Friday, 11 November 2016



I AM VERY WORRIED about the fact that Donald Trump has been elected the president of the USA.

I would regard myself as ANTI ESTABLISHMENT.

I do think that is a good thing when the establishment anywhere or in any aspect of life gets a missile ( figuratively speaking ) launched into their midst.

I believe that most if not all establishments are corrupt - the political establishment, the church establishment, the financial establishment, the legal establishment, the medical establishment and so forth.

I do not particularly like HILARY CLINTON but had I been an American voter I would have voted for her as THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

What gets to me most is that Donald Trump says that he is a Christian!

1. What kind of Christian is a sexist and talks about grabbing women by the p****?

2. What kind of Christian wants to build walls and not bridges?

3. What kind of Christian mimics disabled people?

4. What kind of Christian is a racist?

5. What kind of a Christian says he is going to block a whole religion entering his country?

6. What kind of a Christian calls all the men of one country rapists?

7. What kind of Christian wants to end co-operation with all other nations in the struggle for justice and peace?

I think that what Trump means is that he has a "RELIGION" - the "Christian" religion.

But there is a massive difference between profession the membership of some church or other and following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I do think that BOTH the Republican Party and the Democrat Party in the USA have let an awful lot of people down.

Politics is so often for the HAVES and not for the HAVE NOT'S.

I suppose when politics fails there is often a vacuum left and there are always people - extreme people - to fill up those vacuums. 

For instance I believe that in Northern Ireland between 1922 and 1969 politics failed and that led to a vacuum which was filled by the IRA and the other paramilitaries. 

I believe the Catholic Church failed the Catholics of Northern Ireland during that period also. 

If the Catholic bishops and priests had led the Catholic Community in a peaceful campaign for justice the IRA would not have had to emerge to fill the vacuum.

Of course the Catholic Church was pro establishment. The Church was more interested in having their schools and institutions financed by Stormont and the British than they were in issues like employment, housing and justice for the poor and dispossessed. 

Trump is an aberration and a dangerous aberration. 

I imagine the harm he does will be limited by those around him - just like the good that Pope Francis wants to do is derailed by those around him.

A president, a pope or a prime minister is restrained by the "system" and by his / her deputies and staff.

As Trump emerges on the US stage I am worried. 

The next four years will be a political roller coaster.

Let us hope that fate or providence or whatever other force mediates the excesses of this particular lone ranger and his gang of BIG MAC disciples.


In the US a large number of right wing Catholics called Catholics4Trump backed Trump. Hve a look at their website :-(




  1. Like Brexit I believe Trump was a protest vote. The politicians became complacent. A shake up was necessary. For evil to triumph all good folk have to do is nothing. Have you looked at how the uk benefits system works. A phone adviser told a customer if she was able to go to a funeral she was able to go to job centre

  2. Pat,
    Hilary would abort babies up until the moment they are about to be born. Every child, no matter what the circumstances deserves a chance at life. Abortion is evil, ergo the lesser of 2 evils is not abortion.

    1. The dignity of the unborn extends to the living 9.27

    2. Fair enough Sean, but i think a little baby in the womb can be afforded a little more protection than e.g. a 34 year old male. All life deserves dignity.

  3. Trump may be an asshole but he hasn't actually killed anybody except possibly on the sly. This is in stark contrast to Clinton who destroyed Yugoslavia(each time her husband's zipper was caught open, the Serbs were bombed), starved Iraq with sanctions, destroyed Libya and was going to risk WWIII with Russia in Syria fighting in defence of Al Qaida. Trump on the other hand has shown a willingness to engage with Putin and work with Russia which should be supported considering the West has far more in common with the land of Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy rather than a bunch of Saudis and Qataris who have just bought the president elect so they can kill secular Arabs and Shi'a. Trump may have boasted of grabbing women by the pussy but what was Clinton's husband doing all the time throughout his career and look how Hilary stood by him and tried to smear the women who raised complaints. Considering America's record in the world over the past 20 years, and the dead and the chaos produced, a more isolationist America should be welcomed.

  4. Iggy, could you please send your comment again. Deleted it by mistake. Sorry. Pat.

  5. Your blog today is totally wrong about Trump! You make sweeping statements, Clinton was out for herself and no other, many saw through that and voted against her. She wasn't credible, Trump listened to the disaffected and downtrodden and they have rewarded him. What lies ahead is uncertain but at least the Clinton dynasty is over, bunch of charlatans and money grabbers. Trump worked for a living, gave people jobs not only in the USA but in Scotland and in County Clare here in Ireland. So do us a favour Pat and don't knock it.

  6. Of course Trump uses Christianity for his autocratic plan -- recently he claimed to be born again, to be a pillar of Catholicism, a champion of religious freedom, and to abhor abortion. He has not voiced any of the moral or social principles by which America or the Church stands or falls. Trumpism is simply classical autocracy and the Trump Effect is seen in an epidemic of violent racist harassment.

  7. At least Trump is a doer. He gets stuff done. Clinton is a talker. She was a schmoozer of the elite and politically dubious and lined her pockets with their money. Her intefering in the Middle East made matters a lot worse. Someone said she always made everything worse she touched and left messes. Also personally she seemed ruthless.They say she drove Vince Foster over the edge before his suicide. Kathy Shelton was smeared by a laughing Clinton who successfully defended her rapist when she was an attorney in Arkansas. Not a nice person. Let's hope Trump surprises everyone for the good.

