Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Pope Reaffirms Ban on Gay Men Becoming Priests

This week Pope Francis reiterated the 2005 Vatican statement on GAYS AND PRIESTHOOD.
“The Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practise homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called ‘gay culture’. Such persons, in fact, find themselves in a situation that gravely hinders them from relating correctly to men and women.”




Cannot be admitted to the seminary

And cannot be ordained priests. 

I TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY disagree with the Vatican and Francis and urge Catholics to ignore their medieval views.


"Those who practice homosexuality" is a very wide term indeed.

It includes promiscuous priests who have accounts on GRINDR, BAREBACKrt, FABGUYS and priests who sleep with multiple partners, have unprotected sex, visit gay saunas, engage in a number of philias including Pope Francis' favourite - coprophilia, etc. etc.

But it also includes priests who are emotionally and sexually mature and integrated, LOVE one man for many years or a life time, exhibit high moral fibre, emphasise love, commitment, behave in a discreet fashion and who bring EVERYTHING THEY ARE AND HAVE to God and his service. 

I can understand Frankie & Co having a problem with the first kind of priest.

But I cannot understand them having any problem with the second kind - as the second kind, to my mind, is totally acceptable to God and is living a life within God's primary commandments. 

The Vatican and the Pope are tarring all gay priests - and indeed all gay people - with the one brush. 

It is perfectly good before God and his Christ for good moral gay people to love each other and to experience sexual intimacy as part of that love. 

We cannot reduce morality to sexual morality.

We cannot exclude from the priesthood good, moral gay men in whose hearts God has placed the call to priesthood. 


Most normal people have deep seated sexual tendencies. Most heterosexual people have deep seated heterosexual tendencies. 

And most homosexual people have deep seated homosexual tendencies.

Sexual tendencies by their very nature are deep seated. In fact they are so deep seated they are part of our basic human instincts.

Are you telling me that Pope Francis does not possess deep seated sexual tendencies?

If he does not he is suffering form some form of sexual abnormality or syndrome. 

Surely what matters from the moral and Christian point of view is WHAT WE DO with our deep seated sexual tendencies?

If a man has a deep seated sexual attraction to children - and is aware of those tendencies - and has never acted out on them - and is sexually integrated - then that man has done no wrong - either from the Christian or moral point of view - or indeed from the legal point of view. 

In fact, to me, that man is a brave man, a strong man, a moral man, a responsible man, - even a hero - even a good self sacrificing man. And maybe even a saint! 

Every seminarian, every priest, every bishop and every pope has deep seated sexual tendencies. 

Its what he does with those tendencies that make him either a rogue or a responsible Christian man.

If only those men with no deep seated sexual tendencies are suitable for the priesthood then the only suitable people for seminaries and priesthood are EUNUCHS! 

They are few and far between.


What is gay culture?

Do they mean those of us who think that gay people - like everyone else in the world - should have equal human and civil rights?

Do they mean those of us who believe that gay people should be allowed to have civil marriages and adopt children?

Do they mean those of us who believe that gay people should not be discriminated against ? Or bullied ? Or tortured ? Or be given the death penalty ?

In the modern world all of us are called upon to be tolerant of all genuine cultures.

I live in Northern Ireland and do not understand or appreciate the Orange Culture - but I want to be tolerant of that culture especially when it is not expressed in extreme.

No do I understand or appreciate Islam. But I want to be tolerant of my Islamic brothers and sisters. I might not want my sister to dress like some Islamic women do. But I want to be tolerant of their culture - again if it is not extreme.


CHRISTIANITY is a MINORITY religion. Only 17% of the world population is Christian.

That means that 83 % of the world population is non Christian.

We Christians want people to be tolerant of our Christianity.

We in turn must be tolerant of all others.

The problem with the Vatican is that it has a SEX PROBLEM.

It does not really like SEX at all. 

It thinks that SEX is dirty.

It thinks that the SOUL is good and that the BODY is bad.

And all these Vatican and Papal statements emanate from a Body and people who are sexually, mentally, academically, scientifically, misguided.


Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin accepts gay men for the priesthood and is willing to ordain gay men.

