Monday, 10 April 2017


Archbishop appeals over ‘Disappeared’

Primate urges people holding ‘secrets’ to give information to confidential sources

OUR AMY is all over the newspapers again talking about the "DISAPPEARED".

Which disappeared is she talking about?

Is it the "disappeared" connected to the IRA and the Northern Ireland Troubles?


How many CHURCH DISAPPEARED do we know about?

And maybe a more interesting question - HOW MANY CHURCH DISAPPEARED DO WE NOT KNOW ABOUT ???

We know about RORY:

We know that Rory disappeared after his journey into Grindr Land.

Initially he just disappeared. Then his disappeared to the USA into the sex addiction clinic.

Then he REAPPEARED again - staying the night at The Presbytery in Armagh with his old friends Thomas McHugh and Father McAneaney.

The next morning he REAPPEARED at the back of Armagh Cathedral sporting a great big ginger beard. 

And then he DISAPPEARED again and has not been heard of since.

Poor Jesus only disappeared once and then reappeared. Rory is appearing and disappearing like Paul Daniels or Houdini.

I wonder when he will next APPEAR and then DISAPPEAR ???

And then there is DERRY BRENDAN:

Then we have the "disappearance" of Amy's friend Fr Brendan Collins from the Long Tower Chapel in Derry. All kinds of rumours were circulating in Derry and then Brendan DISAPPEARED from the chapel where Martin McGuinness was buried in Derry. 

For the first time in its history this leaves the Long Tower with only one priest.

I have had emails from the Long Tower Parish asking what happened to Brendan. When parishioners ask about him they are met with a wall of silence.

He was last seen at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Amy, where is Brendan? Why has he suddenly DISAPPEARED? Will he be REAPPEARING anywhere soon ?


Gorgeous and some others DISAPPEARED from Maynooth last year after a long hot summer in Maynooth.

After he DISAPPEARED from Maynooth he REAPPEARED in Barcelona in Spain.

Then he DISAPPEARED from Barcelona and REAPPEARED in Dublin.

Before that he had APPEARED and DISAPPEARED in Bray in County Wicklow.

Then he REAPPEARED in the Irish College in Rome.

Then they told us he disappeared from The Irish College and had REAPPEARED somewhere in the USA.

He is ABSENT from all Irish College photos.

Today we hear he has REAPPEARED in Rome and that in the next number of weeks he will APPEAR at his ordination ceremony to the priesthood?


Father Brough was the PP of Rathmines Parish. Then he DISAPPEARED from Rathmines and was reputed to be lying low in an apartment in South Dublin.

Then, by the grace of God and The Coddle he REAPPEARED in Arklow in Wicklow. 



FURIOUS FONSIE also has a DISAPPEARED living in his palace grounds.

Canon Michael O'Connor was the President of St John's Seminary in Waterford.



Now he is living in a house in Fonsie's grounds.


If any of you have nothing better to do you can find more DISAPPEARED in every diocese by going to the diocesan web sites.

Here the DISAPPEARED are listed under various headings:

c/o Bishop's House.

On Sabbatical

Pursuing further studies.

By the looks of it the Irish Catholic Church has more DISAPPEARED than the IRA ever had.

Maybe as the primate Our Amy should call together the families of the Church's DISAPPEARED?

The Coyle Family of Drogheda

The Collins Family of Omagh.

The O'Connor Family of Waterford.

The Derwin Family of Dublin

Etc ???


  1. This is not his job, nor should he be jumping on the Rev Good band wagon
    Making a fool of himself as usual.

  2. Very entertaining accounting of the whole fiasco ...

  3. MourneManMichael11 April 2017 at 07:35

    I don't like this blog.
    Difficult to find the right words for my reaction to it, other than to say that I think it's disproportionate and innapropriate to link the shennanigans of the RC clergys' "comings and goings" with the pain and loss of those bereft of their loved ones unable to even give them a respectful burial.
    The only "linkage" is in their absence. Many of the absent clerics will not be missed, and there is no comparison with families still grieving after a generation of loss.

    1. Its reallt about Amy going on about "disappeared".

      Of course the IRA disappeared is a profoundly different case.

    2. We thoroughly endorse your viewpoint MMM.

  4. Paul Daniels seems to be on the mark. The old mentality was a temporary disappearing act to fix any priestly alleged problem. The period of absence even had a sense of wonder or mystery attached to it. Now it seems in hindsight so many alleged problems should have set off warning bells within the system.

  5. What about the dissapeared Kevin 'HornyAndyX' and his priest friend in Cork?

    1. They meet at a fancy hotel in Cork city for privacy I hear.......

    2. Spelling is "disappeared"

    3. "Andy" is no longer a seminarian.

    4. Tis' true. Andrew's gleaming smile no longer illumines these hallowed halls.

    5. Any update as to his whereabouts and what he is doing now?

    6. I hear he now earns an honest crust in Civvie street.

    7. I only met him once - in his pre seminary days.

      I called into Ballymena Chapel and found him praying there after school.

      I was impressed.

    8. He was led astray in Maynooth by a future ordinand!

      I wish I was free to tell you more Pat.

