

  13. It really annoys me that some changes are made and others are not - it usually takes a reading of parish bulletins to find some changes that are made between each annual change with no reasons given and never included on the annual list

  14. The 'underlying thread' pertaining to the sudden departure of many young priests is caused by the parish priest, who they are first assigned to. The problem once again, comes from within the Church. An ex-priest friend of mine once told me (5 years ago), that a lot of parish priests are domineering, insufferable, and over-controlling anti-Christ's, treating their new curate like a seminarian and not a 'qualified' ordained priest. Some curates are referred to as 'staff' in public rather than as a colleague.
    Many parish priests seem to lack communication skills yet I believe are obsessed with arranging endless in-house weekly meetings where they talk continuously about themselves. Boring the poor curate and other parties beyond belief. I suppose one can only take so much of home-grown self-serving verbal diarrhoea that would kill a field of mushrooms!
    As a newly ordained priest of two years, he handed-in his resignation because of the parish priest's depressed and negative attitude towards the teachings of the church. He continually imposed his twisted religious ideals on the newly ordained, knocking his homilies and attempting, at every opportunity, to knock all spirituality and love of Christ out of him. Sounds familiar?
    He thought he was free after 7 years in seminary fighting his corner with formation staff and crossing the line, unaware a Joe Frazier like parish priest was awaiting him to land the close-up punches, eventually knocking him spiritually dead. Is that not abuse? Why did he not request a transfer? He wasn't fit to continue. Job done.
    Parish priests have a lot to answer for - to God.
    Seemingly nothing can be done about these clerical piranhas because they appear to be a law onto themselves. Faith has escaped their souls and some run 'their' parish like the school bully. No doubt parish councils suffer too?
    The bishops responsibility should be to recognise the source that leads to this exodus or is it the remit of Satan's staff to rid Christ's church of all priests?

  15. Most enlightening 20.19. I remember auld Dominic Conway telling me as a Deacon that people would not understand caus I referred to the fires of hell as an analogy in a sermon. How the clock turns. .

  16. 02:17 you are spot on with your comment. As a priest of 20 years and still a curate, I recognise the type of PP you describe. We have the policy in our diocese that you are appointed a PP in your turn......whether suitable or not. Several of our PP's won't retire at the mandatory age of 75 so the bishop just allows them to stay on thus denying the curates the chance to become PP. It's all about power and control. My siblings and friends have all been in positions of authority & leadership since their mid thirties yet I'm a curate at 50+. It's a total joke and is soul destroying. Most guys of my age have just given up. We do our work in the parish but have no faith in the leadership of the Catholic Church.

  17. Every time you mention Fr Ciaran and use the phrase "made a parishioner pregnant" I cringe so much. You don't make someone pregnant. Grrrr! Also, the man made a mistake...why are you continuely pointing out others mistakes - is it because you're so perfect?

    1. Did he not make her pregnant?

      Or did she work a miracle and impregnate herself?

      Or was it an immaculate conception ?

  18. But surely you should have no authority, you or a pp
    You supposed to be servants of Christ
    The parish council should be the authority, and they should change every 3 to 5 years
    I know people who have been opening envelopes forever and switch money around as they see fit
    If the money is for development it should not be used for everyday expenses
    So please can we get some control over the parishioners
    money...please, before the cat gets out of the bag
    Those who have been opening envelopes, please stop and appoint a new parish council
    and Please STOP abusing the people's's not your decision how money is spent

  19. Agree Pat , a man makes a woman pregnant
    Yes she probably agreed, but I don't know why 18 42 is grrrr ing
    He was a hypocrite, mistake or not
    And whilst I'm on here exactly is making a woman pregnant , by a priest, a mistake?

  20. 18:51 asks about the Parish Council. Most of the parishes in our diocese don't even have a parish council! My PP doesn't consult anyone........I used suggest a parish council to him until I got totally fed up with his inaction so now I just don't bother. I will continue to do my best as a curate and let him get on with doing everything his own way. My coping mechanism is to simply ignore him.......otherwise I'd go mad!