Tuesday, 8 November 2016



YESTERDAY I had a telephone call from a priest advising thst I should contact FATHER TONY RICE - a Redemptorist priest and ask him why Father Brendan Mulhall's ordination as a priest was delayed by the Redemptorists.

Father Rice now lives in the Dundalk Redemptorist Monastery and is the vocations director for the Redemptorists in Ireland.

My caller told me that Father Rice is a fine man and a good priest and had absolutely nothing to hide in talking about Brendan Mulhall.

I did manage to contact Father Rice and he was indeed surprised to hear from me but as you would expect from a good man and a good priest he was very pleasant to me on the telephone.

He did make it very clear to me that he had NO COMMENT to make about Brendan Mulhall.

In passing he did tell me that when he entered the Redemptorists as a junior student Brendan Mulhall was a senior student for the order. So they were students together - although many years apart.

He also said that it was known in the Redemptorists that Brendan Mulhall was ON THE WAY OUT OF THE ORDER and heading to work in Down and Connor diocese.

Father Rice did say that the only one who could really comment about Brendan Mulhall and the Redemptorists was the Redemptorist Irish Provincial - Father Dan Baragry.


As a result of this latest information the following questions must be asked:

1. Was Brendan Mulhall's ordination to the priesthood delayed by the Redemptorist bosses?

2. If yes, what was the reason for the delay?

3. What if anything happened involving Brendan Mulhall and Fr Tony Rice?

4. Why would my priest caller say that Father Rice could explain the delay to Brendan Mulhall's ordination?

5. What happened in Clonard Monastery Belfast to cause Brendan Mulhall's departure from there?

6. After leaving Clonard why did Brendan Mulhall take a lay position in Downpatrick Credit Union?

7. How did a credit union worker become the curate to Father Matt Wallace RIP in Turf Lodge?

8. Did Father Wallace and Brendan Mulhall experience any problems before Father Wallace sadly took his own life?

9. Who was the young man who was in Turf Lodge Presbytery on the night before Father Wallace died and did he disappear with a large sum of money from the Presbytery?

10. Why were the PSNI looking for this young man after Father Wallace's death? Did they find him? What was the explanation?

11. What was the reason Bishop Treanor moved Brendan Mulhall to Coleraine?

12. What was behind the bad relations Brendan Mulhall had with parishioners in Coleraine?

13. Why did Bishop Treanor move Brendan Mulhall back to Turf Lodge where there obviously had been "difficulties"?

14. Why have the parish webcam and the parish broadcast of Mass to the sick been suspended by Brendan Mulhall?

15. Is there some type of COVER UP by the Irish Redemptorists and Bishop Treanor with regard to Brendan Mulhall?


The people of Down and Connor, Coleraine and Turf Lodge deserve answers.


  1. Any update on the Maynooth Grindr story from two weeks ago?

  2. Would Bishop Treanor like to tell us why he is in the process of bringing Father Brendan Mulhall into the diocese after his "fractured" relationship with the Redemptorists?

    Is Father Mulhall possessed of some special gifts the diocese needs at this time?

    Or is it a case that as we have fewer and fewer priests of our own ANYONE will be welcome in Down and Connor?

    PP D&C

    1. I think he is just possessed

  3. We all know that the number of priests have diminished
    But what gives the so called powers the right to impose previously ordained men, who may be mentally ill or totally unsuitable for parish work,onto the laity.
    Personally I would prefer no priest.
    We have had enough of cover ups Over the years, just try a little honesty for a change......and who gave a job in a parochial credit union without interviews and references....WAS ThERE AN INTERVIEW?.....can someone find out please?

  4. How is a man trained for parish work?
    Is there an NVQ specifically For this important work
    Being in a parish isn't just about saying mass...or is that what it boils down to these days?......is there supervision of the altar servers at all times.
    Who arranges this where some people are unhappy with their priest in general.?

    1. No training! Experience.

      There should be a child protection officer in every parish.

    2. Very few altar servers these days. When did you last see one? And hoards of expensively trained child protection personnel to supervise the priests just in case.

  5. Priest who is hearing confessions at the supermarket
    on news now at 5 on the radio

    1. Yes, pity he was so inarticulate. It's just another silly Clonard gimmick. If you really want to go to Confession you'll have no difficulty finding a priest and you certainly won't have to wait long in a queue.

