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........................................................NOW IT IS SEX THAT IS DESTROYING THEM !

When I was a young teenager - like so many others my age - the Catholic Church had done a very good job of convincing me that my SOUL was the good part of me and my BODY was the evil part.

They had me running to confession several times a week - if not daily - confession my "IMPURE THOUGHTS" and "IMPURE ACTIONS WITH MYSELF".

In the dark confessional twisted priests (some of whom were dirty old bastards) asked me questions like:

Were the impure thoughts of boys or of girls?

Were you thinking of penises or vaginas?

How many impure thoughts did you have - hundreds or thousands?

Describe those thoughts to me?

How many times did you commit self pollution?

When and where did you "spill the seed"?

etc, etc, etc................................................................................

All this brainwashing and all this interrogation in the dark confessional gave me massive hang ups about my sexuality and my body and I was in my early 40's before I freed myself of it completely in a planned and totally voluntary counselling / therapy process.

Many people of my generation and before were affected like I was. Some were more affected. Some never achieved healing. Some even took their own lives!

The reproductive instinct and the sex drive are deep part of everyone's psyche and the Catholic Church knew that if they controlled us at the level of our sexuality they really had us where they wanted to have us. They literally had us by the "short and curlies".

The priests insisted that we could only enjoy sex in a valid Catholic man / woman marriage.

They insisted that sex was ONLY for making babies.

They lectured women about being CONSTANTLY pregnant.

They "churched" women after childbirth to cleanse them for the dirty things they had done.

They insisted that women give brutish husbands their conjugal rights (Belfast women called it their "jungle rights").

AND ALL THE TIME...........

The bishops and priests themselves were sexually abusing little boys or girls or covering up for other bishops and priests who were doing so.

Bishops and priests were having sex with men and women or covering up for those who were doing so.

Bishops and priests were fathering children or covering up for those who were doing so.

Bishops and priests were having sex with nuns or other clerics or covering up for others who were doing so.

And they sat in their palaces and presbyteries imbibing whiskey having a good laugh at the ejits in the pews who were DOING AS THEY SAID BUT NOT DOING AS THEY DID !


We are learning the dark secrets of the past and present activities of the clerics.

We know about the Bishop Eamon Casey's, the Father Michael Cleary's, the Father Brendan Smyth's.

We know about the Father Rory Coyle's and their trips out on the internet and phone apps.

We know about Maynooth and Grindr and Growlr and Fabguys et al.

We know about Gorgeous and King Puck and Horny Andy et al.

We know about the sauna priests giving the Last Rites to priests who drop dead in the sauna.

We know about Bishop Conry of England dating a man's wife.

We know about how you get promoted in the Vatican by doing your superiors sexual favours.

We know about the clerical sex holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza. 

We know about priests having at least one woman in every parish he goes to.

We know about the Reds changing their name to the Pinks. 


We know that nowadays you can get ordained - not because you are a good candidate - but because you have the DIRT on bishops, senior clergy, other clergy and seminarians.

We know that you are much more likely to be ordained if you are a sexually promiscuous gay seminarian than any other kind of seminarian.

We know that you will be more likely to succeed in the seminary if you are gay rather than straight.

We know that in today's seminaries priests are still quizzing young men about their impure thoughts, their erections, their wet dreams, their fantasies, their "spilling of the seed".

SO - it seems that the SEX WEAPON is backfiring on those who used it for so long to shoot others!

It is interesting to note that the Catholic Church is imploding and exploding - not because of atheism, agnosticism, secularism, pluralism, materialism - BUT because the SEX GUN is backfiring on the clerics !


And so it has come to pass!  

I'm not foolish enough to think that the GREAT ROMAN CATHOLIC EMPIRE is going to disappear.

No - it has too much money and too much power and too many blind adherents for that to happen.

But it is withering and shrinking.

And that withering and shrinking has been and is being caused by the clergy who cannot keep it in their trousers and their colleagues who continue to protect those who cannot keep it in their trousers.

Yesterday I came up with a quote that I think is one of the best I have come up with:




  1. Bishop Pat this is one of the greatest and most important posts you ave ever made. You are to be congratulated. I have never read so succinct and well expressed summary of the situation we are facing. It is a heartbreaking post to read because it is absolutely right that that so called hierarchy and their minions the priests and nuns have for centuries, if not millennia behaved in this despicable way. You are so right to observe how they have sat in their palaces and luxury houses, eating and drinking the finest money can buy, lording it over their ignorant flock, terrifying them with the fear of hell, and worst of all making them pay for their luxury life style - a life style the poor could only imagine. It really is despicable. To be sure there have been good men and women in the church, bishops, priests and nuns whom I have known and loved, men and women who put me to shame in how they lived the Gospel and closely followed the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. But they have been holy and good people inspire of the church, not because of it. The whole rotten thing must be destroyed. It must collapse and rot away. Only then can new life begin. Clericalism is the greatest sin of all. Rosmini was excommunicated for saying that two centuries ago. In you own way Pat you are todays Rosmini. Keep up your courageous and necessary work and bring them down one by one. God bless you and protect you in your mission and life work. A friend.