The other Irish Catholic Bishops are the same.

As a result of this document and statement by Pope Francis are they now going to expel all gay seminarians and priests?

If they do so - Maynooth will have about 5 seminarians for the whole country.

AND - Between 50 and 90 % of clerical positions in Ireland will have to be vacated.

During the summer we came across the case of Deacon Michael Gorgeous Byrne - a 

deacon and seminarian for the Archdiocese of Dublin.

I have it IN WRITING from Gorgeous that he told Diarmuid Martin he is a gay man.

We know that Diarmuid has recently reappointed priests who were not only gay - but actively gay - to parishes in his SECRET APPOINTMENTS LIST.

Is Archbishop Diarmuid Martin being DISOBEDIENT to Pope Francis and the Vatican?

Will we see him ordain Gorgeous in a bit ceremony in Dublin's Pro Cathedral next June?

If Diarmuid Martin is happy to ignore Papal and Vatican documents and instructions - why should we pay them any attention?


I wish to make it clear that I have not been sent for by my bishop or removed from ministry.

I am, as promised, seriously considering all comments made to me on this blog.

In fact I will be in attendance at the funeral of Bishop Gerard Clifford on Thursday in Dundalk.



Father Ciaran Dallat who has been appointed SECRET CHAPLAIN to Maghaberry Prison after making a parishioner pregnant in now answering the telephone in the prison chaplaincy office.

A blog reader who had reason to call the prison recently was answered by Fr Dallat.


  1. What hold has the RC Church got on people that they will accept statements like the above? Sadder is doing their own thing as if authority didn't matter. It's time for showdown at the OK Coral and call Sheriff Francis out. Question is have the boys the courage to use a loaded gun. There are other Catholic denominations to migrate to

    1. Well Sean, considering how you have abused people entrusted to your care, i think Frankie and co are doing a good job.

    2. 12.41 Even if I say Guilty yr honour. I have moved to atone for the past and face a more respectful future. What have others done except talk

    3. As likely as not, Pope Francis' latest comments on gays will be ignored by the majority of bishops and seminary reactors. That's what happened to Pope Benedict's 2005 document on the same topic.

      Pope Francis is showing himself an increasingly confused man, going from his "who am I to judge?" remark about gay priests to his endorsing Benny's ban on those with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies"...whatever that means.

      Sadly, being pope is no guarantee of having common sense.

  2. What an irrational rant!

    But no rebuttal is offered of the main point which is simply not going to go away because it is the truth: "Such persons, in fact, find themselves in a situation that gravely hinders them from relating correctly to men and women.”

    1. In my 40 years in the priesthood I have never been in a situation that gravely hindered me from relating correctly to men and women.

  3. Sean,
    Normally normal - up to a point!
    You have lost it this time!

    1. Was I ever normal whatever that is.The point in question is apart from a jumble of words and arguments on here what happens next in the real world

  4. "Fr X" has just potentially blown his cover with his statement by announcing his presence at Gerry Clifford's funeral. Methinks that many Armagh clergy will be looking at one another with a newfound interest, on Thursday, in Dundalk.

    1. I'm sure there will be bishops and priests from many dioceses at GC's funeral.

      I wish to announce that I will not be joining Fr X and others at the event.

    2. X could be coming from any diocese outside Armagh. Many other dioceses will no doubt be in attendance. X is despicable and rubbing the bishop's noses in it. Shameless and pond life.

    3. I very much doubt that "X" is coming from outside Armagh diocese.

      Bishops from all over Ireland will attend who knew the man but what priest, outside of Armagh diocese, would be BOTHERED travelling to attend poor old Clifford's (let's face it - a bore and a non-entity, RIP) funeral?

      I'd say some Armagh priests themselves will be hard pushed to attend and have to endure the Wounded Healer's panegyric.

      No, if Fr X is a certain PP in the archdiocese of Armagh, as is widely believed, there will be no surprises. He has been rampant for years. Be discreet? That's a laugh.

      What will be interesting is what Eamon Martin does now. Or will he do anything? He has a responsibility to act and remove a scandalous priest - or, by inaction, he himself becomes part of the scandal.

