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THE ROSARY has been - and still is among some - a very prominent Catholic prayer. 

Of course with the decline of Catholicism many have abandoned it - and some people criticise it as boring and meaningless.

I used to say the Rosary EVERYDAY. I do not say it as often as that these days.

BUT I still say it occasionally - sometimes as I'm on a long journey in the car.

TODAY - I present two little pieces of writings on The Rosary.

A humour filled - but touching reflection by a Blog reader we will call N.

The second longer one is from my childhood called THE TRIMMINGS ON THE ROSARY.

It was my father Jim's party piece.

"THE TRIMMINGS" were the list of prayers many Irish mother's added on to the Rosary - to the edification of some and the ire of others

I would be interested to hear Blog readers thoughts on the Rosary.



They had come from the city to spend Christmas with their grandfather. He was an intolerant, religious man, especially impatient with the younger sister. His hearing was poor, but he could see that she was bored.

For no good reason, except to entertain her sister, the older one decided to 'jump in', and lead the prayers, after the rosary (properly called 'the ejaculations'-a source of great mirth, to them). Their grandfather coughed angrily, but allowed her to continue.

Mirror of justice
Pray for us, they responded

Seat of wisdom
Pray for us

Cause of our joy
Pray for us

Spiritual vessel
Pray for us

Having established the rhythm, she glanced at her sister and winked.

Spuds and butter
Pray for us

Strawberry jam
Pray for us

Rhubarb and custard
Pray for us

Bank of Ireland
Pray for us

Bank of England
Pray for us

Two little ducks
Pray for us

She could not stop. Every bingo call, food combination and other possibility that tumbled into her head.

She'd gone too far. He knew something was going on and was offended. He took over and quickly ended the prayers, still kneeling, facing the wall and the sacred heart lamp.

They knew that he was crying.

"Oh, aren't ye the great, smart people, up there, in the black north".




BY John o' Brien - Father Daniel Hartigan

'Ah, the memories that find me, now my hair is turning gray,
Drifting in like painted butterflies, from somewhere far away.

Flitting idly through my fancy, and the pictures fading fast,
Pass again in rose and purple, o'er the broad screen of the past,

There's the old selected 'dreaming 'neath the wistful, watchful stars,
And the breeze is telling stories, to the list'ning "coolabahs”;

And the old home, looking welcome from Its big, bright, friendly eyes,
with the "Sugar-loaf" behind it, blackened in against the skies;

There's the same dear, happy circle round the boxlog's cheery blaze,
With a little Irish mother, telling tales of other days,

While the fountain, keeps a-singing on the hook besooted o'er,
And the youngsters on their hand and knees, play "horses" round the floor.

She had one sweet little custom, that I never can forget,
And a gentle benediction, crowns her memory for it yet;

 I can see that little mother still, and hear her as she pleads: 
"Now it's getting on to bedtime; all you children get your beads.”

There were no steel-bound conventions, in that old selection free:
Only this — each night she lined us up, to say the Rosary;

E'en the traveler who, stayed the night, upon his journey knew,
He must join, the little circle, aye, and take his decade, too.

And I believe she darkly plotted, when a sinner hove in sight,
Who was known to say no prayer at all, to make him stay the night.

Then we'd softly, gather round her, and we'd speak in accents low,
As we prayed, as sainted Dominic prayed, so many years ago.

And the little Irish mother's face, was radiant, for she knew
Thar, where "two or three are gathered,” He is gathered with them, too

O’er the Paters and the Aves, how her reverent head would bend,
How she'd kiss the cross devoutly, when she’s counted to the end;

And the visitor would rise at once—and brush his knees, and then,
He'd look very, very foolish as he took the floor again;

For she'd other prayers to keep him, they were long, long prayers in truth,  
And we used to call them “trimmin’s, in my disrespectful youth,

She would pray for all our little needs, and every cloud of care,
That would darken o'er the "Sugar-loaf", she'd meet them with a prayer

She would pray for this one's“ sore complaint, "or that one's hurted hand,
Or that someone else, “might make a deal, or get that bit of land."

Yes and then again, to "make It rain," or else to "make it dry,"
And a help for Mary Jane McShane, "who's going to wed Matthi ;

And that, "dad might sell the cattle well” and seasons good, should rule,
So that little John, the clever boy, might go away to school

There   There were "trimmins" too, that came and went, but ne'er she closed without,
one fo  Adding something special, none of you must know about,

Gentle was, that little mother, and her wit, would sparkle free,
But she'd ruin you, If you look about, when at the Rosary,

If, perchance you, couldn't find your beads, disaster waited you,
For the only one she'd pardon, was dad, (and jus) because she knew,

He was hopeless, and 'twas sinful, what excuses he'd invent,
So she let his, use his fingers, and he "cracked” them as he went.

