Tuesday, 7 March 2017



THE TUAM BABIES are the latest - and perhaps the most macabre - issue of stinking yellow pus that is emanating from that monumental abscess on the Irish Body Politic that is called THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH!

Other forms of that pus are:

1. The sexual abuse of generations of Irish children by priests and religious.

2. The cover up of that sexual abuse by generations of Catholic bishops.

3. The denial and abandonment of priest's children by priests and the Hierarchy.

4. The sexual abuse of adult men and women by priests and its cover up by the Hierarchy.

5. The torture of generations of women in the Catholic Magdalen Laundries.

6. The sexual misbehaviour of priests in the confessional of men, women and children.

7. The use and abuse of women religious by clergy.

8. The extraction of vast sums of monies by the Church from all and especially the poor.

9. The abuse of the education system by the Church and its priest / religious managers.

10. The abuse of the health services by the church and its priest / religious managers.

11. The imposition of Catholic morality / immorality / amorality on the constitution and laws of Ireland.

12. The mental, emotional and verbal abuse of parishioners from the pulpit and the Confessional.

13. The confiscation of land and property by the Catholic Church through immoral pressure and Last Will and Testament arrangements with the promise of a place in heaven.

14. The deliberate efforts by the Catholic Church to turn the Republic of Ireland into a Confessional Catholic State / Religious Dictatorship.

15. The generations of politicians that have been threatened and dictated to by parish priests, bishops and Hierarchy.

16. The gradual evolution of Maynooth and other seminaries into dens of anti heterosexual , anti morality promiscuous gay dens.

17. The determination to ordain obviously unsuitable men to the priesthood.

18. The generations of sexism.

19. The generations of subtle persecution of other Christian churches and bodies.

20. All the OTHER UNSPEAKABLE EVILS that have yet to see the light of day. 



Anyone who is anyway seeks to excuse, explain or undermine the level of horror involved.


Anyone who stands by silently and fails to speak out and act against the Roman horror.


Everyone who does what they can and says what they can to bring an end to RC power and influence in Ireland.


Private hospitals run by nuns made 2.3m

The Bon Secours order of nuns which ran the former Tuam mother and baby home now runs one of the largest private hospital groups in Ireland and has a substantial property portfolio.
The order’s hospital group produced a profit of ¤2.3 million in 2015, during which year it paid ¤3 million to the order in rent.
Founded in France, the first sisters from the Bon Secours (good help) order came to Ireland in the years after the Famine and were soon involved in providing a range of services to the sick and the poor.
The order opened its first hospital in 1951, in Glasnevin, Dublin, and the group now also operates hospitals in Galway, Limerick, Cork and Tralee, as well as a care village in Cork.
In 2015 it had about 2,700 staff who worked with 350 medical consultants and saw more than 200,000 patients.
Company filings for Bon Secours Health Systems Ltd, with a registered office on College Road, Cork, state that the group plans to invest up to ¤150 million in its facilities in the period to 2020.
The group had income of ¤230 million in 2015, and total equity at year’s end of ¤132 million.
Among its loans was a ¤12.4 million it had from Bon Secours Sisters Ireland and a note to the accounts says Bon Secours Trustees holds a charge of the group’s property in respect of the loan.
During 2015 the group paid ¤3.99 million to the sisters in respect of building leases and loans, having paid ¤4 million the year before.
There was one sister and six non-religious, including five men, on the board during 2015.
Bon Secours Trustee Unlimited Company holds property in trust for the Bons Secours Sisters of Paris, in Ireland, according to its company filings. It does not give a value for this property. There are seven directors on the company’s board, all sisters.

Leader of Bon Secours order is 'lying through her teeth', court told

Tim Healy

Peter Mulryan. Photo: Ray Ryan1
Peter Mulryan. Photo: Ray Ryan
The leader of the Bon Secours order in Ireland has been accused in court of "lying through her teeth".
The claim was made as the High Court was urged to help a man find out what happened to his infant sister after she was born at St Mary's mother and baby home in Tuam, Co Galway.
Peter Mulryan, whose infant sister Marian Bridget Mulryan is believed to be among 796 children recorded as having died in Tuam between 1925-61, was too unwell yesterday to attend court.
But he wants Tusla to look at the material it has "and see what happened to that little girl, did she die, was she trafficked or is she buried in the pit", his solicitor, Kevin Higgins, said.