      In ways, EM may be already tainted because he, it is claimed, has had some knowledge of Fr X's immoral activities up until now.

      Fr X's boast that he is having sex with a DUP supporter/Orangeman is an indicator, if such was needed, that Fr X is completely out of control and a Rory Coyle style of media sensation about to hit the headlines.

      Maybe, when it 'hits the fan', the ensuing 'feeding frenzy' will take some of the "heat" off Arlene, in her current problems.

    4. There is a DUP supporter who is part of the youth branch of the party. It's been known that he was screwing a Priest and was warned to stop at least 6 months ago. This very good looking young guy is well known to Arlene Foster, Edwin Poots and others. Fr X has let the cat out of the bag by claiming the relationship is still going on. Perhaps the Nolan Show will investigate and put Marlene further into the shot.

  5. I wonder if Fr Rory Coyle will return from England for the funeral?

  6. Will bean pole be there?

    1. Bean pole will be directing traffic :-)

  7. Listen folks, acting out of homosexual desires is a sin. Simples. Btw, the Bible is not up for debate, the 10 Commandments are what we accept or not. The golden rule is what we accept or not. Jesus Christ would tell us quite simply the same thing that the Pope is saying. Simply because we have feelings dosent mean we have to be held prisoner by them e.g. i dont need to stick my penis into a another man because i feel like it. Sin is sin so enough with the self righteous indignation at the teaching of Christ.

  8. Pat,

    Since you have named many other clergy on this site, why will you not reveal Fr X or whatever his name is.

    You are covering up his lifestyle in a similar manner to the current crop of bishops.

    1. Father X approached me and made confidentiality a condition of the approach etc.

      I cannot renage on my promise to him.

      He has comitted no crime. Had he done so I would have reported it to the police.

      By the way - he told me his bishop knows about various aspects if his life and has asked him to be "discreet" - which bishops often do - in spite of Vatican statements.

    2. I think we know who he is now.

      He's not the sharpest tool in the box and it has been an open secret about his notorious antics since his Maynooth days.

      Many were amazed that he was ever ordained but, as he says himself in his article, he was "protected".

      So over to you, Archbishop Martin - what are you going to do about "Fr X"?

    3. Well wasn't it very "discreet" of him to write about his behaviour on your blog???!!! The feckin eejit - does he think people are stupid?

      It didn't take much of a genius to figure out who "Fr X" is - in fact - WHO THE FECK ELSE COULD IT BE???

      This particular clown should NEVER have been ordained. Furthermore, given the fact that he went to see Cahal Daly when he was a seminarian, to make a "complaint" and SURVIVED, speaks volumes.

      No other student, who dared approach Daly with a complaint, would have survived. He would have been packing his bags immediately upon his arrival back to Maynooth from Ara Coeli. He would have been out the gate on his ass.

      The fact that this filthy bastard, Fr X, not only "survived" but went on to be ordained, tells us that his "protectors" must be very powerful and high up indeed.

      Eamon Martin told him to be "discreet"??? This dirt bird is incapable of discretion. What a sordid and sick mess.

      A group of priests should call Fr X and the Archbishop aside tomorrow after the obsequies. This is unacceptable.

      Journalists out there probably already have your name and number, Fr X, in Co Louth. You are a feckin disgrace and a liability since your student days.

      You are the rotten fruit of a profoundly rotten and toxic system which has betrayed - and continues to betray - the good priests and faithful Catholics of Ireland!

      You are "considering" the comments and your position are you? Will that process be similar to Sean Brady considering his position in 2010 and then, re-inflicting himself on the Church, as the "wounded healer"?

      Don't "consider" anything Fr X. Get the feck out of the priesthood. You've been rumbled and you gave all the clues away yourself.

      Furious, Co Armagh.

    4. Be discreet my a*se. This is where the problem is if such be true. The bishops need to be honest and open

    5. I was in Maynooth with Fr X. I wasn't one of his friends but was well aware of his "reputation" and the sort of "company" he kept.

