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School survivor and book author Tom Wall at entrance of former industrial school in Glin
THREATS of legal action by the Christian Brothers against the last pupil to be incarcerated at Glin Industrial School were described this week as “contemptible”.
In 1952, when he was just three years old, Tom Wall was the last child to be sent to St Joseph’s Industrial School for Boys in Glin. In his book, ‘The Boy From Glin’, he documents his 13 years at the County Limerick institution where he was regularly beaten and sexually abused.
65 years later, the European Province of the Congregation of the Christian Brothers has threatened to sue him over the return of documents he saved from being destroyed and subsequently donated to the University of Limerick.
Mr Wall said he was ordered by the School Superior Brother Murray to burn the school records when the Christian Brothers were leaving Glin in 1973. Brother Murray told him he could keep his own records and any other documents he was interested in.
The documents were kept in his attic until 2015 when he donated them to the University of Limerick who said they are “an independent repository for the papers and will await the outcome of any legal actions”.
In legal correspondence seen by The Limerick Post, the Christian Brothers have sought the return of the documents and denied that Tom Wall was allowed to keep any papers.
However Mr Wall says he agreed to give an entire copy of the documents to the Christian Brothers for their archives in Dublinbut is adamant that the originals should remain in Limerick.
“Theses documents are of the people of Limerick and are part of the history of Limerick”, he said.
“It is an insult to me as a survivor and the many other survivors who were abused by the Christian Brothers that they can claim ownership of theses documents after a lapse of 40 years solely in order to destroy them.

County Limerick Fianna Fail TD Niall Collins said that he met recently with Mr Wall about his concerns over the threats of legal action by the Christian Brothers.
“This demonstrates to us again that some religious orders still don’t get it when dealing with former victims of their abuse and indeed the wider public.”
In a letter to Education Minister Richard Bruton, Deputy Collins expressed concerns over the future of the papers.
“Mr Wall has expressed a concern to me, which I share, that these records could then be destroyed and lost for ever.”
Speaking to the Limerick Post, Deputy Collins said it will be quite easily argued that these documents are either the property of the residents or the State.

“The actions of the Christian Brothers in threatening legal action against Tom Wall is nothing short of contemptible.
What Mr Wall did “in seeking to preserve these records for both the former residents and the State is very honourable. It was the right thing to do and indeed rightly serves the wider public interest.
Threats of legal action were “beyond belief”, he said.
“These records contain State referral documents from the Courts and the Departments of Health and Education and also other items like personal letters written by residents to their parents that the Christian Brothers never sent on.”
“The high-handed bullying of Tom Wall cannot be allowed to continue”, he declared.
Deputy Collins said he will call on Minister Bruton to intervene and secure the records as soon as possible.
“What was experienced in Tuam must not be repeated in Glin,” he said.
A catalogue of terror
In May 2009, the Commission to Inquiry into child abuse, commonly known as the Ryan Report, described Glin Insustrial School as having a “severe, systematic regime of corporal punishment”.
Two Christian Brothers, identified by their pseudonyms Br. Buiron and Piperel, were transferred to Glin, having been investigated about sexual abuse in other industrial schools at earlier dates.
The Commission described the decision to transfer them as “reckless”.

The Department of Education was also criticised for failing in its supervisory duties, protecting the institution and dismissing serious complaints.