    1. Funny you should mention Antonio Rosmini. I did my ordination retreat with the Rosninians, was a regular visitor to their School for the Blind in Dublin as a seminarian and spent some time considering a Rosminian vocation.

      Rosmini was a prophet and was treated horrendously.

    2. Funny you should mention Antonio Rosmini. I did my ordination retreat with the Rosninians, was a regular visitor to their School for the Blind in Dublin as a seminarian and spent some time considering a Rosminian vocation.

      Rosmini was a prophet and was treated horrendously.

  2. Bishop Pat, did you return for confession to those priests who were asking such personal (and voyeuristic) questions? If so, why?

    When I was 16, a priest took out his filthy mood on me in the 'box'; I literally told him 'fuck off!'. The guy was in total shock, speechless. Never spoke to me again...which was a mercy. And I never returned to him for confession. In fact, I refuse to confess to any so-called 'priest'. There really is only one who can forgive confessed sin...Jesus. I cut out the clerical middlemen and confess directly to him.

    I don't agree with your description of the Church, by the way,...unless you're thinking of it in purely ('purely'?) institutional terms.

    1. I grew up in Dublin where there were many many hundreds of priests so I learned to avoid the strange ones.

      I am speaking of the institution.

  3. My mother told me she was churched. I agree with the picture painted above. Human instinct rebelled against church sexual thinking and now logic is slowly catching up. Who will PAY for all the Damage that has been caused

  4. Such behaviour by Clergy is hardly a new phenomenon in the Church. Priests who engage in heterosexual sex and relationships are just as guilty as gay Priests who engage in similar activity. I think the gay priests get too much of a bashing to be honest, what about the amount of priests shagging their housekeepers or have live in female lovers?

    1. Priests with housekeepers are lazy bastardoes.

    2. I agree - what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Celibacy needs to be optional.

      And after that can there be room in any church for lecherous priests?

    3. I have not had a housekeeper since I inherited one when I came to Larne 33 years ago as a curate.

      I do my own shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.

      In late 1984 I took in 5 homeless people from the Shankhill Road to live with me.

      The housekeeper gave me an ultimatum - they went or she did.

      The "Prods" stayed :-)

      The housekeeper and I and on friendly terms these days when we meet on my daily trips down Larne Main Street.

      Having said that - I miss the feminine presence in my house.

      My mother lived here with me for 16 years and a couple of sisters spent shorter times here.

    4. It's well known about the Co. Derry Priest who sometimes goes absent without leave from the village and not informing his Bishop or have any cover arranged whilst away. He entertains his young lady friend to leisurely meals way beyond the boundaries of the Parish, he makes out they are related but many in the village know this to be a falsehood and are only too well aware about the nature of the relationship. These Priests are fooling no one they are only fooling themselves.

    5. +pat a few days ago I recall you informed us you have an M.A. in history. Therefore you know the need to question myths. The ritual for Churching is on line in Latin and translation and makes no reference whatsoever to cleansing women from dirty or unclean behaviour. It is a ceremony of thanksgiving and blessing. Similarly the picture you have above of a book condemning onanism (masturbation) is English which was a protestant state. This suggests that the "obsession " with solitary sex was not confined to catholicism. Much of the literature condemning masturbation in the 18th to the 20th centuries actually comes from a secular prespective (see Thomas w laqueur - solitary sex, new York, 2003)
      As a mass going catholic for 40 odd years I recall hearing one sermon over those years on sexual matters. The complete silence on sexual morals today is rarely commented on even though our society has never been as hyper sexualised as it is today. No one wants to go back to the creepy sordid judgementalism of the past but a complete silence is not an adequate pastoral or spiritual response either. Given we are spiritual, moral and sexual beings these issues should be openly addressed. Or are we expected to make up for ourselves as we go along?

    6. 13.28 Reminds me of the old days and puts my escapades in the halfpenny place. This is not an excuse. Leaving the parish vacant for long periods?. Where are the papers these days. The church needs to grow up and the people deserve true shepherds

    7. The Co. Derry Priest referred to earlier, his is first initial M? If it's who I think you are referring to at 13.28 then, yes, that is well known by many in that village on the borders of Tyrone.