      I guessed it was him writing on this blog when I heard of his going to Cahal Daly - because there was talk of that having happened at the time.

      He more or less confirmed his identity by indirectly revealing that he is from Armagh diocese. Indeed, he isn't the brightest star in the firmament.

      And yes, certainly - many were amazed that he made it through and I, for one, am not surprised that he continued to behave, as a priest, in the way he carried on as a student.

      I'm sure there will be great interest in his announced presence at tomorrow's funeral of Bishop Clifford. I hope he doesn't cause a distraction from the fraternal offices for the deceased auxiliary bishop.

      Former Seminarian at Maynooth.

    6. I cannot see WHERE Father X has directly or indirectly announced that he is an Armagh priest?

      Are people not putting 2 and 2 together and getting a desired 5?

    7. He doesn't need to. We know who it is. People are not stupid.

      What priest from D&C, or Derry, or Dromore, would announce he is going to Gerry Clifford's funeral - Timmo Bartlett excepted?

      Your mate isn't the sharpest, Pat and the soul of discretion he ain't.

    8. Can we just name this toad. He needs to be outed asap. Please someone.

  9. It will be just lovely to see Fr "X" at Bishop Clifford's funeral on Thursday. Sure he's only 20 mins or so down the road from Dundalk anyhow.

    I'm sure the Archbishop will have an especial "Howdy-doo-dee" for the illustrious PP of the prestigious Parish of ********???

    Mullincross Micky

    1. Expect he will have his Orangeman intow

    2. Why is X sleeping with an Orangeman? Is there no Catholic Teens he could have sex with. Perhaps he gets a kick out of it, I wonder if he wears his regalia to turn x on - mind boggles.

    3. 21:14, you're just a teensy weensy interested in the sexual side of their relationship. Careful! You'll blow your hetero-cover.

  10. I am gay, have left the RC Church but believe that, in respect of point 1, the Vatican is consistent (i have added the words heterosexual in brackets below ) and treating all priests equally -

    1. WHO PRACTICE HOMOSEXUALITY (or heterosexuality)

    In respect point 2

    the Vatican is acting in a discriminatory manner as sexuality whether homo or hetero is deep seated


    In respect of point 3 the Vatican is being consistent for homosexuals and heterosexuals if the Vatican hold the view that Gay cultute is a promiscuous culture -

    3. WHO SUPPORT THE GAY (promiscuous whether gay or straight) CULTURE

    In my opinion there are many exemplary gay men in they priesthood who are not acting on their sexual desires they should be as welcome in the priesthood as heterosexual priests that also do not act on their sexual desires.

    All priests should be able to speak out against all forms of discrimination and mistreatment in society including that of discrimination against gay people.

    However this is the nub of the problem, the RC Church is the biggest discriminator and mistreator of gay people and is influential in forming negative opinions of me in my parents and grand parents.

    In the Irish context of marriage equality, any priest that speaks up and supports the rights of gay people to be treated on the same basis as heterosexual people (no sex before marriage) will always be placing themselves outside of the church rules.

    Why would any organisation that acts in a discriminatory manner appoint a fair minded person to a position of authority? As the RC church is discriminatory against gay people it makes sense to exclude from its priest ranks all priests that would potentially challenge their (in my opinion) flawed belief system.

    1. The Church is no respecter or of human rights. The treat people very badly. I think their days are numbered.

  11. Why would any fair minded homosexual wish to become a priest and be obliged to uphold discriminatory teachings that enforces mistreatment of gay people?

  12. So I can announce at an appropriate time during the service that an actively gay priest is having gay sex with an Orangeman
    What part of the mass is the best time to do this ?

  13. There is a reason for the use of the weird term "deep-seated homosexual tendencies". Rome has a complete inability to say what it means.

    Look at Amoris Laetitia - Francis clearly intends it to say that the divorced and civilly remarried can in some circumstances take communion. Does it say that directly? No. But that is the clear intention.