Aye! And every "sore complaint” got right, and every “hurted hand,”
And, we “made a deal”, from time to time, and got that “bit of land,

And we never failed, to get the rain, and as the years went by,
we could see that Mary Jane McShane, was fit for our Matthi;

Yes and, Dad did "sell the cattle well," and little John, her pride,
It was he who said, the Mass In black, the morning that she died,

And her gentle spirit triumphed , for “twas this, beyond a doubt,
That, the “something very special" was, she kept so dark about,

But the years have crowded past us, and the fledglings, all have flown,
And the nest beneath, the “Sugar-loaf," no longer Is their own;
For a hand, has written finish, and the book, Is closed for good;
There is a, stately red-tiled mansion, where the old slab dwelling stood;

There the stranger, has her “evenings”, and the formal supper spread,
But I wonder, has she “trimmins”, now? Or is the Rosary said?

Ah, those little Irish mothers, passing from us, one by one,
Who will write, the noble story, of the good that they have done?

All their children may be scattered, and their fortune, windwards hurled,

But the “trimmin’s” on the Rosary, shall bless them round the world

Father Hartigan's book containing The Trimmings and other verses is called:


It is still available


  1. Pat, we need to recite the Rosary for the Church and those who lead it here in Ireland. There is a lack of leadership and a blind eye turned against scandal after scandal. Eamon Martin's handling of active homosexual clergy in his diocese is woeful. That's why we need to recite many rosaries. Fr X has gone quiet and seems to have disappeared. Do you know if he has been dismissed yet?

    1. Fr X is still active pastorally and sexually!

      And Amy is supposed to be bringing Rory back in January.

      Business as usual in Armagh.

    2. Pat this is a total and utter disgrace. What the hell is Eamon Martin up to? I wrote to him a few weeks ago in relation to Fr X' s blog and got no reply. He is unfit for Office and sneaking Rory back in is a total scandal. A friend of mine who lives in Armagh saw Rory walking around recently in Armagh with his head held high and looking very confident. What is going on? Many rosaries need to be said for this pitiful situation.

    3. Yes, maybe the "confidence" stems from what is "known" about the "superior(s)"?

    4. The DUP's Paul Givan has said today that sports men and women should not be afraid to come out as gay. What a change in attitude and language! I suppose he approves of young male DUP party workers having sex with Catholic Clergy too.

    5. Amy just LOVES rosaries. They are among her most favouritest things in her jewellery and trinket boxes.

      Her most special rosary is the Mother of Pearl one Mammy got her for her Confirmation. She wears that one, day and night, all year long, under the simmet Mammy insists on her wearing - winter and summer.

      Then there is the diamante chaplet a young suitor presented her with, many years ago. This precious item reminds her of the sacrifices she has made - forsaking the pleasures of the marital bed, the joys of child-rearing and family life, the satisfaction of being a good wife with a brood of children - giving it all up, selflessly, for a career in the Church.

      Also, among the trophies that evoke fondest memories, are the bamboo beads sent her from the Philippines, by a now deceased Irish missionary priest. This avuncular figure greatly boosted Amy's confidence when she was a maiden, affording her the certainty and assurance to launch out on her singing career.

    6. Pat I rang the Apostolic Nuncio's Office today in Dublin to complain about Eamon Martin's reluctance to act against gay sexually active Priests in Armagh. Some jobsworth who answered cut my nose off and barked at me that I needed to put my concerns in writing. He also rudely told me Archbishop Brown was too busy to directly deal with such trivialities. I really do despair and no wonder why the Church is in such a state here. Appalled at the attitude and arrogance in relation to my concerns.

  2. Thanks Pat for those lovely reflections--The Rosary is very special and I have found it to be so powerful over and over again in my ife, especially when habitually said--even a decade of it with real faith--at a time of heartbreak or crisis or when everything else appeared to be failing. My only "trimming" ever is "Our Lady of Cana, help me,speak up for me and guide me on this - -"
    Whenever I haven't had the energy or the heart left in me to recite other prayers, the very repetitive nature of the Rosary was itself like a consoling mantra, comforting and effortless until a feeling of peace and calm descended. As I pray I would meditate on Jesus' very first miracle at Cana. It was apparently "premature"as his time,he said, hadn't come yet but He did not refuse His Mother. He still doesn't. That's good enough for me. Cecily.