Christian Brothers drop threat to sue abuse survivor

Call for religious orders to place files in one central archive

THE Christian Brothers dropped a threat to sue an abuse survivor over records he took from an industrial school in Limerick after his case was raised in the Dail.
Tom Wall, who survived a childhood of abuse at an industrial school in Glin, says he was asked by the Christian Brothers to burn the records when the school closed in 1973. But he retained many of the files, including his own.
The Christian Brothers claimed ownership of the files after Wall donated them to the University of Limerick and threatened legal action. The religious order backed down after Niall Collins, the Fianna Fail TD, raised Wall’s case in the Dail last Wednesday. Deputy Collins called on the State to intervene to secure the records, which he said included “contracts for sale” that showed how children were effectively “sold into slavery”.
The case has highlighted concerns about the records held by religious orders on the mothers and children who were incarcerated in their institutions. Survivors have complained about the difficulties accessing the records which the Minister for Children, Katherine Zappone, said was “disconcerting”.
Collins yesterday called for a “central register” of the records held by all religious orders to provide ease of access for people who “shouldn’t have to beg” for information about their childhoods.
While religious orders gave their files on children adopted from their homes to Tusla some years ago, many organisations still maintain their own archives. Tusla has no powers to seize records relating to children but the Government is pushing through legislation to centralise records with the Adoption Authority, which will have those powers.
Mr Wall’s records include contracts that stipulate that wages earned by boys on apprenticeships be paid to the Christian Brothers, and that unopened letters that children wrote to their parents were confiscated by the Christian Brothers. “Once the children got to Glin, they were completely cut off from the outside world,” he said.
Mr Wall said the records of all religious orders should be in one central archive. “It should have been done years ago. But by the time the religious orders hand over their archives, you will only get what the religious orders want you to see.”
The Christian Brothers, which maintains its own archive of records in Dublin, wanted the original documents returned. Following Niall Collins’s intervention, the Christian Brothers contacted him to say the order was now happy to accept copies. Once the legal details are finalised, Tom Wall will give the records to the University of Limerick.
The Minister for Children is expected to publish an interim report from the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby homes this week. The report is believed to recommend a redress scheme for the mothers and children who were abused in these homes which is expected to be discussed by government ministers next week.


Why is it that when the Vatican, bishops, priests, Brothers and nuns are faced with an issue they reach for LAWYERS and not for JESUS' TEACHING IN THE NEW TESTAMENT?

Do they not really believe in Jesus?

Are they more interested in saving their BILLIONS than they are is SAVING THEIR SOULS?

Their founder EDMUND IGNATIUS RICE who founded the Brothers to help and educate the poor MUST BE TURNING IN HIS GRAVE!

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THE RELIANCE ON LAWYERS is full proof that those running the ROMAN CATHOLIC INSTITUTION are not Christians.

They are hypocrites.

The are Pharisees.

The "Christian" Brothers are not behaving like Christians.

We should all SUPPORT TOM WALL by buying his book.

I ordered it last night.


  1. No, they don't believe in Jesus. They never have, and they never will. Their 'God' is institutional Roman Catholicism, a whore that has betrayed Christ.

    1. Magna Carta how dare you call the Holy Roman Catholic Church "a whore". She is perfect even though Her members are not.

    2. Magna carta I couldn't agree with you more

    3. The really amusing thing about key-board warrior, Troll Mags Carta, who is far smarter than St Augustine and a host of other great luminaries (LOL), is that she bangs on about "Thou shalt not kill", "Love your enemies". etc., but, completely disregards Our Lord's warning that those who call their brother and sister "a fool" will answer for it in hell fire.

      Oh, that's right, according to Magggie in one of her past rants, Our Lord isn't to be taken seriously/literally there - that's the "gospel" according to Peggy Carta - because she says so and well dare anyone contradict her - they'll get the rough end of her tongue LOL!

      Quite an anomaly is the bould acid-tongued Maggers. She's what the farmers round here would call "a wicked aul' sow".

      She's certainly hiding her light under a bushel because a creature of such erudition and intelligence should definitely make herself known. Think of the followers the whore Carta would attract to her bed of knowledge and insight!!

      I just hope, Miss Maggie, that you are keeping an eye on that seminarian you had suspicions about for his attraction to children in Maynooth in the 1980's.

      Don't tell us you have forgotten his name - after all, you reported him to the authorities back then, did you not? Do you know where he is today? Was he ordained? I hope you are keeping tags on him.