    8. Yes, his first initial is M. He's been to Australia once a while ago unannounced to his Bishop and no cover arranged.

  5. There you go again Big Aggy Carter. A credit to the English Language!

  6. As a gay Priest who has sexual liaisons that don't interfere with my work or prevent me from carrying out my duties, it's a fact of life for many in a similar situation - live with it (the reality) and get over it.

    1. Well, you're certainly getting over it (or someone).

    2. The title of this post is quite apt for you then Father. Certainly wouldn't like to be in your shoes on Judgement Day. But then again you can always tell Jesus to get over it, right?

    3. You are deceiving people and living out a lie. Perhaps you are closer to the father of all lies than God. The truth will out and people will walk. Most already have done. We are not the naïve people of the past. We can see straight through you.

    4. Jane 15.25 Yawn! You can see 'straight' through me, I doubt that very much as there's nothing straight about me. Your post certainly seems very naive, how grim is it in Northern England? Most of it is pretty ghastly from experience.

    5. No worse than Ireland. I know both quite well. I have many gay friends who are married. None would pretend to be anything other than what they are.

    6. Jane, so you say Ireland is as ghastly as Northern industrial England, there is no comparison darling! Please. Give us some credit, just think of Lancaster, Blackburn, Burnley, Colne, Keighley, Bradford etc - comparing that to Ireland, God help us. Splitting my sides here.

    7. 22.21 I know most of the northern English places you refer to. There is some wonderful scenery amidst the remnants of the industrial age. I feel quite at home here now. There is of course the cuppa Yorkshire tea. Go on go on sure you'll have a cup a go on now

  7. Some Irish Bishops are ignoring the fact that many of their Clergy and Seminarians are actively gay. They choose to turn a blind eye because they realise they would have few Priests left to minister in their dioceses if dismissed. It seems the laity need to resign themselves to this situation, there isn't much you can do about it. One Northern Bishop has been told several times recently about the gay promiscuousness of one of his younger Clergy and has done absolutely nothing about it. Nothing much will change.

  8. 13.51 Concern yourself regarding your own judgement day and let me worry about mine. I'm just glad you won't be sitting on the throne of judgement, better take that plank out of your eye before you get there.

  9. 12.03 Father I do understand where you are coming from. It's ok to focus on gay priests and seminarians but hetero priests and seminarians never get a mention. I had a boyfriend before I entered the Seminary, I've had a few relationships in Seminary and some of my close friends have been persecuted on here which is unfair. I don't see why we should be vilified and treated as outcasts by some very unchristian and judgemental people on here. Some people on here should be ashamed of themselves and coming over all holier than though. They make me and many other friends truly sick.
    Maynooth Seminarian

    1. If you really are a seminarian then I weep for the future with guys like you inflicted on parishes. Thankfully I know there a good few genuine seminarians in Maynooth,even if they are sheep among wolves in that place.

    2. 19.19 I also weep with you on this one. I can't believe the arrogance and defiance of this Seminarian, almost gloating in our faces. As for that Priest he seems to be supporting at 12.03, he is just a vile dirtbag. It wouldn't surprise me if it was that Fr X from before who also gloated about his sexual practices. What scum and vermin that exist within the Church. Shame on you all.
      John Co. Dublin

    3. Please f**k off out of the Seminary and the Priesthood to that Seminarian and Priest on here today telling us about their sexual perversions. Jim Allister was right on Nolan radio today, gay sex is abnormal and you are abnormal. It disgusts me you engage in sodomy and buggery, what's normal about that? You repulse me, please leave now and get out, you are a cancer on the Church and an open sore on the Body of Christ. Get behind me ......

    4. Many heterosexual couples engage in anal sex especially after the vagina becomes stretched and loosened by giving birth.

    5. 17.53 You sound a bed fellow and bum boy of Gorgeous, Puck, Gannon, Stephanie, Horny Andy, McCann et al but I will excuse you from the gossip viper tongue Barry Matthews.

    6. I was opposed to men of your instincts remaining seminarians. But having read the Bishop's blog, and come to understand the extent of the issue, I believe we should all accept, however distasteful to our personal views, that love may manifest itself in ways we cannot know or understand. Our lack of knowledge or understanding should not cause us to condemn out of hand those whose practices are so very different to our expectations. I guess if you have been able to be faithful to your boyfriend then you have demonstrated loyalty and commitment, and if as a priest you can demonstrate the same loyalty and commitment to the Church, its teachings and its faithful, then you will have the makings of a Bon Pasteur.

  10. 17.53 If made a deacon will you take the Celibacy promise. What difference will it make to your life afterwards. Why agree to something that is nonsense. All of this has a knock on effect. Good luck on your journey

  11. 13:28 - can you give us more information on this Co Derry priest