      Maynooth Seminarian.

    9. 14.57. Pat has an email. Sad if good folk are in fact led astray

    10. Those who lead the innocent astray should be mindful of Our Lord's reference to millstones! Your memories Pat are touching. Couldn't agree with you more Sean. Wishing you well in your studies and future ministry Maynooth seminarian, please God.

    11. Kevin will be back in Maynooth in September Pat. He is only taking a year out. He will be back.

      14:57 - He caused a lot of trouble in Maynooth and he got people kicked out of seminary in Belfast. He is not the 'angel' you are portraying 14:57!!!

    12. Anonymous at 17:13 - Oh no he won't! ;-)

  6. ******GALWAY ******

    Where is Alan Burke? - he was the brightest star in the diocese - always around bishop Martin Drennan *** WIPED out from the Website not even mentioned now???

    Where is Frankie Lee - loved by all in NUIG - not even mentioned anymore

    Barry Hogg - missing in action (Still on website though)
    Tom Brady - c/o Cathedral ( has court case finished?)

    The man who weathered the storm in all of this and is still in ministry for the moment is the one and only Connor Cunningham

    Pat you need to investigate the west !!!

    1. It is not Pat's responsibility to locate missing persons in the Republic. Surely that is a matter for the Gardai?

  7. Clonfert
    Website tidied up - all in parishes no one missing it seems?

    New layout - just mentions what parish is assigned to a priest - very hard to see who is missing

  8. What is the difference between:

    Very Rev
    Rt Rev

    i have seen them next to priests names in my diocese

    1. Rev is curate.

      Very Rev is PP.

      RT REV is monsignor.

    2. And Most Rev?

    3. Most Rev - bishop in Ireland.

      English bishops use Rt Rev

    4. And what do you use yourself?

    5. Everyone calls me Pat.

      If people insist they call me Bishop Pat

    6. Nice one, Pat!

  9. Dioceses needing new bishops:

    Galway (VACANTE)
    Clogher (VACANTE)
    Ossory (VACANTE)

    Clonfert Kirby = 78
    Cork Buckley = 77
    Raphoe Boyce = 77
    Meath Smith = 77

    when will we get these new boys? I would hope before the Pope comes to town next year.

    1. Papal Nuncio VACANTE, any chance of new Bishops anytime soon - Nil

  10. Pat - I never realised how young Eamon Martin is = 55 years old - thats very young for a man of his position - how did he get that job?

  11. 9 .34
    Why are you so concerned about bishops
    You must be a priest
    Most people couldn't care less...don't even know who their bishop is
    Don't know what a bishop does
    After Brady scandal, all bishops have become irrelevant

    1. Are they irrelevant if they are knowingly ordaining men who will cause havoc in parishes in the future?

      Just wondering?

    2. I am waiting for one to be appointed - his name was on a list of three for killaloe but he didnt get the nod - when his name does emerge and it will - this will set in motion one of the biggest scandals of the catholic church - bigger than Casey, bigger than child sex , bigger than Tuam.

    3. Why not put us on the alert?

    4. "Most people don't even know who their bishop is." Goodness!! Well, if that's the case, they deserve all the get. I most certainly always know - - and would make a point of knowing-- who my bishop is. In any case, if you are a regular Mass goer,you hear his name every time.

  12. I welcome the Archbishop's intervention. My Mum has been waiting for a long long time to hear news, to have a decent burial. Please do not knock anything that could hinder the Archbishop, please.

    1. Why do you remain anonymous? Surely you would add more credibility and force to your campaign by naming yourself.

  13. Pat, there seems to be an awful lot of boyos on Sabbatical, what's that all about? Given the shortage of Priests I would have thought they would want to keep them rather than send them away.

    1. What's it all about? Join up all the dots.

  14. 12.56
    Martin should not involve himself in this problem
    He needs to clean out his own stables

  15. I find myself in complete agreement with MMM and his 07:35 post. Even if you take an authors use of poetic licence, it is crass and insensitive to use the sermon calling for information as to the whereabouts of murder victims, and priests who has been sent for therapy to address issues that are causing them and others trouble. Thank you MMM for speaking so truthfully about this. Pat I think you had hit the wrong note here, and not for the first time. The funny thing is that I have never once seen you admit that you have made a mistake, let alone, apologise for making one - at least on here. That makes me thing that maybe the bishops you clashed with (Cahal Daly in particular) were on to something in asking you to leave the diocese and return to Cardiff? I don't know. But its worth posing the question I think.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I have made many, many mistakes during my 64 years on this earth.

      I have made mistakes in friendships and relationships.

      I have made mistakes sometimes in pastoral situations.

      I have made misjudgements.

      However I can honestly say that my leaving Cardiff was NOT down to anything I did - apart from resisting verbal abuse in presbyteries.

      Chal Daly gave two reasons for "sacking me:

      1. That my views were too liberal and I was expressing them too publicly.

      2. That I was over involved in pastoral work in my parishes.

      I believe that I was unjustly removed from the parish of Larne.