Mr Higgins also said he considered an April 9, 2013, letter from Sr Marie Ryan, leader of the Bon Secours in Ireland, demonstrated that the order knew more about what had happened to children who died there than was indicated in a letter of February 15 last.
Mr Higgins told the court he considered the letters showed Sr Ryan, "as is the norm for the Bon Secours sisters", "is lying through her teeth" and indicated the order knew "a lot more" more in 2013 and knew "where the babies are buried". Mr Mulryan (73), of Derrymullen, Ballinasloe, wants leave to bring judicial review proceedings against Tusla aimed at getting any material that exists concerning his infant sister, who was recorded as having died in February 1955 nine months after her birth at the home.
Tusla has said it has given Mr Mulryan any material it is aware of and has also made the records held by it available to the commission of inquiry investigating the Tuam home.
Mr Higgins said Mr Mulryan was too unwell to inspect the material on the date offered.
Mr Justice Richard Humphreys had adjourned the leave application several times to clarify exactly what orders were being sought.
He also directed Tusla to write to the Bon Secours order, which operated the Tuam home, asking whether it holds any burial records and, if any records existed at some stage, were they destroyed.
During exchanges with Mr Higgins, the judge said the grounds for judicial review were "a bit thin".
Mr Higgins said it was "most unfair" to tell him that now, the sixth time the matter was before the court.
The judge said he did not accept that and it was for the solicitor to get his papers in order. He adjourned the matter for a week to allow Mr Higgins to prepare an amended statement of grounds.
Irish Independent


  1. So sad watching those 800 names of dead babies on the Claire Byrne show last night
    I didn't see my family name
    Was anyone else watching for their family name ?

  2. That order should be banned from ireland and their name removed from that hospital

    1. Its probably time that the whole finances / properties of the whole Catholic Church in Ireland were looked at in the context of how they amassed that wealth and how much of it was made on the backs of the State and the poor?

  3. Perhaps Henry VIII's dissolution of the monastries made more sense than history records.

    These 'homes' were paid good money to mind vulnerable people. Look at the news at St. John of God's actions today. The Church's abuse of money continues.

    They need a reminding of their own ethos. They also need the State to take back the money entrusted to them for the care of the vulnerable which has been spent otherwise.

    1. AMEN

      Maybe we need a HENRY V111 in Ireland today.

    2. Dr Paul Churchill on Joe Duffy just now saying his father was reared in Tuam and everything was lovely and the burial stories were lies and from the Devil.Thankfully Catherine Corless came on and put him in his place.

    3. Churchill was a classmate of mine in Clonliffe Seminary in Dublin.

      He is a canon lawer , a company man and an ass licker.

      Maybe he is looking a mitre ?????

    4. 14:13, quite the reverse, in fact. The records shown that monastic England was a hotbed of solacious gay lust, of superstition and avarice. (Sound familiar?) In this case, however, only some of this was true, but much was concocted by Thomas Cromwell, Henry's ruthless Lord Chancellor, to quell public unease at Henry's confiscation of monastic property, land and wealth.

    5. Looking for a miter ? LOL just like urself Mr. Buckley

    6. Its mitre!

      Sorry. Have had one for 19 years :-)

    7. Its mitre!

      Sorry. Have had one for 19 years :-)

  4. Why would Churchill Tell lies like this
    Does he really think and believe This
    Did he not see Claire Byrne last night
    I didn't see the name Churchill On the list of dead babies

    1. These guys are being sent out by the bishops and Church to deny and spread misinformation.

      The Catholic Church could teach the KGB, MI5 and Mossad how to suck eggs.

      The Irish Nation need an all out showdown with this organisation!

  5. @Pat please listen to the Fr Paul Curchill interview on Joe Duffy and listen to the way the Church still tries to undock from things. You've got to listen to it. It's probably the last nail in the coffin of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. Thank God for Joe Duffy's education and Catherine Corless's sound mind. Between th two of them they blew holes in his thesis. The link to today's show is online now.

    1. He works for Diarmuid Martin. He was sent out to cause misinformation !!!

    2. I have listened to Churchills interview and am sickened by his feeble and groundless attempts to exonerate his colleagues for what is really CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

      But I expect nothing else of a canon lawyer.

      He was a "dickhead" in Clonliffe in the early 1970s and is worse now than then!

    3. I've just listened to a recording of that radio interview with Fr Paul Churchill and Catherine Corless.

      I found it difficult to accept that Fr Churchill holds a doctorate in Canon Law (DCL), because he was so inarticulate at times. He was clearly (one might almost say 'desparately') struggling to defend the reputation of the Tuam Bon Secours nuns...and this was even before historian Catherine Corless was invited by Joe Duffy to join the discussion. What can I say about events from this point? Corless tore Churchill's argument to shreds. He would speak repeatedly of his 'impression' of how these nuns treated the children in their care, whereas Corless would cite actual, documentary evidence against Churchill's case. And still the guy wouldn't back down! Nor did he retract, never mind apologise for, his referral to the story as it broke three years ago as 'media hype' and to its being 'so contrary to the truth' that it was the work of 'the devil'. I couldn't believe I was listening to such medieval-sounding, alarmist gibberish. Corless, rightly, took umbrage at being associated with 'the devil' and made clear that not only had she always spoken the truth about those scandalous 'burials', but had said nothing that could not be corroborated with independent, documentary and other evidence.