    1. They are nice reflections.

      I once very simply said,

      "The way to a man's heart is through his tummy.
      The way to the Sacred Heart is through his mummy"


  3. The Rosary was an important part of my growing up and I still revere it. As long as we realise all grace and healing are gifts of God. Pray away. No mammy no babby No babby no Christmas yes.

  4. Sean
    Last two sentences incomprehensible to me.
    What are you trying to say?
    Would not like to miss a possible life-changing message

    1. 15.38. Life changing? Nothing so profound. A very surface level throwaway comment. If I must go deeper Mary's Fiat (not a car) reminds us that all people can be saved subject to the Grace and Will of God

  5. With me,if it hadn't been prayer, it would have been Prozac. I am sure many people use the rosary in times of stress. It is a way into wordless contemplation. Many other faiths use prayer beads.

  6. I have a little story about some rosary beads. I am a baptised Catholic from a baby but have never owned a set of rosary beads. I was never given any and never inherited any - I don't know why. So I have always said the rosary without beads. As I have got older I have really wanted my own set but somehow buying them for myself never felt quite right. Nor did asking for them - I've always hoped someone would just give me a set. I have also wanted ones with some provenance, second hand ones even - I like the idea of them having been prayed over many times or having something special about them. I have even eyed some beautiful second hand ones on eBay but never bought any. It has never felt 'right'.

    This last November I went to Ireland from the UK for a few days over my birthday and I went to a morning Mass at Knock. Afterwards we wandered around for a bit and then went and browsed the shops. They were full of all manner of stuff. There wasn't anything that you could buy that didn't have Jesus, Mary and Joseph on it and of course there were lots of rosaries. My friend offered to buy me some as she knew about my wish saying 'why don't I buy you some here at this special place?'. It somehow still didn't feel right. It felt too commercialised and mercenary in those shops. I have to say I didn't like them so I declined and we left.

    As we walked up the hill back to the car I was thinking to myself 'oh maybe I should have let her. Maybe I missed an opportunity in this special place'. But I walked on even so. We approached a car parked at the side of the road and I could see a little old lady sat in the car. She smiled at me as we approached so I smiled back. As we drew up she wound down the window and called me over. I thought she maybe wanted help getting out of the car or something so I went over. She had the sweetest little round face with rosy, peachy cheeks and she spoke with a lovely soft Irish accent 'Here, these are for you. They were blessed just this morning. Even if you don't know the rosary, you just say a little prayer to Our Lady and she will be listening' and she handed me the tackiest, most plastic, mass produced, cheapest set of rosary beads you've ever come across. Slightly surprised, I thanked her for her kindness and we walked on. My friend was laughing saying 'well you finally got your wish'. But I did. And I turned to go back and tell this sweet lady just how much her gift meant but her car was already pulling away down the road.

    So I regret not having been able to tell her what she really gave me. And this little tacky, plastic set of beads go everywhere with me and are like a treasure to me. Every time I look at them I say a little prayer for her too. And I thank God for granting me my wish in a humble, beautiful way and a special place.

  7. 16.00
    Nice story -and a pleasant change from all the negative stuff.
    Say a little prayer for me
    I will remember you

  8. It is enough that we have the Lord's Prayer and his two commandments to love God and love our neighbour. Endless repetition of spells and incantations in my opinion have no place in the relationship between a God that made and knows every part of you has no need for flattery, fawning or special formulae to catch his attention. That God, the creator of everything, can be swayed by counsellor saints, the souls of dead humans(who themselves have been approached as if by supernatural bribery by the supplicant) stinks of a medieval court with its webs of patron client relationships. Speak to God directly, as a son or daughter speaks to one's loving parents, with your own voice and your own words. Don't crawl, fawn or use spells thought up in the middle ages. Thyraeus.

    1. Just want to add that God isn't a he or she but rather a force that we anthropomorphise. Btw, is there anywhere in the gospels where Jesus asks us to pray through saints or his mother to him, or venerate the bones and flotsam and jetsam of the dead, as in the cults surrounding saints? Thyraeus.