      After all, Brady got harsh criticism - and rightly so - for failing to monitor Brendan Smyth in the years after his note-taking encounter!

    4. Sadie on the sofa says the craic's. mighty the day....Keep it goin'!

    5. 12:13, I did not call the Catholic Church a whore; I called the 'institutional ' Catholic Church a whore. Which indeed it is, since it has long (very long) turned its back on God to embrace mammon (the world).

      Nearly 3000 years ago, the prophet Isaiah denounced Jerusalem as a whore: 'How the faithful city has become a harlot... .' (Is. 1:21)

      Not long after, the prophet Jerimiah has the Lord himself speak of Israel, the northern kingdom of his unfaithful people, in the same vein: 'Have you seen what she did, that faithless one, Israel, how she went up on every high hill and under every green tree, and there played the harlot?' (Jer. 3:6)

      As for Judah (the southern kingdom of his unfaithful people), Jerimiah has the Lord denounce it just as severely: '...yet her (Israel's) false sister...she too went and played the harlot.' (Jer. 3:8)

      Both Old and New Testaments are bold in their depiction of the relationship between God and his people. It is expressed sometimes in sensuous language (the language of lovers), or in matrimonial terms, with Christ (in the New Testament) as the bridegroom and his Church as the bride.

      When this relationship has been broken by betrayal (though never by God), the unfaithful party (we humans) are sometimes described as a 'harlot', a whore, in other words. So my description of current infidelity to God by institutional Catholicism is part of a respected and powerful biblical tradition.

    6. 14:55, no, I am not the one who 'bangs on' (what a wonderful turn of phrase you have!) about not killing and about loving enemies; Christ is.

      As for calling someone 'fool', Jesus himself used the word of the Pharisees: 'You fools!' (Luke 11:40). So if it is fine for Jesus to use it, it must be fine for us, too. And in your case, I'm afraid no other word would do.

      As for Cardinal Brady, no, he wasn't harshly criticised for failing to monitor Fr Brendan Smyth, but for failing to notify the police and for failing to inform the parents of the children Smyth had sexually abused. Can't you get ANY thing right. Fool.

    7. Another personal attack on Magna Carta. I feel the anti-Buckley crowd, having failed in their attempts to intimidate him off the internet, are aiming to take out anyone who comments regularly on his blog.
      Now I wonder what abuse I'll get for this?
      Magna Carta

    8. Your response, Margaret, is a fine example of how utterly obtuse is your stupidity.

      Because Jesus used it, it's fine for us to use? Really? Oh no it's not!

      Of course, the Son of God can call "fool" whosoever He pleases. He is Almighty God and our Creator. And if God Almighty calls you a "fool", then you are indeed in massive trouble!

      God cannot answer for anything in hellfire since it is He Who Is the Lawgiver and it is for us to mind and obey what He says. The King makes the law and the subjects obey it. Can you not see that? Of course you can't. LOL.

      Yes, Brady was criticised for not going to the police, etc. BUT - it was also asked by commentators, why, having become aware of Smyth's proclivities, he didn't wonder what he was up to in the years after that meeting.

      Did you/have you notified the National Safeguarding Office about the concerns you had about your fellow student in the 1980's and that you alerted the authorities back then?

      Have you followed this guys "career", progress? Have you satisfied yourself that this guy hasn't posed a danger to children?

      Or were you just being a mischievous old Ginny Anne back then?

    9. Don't waste your time with Mags. She's thick as two short planks.

    10. 20:15, wow! The hatred and bitterness coming from your post is truly palpable. As is your foolishness. I have a scriptural passage for you, from the Book of Proverbs: 'Leave the presence of a fool, for there you do not meet words of knowledge.' The author must have known you personally. I really should, then, ignore you, since you haven't, yet (See? I'm hopeful.), said anything even remotely true or sensible. But, since counselling the ignorant is one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy, I'll bear with you, for a while.