      I have never come across a canon lawyer so unprofessional as Churchill. He couldn't make even a remotely plausible argument, never mind a half-credible one.

    4. Cordless came over a lot better. It is really very worrying that Churchill is the nest that they could send. What has happened to the church?.....surely at one time the clergy were quite intelligent.

  6. Does this mean you're declaring any practising Catholic who doesn't share you're worldview as a sinner?

    1. I am saying that any person, Catholic or not, who tries to excuse what happened In Tuam and other places is without authentic morals or ethics

      They are deniers if what we could easily call the "Tuam Holocaust"!

  7. @Pat will he be sent out to bat for the Deacon?

    1. He will do ANYTHING his masters ask him to do.

    2. The Annual General Meeting of the Canob Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland 2016 at Salthill, Galway Bay, included the election of the Society's new President, Very Rev Paul Churchill, General Secretary, Rev James O'Kane, Treasurer, Fr. Brian McLean, and three Committee Members, Rev Simon Blakesley, Rev Kristian Paver & Rev Joseph Rooney.

      Congratulations to those who were elected, and thank you to those who were open to running in this year's election.

      The Society offers its gratitude to Mgr Gordon Read for his presidency over the past three years. Mgr Read will continue as Trustee of the Society.

      Very Reverend Paul Churchill is a priest of the Archdiocese of Dublin and currently Judicial Vicar of the Dublin Regional Marriage Tribunal. A member of the Canon Law Society for many years, Fr Churchill obtained a doctorate in the area of the Procedural Law of the 1983 Code in 1993 from the Gregorian University, Rome. Fr Churchill has served as vice-chancellor, member of Advisory Panel of his diocese for dealing with complaints against clergy, and assists bishops and religious superiors on matters pertaining to accusations against clergy, as well as having acted as Advocate for many accused priests.

      Please join the Society in extending warm congratulations to Father Churchill!

  8. Wonder if they went for a dip when there
    Before they went on the wine
    I am ashamed to be Catholic
    after his performance on radio today

  9. Was he asked about Grace today
    Oh forgot, the foster home wasn't run by the RC church
    Or was it ???

  10. Question - why doesn't the church in the likes of the United States have such scandals?

    1. They do!

    2. That's correct... The evangelical churches have been plagued by scandals for years and the American Baptist churches also have had some high profile ones.

  11. My god, the usa have more scandals than enough !!!!

  12. They do. The film "Spotlight" is worth watching. If you were to google catholic scandals USA a number would come up. Fr Tom Doyle OP is also worth looking up as is Richard Sipe.

  13. Australia is also in the news for scandals. The orders of St John of God and the Christian brothers come out of it very badly.

  14. There was a Newstalk reporter out talking to the locals in Tuam yesterday, mostly people whose houses backed on to the field under which the babies are buried. It seems the dogs on the street knew about it and have done for years. The locals reckon there are many more buried under their houses - apparently when they were being built, bones were turned up. One man said he went to the Gardai about some he found in his garden and was told to keep quiet. This was maybe 20 years ago? So for the church, and especially the church in Tuam to say they are shocked and knew nothing about it...well they're just lying. Again.

  15. @Pat the interview was the worst interview I've ever heard. That priest ought to hang his head in shame. To think he's a Canon Lawyer is worse. I thought he was some weird priest from an order or a relatively new late vocation that was a pastoral priest. I don't mean to be condescending. But this is a Dublin diocesan priest, and I know must of them are poorly educated. But this one is actually educated. It just goes to show that Canon Law must be like colouring books compared to Civil Law. The man couldn't string two words together. "Can I just say one thing" .

    1. Dreadful!

      He might be "educated" but he is not intelligent.

  16. @Pat you mentioned earlier that he may be seeking a mitre. He can kiss that goodbye after today

    1. I dunno. Stupidity and foot in mouth disease are qualifications for mitres.

    2. Hah, hah, hah So true, Bishop P.

  17. People seem to forget that these are a Catholic Order. Like it or lump it bishops have a responsibility and Rome has a huge responsibility.

  18. Do you think the same type of childish argument will be given for ordaining the deacon?

  19. was car crash radio. Will be played back possibly forever

  20. Good article on Tuam in the Guardian.

  21. Other children were told the HOME children were children of sin
    Could you Pat, make a recording of that priest today as I don't get that radio where I live

  22. Lovely interview by Miriam tonight

  23. Bishop Pat, could you relay that interview through your blog?