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Angel from hell: Nun is arrested for helping five priests 'sexually abuse' dozens of deaf children at Argentinian Catholic school after victim said she made her wear a diaper to cover up horrific injuries

Kosaka Kumiko, 42, was charged with physical abuse as well as helping the priests 'rape' Argentine deaf children
A Roman Catholic nun from Japan has been arrested and charged on suspicion of helping priests sexually abuse children at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in Argentina.
Kosaka Kumiko, 42, was charged with helping the priests with anal and vaginal rapes, fondling and oral sex, which were allegedly committed in the bathrooms, dormitories, garden and a basement at the school in Lujan de Cuyo, a city about 620 miles northwest of Buenos Aires.
The case against Kumiko began after a former student accused her of making her wear a diaper to cover up a hemorrhage after she was allegedly raped by priest Horacio Corbacho. 
'I am innocent,' she told judicial officials, who ordered her to be taken into custody at a local women's prison while detectives investigate the alleged crimes. 

The nun, who has Argentine citizenship, has also been charged with physically abusing the students - whose torments could only be heard by those abusing them since the other children were deaf - at the Antonio Provolo Institute for children with hearing impairment in northwestern Mendoza province.
But she denied any wrongdoing during an eight-hour court hearing late Thursday.
She was shown being led by police in handcuffs, and wearing her habit and a bullet-proof vest. 
At least 24 students from the Provolo Institute have come forward to accuse Corbacho, fellow priest Nicola Corradi and three other men.
The Japanese-born nun, who has Argentine citizenship, allegedly helped the priests with anal and vaginal rapes, fondling and oral sex  - which were allegedly committed in the bathrooms, dormitories, garden and a basement at the school in Lujan de Cuyo

At least 24 students from the Provolo Institute came forward to accuse Horacio Corbacho (left) and fellow priest Nicola Corradi (pictured in wheelchair)
The pair were arrested last year after they were charged with sexually abusing at least two dozen students at the Provolo Institute. Horacio Corbacho is pictured with a cross on a wall behind him
The children said the two Roman Catholic priests continuously raped them, beside the image of the Virgin Mary.
Police arrested the five accused men last November, finding a slew of pornographic magazines and about $34,000 in Corradi’s room.
'They always said it was a game: "Let’s go play, let’s go play" and they would take us to the girls’ bathroom,' one of the women who was abused at the Argentine school alleged.
Corradi and Corbacho were arrested last year after they were charged with sexually abusing at least two dozen students at the Provolo Institute.
The nun denied any wrongdoing during an eight-hour court hearing late Thursday
They are being held at a jail in Mendoza and have not spoken publicly since their arrest.
If found guilty, the accused face up to 50 years in prison. Corradi had earlier been accused in Italy of abusing students at the Provolo Institute in Verona, a notorious school for the deaf where hundreds of children are believed to have been sexually assaulted over the years by two dozen priests and religious brothers.

Advocates for clerical sex abuse have expressed anger that Corradi wasn't sanctioned by the Vatican and allegedly went on to abuse children in Pope Francis' native Argentina. 
Three school employees, Jorge Bordon, Jose Luis Ojeda and Armando Gomez, were also arrested and remain in custody.
Investigators are looking into more than 30 testimonies against the priests and teaching staff. 

2009:  Abuse at the Provolo Institute -  which also has a branch in Italy - was first brought to light. Several students came forward and named and accused priests, including Corradi, who has been names again for abusing children in the Argentine Branch of the institute
2010: Vatican ordered its northern Italy branch -  the Verona diocese - to investigate the claims
 2012: the Vatican apologized and sent the results of the investigation to the victims. Four of the accused priests were sanctioned while a fifth was exempted because he had Alzheimers. The priests who were sanctioned were ordered to live a life of prayer and penance and were under supervision, away from children, the Associated Press reported in 2016
2014: The students penned a letter, naming Corradi - who was now in the Pope's native Argentina - but they received no response

2016:  According to the Associated Press,  a Vatican official said Pope Francis wanted to assure the victims that the church was taking steps to tackle the continuous sexual abuse. In December 2016, he used sign language while delivering his Christmas message, which fell on deaf years in Argentina as the controversy was unfolding

What can one say. One is left speechless in the face of such atrocities.


Pope Francis is taking steps to tackle the abuse!


At this stage the procedures should be CLEAR, ROBUST and QUICK.

Is it any wonder people are walking away from Rome?



A number of us are in the process of creating an interim website for the new Independent Catholic Church.



  1. Argentina Abuse-words are not enough!! New Website- Looking forward to it.

  2. And all this division just goes to prove the point made yesterday.
    People by there own natural drive may want different things. It was myself who posted tge congregation aspect this morning, not only to see the reactions but to tease out thought and the thought process of some individuals. Needless to say I am not surprised.

    Well as for myself Pat I have problem in offering you whatever assistance you may need with the new venture. This I do so freely wyithout any compulsion or expectations and difinitely for no glory. I would also realise that I may not be accepted by such a group due to my views nor I suppose would I be expected to join.
    For example I am sure no one has considered the aspects of ecumenism or the protection of vulnerables etc etc as it hasn't featured in any of the comments. But hey at least I've said I'm prepared to help.

