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As Christians we believe that FORTITUDE is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

FORTITUDE means courage - especially in pain and adversity.

Of course courage / fortitude is a rare gift in all human beings.

But I expect REAL PRIESTS and REAL CHRISTIANS to have courage and fortitude and they do not!

Most church goers and clergy are meek sheep following the leader and asking no questions.

Most people / people are CONFORMISTS. 

They do not want to "rock the boat".

They do not want to put their heads above the parapet.

They want to GET ON and to DO WELL.

Reminds me of what they said about an ass hole of a conforming priest:


Of course the RC Church teaches obedience, conformity, meekness etc.

And when guys go into seminaries they are formed (or deformed) to be obedient, meek and to conform.

I saw a perfect example of what I mean when I was a curate in the fishing town of Kilkeel in County Down. One of my parishioners invited me to come and see his fish factory.

Image result for fish filleting line

I stood watching the assembly line.

In came the fish.

The first person cut the fish's head off.

The second removed the fish's guts.

The third removed the fish's backbone.

AND AT THE END - you had nice filleted fish.

It reminded me of the Catholic seminary.

The men come in and join the assembly line.

Their heads are "removed" - in other words they are taught NOT to think for themselves, to conform and to learn off the old slogans, dogmas, doctrines, teachings and rules.

Then their guts are removed.

If you speak differently, look differently, think differently you are rejected.

To be successful in the seminary your guts (courage and fortitude) have to go.

And then their backbones are removed.

"Be part of the herd". "Conform". "Don't speak out of turn" etc.

Their backbones are removed.


The priest us supposed to be a follower of Christ:

The Christ who called Herod the king, a fox

Image result for King herod the fox

The Christ who beat the money changers out of the Temple.

The Christ who called the Pharisees a Brood of Vipers.

The Christ who stood up to all that was wrong.

That's why Mahatma Gandhi said:

"I love your Christ - but not your Christians".

Image result for cowardly priests


  1. MourneManMichael27 May 2017 at 01:55

    An interesting blog, mirroring Gilbert's libretto enhanced by Sullivan's musicality in the Pirates of Penzance. The gist of it is to stop thinking for yourself, conform, follow the herd, and thus become successful. (The Ruler of the Queens's navy!)

    As an objective observer, it's straightforward to analyse the potential consequences of adopting, albeit from deep felt conviction, a non conformist perspective, and to have the integrity to articulate this.
    But it takes great reserves of courage and conviction to endure the inevitable consequences.

    1. "Most mystical personalities have run into great difficulty in trying to continue their search for God and at the same time remain in fellowship with their particular communion which often insisted upon theological conformity".

      Bishop H Pruter

  2. Chips Pat Chips. I notice many excellent contributors on here But also many with chips on their shoulders. I wonder where the "Fish and Chips" image will lead to today. Buon Appatito Tuti.

    1. Sean, do not understand your comment ???

    2. A little bit of irony Pat if that's the word. Filleted clergy- fish. People with unbalanced attitude - Chips. Hence fish n chips

    3. And lots of cods who don't know their plaice!

    4. (Sadie on the sofa) There's a lot of talk of fish today and it's put it into my head to send out for a wee fish and chips takeaway. You need an odd day off the cookin'and the dishes.

    5. Sadie on the Sofa, I always thought they called it a fish supper were you come from.

    6. (Sadie on the sofa) You're right, pet! The man on the phone asked me did I want a fish supper sent out. I said to send it out earlier,for my tea as a I wanted it sooner than that. It should be OK.

  3. The Roman Catholic Church teaches it members to rely more on clergy (especially popes and bishops) than on Christ. Thankfully, I have outgrown this naivety.

    1. The teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, properly taught and understood, does no such thing.

    2. @ 16.05 Quite right.

    3. 16:05 and 18:19, it most certainly does, because the Magisterium considers itself the teaching authority of the Church. In other words, what is taught in contradiction of magisterial doctrine is in error.

    4. "He who hears you, hears me".

      "Whatever you bind on earth shall be considered bound in Heaven ..... "

      What did Jesus mean by these words Magna Carta?

