Monday, 19 December 2016




Picture courtesy of an English priest who wishes to be anonymous.

THE ABOVE PICTURE will prove very embarrassing for two priests from English / Welsh dioceses.

Here they are pictured last Summer posing for a picture wearing the PURPLE ZUCCHETTO that is reserved ONLY for bishops and archbishops !!!

The one on the LEFT is FATHER CHRISTOPHER THOMAS who is the Secretary General of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales.

The one on the RIGHT is FATHER ANDREW COLE who is the private secretary to the RC Bishop of Nottingham!

Father Cole published the picture on his Facebook page during the summer and then it suddenly disappeared !!!

The Reverend Christopher Thomas
General Secretary
Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
39 Eccleston Square

Below if Father Cole's listing in the Nottingham Catholic Directory.

COLE, Rev Andrew
Bishop’s House, 27 Cavendish Road East, NOTTINGHAM NG7 1BB
Tel: 0115 947 4786 Mob: 07979 156941
Fax: 115 947 5235

FATHER COLE is also the Catholic chaplain to Nottingham University. Here is his uni pic:


It would not be the first time that the General Secretary of the Bishop's Conference became a bishop.

But I think the fact that he already has some episcopal insignia in his wardrobe would work against him. 

Its ok to have NAKED AMBITION but its not ok to show it!


Well Father Cole is a bishop's private secretary - Bishop Mc Kinney of Nottingham:


Is that Father Cole beside Bishop McKinney or is only his twin?

Whoever it is he is wearing the robes of a monsignor. Is Father Cole a monsignor?

In any event Father Cole is also studying for a doctorate in canon law. If he wants to be a bishop that is a clever move.

Many bishops have been canon lawyers - men who have a reputation for observing and imposing Church law.

I wonder will their posing as bishops affect their future chances?

I wonder what Cardinal Nichols and Bishop McKinney think of their lovely zucchettos?



As its a day for pics here is a pic an Armagh priest (not Fr X) sent me yesterday wich he called THE ARMAGH FOUR:


Some of you might think of printing this out and putting it in your kitchen beside the Sacred Heart pic ???

I don't think that GRINDR will be a bishop now?

Maybe Bean Pole has a chance?




  1. Isn't Fr CT a good friend of the "Dean"? The "Dean" used to like dressing up as a bishop too.

    I'd say Timo has the entire outfit in the wardrobe.

    Too many of these wannabes in the Church. Why do they "want" to be bishops, except for their own aggrandisement?

    "Wanting" to be a bishop should immediately disqualify. We have suffered too much, for too long, from such pathetic and inadequate men.

    1. Yes the Dean and "Bishop" Thomas are good friends and wined and dined in London's best until the PSNI invited the Dean home to D&C.

      I would imagine that all these men have full episcopal regalia in their wardrobes.

  2. As regards they first part of this 'contribution' it seems to me that the above priests have a sense of humour - seriously lacking in the locals.
    The English priest who wishes to remain anonymous is a downright louse

    1. Because?

      He let down the CLERICAL CLUB

      How sinful of him!

  3. You state above that Fr. Cole,- himself - placed the above photo on Facebook and then removed it - seems to me he has s sense of humour! If it was on Facebook many must have seen it.
    And I agree with 13.14 that your anonymous friend is a cur.
    An anonymous cur by any other name is still a cur, and in this case a lousy cur.
    Have you lost all sense?
    Can you seriously believe that these two,men are gasping fo episcopal promotion if they post theses photos themselves!
    Wise up, Bishop, and your buddies!

    1. And if the papal nuncio asked them to accept the episcopate they would strongly refuse.

    2. While perfectly entitled to blog as you like Pat, may I offer a possible perception?
      It could be said that by your very regular use of satirical or derogatory terms, nicknames, or by making fun of other clergy, especially the hierarchy, in addition to criticism of poor performance, presentation or practices, you may at times be seen as betraying an element of envy at their apparent, and in your view unmerited pre-eminence.
      I wholeheartedly agree with many of your quite legitimate criticisms and undoubted concerns for probity. But sometimes I find difficulty in distinguishing valid concerns from what can seem like personalised attacks either directly or by insinuation, regardless of whether merited or otherwise.
      I have just listened this morning to the Stormont debate fiasco so an analogy comes to mind. Robust analysis and criticism is good, but ought to be conducted within accepted rules of conduct avoiding personalised hostile comments or ridicule.
      I think arguements are thereby all the more powerful.