    So it is with "deep seated homosexual tendencies". Why not use the obvious term "homosexual orientation"? Because the reality of Roman interpretation is that the two were never the same. The language is deliberately broad to cover those who sexuality is central to their self-understanding and identity. Almost no bishop in the Western world considers it as a No Gays policy. Irish bishops are not alone in this - Timothy Dolan said the same thing, along with almost all other bishops. They are to be commended for it.

    The situation of practising homosexuals is different clearly in the Church's understanding.

    Life would be much easier if Rome were less obscurantist and said what it means. As for the medieval hocus pocus about not relating properly....well....the less said the better. It is a bit embarrassing really.

    1. In truth the medievals were much less stuffy about sexual matters. Projection, transference, etc., are modern discoveries. Ideally the priest should see the suffering Christ in the vulnerable people who approach him. A gay man who happens to be a priest may see only men he finds overwhelmingly attractive or repulsive and be altogether blind to women.

    2. "A gay man who happens to be a priest altogether blind to women." What a load of self-serving b*ll**ks! I can't stop laughing at this hetero-"wisdom".

      You clearly don't know ANY gay men, let alone gay priests.

      Next time you're tempted to open your mouth to pronounce on something you know absolutely SFA about shove a dummy in it...cos that's what you are.

    3. 15:48, if a gay priest because of his sexual orientation, might be blind to the 'suffering Christ' in women, then it follows that a straight priest, because of his sexual orientation, might be blind to the suffering Christ in men. You didn't think this through, did you?

    4. Yes 15:48 is a dimwit it is fair to say. It is pseudo-psychology that will one day be binned. Much like the requirements of the 4th Lateran Council. Just because some dimwit wrote it in a Vatican document, does not absolve anyone of the obligation to think the issue through theologically. While I am conservative in theological outlook on issue such as the practice of homosexuality, I have little patience for the Galatians who think that a dicastery instruction equates to the Sermon on the Mount. And that dicastery instruction is a poor piece of work to which I would grant a C-/D+. The sheer mental laziness of quoting from a 2005 document that already lacked interpretative provisions is astonishing.

    5. 18:30 Thank you for your civilized response to my contribution. We must follow our logic where it takes us. To me a good and effective celibate priest is, beyond gay and straight, a eunuch "who has made himself such for the sake of the kingdom." Would be glad to discuss this with you further but not at the risk of unhinging the wankas.

    6. That is true 19:50, but your contribution at 18:50 indicated support for the idea that gay men could not relate properly to women or men to whom they were not attracted, and implicitly that such a situation would not arise with a straight man. Is that your position?

    7. No, 20:10. My position is that a priest on the prowl sees people in a particular way, in terms of his own needs. The only options for a priest are to be celibate or married and faithful to his wife. I trust that in time the Church will ordain more married men but it is unlikely that priests will ever be allowed to marry after ordination. The spectacle of the courting clergyman is entertainingly described in the great English novels of the 19th century: Mr Collins in Pride and Prejudice, Mr Slope in Barchester Towers, Mr Casaubon in Middlemarch, etc.

    8. Thanks 21:39. It is my opinion, and that of the vast majority of the world's bishops (and the analysis of many who have given the instruction considerable thought) that the situation of a 'priest on the prowl' is what is covered by 'deep seated homosexual tendencies' in that his sexuality dominates his way of thinking. The same is true for heterosexuals. And that 'deep seated homosexual tendencies' does not equate to homosexual orientation.

    9. And your scientific evidence for this is what?

    10. Wonky Willie, try a Beecham's powder.
      Didn't know until very recently that one could still get them!
      They are excellent at settling that vicious type of vile headache that sometimes make people violently aggressive even at the slightest sound - not to mention the mildest blog.
      If it is, perhaps, your stomach, it is had to beat the old-fashioned cures - baking-soda is an instant cure

    11. Scientific evidence for what? It is an interpretation of the meaning of a dicastery instruction, not science.

    12. Agree 17:26 Anon.
      Anon @ 02:56, the Anon poster @ 14:12 @21:55 very clearly indicated that comment as an opinion. And it's one to which he/she is absolutel entitled to without having to provide any scientific evidence.
      "Ad disputandum est".

