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Apparently this priest is a senior (by age) priests of Waterford Diocese and is living near the Bishop's House in Waterford.

According to this Waterford priest the cleric in question had to step down from ministry a number of years ago after an allegation that he had "a very inappropriate encounter" with a little girl in the upstairs part of her family home?

The priest was there for dinner as a guest of the family and became quite inebriated and went to the upstairs toilet.

The Waterford priest who contacted me has given me the priest's name and while I am not publishing it here on this Blog for the present I am communicating the information today to the civil authorities in Waterford.


I understand that the alleged incident DID NOT happen since Phonsie became the Bishop of Waterford but it is highly unlikely that he does not know about it - especially as the priests lives in the same grounds as he does. 

I do not know if the incident was reported to the Gardai or Social Services at the time ?

I have been told that the Diocese of Waterford arrived at a sizeable financial settlement with the girl's parents. 

I have also been told that the priest has not been referred to the authorities in Rome for laicization  and is therefore technically able to minister as a priest if he wishes.

Apparently all his living expenses have always been paid by the Waterford Diocese and Phonsie & Co are still covering all those expenses.

I was very sad to hear from my Waterford priest informant that the go between man between the family and the diocese was Monsignor John Shine whose funeral I attended in Tramore on Tuesday where I was refused Holy Communion by Phonsie!

If the priest in question has not been reported to the authorities he will not be on any register and will not be supervised.

This means that the risk level cannot be assessed. 

This is a most serious situation.


Priest stands down from primary school role after nephew Bill Kenneally's sex abuse victims call for resignation
Bottom of Form
A parish priest has stood down from his role at a primary school after his nephew’s sex abuse victims called for him to go.

Monsignor John Shine, 91, resigned as chairperson of the Board of Management of Holy Cross National School, Tramore, Co Waterford today.
In a statement issued by the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore on his behalf he said: “I have made my decision bearing in mind the wishes, and indeed the distress, of the victims of my nephew Bill Kenneally.”

Monsignor Shine said: “When I am in a position to do so, I would very much wish to meet with the victims to hear their views, and to share with them all that I know of events of the past.
“It is my deep hope that I may be reconciled with them in their immense suffering.”
He also says that he has been “housebound for the last three months” due to a serious illness.
Bishop of Waterford & Lismore Alphonsus Cullinan has formally accepted his resignation.

Victims are calling for an Commission of Investigation into who knew about the abuse and “turned a blind eye”.
They claim that members of An Garda Siochana, Fianna Fail, the Catholic Church and the South Eastern Health Board all knew about it.
The men, now aged in their forties, have met with the Justice Minister to discuss their concerns.
They allege the Monsignor knew from at least 2002 that his nephew had abused at least one boy, but did nothing.
Last week five victims wrote to the Pope calling for his resignation.
Victim Colin Power told the Sunday Mirror: “The role of a board of management is to safeguard children from awful things like this. You can’t have a man who knew his nephew was a paedophile and did nothing in a position like this in a primary school.”

Mr Power added: “I do welcome his resignation. In my opinion he’s done the right thing resigning. It’s just a pity he didn’t do it sooner.

 “The court case was this time last year. He knew the level of abuse we’re talking about here and didn’t approach us at any point over the past twelve months,” said Mr Power.
He continued: “Why is he looking for the opportunity to meet us now? Why didn’t he look for that before all of the media coverage?
“Whatever information he has now he had last year. But that said whatever information he does have we would welcome that coming out.”
He added his frustration that victims had to wait months for action.
“We had to go to the media when the school and Department of Education wouldn’t act. We wanted him off the board.”
Principal at the school John Kindlon previously told the Mirror that he couldn’t comment on the matter, because he is employed directly by the board of management.

The Department of Education stated that his appointment was made by the Bishop and not the department.


  1. Has the Priest in question ever been refused Holy Communion? I bet not.

  2. Ask Phonsie what he got up to when he dressed up as a Butler to entertain people at the medieval banquets in Bunratty Castle before he became a Priest. He's also golf mad, on the morning he was appointed a Bishop he took the call playing on a golf course. Ask him about his links also to Doonbeg and to Donald Trump who owns the golf course in that part of County Clare. Phonsie was brought up in Clare and when your at it ask him about his musicals and theatre and singing Frank Sinatra songs. Phonsie has skeletons in many cupboards. He might be masquerading down in the arse of Ireland but our Phonsie has always had a penchant for dressing up and acting.