  6. Replies
    1. Keogh or Kehoe?

    2. Have you gone to Turf Lodge yet Pat? What the word on the street?

    3. There can be up to 8 children at Brian Darcy's mass and they also do the readings
      But I expect during the week a retired layperson does the altar serving

    4. I'm sure it's not that expensive to train people
      Anyhow all adults should get the training....needed for youth clubs, after school, parish parties
      I wd say...it was near time this training took place
      Don't think the church pays for it, it's more a community effort
      and probably lottery funded.

    5. I have had this Child Protection Training and refreshed and updated it -- as they suggest--every three years. It is normally a six hour Course taken on one full day or two half days according to what Module(s)your connection or dealings with children and/or vulnerable adults requires. The cost per person would be around £40 depending upon which accredited organisation has provided your training. It is obligatory for teachers and for many other professions especially those who deal directly with children on a daily basis. Those with very special extra responsibility for Child Protection in their particular school or other institution are known as "Designated Officers" and normally they do a much more in-depth Course over two or three full days, studying case histories and the legal duties etc with reporting abuse or neglect and how to deal with a child disclosure or suspected case. There are very good procedures and exact guidelines to carefully follow as you would expect. (I have also done this Training) I hope this helps to clarify for anyone who was interested---

  7. Prob Fr Kehoe, I m just going by the sound of the name on the radio news
    He gave a very good interview, whoever he was.

  8. Am I not the quare boy sitting up here on the north coast this foul evening in my big chair and a nice warm house.
    I just couldn't agree more about all this nonsense of confessions in the shopping centre being a gimmick. When will the good people of west Belfast catch themselves on and see they are being taken for a big spiritual and financial ride by the boys in black and purple.
    That said I have noticed lately a load of weddings which one would have assumed would have been in the chapel are non religious and held in hotels. Whatsmore I've noticed quite a few deaths in the Irish News that are humanist services in the last month or two.Seems the younger ones are beginning to rumble the control brigade.
    Oh, and by the way if anybody is going to confession in the shopping centre can they ask the priest where the best off sales is to get a cheap bottle of Black Bush. I'm running low! Cheers

    Dalriada Dick

  9. Is there not an express confession for four sons or less. Old Brendan Grace joke I think

  10. Should be sins I think not sons. Any special Christmas offers

  11. Ordination follows a pathway of rigorous training, discernment, personal development and studies in the formation and training to be a Redemptorist. There is no agreed length of time for this process as it is a personal, spiritual and an individual journey. The formation programme in the Dublin Province is challenging, thorough and prepares students for a missionary apostolate to preach the Gospel to poor and most abandoned.

    1. The proof of the pudding etc.

  12. It is sad to read so many negative and subjective comments about a good man who has dedicated his life to God and the faithful. The comments about Fr. Brendan are unfair, unjust and untrue. I would much prefer constructive reflection on the mission and purpose of the congregation in Ireland today, and why so few are joining or continuing formation with the Redemptorists.

    1. A 'religious' priest who is not humbly and wholeheartedly committed to keeping his public vows of poverty, chastity and obedience is a FRAUD and an ENEMY OF THE CROSS OF CHRIST. He doesn't attract vocations, at least not of the right kind. All respect to BM if he really is willing to muck in with the very second class lower ranks of the 'secular' clergy.

    2. Hello Fr Brendan, good to see you back on here trying to defend yourself again. What a load of codswallop! We weren't born yesterday you know.

  13. So are you suggesting that the victims of mulhall are liars ? Is everyone who criticises this man wrong ? . I detest mulhall but I'm sure he must have good points and must have plenty of friends . You yourself are being unjust and untrue. You have no idea what mulhall has done or not done .we have a right to criticise just as he has the right to defence

  14. I am in agreement with anon@13.57. I suggest the CSsRs address the issue of vocations and re-establish formation and novitiate on this island rather than in North America. Surprising to think the current students are away more than they are at home.

  15. Is your life really so sad and empty that you feel the need to sustain this obvious character assassination? Your time would be better spent on your knees asking for forgiveness for your warped view of catholicism and Christianity.

  16. Father Buckley would you please print my lengthy comment please

  17. What exactly did Fr mulhall do? He looks familiar. Did he live in West Belfast b4 priesthood?