Tuesday, 29 November 2016




Whether we like it or not Sean Brady played a part in covering up the Child Sexual Abuse in the Irish Catholic Church.

He brought two little boys into a room - locking their parents outside and asked them questions about SEMEN and the spilling of the seed and as to whether or not those little boys ENJOYED being abused.

He also swore them to secrecy.

This means that while Brady was not a DIRECT ABUSER he was by his actions - and non actions - what we might call a CO ABUSER - or an ABUSER AFTER THE FACT.

And all this took place a few yards away from DUNDALK GARDA STATION !

Brady got away with all this and was promoted through the ranks of the RC church - curate, canon lawyer, teacher, Iris College staff member and Rector, monsignor, parish priest, bishop, archbishop and cardinal.

He had buried the Catholic Church's abuse skeletons and he was rewarded for his cover ups.

He spent decades after the co abuse having a great time in Ireland and in Rome, climbing up the church ladder and wining and dining with the church elite.

And then when his co abuse was exposed - he brazened it out and refused to resign.


He continued to go to Rome for meetings and he continued to celebrate publicly and ordain priests and bishops and chair the Irish Bishop's Conference.

During all this time he wanted for nothing and was the guest of politicians and others.

When his past did catch up with him and he was forced by public outrage to resign he still decided that he could make public appearance without disturbance.


Even though he was no longer a diocesan bishop he imposed himself on congregations for Mass and Confirmations - even beyond his own diocese. 

He turned up for Confirmations in the Diocese of Dromore at Rostrevor. What business had here there?

He attempted to Confirm children in the Parish of Midleton in Armagh but was stopped by the courage of some of the parents.

Brady is now 77 going on 78 - and that is 12 years after the normal retirement age for most people.

He should STOP inflicting himself on people who are trying to put the Sex Abuse Scandals of the past behind them.

He is one big living reminder of BRENDAN SMYTH.

Other bishops and priests should stop using Brady as a "filler in" for Masses and Confirmations.

Brady should be spending whatever years he has left asking the forgiveness of God and others for his role in abuse cover up.

He should not have been present at the conclave to elect Pope Francis.

He should have done what the disgraced Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Scotland did and stayed away so that Francis would not be tarred by his presence at the voting.

Brady's putting himself about is a sure sign that he has no remorse for the part he played in the SMYTH SAGA.

Instead of parading around the world in his red robes he should be quietly retired with his Rosary in his hands asking God's forgiveness for putting Church reputation and money before the protection of innocent little children.


  1. Thanks, Pat, for those Armagh videos last week - more revealing than a thousand blogs.

  2. Fuck this for a game of soldiers. This is all auld news. What we want is the filth. You are slackening off on Maynooth. Give us more of the juicy bits.

  3. 13.39
    You really ought to seek look for help of some kind - I hope that something might be available - doubtful - one must never give up hope even in your strange condition.
    Start by washing your mouth out -
    Then take a long bath in very hot water with high concentrations of DETOL! Can almost smell you from here!

  4. Was under the impression, Bishop, that expletives would be deleted.
    Depresses Chip, (my dog) and my budgies.

  5. What's the censorship level today Pat for the comments that don't fit your narrative? Are we on a Finland level today, or is it a day like yesterday when we were on North Korean levels of free comment, with the resultant non-publication of comments? Just so we know whether to bother or not.

    1. Personal abuse againt myself or other comment makers not acceptable.

  6. Thia may be old news for some but I hardly think it's old news to the victims like Brendan Boland. We forget these things too easily. Brady is a vile man because he was brazen to carry on despite repeated calls by many to step down. It's a bit like some of his clergy who engage in filth and are brazen to think they can similarly carry on. These clerics are totally deluded and using the laity as pawns. Brady makes me sick.

    1. Where was his conscience? Had the Church so dehumanized him?

    2. The put Gods law before Gods law.

    3. The institution had become more important than the gospels. Very scary!

  7. Yet you allow personal abuse against those who are in the metaphorical stocks. So I guess a more honest response would be ??????????????

  8. Remember Brady being confronted by BBC Spotlight before a Confirmation in the Diocese. This was after he refused to answer any letters from the programme. It was pathetic watching him squirm before the cameras over his cover up. He had no prepared excuses or prepared text to fob them off, he was bundled off by his driver. Its high time he gets confronted again when he emerges from his lair to show his face in public, just like confronting Eamon next Saturday in Bellaghy.