      Jesus would not say or do anything by way of moral example that he would condemn us for imitating. Jesus only ever did what his Father willed, and Jesus tells us to do exactly as the Father does: 'Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.' If Jesus were to condemn us for doing as he did, then he would be a hypocrite...just as the Pharisees were hypocrites. In fact, Jesus said that they occupied the seat of Moses (an expression indicating doctrinal and moral authority), and that his listeners were to do as the Pharisees said, but not as they behaved. Why? Because they were hypocrites. Now , if Jesus is supreme authority from God, he would have to ensure that there was no contradiction between his words and conduct; otherwise this would make him no better than a Pharisee. So when Jesus tells us that calling someone 'fool' is deserving of eternal punishment, but then himself goes on to call the Pharisees 'You fools!', this would expose him acting contrary to his own words. You say that God can call whomever he wishes 'fool', but this is patently absurd, since God does not sin. Calling someone 'fool', by your reckoning, is a mortal sin. Would God commit a mortal sin? This is precisely what you have foolishly said, whether you own up to this stupidity or not.

      Have you actually read Scripture rather than just dipping into it when you've nothing better to do? No, you haven't read it at all. If you had, you would know that the word 'fool' is used many times throughout the Bible. The Apostle Paul himself uses it: 'If any one among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool... ' (1 Cor 3:18). And again: 'O foolish Galatians!' (Gal 3:1).

      You really are a fool. A capital fool. Brady had evidence of sexual molestation by Smyth; all I had were his perverted sexual fantasies spoken. No actual evidence of wrongdoing. Such fantasies, however sickening, are not a crime. Fool.

    11. Margaret, Margaret, at least you are unveiling the true nature of your dysfunctional "spirituality" and half-baked "theology".

      You think the Creator is subject to the same laws as His creatures. That explains the "god-like" status you afford yourself. Your downfall will be your pride, Mags.

      "The Lord does WHATEVER HE WILLS" (Ps 113:5). If He calls someone a fool then he/she is most definitely a fool - no sin. How can God sin???

      You, on the other hand, me aul china, can indeed go to hell on account of your breaking God's commandments with your prideful, hate-filled, haughty, vitriolic attitudes to your brothers and sisters.

      As regards your friend's "perverted sexual fantasies spoken", if you do nothing then you are just as bad as Brady.

      A man who gives voice to "perverted sexual fantasies" about children should not be a priest. You need to write to his bishop and to the National Safeguarding Office and inform them (if you are telling the truth that is and not just making this up), that N voiced these fantasies to you in the 1980's and that you expressed concerns to the seminary authorities.

      You need to give his name as well as your own name. Then the ball is in their court because, in case you don't know, Margaret, "perverted sexual fantasies" have a habit of getting acted out upon. If you do nothing - just mixing and stirring on this blog - then you are also culpable if this fantasist acts out or has acted out.

      Do it in the morning, Mags - that's the good girl.

    12. As I said, 23:57, you're a capital fool.

    13. You are right that God is not 'subject to the same laws as his creatures'...because in Jesus he is the living embodiment of those laws. Which means that we are to live exactly as he did. And if that includes truthfully calling someone 'fool', as he did those Pharisees, then so be it. Fool.

    14. Hey, fool. You got one thing right: the Lord most certainly does whatever he wills. But you forgot that he wills good, not evil. Which means that he is indeed subject to the laws he made for his 'creatures'. It is why Jesus declared: ' Think not that I have come to abolish the the law and the prophets; I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them' (Mt. 5:17)

      Is any of this getting through to you,fool?

    15. Magna Carta, you accuse the poster yesterday at 20:15 of "hatred and bitterness". I can see none of that in his/her post. YOU, however, your regular postings - plenty of it!

      In Matthew 5:22, the Lord expressly forbids behaviour, speech, attitudes such as yours - sinful pride, inveterate viciousness, studied contempt, astonishing arrogance - all from behind a cloak of anonymity.

      But there is One who sees you. Your disposition could very well land you in hellfire if you don't change your ways.