    2. It was a little sad to see the same tiring old misconceptions (and a few new ones!) being trotted out by those who do not understand the Rosary. It is of course, intensely Biblical and the Fifteen Mysteries take one on a complete meditative journey through all the important events in Jesus's ife and the complete Truths of our Redemption. So to say that it is not Biblical does expose the poster's lack of detailed knowledge. It would be hard to improve on what Cecily has said above as she encompasses the very essence of why the Rosary is valued on so many different levels whether as a community or a personal prayer.

    3. John and Charles Wesley (methodist) used to pray the rosary. It is either your prayer or not, but lots of people use it.

  9. Strange on this - 16.15
    Hallowed be thy name,
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done
    Could be interpreted as flattering God, who clearly does not need it.

    What is wrong with the Hail Mary
    What is wrong with '... The Lord is with thee
    Blessed art thou among women
    Blesses is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
    And what is wrong in asking Mary to
    Pray for us sinners
    Now and at the hour of our death. Amen
    The Rosary is not a spell, nor is it a crawling.
    And Jesus said to John - Behold thy mother - meaning all of us. And Mary - to quote yourself - is a loving parent and we are her sons and daughters also.

    1. I see the Lord's prayer differently. Father in heaven and around us, your name and existence is sacred and all powerful, may your peace and love come among us and guide us in all places and at all times. Feed us and keep us healthy and forgive the times when we behave not as well as we could, just the same as we should forgive those who offend and hurt us. Don't make our lives too difficult, only test us as much as we can bear and protect us from all harm, though ultimately we are in your hands. For you are everything and I see your beauty in everything around me. It's not a spell to be endlessly repeated. It doesn't change it's power if repeated backwards. It's just a feeling from one's heart rising to God (ideally). Thyraeus.

    2. 46 While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. 47 Someone told him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.”

      48 He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” 49 Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. 50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” Matthew 12: 46-50

    3. We are not sons and daughters of Mary. She is a dead human, that is all, awaiting the same judgement as all of us. Rather, we are sons and daughters of God, created by 'him'. I understand and sympathise with veneration of Mary as if one is venerating what we see as what is associated with the female in God but, from what I see in Catholicism, the honour and attention given to Mary is contrary to and far exceeds any honour or worship mentioned in the bible. I use the word 'worship' as despite the protestations I will hear, prayers, supplications, novenas,etc,etc are that. Pay homage and favours will be granted. The only relationship one should have is that with God alone. At the same time, I am not slamming veneration of Mary in the same way as I would not slam new age pagans at the solstice today or Muslims worshipping Allah as each one finds their own way to the divine. All I'm saying, is that when one looks at it, following the Bible, only God deserves our prayers and only God can answer our prayers. Thyraeus.

    4. Thyraeus at 18.43
      This is much more pleasant and acceptable.
      However, Thyraeus, there are many ways of coming close to God which should not be minimised and certainly not mocked - as you - with respect seem to do.
      People will find - if they so wish - a way to God.
      Why not let them find their own path?

    5. Thyraeus,
      If "...... Mary is awaiting the same judgement as all of us...." (19:21) I would be plunged into the very pits of despair.
      What part does it play in your form of Christianity that "Faith without good works is dead."
      Jesus would not have existed if Mary had not accepted his motherhood. That is why we hold her in reverence. We can hold in reverence good men and women. The Saints we hold in reverence - hoping to learn from their exemplary lives - even though like Augustine they were sometime considerably less than perfect.

    6. I would be grateful, Thyraeus, if you could let me your opinion of the greeting Elizabeth gave to Mary -
      Of all women you are the most blessed, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
      Is Mary not due the reverence given her?

    7. We are the creations of God, mere amoeba, not even monkeys in 'his' sight.We should follow the example of genuinely good people and respect them but to pray to, make supplication to them instead of the maker is against the Bible, that's if one wants to adhere fairly strictly to it. Thyraeus.

    8. Mary was alive then. Elizabeth was greeting her and pleased to hear the good news as such, the same way we'd facebook today wishing congratulations on news of a pregnancy, though an extra special one in this case. However, Mary was human and is dead now and only God knows her fate. Thyraeus.

    9. And a final point. Why are almost all the saints men who have taken vows of celibacy or women likewise? Do I get a better chance of getting into heaven if I refrain from sex or get a tonsure? What if I burn a pyre full of heretics, go on crusade or convert a tribe to the true faith, those that survive the smallpox that is? Are my chances better? If I disobey the bishop of Rome and other princes of the church, are my chances of becoming a saint reduced? What's the difference between say a loving parent who has died and gone into the grave and a dried up monk who whipped and starved himself until he saw visions of the devil and preached against the flesh and lust? I'm sure there are a hell of a lot more of those types in the litany of the saints than loving mothers and fathers who just lived and died quiet lives,full of love for their children. Thyraeus.