  14. Cardinal Raymond Burke Has made a statement at the synod to say that parents should not invite gay couples to family gatherings

    1. Most people regard "Mother Burke" as a nut case.

    2. Isn't that a bit ad-homo-nem:-)) ???

  15. I think that I have seen Father X and the Orangeman together M&S in Sprucefield near Lisburn.

    The Orangeman looks to be 18 or 19.

    Father X was spending a lot of money on him.

    Armagh Parishioner.

    1. Am I right in hearing that SEAN BRADY will be celebrating Bishop Clifford's funeral on Thursday with Amy....

      AND preaching the homily.................

      Another appearance for The Wounded Healer.

      What does he not understand about the word RETIRED ??>?

    2. The Church tomorrow will be full of filth then in Dundalk.

    3. Did the young Orangeman look as if he was feeling happy with the lavish attentions in M&S?

      Maybe they were at the fruit counter seeking to purchase some avocados? It is important to feel them to make sure they are ripe to eat.

      Perhaps the Orange stripling sought a new bowler hat? One also needs to feel those for sturdiness and durability. Nothing worse than a floppy bowler.

    4. If you seen Fr X with his loyalist bum chum in Sprucefield then name him.

    5. 15.04 Who are you to dictate who does Bishop Clifford's Funeral Mass!
      I'm sure he had all that sorted in advance.

    6. X and "Toot"

  16. 14 .55 ha ha ha
    I always get a laugh here

  17. At the Clifford funeral a co-abuser will preach and a number of "pricks" will sit anong the clergy.

  18. I can just imagine Amy's welcome tomorrow to the assembled. "I would like to welcome his Eminence,Cardinal Sean, who though badly wounded is here to heal. Also my brother bishops from the Conference who have been having a rough time of late worming and squirming over Maynooth. We also appreciate the presence of His Excellency Charles Archbishop Brown who despite some difficulties with the Vatican has made it here today. To the many priests present, my thanks. Finally we are delighted by the attendance of His Great Beatitude, the Most Venerable Timothy Bartlett.

    1. "I would also like to welcome Fr X the PP of ********* and his young friend ******. This is wee ******'s first time in a Popish temple so he's a wee bit nervous. That's him there in the wee pink tie. Don't be nervous son. You'll find we are all very friendly.

      I would like to honour this historic occasion - the first time the DUP and Orange Order have been officially represented at the Funeral of a Catholic bishop - by announcing the appointment of Fr X as Director of Ecumenism for the archdiocese of Armagh".

  19. I don't give a fiddlers who does my funeral
    Isn't it all about how one lives their life.when u dead u dead
    Suppose He made a will too donating pensioners money willy nilly

  20. One of the great advantages Bishop Buckley's site is that it gives anonymous bloggers - and of their own free will - and without any outside persuasion - the opportunity to demonstrate the low levels of their intelligence, manners, venom and spite. I find a lot of this smart-Alec stuff revolting
    Lighten up, citizens!
    Things and people are much better than they might appear.

  21. You're correct 19-12. Lots of people are better than they appear. But lots are not. Especially the ones who moralise and preach to us how we should live our lives while they live in contradiction of their vows and are shielded by a system in the church that has abused good people for centuries physiologically, emotionally and financially and quite frankly taken the piss.
    Buckleys blog gives a voice to the constructively critical, the amused, the abused and the downright rude. It allows its contributors something the church forbids. Free speech !!
    Ballymena Barney

    1. Pardon me - that was me at 19.12.
      There are, of course, some forward-thinking bloggers.
      It is the persistent grunters and complainers who get me down.

  22. Good man Barney. Keep the smoke a rising. Even the ejits are people too

    1. And Sean's a "feckin'" "ejit". So he should know.

  23. Is it true Pat that the Irish News are going to name Fr X. They have also already given his name to his Bishop along with photos.

    1. Never heard that?

      I have no contacts within the Ir News.

      I ckecked with Fr X tonight.

      He has heard nothing.

    2. The media are aware of the bizarre and shocking situation existing between Fr X and the young and prominent DUP guy. When the moment is right .....

    3. A friend who is very much in the political "know" tells me that this DUP bucko is quite a piece of work. Many are they who lust after him.