    16. 10:52, you 'see' with one eye all self-righteous hypocrites.

      Your concern for my eschatological welfare would be touching, were it not Pharisaical.

      As for the accusation of my posting 'from behind a cloak of anonymity', well, you would know: we're under the same cloak.

      Open that other eye of yours, hypocrite: you'll see better.

    17. There is absolutely no point in remonstrating with the contemptuous Troll, Magna Carta. Don't waste your batteries. Give the wicked old cow a wide berth.

  2. Another anti-Catholic blog. Wow you love us baby!

    1. I agree with you entirely. This is an anti-Catholic blog. What gets me the most is my not fully understanding why a convicted fraudster is allowed to blog so freely on any topic he likes! Why? Does society not need to protect the reading public from this kind of convict. Would we listen to Jim Donaghy if he had a blog about child protection?

    2. Old Mags talking about "hatred and bitterness" - how's that for the kettle calling the pot black arse?? Lol

  3. Mr Wall deserves better. I'm sure the University of Limerick is an honourable institution and will treat the documents with the respect they deserve. My Aunt was unable to trace her real father because of "missing" information

    1. Could your Aunts mother not tell her who her father was ?

  4. Two out of Five comments from the usual village idiots (Page and Maggie Carter). Brilliant.

    1. 14.13 Love you too Scooby Doo 🤡

    2. 14.16. She was separated from her mother at an early age and was unable to trace her even though she had a name

    3. Shall I propose that 14.13 is male and is a collared member of the church. Source of supposition. (His) post refers to MC as Maggie. As quite a few posters have recommended I would support the idea that offensive comments be edited (xxx) out of content

  5. 14.16
    Many women refused to name the father.
    And some may have told the offspring after years and years

  6. We all betray Christ....many times a day.

  7. Yes, Jane, we do. But there is a massive difference between honest human frailty (which God understands and for which he justly shows mercy) and deliberate, chronic, entrenched and systemic moral corruption that characterizes the institutional Church and which justly draws God's anger.

  8. Maggie Carta now the spokesman of God. The arrogance of this idiot is stunning.

    1. I take it you are part of the institutional Church. Why else would you defend it?

  9. Thats you put in your place Jane. Trust the Oracle to be the spokesman of the Almighty. Rather like the character in Benidorm played by Johnny Vegas, this Ulster Oracle is deluded. I would imagine that Johnny Vegas is easier on the eye, though.

    1. You'd be better not imagining any thing at all.

  10. I'm so confused by this blog. Is it pro or anti Christian and what is a Christian. Who was this Jesus guy he seems to have upset a lot of people. Seems people are being killed for him and yet he's dead he's alive and yet he's no where and not here. The only evidence that he ever existed comes long after his supposed execution.
    I am trying to find someone who can explain this.
    What is the story NO WHAT is the facts cause the more I hear about him the more I discover people don't want to be like him but cash in on his popularity.

    For those of you who only understand what's going on spill the beans please.

    1. MournemanMichael27 March 2017 at 00:35

      Having the ability to post here one can reasonably assume you can use the Internet searches to find all the information necessary. On that assumption some might wonder if your request is genuine.
      I do.

    2. Of course it's not a bone fide enquiry!

  11. It is time that the Catholic hierarchy was recognised for what it is; a terrorist organisation. It should be denied the status of a religious body, its property forfeit to the Criminal Assets Bureau; and its leaders held to account in the Special Criminal Court. Anybody disagreeing will have no fear of a guilty verdict so they have nothing to fear.


    1. Don't be ridiculous!

    2. It is no respector of human rights. It is still a medieval monarchy. When you think of the number of theologians who have been silenced. I also think that the priests are treated very badly. The bishops are king of the castle and answerable to no-one. Power without tyranny

    3. @00:55
      Henry VIII

  12. Pat, which C.B.S. did you attend? Was it primary, or secondary or both?