  10. Is that not a little narrow minded and dogmatic? Surely there are many spiritual methods and forms of prayer. You have every right to your own method but please don't mock something that brings people close to jesus and his mother. Your prejudice against the middle ages is a bit old hat at this stage. Irish spirituality underwent a golden age during the middle ages.
    Spontaneous prayer has its place as does formal set prayer. That's one of the joys of catholicism. Both are essential in my humble opinion.

    1. Narrow minded and dogmatic? Surely is not that the basis of theology and confessionalised religions? For expressing my opinion just now, how many men have been burnt or torn apart on public scaffolds or silenced for doing something similar but at a different place and/or time? I'm not mocking formulae and repetition or prayer after shivering prayer. I'm saying that it is unnecessary and indeed obscures the relationship that Jesus said one should have with God in the gospels. Thyraeus.

    2. I think of poor old Dominican, Savonarola who had his tongue ripped out in Florence under the orders of the Borgia Pope. Hanged and burned for wanting reform.

    3. You are perfectly entitled to your opinion but it's you who is insisting on how your way is better than others. There are many ways of being dogmatic my dear thyraeus. We papists aren't the only ones who claim to have truth.
      Jesus gave us the eucharist the most important prayer of all. That's hardly something I can do myself with jesus.
      By the way in Ireland most of the people doing the burning and inflicting martyrdom on others espoused the theology of me and my god alone. Oliver Cromwell had a wonderful direct relationship with jesus.

    4. I would hardly describe Oliver Cromwell's theology as 'Ourselves Alone' or 'Just me and my God'. The only reason those doing the killing in Ireland were chiefly English was that England was powerful, Ireland weak and despised by most of Europe as savage and at the level of native Americans. I would have expected, had Ireland been a united realm and strong, to have been just as vicious and murderous as any other state in that period. Humans all bleed the same. We also shouldn't forget that England's original invasion of Ireland had been sanctioned by the Pope and St Bernard. Likewise, in 1690, the Pope supported a foreign usurper to the English crown and kingdom of Ireland, that being King Billy. Again, in 1795, the RC Church took the bribe of Maynooth to still any worries that its flock might actually unite with the Presbyterians in the north. Again, in the 1980s and 1990s we had Cahal Daly, the equivalent of a Quisling-Petain-Lord Haw Haw rolled into one.

    5. Gosh, Savonarola now that is a fascinating figure from Church History. Back then he was almost a Pat Buckley. A fascinating character and his statue still stands in Florence's main square were he was hanged and burned for trying to urge reform. The Borgia Pope have a lot to answer for. The Sky box set of the Borgia's is compelling viewing. It shows the total corruption back then and the sleaze that continues within the Church, particularly the See of Armagh.

    6. Interesting. I never knew wee cahal daly was a nazi. I would have thought jacques maritain would be more his taste.
      In your potted guide to irish history you left out that little affair called the reformation which had a tiny something to do with the horrors that occurred.
      Which countries by the way thought we were savages? I thought it was only nasty elizabethian thugs who came out with that bilge.
      And how would you describe dear dear oliver c's theology?
      Did he not subscribe to " sola fide and sola scriptural"? Yes ireland's first republican ruler fondly loved and missed.
      Off to say the rosary now. I ll remember you especially. Bye for now!!!

    7. 'With them I experienced great misfortunes: naked and shoeless all the winter: passing more than seven months among mountains and woods with savages, which they all are in those parts of Ireland where we were shipwrecked...The custom of these savages is to live as the brute beasts among the mountains, which are very rugged in that part of Ireland where we lost ourselves. They live in huts made of straw...' Francis de Cuellar, Armada survivor. '.. never had he found men so shameful in their morals, so wild in their rites, so impious in their faith, so barbarous in their laws, so stubborn in discipline, so unclean in their life. They were Christians in name, in fact they were pagans'. Bernard of Clairvaux, Life of Malachy. Thyraeus.

    8. I probably also don't have to repeat in full the Fr Ted joke about fascists dressing in black, telling people what to do.

  11. Rest in Peace Monsignor Colm mc Caughan.

    1. Monsignor Colm McCaughan helped Bishop Paddy Walsh to cover up the abuse of young boys and men by Father James Donaghy PP, Bangor.