  9. Bishop,
    13.39's language should no be permitted.
    Chip is in the dog-house - depressed.
    The budgies have not managed to sing since the read this.
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    1. Pip, would you ever fu**ing wise up?

      Adjust the parental controls on your computer, so that Chip and the budgies won't be able to find Pat's blog, when you are down at the shops and they are online, surfing for doggie and budgie porn.

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    3. 19:04 hah! Hah!brilliant.

    4. 22.05
      Another sick, chronically sick, insane sod.

  10. Brady is a disgrace. We all lost anytime for him when all this was revealed. He has not an ounce of decency towards victim. He should have resigned much earlier. Absolutely disgusting behaviour not even worthy of a politician.no wonder very few have any respect for bishops anymore. What Brady did would be criminal today. He should be laicised.

    1. At the very least he should stop parading around like a prince!

    2. Who are you Pat to tell him what to do? I haven't heard you apologise for your wrong doings against society.

    3. I agree. I am also bored of the self-righteous hypocrisy of Pat.

  11. I agree totally, parading himself around for all to see. I will be checking first who will be doing my child's confirmation next year in the diocese, if its that sleazebag then my child will not be making their Confirmation. Don't want his hands anywhere near my youngster. Watched them videos the other day on your blog of Brady and them two laughing, smiling and giggling Priests says it all. They have protected Brady, anyone else in public life would have gone a long time ago but no, Brady still shows his face and plays the Cardinal. Feel like going to Bellaghy on Saturday and asking Archbishop Martin does the future of the Irish Church include covering up the past of Brady and his type. How can the Church in Ireland move on with constant public appearances like Brady swanning around and continuing to remind victims and their families of the cover up. You've been forced to resign Brady so now GO.

  12. Pat, as you're always so frank, open and willing to focus heavily on others, what is your monthly income?

    1. A lot less than a PP in Down and Connor.

    2. Would it be reasonable to say that as an independent professional practitioner, Pat's earnings from his own efforts should be his own business? Irrespective of how 'well' or otherwise he may now be doing, it probably was tough going financially back when the RC institution disowned him.

    3. Pat answered this only a few weeks ago. He was open and honest about his modest income. Fair play Pat.


  13. The Fr Rory saga is just the tip of the iceberg. Anecdotal evidence suggests there is and has been a steady stream of priests being sent off to sexual addiction and other addiction clinics in the US and closer to home for rehab. Neither today nor yesterday has this started. We need normal balanced men in ministry. Optional celibacy would help to widen the pool of candidates. Interestingly the Coptic church demands that priests for parish ministry have to be married before they are considered for ordination. that may be also an extreme but there has to be a happy medium. Monks, celibate clergy and married clergy shouls all have a place in the clergy. Maybe if brady had been a father himself he might have been more sensitive to the child he questioned. Bradys complete emotional retardation only added to the abuse.

  14. Something should also be done about Brady's proteges including the fart in maynooth and rear enda in the Vatican.

  15. Pip you aren't even funny, and posting twice gets tedious
    Keep walking up gullion

  16. So who paid for his recent trips and those of other bishops to the Trocaire areas.
    Did you find out Pat ?

  17. Brady swore Brendan Boland to secrecy and did not allow him to discuss his abuse and statement with anyone except authorised Priests. The haunting question I have always wanted to ask Brady, which he has never answered, how come Fr. Brendan Smyth turned up to a butchers shop 3 weeks after that statement was made and wave his finger angrily at Brendan Boland who was 14 and had a part time job. Out of all of Brendan Smyth's victims, how did Smyth know it was Brendan Boland who made a statement to Sean Brady?

    This really does make me sick, would anyone like their Son or Daughter to be sworn to secrecy in this way, sign a statement and asked whether they enjoyed the abuse and whether seed was spilled. Totally disgusting behaviour for an adult, give us the truthful answers Brady.

  18. I was told this
    2 women at Lourdes sitting in dining area, one talking to him, maybe she knew him
    He reaches his hand to other woman to shake hands.....never even looked at her
    Who the feck did he think he was....the queen mother.