    3. "Fools are my theme, let satire be my song".

      Lord Byron

  4. Well, all things considered, it makes a pleasant change from the usual clerical photos one comes across on sites these days of a priest, deshabille, sporting a Prince Albert.

    1. In fairness to Rory he does not wear a Prince Albert.

    2. Maybe do does Fr. X have a Prince Albert? Or what about Gorgeous? I bet a Prince Albert would look great on him!!!

    3. It seems to me that these two men couldn't care lass about being bishops.
      I think that anyone wishing to be a bishop in this day and age must have suicidal tendencies -
      These men, I believe, have more wit.
      And did you, Bishop, get a call to the episcopate from the Nuncio?

    4. I'll trust your better knowledge on this one.

    5. Papal nuncios have no role to play in the call or consecreation of Independent Catholic bishops. While possessing valid episcopal orders I have never claimed to be a ROMAN Catholuc bishop - thank God.

      I am not corrupt enough to deserve such an honour.

  5. And, Brady looks as if he's getting busy with the server in front of him. Not the best timed photo for him.

    1. You have a really sick soul, 14.18.
      You urgently need brain surgery - get it see to!

    2. Looked it up, 18.20, hoping that some new, ultra-modern psychological treatment might help 14.18.
      But it seems you are very much more up to date on such matters than I am.
      Deep, invasive brain surgery does seem to be the only solution - may not be successful

    3. You did not get it quite right, 18.20 & 20.34.
      14.18 has a sick, diseased soul. You are quite right there.
      Psychological and surgical treatment do not work for this type of person.
      He needs some type of high-pressure spiritual hose-down.

  6. it raises huge doubts about the accuracy of other blogs when you can't get a picture of Bishop McKinney correct!

    1. Exactly , Father Cole is pictured with Monsignor McGovern who at that time was Administrator of the Diocese

  7. By posting the pic here you have most likely scuppered the chances of Rev Thomas of being promoted. This is sad, especially, as you rightly say, that in Ireland, the UK, and elsewhere, the executive secretary of the bishops' conference is usually appointed at a later stage - e.g. Fr Thomas' immediate predecessor now Bishop Stock of Leeds. Archbishop E. Martin, and Bishop Gerard Clifford were both in that job in Ireland. Buckley's blog - the place where reputations are ruined and career paths obstructed - if not downright reversed.

  8. Am I the only tablet user finding difficulty in posting comments?
    Many times now when I tap the publish button my comment just disappears.
    Very annoying if it's something I've given time and effort to. I've subsequently gone on desktop to post successfully.
    This is being done on tablet as another effort/trial.

    1. Glad you raised that point MMM. I can't submit a post on my tablet for a long time now. Frustrating!!

    2. I know what you mean. I've experienced exactly the same difficulty...and frustration...from time to time. It comes and goes.

      I find it helpful not to tap 'preview', but just go straight to 'publish'. Try it and see.

  9. ooooh I say dont they all look well. The stuff of Christmas Panto. I once took Dominic Conways zucheto for a spin round the yard at st Marys when I was a deacon. Doubt Ill ever be a bishop. Have to settle for the proddies recognizing my Orders as valid. Merry Christmas to one and all

    1. It seems that within England and Wales if you are a Seminary Rector, Bishop's Secretary or Secretary to the Conference you then have a divine right to be a Bishop. The two fools pictured on your blog today highlight this and are no exception. Why don't bishop's have lay secretaries instead of the waste of having a clerical one. I think of only one such case in England.

    2. Sean, you are - and always will be - a validly ordained Roman Catholic priest.

      No man made law can EVER change that.

    3. Oh for goodness sake. It's two people having a laugh, nothing else. As for private secretaries, seminary rectors or General Secretaries becoming bishops there are many who have been in those jobs and have then returned to parish life. Jealousy and bitterness is not an attractive sight. Get over yourselves.

    4. How do you know it was simply them two idiots having a laugh, funny sense of humour to me. Jealousy and bitterness of careerist priests becoming Prelates, please!!! Give us some credit. It's precisely how these creeps climb the slippery pole. There are Tim's in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and worldwide. Now,that's the problem.