      Hopefully he will have his answers ready for The Lord on that one !

    2. He allowed Brendan Smyth his Christmas at home before his arrest
      During this Christmas period, B S abused a girl in Belfast.

  12. Whilst I admire self confidence and self assurance I also find 16:15 a little bit over the top - a bit like -

  13. Hello, sailor. What's your room number in Top Mary's?21 December 2016 at 20:22

    The boul Rory is still on Facebook, including a post admiring Pope Benedict lol. Bet he wasn't mentioned on Grindr and Fabguys. I was in 1st Arts when Amy was made director of the College Choir (ad tem). He had a flamboyant conducting style. Probably goes with the territory among 100% straights. John Kenney was MC at the time, though some thought John wasn't as good at it as his successor.

    1. Let's admit it, Eamon is a queer.

    2. Eamon told HOT PRESS recently thst he is a heterosex man and that at one time he fancied girls.

      Just thought I would say that for the record.

    3. John Kenny wasn't MC. His classmate from Raphoe was.

    4. Fancy a walk round the Graf?22 December 2016 at 14:15

      You mean Niall Coll?

    5. I wish I was an Armagh priest. It's all go there.22 December 2016 at 20:17

      But John Kenny had some college chapel role. Was he a cantor alongside Eamonn Conway? His "On Eagle's Wings" at Saturday Vespers was to die for.

  14. Rory was a great beliver in Eucharistic Prayer 2 at Sunday Mass in Armagh Cathedral, even though it's use on Sundays raises an eyebrow among liturgical adepts. You'd think Wounded Healer's MC would set a better example. Though the short EP saves time. Maybe the boul Rory had an urgent appointment(s)?

  15. We need to be saying the Rosary for Armagh. The clerics appears to have lost the plot, and if the comments from Armagh parishioners on this blog are any indication, the laity are in urgent need of metanoia too [I'm still haunted by the gombeen who walked up to Rory after morning Mass to tell him "Go home and shave your fucking beard", not to mention the so-called Catholics who tell their children that Midnight Mass, the source and summit of the faith, is panto]. As I have long said, the laity get the priests they deserve. Maybe we need a clear out of the Armagh laity?

  16. To the post at 20.59--We agree with you - - Jesus warned of precisely this type of situation in Matthew 5! . He cautioned his disciples that it was important for them to give leadership and good example, otherwise their followers would soon fall away also - - "You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt should lose its savour---!"

  17. lovely programme on RTE1 tonight about knock and people praying the rosary to your lady. I really enjoyed it. I have always loved going to knock for the peace of it, the prayer and the chapel of reconciliation.

  18. What's your room number in middle New House?22 December 2016 at 09:00

    The Nuncio also loves going to Knock, apparently.

  19. I am profoundly sorry for the Armagh farmer and his son!
    I am sure he thought that a 'Religious Event' like the WYD would have been an exceptionally safe,place for his son.
    One of the older Armagh priests told me that Cardinal Brady, and it would seem to be also the case with Archbishop Martin, were invariably impressed by the personable, reverential,types who always said the 'pwopah' things and buttered them up - principally with some ambitious target in mind.
    He believed that the bishops thought that they were loyal and faithful servants - true friends.
    The Bishop's never even looked out into the STICKS to see the priests who were hard working were. There are genuine good men here who really are the backbone of this Archdiocese.
    I do remember a story about St. John XXIII. He decided that he would make no personnel changes in the Vatican for three years until he really knew where the talent was and was personally happy with them.
    I am one of those who believe that Cardinal Brady did get a raw deal from the media.
    I m sure our new Archbishop is a good spiritual man - he has an abysmal mess to sort out - and I believe that he will eventually do so - I would recommend patience th tha Armagh Farmer. He has the strength to do.
    It does seem that it is time to call in John Wayne and the cavalry.

  20. The only thing raw about brady is his view about himself.
    If he understood the meaning of the word goodness
    He would hang his head in shame away in some monastry.
    He insults us the laity every time he appears dressed in robes

  21. 23.41 the programme was spoiled by that dolan man in pink getting on to our tv screens...hypocrite....looking for the bar
    Disgusting big fat lump of s***e

  22. I'm confused here. Is the scandal that they are being hypocritical? I would think an independent Catholic bishop who affirms the gay community would be supportive of a Roman Catholic Bishop not hassling priests about their gay relationships. I'm assuming that the only scandal is the hypocritical stance of the clergy