  8. Meanwhile at Clonard the people have risen and broken a few windows.

    1. Reported in today's Irish News.

    2. There will be a big collection to replace the windows costing £400 and the collection will bring in £150,000. The windows will be replaced by Kehoe Windows, Newry

    3. Were the British any better in Australi, India, South Africa, Irelad, etc., etc., etc.

  9. It seem to me that Trump triumphed for the same reason that Brexit did!
    The U.K. were subjected to a series of -
    We are the greatest nation in Europe.
    We don't need the EU.
    We are better off on our own.
    We are insuperable.
    We are superior to the Europeans and do not need their laws
    And they fell for it and are just becoming aware of the downside of their choice.
    Trump played the same game.
    America is the greatest nation on earth.
    We do not need the rest of the world.
    We will look after ourselves alone- Sinn Fein. (?)
    Get rid of immigrants!
    & probably a lot of other etceternal!
    One blessing might be that the USA stay out of things which should not concern them - Korea, Vietnamese, Iraq, Syria, Libya.
    Everywhere the have been - like the British - the have left a total mess behind them.
    Yankee - go home!

    1. Sorry, as a Brit, I don't agree. I voted remain but the Brexit vote was scream of rage from those at the bottom of the pile who have been constantly degraded and ignored by the people at the top. In Blackpool, near where I live, the people look like something out of Led Miserable.
      We didn't use to be like this. As manufacturing went to the third world, they were left with nothing. The labour party didn't care. We used to look after those at the bottom. Thatcher said there was no such thing as society and greed was fine. We followed the same route as America. My husband was in a bad road accident in Germany. They hospital was superb and the staff very caring, taking him for rides in his wheel chair and bringing him English books. Germany has kept it's humanity. We haven't. We have a slave cast at the bottom. Those who work for Btitish Home Stores, Hermes etc. Brexit is very bad but if you treat people like peasants they will sooner or later revolt. Britain like USA did not see the seething rage the bottom of the pile. They failed a huge section of society.

    2. I voted to leave the EU because I knew two-years down the line all the Syrian refugees would have German passports and they would make a bee-line for UK. As sure as eggs is eggs.

    3. Jane and 13.51
      Please note that in my above contribution that there is nothing to indicate that I approve of either Trump or Clinton - I would not want either as my next door neighbours.
      Is there a single person of non-Northern-American origin who is living on property which has not been stolen from native Americans!
      If you google genocide in the U.S.A. you will discover that the SETTLERS have been responsible for 107,000,000 to 121,000,000 native Americans over the settlement centuries. 6,000,000 Jews is very small change compared to that! And this is the greatest nation on earth?
      Clinton and Trump and the whole USA - I and most of the world can do without them.

    4. Please correct - 15.56 line 8 to
      117,000,000 to 121,000,000 naive American deaths - I.e murders!
      "Only good Injun is a dead Injun." ?????????

  10. If you abort a child or assist in any way with the abortion the Catholic Church excommunicates you.

    If you abuse the child after it is born and ruin its life for ever they DO NOT excommunicate you!


    1. In the past if you confessed an abortion the priest had to get permission from the bishop before he could give you absolution. Nowadays if you confess child abuse the priest cannot give you absolution unless you agree to hand yourself in to the police. Canon law has evolved since you've been away:-))

    2. But you are not automatically excommunicated?

      "We never went away, you know" :-)

    3. 13:36, why would any sensible person be interested in absolution from a Roman Catholic priest? What he does or says is neither here nor there. It's forgiveness from God that counts. An rcp ain't God.

  11. Lesser of two evils????

    Looks like you have been brainwashed by the Clinton-funded media, who she has in her pocket.

    Did you not read anything from Wikileaks??

    We now know she was responsible for the Libya invasion solely in order to add killing Gaddafi to her presidential CV. even when the CIA warned her not to, she went ahead anyway. As a result over 44,000 have been killed and thousands others have been made homeless or have had to flee to Europe for their safety. She funded and armed the rebels, who we know now as ISIS. She kept quiet about how the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been also continuing to fund them, because they have been paying her millions, via the Clinton foundation, which she uses as a bank account for herself and her family.

    Trump is crazy. No doubt.
    But do not try to make it out that Clinton is better. In fact, she is 100 times worse.
    He might have a track record of saying offensive things, but she has a track record of killing thousands, causing mass migration, creating ISIS, illicitly receiving millions, and protecting corrupt governments.

    I suggest you read more on this Pat. Start with the information from the horse's month - her own emails via Wikileaks.

    Back to our own country's problems- any news from Maynooth?

    1. I see your point.

      Its all very sad indeed.

    2. Try alex jones infowars. He has gathered up lot of dirt on hillary clinton

  12. Pat
    The vaccum that you refer to between 1922 and6 1968 was not filled by the IRA. It was filled by sick people like John Charles McQuaid!

    1. I was really referring to Northern Ireland.

      But you are right.

      Ireland was COLONISED by 2 foreign forces

      LONDON and ROME.

  13. Like the new profile photo ...that purple made me shudder!

  14. The Trump Effect is documented here: -- 78 years after Kristallnacht.