    5. Agree with you, 19.48
      Nice to see normal priests having a bit of fun.
      If they were ambitious types they would never indulge in this - how many bishops anywhere would have the humility to do this - I applaud them - probably too good to be bishops!

    6. He was only letting his hair down.

    7. If you want to be a bishop -
      Assume a grave and serious demeanour
      Keep in with the right people
      Preferably with your own bishop
      If possible with the Nuncio
      Certainly with the vicar generals
      Be seen at the important meetings
      Dress well
      Articulate well
      AND DO NOT
      Get your photograph taken wearing a zuchetto (?)
      Do not get your photo taken when you are having a bit of fun
      Never let people know you have a sense of humour

      It is important to be aware that people of unusually low IQ rarely - if ever have a normal sense of humour.

      At the same time I would recommend these two men for the Episcopate,
      Nice to have bishops with a sense of humour - what we really need in Ireland.
      I would be happy to have either as a bishop in my diocese.
      As for the humourless - catch yourselves on

  10. Thank you Pat My attempt at being ironic. I will be able to minister as an ordained minister in my home parish from September 2018 all being well. I will still be doing my day job.

  11. Pat your blog can be down right very rude at times!

    My Mum used to say "Never make a mockery of anybody." You are very good at this.

    God be good to you.

  12. Word on the street is that wee Timmy Bartlet's ass licking and lack of the smell of the sheep about him will work in his favour as he is favourite to get Clogher and therefore his mitre

    1. Not only does Timo lack the "smell of the sheep", he is allergic to them. They bring him out in big hives.

      Bartlett is just like the "Dean" in many respects, except he is smarter than dopey big Shuey. TB has been better at positioning himself to kiss the right arses - especially Sean Brady's prize butt.

      If the priests in Clogher don't want Bartlett, they should make representation to the nuncio. It has worked before in other dioceses, I am reliably informed.

      Sheep rustler,
      North Antrim Hills.

    2. 02:17 I agree with your view but unfortunately the priests of Clogher will do feck all to block Timmo's appointment. They will just lie back and take it......we have a crowd of priests in Clogher who feel that they should never open their mouths about anything so I fear that Clogher will get lumbered with anyone as bishop.

  13. I see a new Dean has been appointed for the Irish College in Rome, Fr John Coughlan from the Elphin diocese. I wonder will Maynooth appointments follow?

  14. Pat, I just love the photos you have put on. They are obviously from the many pantomimes ongoing at this time of year. Who is the dame with the big white cloak, the pointy hat and the big wand?

  15. Will Timmy Bartlet be Amy's new Auxillary Bishop in Armagh?

    1. Apparently +Eamon has no time for Timo.

  16. Are you sure Fr Cole is not you undercover Pat? He's a younger looking version of you lol.

  17. What is a "Prince Albert"?

    1. It's a piercing of the penis very popular among some prelates and wannabe bishops. They get it done as a sacrifice for the holy souls in purgatory.

  18. This, I believe has to be on of the good Bishop's more insane blogs ever.
    Two English priests having a bit of fun seem to have got our local, and especially neurotic citizens Into some sort of ballistic mode.
    The humourless ones seem to be lost at sea, adrift in becalmed equatorial waters - no land in sight.
    It is good to see that there are still some about who have not lost their sense of humour!
    Lots of people have a strange talent to see something sinister and manipulative in the most innocent comments. Get some sort of spiritual navigation system.
    I am sure that the blogger who mentions his dog and budgies is happy in their inner cent company.
    I am sure that the dog and budgies are very glad that that they are not humanoids

  19. John Coughlan? Never heard of him in Elphin. I suppose Elphin students will go to Rome now. Bon Viagio Don Giovanni

    1. Let me have men about me who are fat!!!
      Better than the critics like Cassius who have
      '... A mean and hungry look.'
      God protect us from the humourless.

  20. Pat thats not bishop Kinney in the picture. the man on the left is monsignor McGovern who was apostolic administrator for the Diocese. hes an Irish gentleman and by all accounts is a deeply humble religious man.

  21. Yes , Monsignor McGovern is a respected priest who has given years of service in various parishes in the diocese since his ordination in 1970 .