    5. Yes indeed MC.. and have a look at Matt Ch. 28, the bit about "all authority" and "Going therefore teach ye all nations"

    6. God preserve us from biblical literalists. 00:07 and 00:46, with respect, you have a lot of maturing to do in terms of biblical exegesis.

      Yes, he who hears you hears me...provided the 'you' here has heard God first. This applies to ANY and ALL of Christ's followers. Popes, like everyone else on the planet, have free will and can, therefore, choose to ignore God. Many of them did...with horrendous results. Think of the successive crusades to the Holy Land (killing for Christ) and, from the 13th century on, the roving tribunals of the Papal Inquisition (again, killing for Christ). Think, too, of the countless generations of ordinary Catholics tormented by the false doctrine of Limbo: tormented that their ritually unbaptised children would never, for eternity, fully behold God. (Please don't defend the papacy on the ground that this false doctrine was only theological supposition. )

      Even today, the papacy and Magisterium ignore Christ's command to love enemies, since they catechetically approve the death penalty and killing of enemies on the field of battle.

      As for Matthew 28 (actually, your reference is too wide: it should be Mt 28:18 through 20), Jesus makes it clear that his disciples (all of us, in other words) are to make him known to everyone 'teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you...' Did you 'get' that? The disciples have a mandate from Christ to teach everything that HE commanded. This has not always been faithfully observed by popes and magisteria. And it still isn't.

    7. Oh God, at last we get Magna Carta actually checking Scripture. But sadly, still the usual load of waffle as he tries to impress the real scholars who gave the quotes.. What's new?

    8. How do posters put up with this patronising twit?

    9. 14:40 and 14:55, your envy of my abilities is obvious and unbecoming.

      Better to remain silent when envy stirs the heart and contorts the mind: that way you can at least appear mature and intelligent.

    10. Well said, MC. So presumably we can look forward to you "remaining silent" then.

    11. 15:17, you should have stated 'your "remaining silent" '. (Use of the possessive pronoun 'your' is grammatically correct here, since the word 'remaining' is a gerund, not a verb.)

      Al in all, it would have been better if YOU had remained silent, wouldn't it?

    12. Don't think so!!

    13. Recommend that you go back to silent meditation of gerunds! Very difficult for you.

    14. Maggie talking about biblical literalism- she's a literalist herself but only when it suits her.

      Just how literally are we meant to take, "love your enemies"? If the police had intercepted Salman Abedi last week in the Manchester Arena - and it was necessary to shoot him dead to stop him igniting that bomb, is that forbidden by Christ?

      The Church's interpretation of Love your enemies is very wise. There is always the need to sometimes take up arms to resist evil.

      In any case, Mags the literalist - with her regular scathing denigration of others - breaks God's commandments left, right and centre. Go figure ....

      The simple fact is - for all your twisted gymnastics of "logic", you cannot explain away the passages of Scripture which clearly indicate God's establishment of a Magisterium in His Church.

    15. 'Talking OF biblical literalism'.

      'The Church's interpretation of Love (sic) your enemies' is a direct and grave violation of Christ's clear teaching on such people.

      Obey Christ and HE will deal with our enemies in ways someone as intellectually limited as you couldn't begin to appreciate.

    16. Oh dear, I am not the poster @ 23.16 (I am the gerunds advisor) but it strikes me that you have given him a quare dig in belly calling him intellectually limited. That was very unfair! More silent meditation definitely recommended until you mend your ways.

    17. 01:11, Maggie calling someone "intellectually limited" is hardly a dig in the belly. It's the usual pathetic screech from this vitriolic and vicious old queen �� Water of a duck's back ��

      So Our Lord would have intervened personally at the Manchester Arena? Is that what you are saying Mag?

      Pardon me, Margaret but you are talking though your hole.

      That's not how it works. Fanatics have to be stopped, by force if necessary, to save innocent lives.

      The most loving thing to have done with Salman Abedi would have been to put a bullet in his head before he could detonate the bomb. Then let God deal with him.

      People have the right to defend themselves and to be protected.