    1. The constant adulation goes to the head. Too many co dependent clergy and laity fawning all over them. They come to believe they themselves are royalty. Totally delusional. If a pleb questions them they are accused of being anti clerical. Even some young clergy with high collars have equally high notions about their sacerdotal dignity and expect to be acknowledged as special and precious by parishioners. Some parishioners will oblige but most don't give two figs thankfully and just see them for what they are, spoilt and inadequate and immature ,thinking the world owes them instant respect for their ontological superiority.many of them have barely average intelligence and would struggle to survive in the real world.

    2. Your comment Anon@ 23:33 is one I have much agreement with.
      But I comment on it now in respect of your articulation/language construction as well as its insightful comment. I find this to be in stark contrast to the banal inarticulate and regularly immature comments of some of the 'alleged' seminarians seen in past blogs. Their nature reveals much about the quality of some prospective RC clergy.
      Thank you for your comment.

  19. Brady could do none of this were it not for the support and complicity of Catholic clergy, including Rome itself.

  20. The one thing said about Brady is that he is very stubborn and vindictive. if you cross him, he will make sure to "get even".

    He has zero pastoral skills. When he got the job in Armagh, he had to be taken for lessons on how to give a TV interview without looking like a large lamped rabbit.

    His considerable ego needs constant stroking and he has made a mess of the Irish College and Maynooth. He was a disaster as an archbishop of Armagh - even aside from his role in the Brendan Smyth scandal.

    When Bishops Donal Murray and Jim Moriarty were in hot water, Brady is on record as saying that, if he were in their position, he would resign.

    Both men did resign due to their "guilt by association" with the regime in Dublin that was exposed in the Murphy Report.

    Neither Jim Moriarty nor Donal Murray, however, were accused of anything near as bad as Brady's interrogation of two children and his asking them questions about spilling semen and erections.

    If a priest asked a teenage boy similar questions today, he would properly be removed from ministry under the current Safeguarding guidelines.

    When Brady's role in quizzing 14 year old Brendan Boland and the other boy - swearing them to secrecy - was exposed, Brady, in spite of what he said about his fellow bishops, Murray and Moriarty, REFUSED TO RESIGN!

    Tutored by his spin doctor, that insidious clerical oil-slick, namely Timmy Bartlett, Sean Baptist Brady announced the farce of taking a "time of reflection" from St Patrick's Day until Pentecost. It was at this point that Bartlett is "credited" with the coining of the phrase "wounded healer" - an obscene misnomer if ever there was one.

    Surprise, surprise, Pentecost day came round and the "wounded healer", having "reflected" sufficiently, was told by God, to carry on regardless and to never mind the scandal he had given and was giving, to Irish Catholics. Feck them sure good enough for them what would that shower know!

    Brady is a stubborn and arrogant man. Isn't it interesting that his co-diocesan, the Prying Dean of the Irish College and Maynooth, is also renowned for quizzing young men about spilling seed and erections??

    It is well known that Brady protects the Prying Dean who was kicked out of Rome because of problems and was then appointed to Maynooth. You couldn't make it up.

    Brady is determined to ensure that spindoctor Bartlett gets "rewarded" with inflammation of the button holes for his "loyalty", despite the fact that Timo has no respect among most of the clergy in the Northern dioceses who know him.

    Timo is a case book study of the clerical climber, who has zero interest in pastoral ministry, who sees priestly ordination as merely an inconvenience to be temporarily endured, until episcopal coronation that is rightfully and deservedly his.

    Note also that Timo has been appointed Gen Sec for the World Meeting of Families in Dublin to which the Pope is coming. You can bet the wounded healer's oozing fingerprints are all over that appointment. No doubt, Timo will charm the Pope's socks off in his fluent Italian and Spanish. Oh no, hold on, that's right, Timo can only speeka dee Eengalesh.

    Brady is a disaster and his legacy lives on in the boy Rory and quite a few others who have been up to no good - soon to be revealed - that bomb is ticking towards BANG!

    Scrub the whole thing out and lets start again.

    Ex-cleric Observer of the Clerical Species,
    On a Hill Far Away.

  21. So the report that brady was only a note taker at that awful interrogation was a lie
    Also that the boys were only made to promise. Another lie
    Can someone clarify please ?

  22. Coming soon to Sky One - new series - "Sun, Sex and Suspicious Bishops":

    We follow groups of young clerics on holiday to such destinations as Sitges, Ibiza and Portugal. They think they are making a documentary for EWTN on the leisure habits of young clerics.