      He regards this middle-aged, unattractive priest, with a few pounds to spend on him, as a hilarious novelty.

      He allows this priest a sniff, a feel, a poke and a piece of him, for the craic - for his own amusement - and for what he can sponge off Fr X.

      He is quite the "pretty boy", a real head-turner, who is often seen in the company of party hierarchy.

      Watch that space - this is going to be explosive. This 'bit of fun' is going to end in tears; but it won't be pretty boy who is crying. He will flutter off to the next sugar lump.

    4. Normally, you could ask anyone with information on this scandalous situation to give it to Pat - but not this time.

      Go to Chris Moore or Stephen Nolan. Or Ciaran Barnes who's covering the Big Dean's adventures.

  24. It sort of makes sense the wounded healer would do Gerry's funeral as Clifford was his Auxiliary longer than he was Amy's - infact it cant have been that long after Amy got Armagh that Clifford retired.
    As someone who is not from Armagh who is Fr X - to those that seem to know name him - he seems to have given himself away - all I can work out is a PP 20 mins from Drogheda - but which direction

    1. He's before you get to Drogheda.

    2. Castleblaney Reader,
      Please do not worry too much about the rubbish opinions and uglinesses displayed by most of Bishop Buckley's bloggers.
      They have, on this site, the opportunity to display - as someone already said - without being forced and of their own free will - their innate malice, spitefulness and quite often their imbecility.
      There are, still, positive bloggers.
      These other types are louder and sometimes crude in their language - always symptomatic of a low intelligence quotient!
      Pay no attention.
      The majority are faithful'

  25. Oh my goodness, this site is so so indicted with hatred towards the Catholic Church.
    The posts are bursting with bitterness!

    Are we all not Christians that love our brothers and sisters in Christ? What has happened to all accounts of forgiveness?

    I'm puzzled.

    Castleblaney reader.

    1. Behind the scenes the church is mass of infighting. It is a shock when you first come across it.

  26. If Fr X is who many think he is, then he has mislead us by describing himself as "young". In fact, he is middle-aged. Typical - "gay" version of mutton dressed as lamb. It could only be money and presents that is attracting the young DUP suitor, for Fr X is no looker.

  27. It's all so simple. If you cannot subscribe to the Catechism, you cannot be a Catholic, let alone a Catholic priest. For goodness' sake don't pretend to be what you are not. You can't rewrite the rules for your own convenience, there are 'churches' in which you can - GO THERE!

    1. Subscribe to the Catechism? Are you f**k**g serious? The Catechism isn't the word of God, asshole; the Bible is.

    2. Totally serious, the Lutherans have theirs, the Presbyterians etc. etc. It's what a religion's believers are required to accept. You don't so you are some kind of 'one man church' with your own interpretation of Scripture therefore, your own 'catechism'. But thanks for your thoughtful and Christian input.

    3. 01.11
      If you have no problem in using expletives f.....s and calling people asshole you seem to have a very different bible from mine.
      Suggest ... Like Wonky Willie ....
      that you try Beecham's powders or baking soda!!!!
      You really are a very seriously sick fella!
      Are you related to Wonky Willie?

    I have it on very good authority that this young Teenage DUP activist gave Fr X a personal tour of Stormont and wined and dined him in the Members Dining Room recently. The net is closing in. Nolan has the details, Arlene has warned the young lad off but continues to turn a blind eye. Nolan is sitting on this story, I can also exclusively reveal the Irish News is sitting on the same story and has given the details to Fr X' s Bishop who continues to do nothing. His Bishop is aware, Arlene Foster and some DUP MLA's are aware, Nolan Show are aware and the Irish News are aware.
    Inside Whistleblower.

  29. What catechism did Jesus subscribe to. Which came first chicken or egg. Christianity is not a religion.......

    1. Sean,
      What is it then?

    2. It's whatever SP (and his like) have decided it is and that's OK as long as they just confuse themselves and not the rest of us. St. Paul was emphatic about obedience to the Church.

  30. Religion = rules. Christianity = following Jesus. (Simplistic answer to 11.18