    1. The ponce was only yesterday described as an 'aging actress'.

    2. He is a member of the RIGHT WING ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT - OPUS DEI.

      The likes of him would do ANYTHING to preserve the RC status quo.

    3. Richard A. Sheehan23 February 2017 at 19:07

      Bishop Pat, the news of the priest residing in the grounds of St John's College is old news - he has been there since Michael Russell's time. Yes, an allegation was made against him, but I understand it relates to an incident in the United States where he used to spend time during the summmer. I also understand that the civil authorities in the US know all about this, but that there was insufficient evidence to pursue the matter. The suggestion, I heard, was that the priest may be completely innocent, that this was a case of memory re-call by someone in therapy several years later. I also understand that Willie Lee was playing safe by keeping this priest out of ministry on the college grounds for fear of civil suits. The priest had been President of St John's College and was subsequently parish priest of Kilsheelan, from where he was removed when the allegation emerged. Are you sure he is guilty? Are you sure your W & L source has the correct information and not some malign gossip? I understand that a less cautious bishop who was not also a canon lawyer (aka Willie Lee) would have returned this priest to ministry many years ago.

    4. The main question is: "Were the civil authorities in Waterford notified"?

      They should at least be aware if the matter?

  3. It seems that your friend Monsignor Shine did a lot of the Church's dirty work in Waterford. Had you known that would you have gone to his funeral?

    1. The answer to that is NO!

      But more importantly I would have tackled him in person about it!

      He was a canon lawyer and they protect the Church at all costs.

      That's why they often become bishops.

  4. The Fonse really has upset a hornets' nest ! And he will get stung in his arse, it seems to me. You now have him on your radar, Pat, and I suggest you send an Exocet right up his pompous orifice.

    Reading the descriptions of what happened at the funeral, the Bishop of Waterford's behaviour at Mass in refusing you Holy Communion with such anger and venom, is completely unacceptable. Talk about giving scandal to the faithful, his behaviour is far worse than him giving you Holy Communion ! So, I hope now that you are able to give him some of his own treatment, and put him under the spotlight and uncover the inevitable hypocrisy and hidden behaviour that will be going on in his life and the life of his clergy.

    1. Its the hypocrisy if targetting me and all the stuff in his own back yard!

  5. You must feel devastated Pat to learn that your close friend and mentor these past 50 years Dean John Shine had feet of clay just like the rest of them (Im thinking of Sean Brady and the like) who out the needs of the Institution before that of victims. A sad realisation for you I sense.

    1. Yes.

      Unfortunately like many he would do ANYTHING the hierarchy asked of him :-(

  6. The people of Ireland are to be admired. Over the last number of years, they have begun to give the Catholic Church and its Bishops the finger, telling them that they will not just obey with blind obedience. They have taken steps in various votes and referenda to ensure that Ireland is not dictated to by the Church, and that they will not just follow blindly. Ireland is, remarkably, now an outward looking, European, democratic and sensibly liberal country. No longer is it fearful of and under the thumb of the Catholic Church. That doesn't mean that the faith has been lost, just that Catholics in Ireland are using their own minds and consciences to decide what is right and wrong. And so much of what was being dictated to them in the past was wrong.

    The likes of Phonsie and Co need to take note. They can bluster and threaten and act like angry demagogues as much as they like. They have lost their control over the people of Ireland, and it is a healthier place for it. They need to be careful, because people nowadays will ask the awkward questions about the Church and its functionaries that they were too scared to ask in the future. And when they find out what has really been going on, they will want people to be answerable - starting with the Bishops !

    1. We will only see a change when we see bishops in handcuffs being escorted into court houses and prisons.

    2. @15:12. One God, Three Persons. If you have a problem with the Law of God, take it up with them, not the weak bishops and priests. Either way, there is a reckoning coming from the east for the wonderful sensible liberal ireland. What a joke.

  7. Pat why do you insist on name calling? You make these wonderful self-righteous statements like 'what would Jesus do', but you call bishops names, you make allegations about people, you attack 'right wing' groups and so on. What would Jesus do, he would not condemn people as you do on a daily basis. You are not a Catholic by virtue of your rejection of the Catholic faith, which is Judeaeo Christian. That is your prerogative, but before you start attacking more people, remember the Lord is merciful and just in equal measure.