    Little do they know that their bishops have also flown out and are secretly watching their every move and everything that unfolds.

    What will the bishops discover? Will they be shocked or edified?

    Will they be disillusioned with their young clerical sons?

    Will the boys forget to say their breviary and skip Mass? Will they end up having one too many, once or twice?

    Will they say rude words, upsetting Sam's budgies and sending Chip on a downward spiral, into a vortex of depression?

    Tune in and find out. We guarantee you a series of rollicking episodes. You will be glued.

    1. I think it is Pip who owns Chip - the dog - and the budgies.
      Pip & Sam Fan Club

  23. Wounded healer my eye. I wonder how Brendan Boland felt when Brady took on that moniker. Deluded narcissist more like. Pathetic excuse of a man no different to Tony Blair post Iraq.

  24. So why , oh why. Is he allowed to strut, hands spreading out ,hypocrites squirming to his every word, licking his ass....on those videos
    Unfortunately I lowered myself to watch them
    He spoke into a camera, whilst snowballer said cheese for 5/6 minutes

  25. 21.08
    Pat can you or another comment on this frightening post.was that sadistic man told about the boys reporting

    1. The sadistic man was indeed told about Brendan Boland making a statement against Smyth but by whom? Brendan Boland tells his whole story in his book, 'Sworn to Silence' available at Amazon. It's a heart breaking story and Brady features much in the story.

      More interestingly Brendan Boland gave Sean Brady a list of other children who he knew to be vulnerable and whom Smyth had contact with. That list given to Brady was never acted upon. The result of was that Smyth went on and continued to abuse those children on the list.

      A boy, 14 years old, made to sign a statement of secrecy and asked if he enjoyed being raped. He also was asked did he spill any seed at the thrill of the sexual contact and the person subjecting him to those questions was Sean Brady.

      What kind of man, what kind of Priest does that to another human being, let alone a young boy. That is why there is anger at Brady continuing to make appearances everywhere. He had the arrogance and total bare faced cheek to claim that it was only the Pope who could make him stand down. He took 4 years to stand down but he continues to show his face despite having been made to resign. The title of Brendan Boland's book says it all, 'Sworn to Silence'.

  26. If anyone wants to ask the question of Brady on public media
    I will sign my name on too

  27. The picture of the oath says it all. I know S Brady would crumble under pressure with nothing prepared. Thing is how do we benefit in the present day from all of this

  28. Sean I would benefit from not having to look at him every year in Lourdes in pink clothes or pink trim
    He can wear a priest garb if he wants to
    But I would like to see penitence and humility
    Lots over 80 have to go to jail for less

  29. Maybe I will take a screen shot of this oath and print out and post on cathedral door...or even glue

  30. 21 08 Is this '' butcher comment'' widely known
    It needs looking into more by all who abhor child abuse

  31. Anyone who wants to know more about Brady and the Brendan Boland abuse story must watch a very powerful piece of Journalism regarding it. Its available on YouTube called BBC This World: The Shame of the Catholic Church. It's one hour long but very compelling viewing.

    Brendan is interviewed half way through the documentary and Brady is confronted without any warning and literally crumbles on screen at the questioning. Please do watch it, Brady is guilty as sin.

  32. The Shame of the Catholic Church: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vuyZ90xBpw&t=5s

  33. Thank you , this blog should be put on the top page...Pat
    Is this the first time we have seen
    this a scrap of paper
    I remember distinctly hearing on tv that brady only made them promise
    And another thing, such careless scribbling from a canon lawyer
    Proper scumbag a disgrace to the lovely Cavan people

  34. I watched a tv doc about a certain priest telephoning someone, maybe even Smyth, that Smyth could have his christmas at home b4 being incarcerated.during his extra to me Smyth went on to rape a young girl in belfast.
    Can anyone name this priest who made the call ?

  35. Is it specific to Ireland can't find which one
    But thanks anyway for directing me there
    I will keep looking

  36. Thanks, I'm reading it now

  37. I did watch all that then, but because of the grind of life I didn't fully realise that Brady never admitted his failings
    I didn't know all this was still on the net

  38. S B is a church yes man through and through. He believes (believed) the church would support him whatever. Is he living the dream or just lonely in his purple robes? I guess only God knows in the end