    18. 01:31, your faith (if you have faith at all) is built on the shifting sand of human reason, which, by nature, is fallible. Therefore your implicit conclusion (that God would not have intervened in Manchester) is fallible, too. You're a seminarian, aren't you? (Sigh😔)

    19. I certainly am not a seminarian. Like I said, you're talking through your hole :)

    20. 12:05, praise God you are not a seminarian! The current crop are weak enough spiritually and intellectually without your like diluting the draught.

      As for my talking through a certain anatomical part, so too, then, must Jesus, since my comment is based squarely on his actual teaching and not on what you and the 'Church' imagine he said.

    21. Whatever Maggie (yawns).

  4. Pure nonsense dressed up as some kind of wisdom, insight or even despair at your lack of influence in the ordinary sphere of life, Church or Civil. Your blog reflects the company you keep, the bias, prejudice and hatred of us Catholics. You are constantly making stories with which to compare us and most are not very nice. In fact your blog is nothing more than extreme hatred in the form of words! You have made one very large mistake, but your lifestyle and hatred may be blinding you - kindness is not weakness! Your vulgarity has left you blinded. May I request that you stop promoting hate speech against us Catholics please, it is most disturbing of the peace!

    1. Your assertion that I "hate" Catholicism or Catholics is absolute nonsense.

      I treasure my Catholic faith.

      I treasure my Catholic priesthood.

      I celebrate Catholic Mass and Sacraments.

      I pray the Catholic priest's breviary.

      But what I do hate is the various corruptions in Catholicism.

      I hate the abuses.

      I want Catholicism to be better - to be the Catholicism it should be.

      Years ago several priests said to me:

      "Buckley, what you are saying is true. But you should not be saying it. It's disloyal".


      Jesus said:

      "The truth shall set you free".

      I am a thinking Catholic.

      I am a rational Catholic.

      I am not one of those Catholics who say: "My mother right or wrong".

      I hope I never will be.

  5. If I hear that quote, "the truth shall set you free" one more time I'll scream. It's so over used on here. This blog is crap today.

    1. Yes. Let's stop quoting a man who lived 2000 years ago and who had no understanding of the modern world - and indeed Catholic theology and canon law.

  6. Pat I think the problem is that you have a Messiah Complex, and probably always have - hence your trouble with the Church authorities right from when you entered the seminary in Clonliffe. There is nothing wrong with having a Messiah Complex, if you do good with it. But if, like the homicide bombers of Daesh (one of whose number murdered do many in Manchester earlier this week), it is turned to wrong and is used to excuse all manner of depravity and cruelty, then it can be a very toxic thing indeed. You strike me as a man deeply hurt by the Church and now you have become so estranged from it and protected by your small band of followers, you cannot begin even to see at basic errors that you possess. In that sense you probably do see yourself as God special representative upon earth, even something Pope Francis wouldn't even claim for himself nowadays. Worth reflecting on.

    1. I always worry about amateur psychoanalysists who want to psychoanalyse people they they don't know, anonymously and from a distance instead of addressing issues raised.

      They often do this because they cannot address the issues.

      Argumentum ad hominem is one the the very basic logical fallacies.

  7. There is something very wrong. There are very few vocations. People are leaving in droves. Most people just quietly stop coming. People are still seeking God. I don't think Pat has a Messiah complex. I have worked in the civil service and the Church and the civil service is more ethical. Pope Francis is doing a good job but an absolute monarchy is not the best kind of government for the church. Cardinal Martini said the church is 200 years behind the times. Pope Francis says the Vatican is corrupt. Pope Benedict said there was so much filth in the church. Do they all have Messiah complexes?

  8. Good Lord Ive heard it all now! are you really telling us that you have not made personal attacks on your blog Pat? I think that the popes, cardinals, bishops, priests and deacons that you have so mercilessly attacked, day in, day out, would beg to differ.

    1. The Blog has dealt with issues that individuals were involved in.

      None of them came on here to disagree although offered full invitations.

      The real issue is not what Bishop / Father X is arguing. It's what people say and what they then do.

  9. Bishop P., you asked a particularly pertinent question: why do so few Roman Catholic priests lack 'balls'?

    The answer is simple: they signed up to serve a largely man-made, self-aggrandizing institution rather than Christ. If it were truly Christ they served, his spirit would provide them with all the courage, wisdom and support needed.