    1. Go and show some humility and take it up with Jesus and many of the "saints" who relished name calling. Names Jesus Called the Scribes and Pharisees

      1. Ye blind guides (Matt. 23:16).

      2. Ye fools (Matt. 23:17).

      3. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees…for ye are like whited supulchres…full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness (Matt. 23:27).

      4. Ye serpents (Matt. 23:33).

      5. Ye generation of vipers (Matt. 23:33).

      6. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! (Luke 11:44).

      7. Ye are as graves which appear not (Luke 11:44).

  8. Sounds strange that a priest is allegedly been kept in "protective custody" in the bishops grounds. Was the alleged inappropriate action of this priest a once off out of character act of stupidity due to drink? There is no excuses but I can see how it might be condoned hushing this up in the past. Is the alleged victim still contactable and would they be willing to tell their story. The fact that a large sum of hush hush money was allegedly paid out would indicate the act was serious. Is there any other serious undisclosed activity?

  9. On a completely different topic, the testimony by Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen of Parramatta, Australia, before the Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, is well worth looking at. He was sexually abused as an adult in the church and comments on the reasons for the problem.

  10. The bishop also wants the church to accept homosexuality

  11. So where can one read what happened at Shines funeral
    Was it in a daily today
    All I saw was bishops telling us who not to vote for etc etc
    Why don't they shut the f up and mind their own business
    What is it their business if a woman has difficult decisions with her pregnancy
    Didn't they e abuse born children Sheeeest

  12. @Pat can you provide any update on Cardinal Connell's removal this evening? Wouldn't it be unheard of for a Deacon of the Archdiocese not to be officiating at it this evening or at the Funeral Mass tomorrow?

  13. Deacon or Dick-on!??

  14. That could be a bit tricky as said Deacon is in Rome not Dublin. There are permanent deacons now in Dublin.

    1. Surely the proper celibate deacon is what was meant. And ordinarily, yes, a proper deacon would be in atendance

  15. Just on RTE News there - said some 400 people attended no sign of Dublin's favourite deacon from what i could see

  16. Pleased to see that Fr John Murray PP (formerly Rasharkin) was acknowledged in today's Irish News being thanked by a family in Downpatrick in the acknowledgement section of the family notices for visiting a member of their family before the person deceased. Unless there are two Fr John Murrays, why did he leave Rasharkin so suddenly

  17. No many in church for the o Connell service

  18. There are two John Murrays

  19. 400 at the funeral? Is that true? God be with the days of 400,000 and when he'd be lying in State. I know that nobody wants the old days back, but you know what I mean.

  20. So the first Cardinal in Dublin in I dunno how many years. 100? gets 400 at his removal? Good God. I don't care what the man did, presumably he was obeying orders from Rome and civil solicitors, respect for the Church deserved more than 400. However, it says more about Dublin Archdiocese nowadays. The current incumbent's indifference has had an effect: The faithful are also indifferent

  21. You sound like mc don't care what the man god what callousness
    Mc causland don't care so long as we get out of the EU.
    You both have much in common
    Let me tell you most do care
    And his behaviour was nothing to do with rome, it was just pure male chauvinistic disgusting behaviour

  22. The word Cardinal has become a dirty word in ireland
    Think brady when the word is used
    It will take centuries To get past him

  23. Lying in state
    Get a life
    Why should that happen
    Was he a man who walked through the homeless areas, the poor areas, the third world

  24. My Lord Bishop Pat,
    You are the Donald Trump of the clerical world. Outrageous, Facile, Populist and extraordinarily clever. But like Trump you too will end in tears, You haughty and disobedient servant, Matthias (The one the lot fell upon!)

  25. You mis judge Cardinal Connell and know nothing about him. He actually did a huge amount of work with the poorest of the poor behind the sight of the cameras. His name was well known in the homes of the people of the Sean McDermot Street area. Also Cardinal Connell was the first Archbishop in living memory to highlight the needs of refugees in the national debate. Get your facts straight before you condemn the man.

  26. There are two Fr. John Murray's in D and C. One is the PP in Downpatrick while the other is retired from Rasharkin.

  27. Read all the comments on the
    He couldn't make enough repriation for all his neglect of the abused

  28. Running after refugees and down that street will never ever make up for his lies and deceit and cover ups

  29. I'm glad there's one Bishop in Ireland with Balls, Buckley should be refused Holy Communion... Living in an irregular gay union??? HELLOOOOO He's not a member of the RC Church! SIMPLES

  30. Conor Gannon is based in Rome and he was there today