      As you are writing ANONYMOUSLY I was tempted not to reply to you.

      I put my name to everything I say and do.

      However I am responding - because I feel like it :-)

  16. Pat, you forgot about the Disappeared Dean! Big Lily is worried sick.




  18. Fr. David Brough is a bit of 'alright'........what age is he? I love the hairstyle.

    1. He was in Maynooth in my 1st Divinity class. He must be 49 or 50. He had a great sense of humour and was a member of the college chapel choir.

  19. What about those like Dallat who are brazen enough not to disappear?

  20. What's the story about the Dungannon PP Curry who disappeared on a sabbatical for 6 months recently and replaced before he even came back. Also Rev. Russell a Magherafelt curate who has disappeared altogether and Fr Martin McVeigh of Pomeroy who disappeared after inadvertently showing parishioners porn on a memory stick. I think Amy Martin should get her own house in order first before speaking out, we have the man for 20 years now in Armagh and what a thought. He is totally out of his league and depth.

  21. Fr Russell left the priesthood and is now married.

  22. 18.01
    I totally agree. Amy is a useless waste of space.
    Armagh man

  23. 20.48
    I agree with you, Amy should have stayed in Derry where she belongs. The diocese there would have been much more manageable for her. In Armagh it's too much for her to handle, it needs a more experienced man. By the way that picture of Fonsie getting all excited looks ridiculous.

  24. 18.01 what a loser you seem to be. You are simply plucking names out of the air without any thought. Dean Colum Curry is on sabbatical after battling serious illness. Leave the man alone and wise up. John Russell left priesthood at least 10 years ago just like countless others......and good luck to them all. Martin Mc Veigh is a PP in Co. Louth. Check your facts before sounding off.

  25. And where is Fr X...?

    1. In Co. Louth also.....don't you know him?

  26. 22.54 Your a touchy Madam no doubt from Armagh but don't get your knick knacks in a twist. So Fr X is in Co. Louth too is he? Is that where Amy sends all the naughty ones now given that Fr Pomeroy Porn is there now also.

    1. Lol! So now you're interested in my knickers........have I hit a nerve? Calm down man.......relax

  27. Regarding Long Tower needing another priest, Father Collins was not liked for he just mumbled instead of preaching. On Ash Wednesday, they ran out of communion and half the queue had to go back to their seats. There are rumours of a dispute between Collins and the folk group which is why they asked him not to keep the vestments they bought him as a gift for going with them to Rome. He donated the vestments to Bishop Daly who was buried in them. The nature of the war between Collins and the folk group was quite fierce. Father Collins gay walk and mannerisms made him the subject of ridicule as well. McKeown knows something and had a far fetched and devious justification in the Derry Journal yesterday for why he allowed the tricolour on Martin McGuinness's coffin.

  28. As for the disappeared of Galway after some research: Barry Hogg is on an extended holiday then intends going back to the institution. He can't face leaving the daily routine, poor Barry.

    Alan Burke, now laicised, reinventing himself, looking for love. Let's hope his knight in shining armour is finally out there. He intends to go into chaplaincy.

    Fr.Connor Cunningham still in ministry but likes the red light areas. Conor, make an exit plan - you will need it soon.

    Frankie Lee - removed by Rome - still living in Moycullen. Rumour has it still receiving a Diocesan salary, and currently living in Diocesan property. What a hold he has on them, running rings around Michael McLaughlin. This guy is such a fraud! But a clever one.
    Pat, you managed to keep the house but lost the salary. However, this guy has managed to keep both - what a stroke of genius!

  29. Do the lay faithful who fund the Church know whats going on in Galway? It's very disappointing!

    1. Pat, remember when you did a blog on Frankie Lee - back in October 2016 - you said that the public, especially the people of Galway, are entitled to know the reasons he was removed from the priesthood. They weren't ever told, of course. Six months later, and it looks like he's still being funded and accommodated. And the paying public - the so-called lay faithful - are none the wiser.

  30. Don't think so,God help them... What would Jesus think? Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

  31. Who's this Barry Hogg?

    1. There's a question! Not sure if Barry knows himself! He has given his soul forever to St Mary's College. Probably couldn't survive outside it. Poor old Barry.

  32. What happened Frankie Lee?

  33. Had to change schools in the 90s in Galway because of a bastard Priest .Not tarring all with the one brush but its so obvious that that the priesthood is simply an easy way for them to disguise their sexual tendencies ,would so like to expose the bastard ,of course simply he was moved on

  34. oh yes the same Fiery bad tempered Barry Hogg wont even call him FR as be an injustice to good decent priests ,Past pupil of his he spent half the class time on the phone organising football matches ,if to be a super sports star of St Marys or from an affluent family well then you were almost beatified ,Anyway god love him such a narrow minded human ,oh ya he did a lot for ST Marys sure he did the man was fixated on school Gaa football ,ah sure what else had the sad little man to do being in an catholic open prison

  35. Why can't people leave priests alone they are god anointed it's a low person that gossips about people no one is perfect when we come to meet our god we have to a count for our own sins so don't go pointing the finger at anyone else