    1. So glad you want to be involved Big Hank. I look forward very much to hearing your views as we all go forward together. I am interested in Ecumenism, Interspirituality and New Monasticism. :-) I love folk mass style music, some other modern church music as well as non conformist type hymns and Anglican as well as some catholic hymns and Gregorian chant / plainsong. I imagine I may have been more open to tridentine were it not that it's re-introduction, like it's invention post reformation, is the RC Churches erroneous belief in it's own sense of entitlement rather than engaging with Holy Spirits presence within the reformation and again today, with the laudable elements of secularism such as human rights and equality. I'm sure I might have found it beautiful and prayerful, but now I just view it as the velvet gloved heavy handed oppressive club, enjoying their gin parties paid for by the poor, sometimes very poor ordinary folks. If I had less integrity, I would wish to go back in time and tell my younger self to just stick with it, because it seems as long as you don't break the thirteenth commandment, or perhaps today, even if you do, ie "Thou Shalt Not Get Caught!" no problem, so long as you back up the embroidery and lace ad orientam, with their closed off sanctuaries and high pulpits! Three good meals a day, a better stocked drinks cabinet, larder and store room than I've ever had since, heating and all in a beautiful environment, that was my "Austere" religious life! I can tell you, I know something of austerity since and I know others that know more, a lot more than some priests and religious may ever know! Because if the coffers do contract, they'll sell off their Churches and the faithful remnant will have to travel further, rather than end the craic!

      Sorry Big Hank, turned into a rant! Maybe you agree with all or some ..or none! Apologies to all those decent workers labouring in The Lord's Vineyard and thank you for all that you do! God Bless you and everyone! :-)

    2. BIG HANK

      Your congregational comment made me think.

      Have you heard of Neo Congregationalism?

      My current thinking is:

      Catholic in Belief - Congregational in Governance.

    3. Now I made the comment on the point that I believe "" church to be people as well, not just those you want the strips to lead or be in the big picture so to speak.
      I Love music as well but am fed up hearing the drab "Soul of my saviour" or the beating to death of "Lady of Knock". As for happy clappy music well that's as good as country music for me it has its place.
      Is the new church to reach out to the disaffected or to be a new light shining in a not so clear world. It is to be a church that welcomes others whilst attacking others, is it a church were attendance is demanded as much as payment is. You ma6 think that I am sitting on the fence throwing stones, but its not the case. I no longer have the time in my life to waste like I have hoping that as a member of the RC church for it to change its ways. I refuse to let my personal freedom of being subject to a Monarchical System such as the RCC to ever happen again. Don’t get me wrong I know there are needs for rubic, liturgy, goverance, safety, alms, labourers reward but we all know the mistakes the Romans have made of it.
      As for Latin Tridentine or whatever you want to term it, fill your boots but don't expect me to play in it, I am NO linguist and I personally think anyone who wants to minister in a tongue unknown to the people is just a separatist and a glamour seeker.

      Tom as for Rants you quite intitled to have one as there's always something good to come of it.

      Pat you should know more than most that I am a simple man who lives for today Neo Congregationalism, you what??? Nor do I care for those who have studied this that or the other. I believe that the heart and common humanity leads in all matters, is it right is it wrong, good ir evil and so on..
      Its like canon law who in their right minds believes that these guidelines are created for the benefit and happiness of man.

      Anyway good morning world.

      As for the sister mentioned all I can say is evil is never far away and for those caught in its trap are to be pitied. We all have our own demons and challenges to contend with.

    You will see from this article that when the police were looking for her they approached the archbishop who just went 'nothing to do with me' as they *always* do with religious.
    Nothing has changed at all.
    It's also telling that she didn't belong to the order that ran the school. Now why would a female religious not be in one of her own order's houses or apostolates? She's either in the process of leaving or there's a more suspicious reason. Her own order knew she was a bad egg, mark my words.

  4. Pat, is it not confusing that the topic of each blog has become entangled with discussion regarding the forming of a new Church these last few days? What will become of the blog in the future if a new Church is founded or are you going to construct a different forum or blog to discuss the Church separate from your usual rather informed and topical blog? This is not meant by way of criticism but I've just found the blog such a mix up of late. Thank You.

    1. The blog will stay the same. Its my personal blog and not a church blog.

      The "new church" will have its own seperate forum.

      Mentioning it on here is a temporary measure.

    2. I personally agree that the church blig should be removed from this one as it's two separate forums and issues

  5. That's good to know Pat, thanks.

  6. MourneManMichael15 May 2017 at 12:24

    Reading this blog, and thinking of ever increasing revelations of RC clerical abuse of minors, I am obliged to wonder what proportion of RC clergy honestly and sincerely believe in the truth and validity of the religious beliefs they profess.
    Singular or occasional lapses through human frailty can be understood. But revelations here and elsewhere show repeated clerical systematic abusive behaviour patterns completely at variance with their professed religious beliefs. How can such abusers have any real belief in a just all knowing/seeing God and the concepts of heaven and hell as an ultimate destiny related to earthly behaviour?
    Should I conclude therefore, that much reported abuse, (and that may well be but a fraction of actual abuse), stems not from human frailty, but from an absence of sincerely held religious beliefs among a significant proportion of RC clergy? And to what extent is that absence reflected in other religious denominations, Christian or otherwise?
    Is absence of belief actually more widespread among clergy yet the majority adhere to principled moral standards of behaviour for the same reasons as those of non religious belief? (The Golden Rule: "Do as you would be done by")
    In asking, I set aside my own Humanist persuasion to pose the conundrum, and not to attack anyone's beliefs, but simply for what it is, a continuing enigma.

    1. Those clerics believe in their heads, MMM, but not in their hearts. What does this mean in practice? Apart from the obvious (hypocrisy), it means that they refuse to allow those beliefs to transform them.

      I mean no offence, MMM, but if you truly believe in that creed of yours ('Do unto others...'), then you are closer to heaven than they are (er, however unsettling this might be for you 😄).

    2. @Magna Carta
      The first half of your comment is *exactly* the point I was trying to make about the sedevacantists' argument that you tried to shout down. Remarkable.

    3. MourneManMichael15 May 2017 at 20:16

      I don't see it simply as a refusal of transformation Magna, but more a conscious intellectual choice (in the head if you like)to pursue personal satisfaction and ignore both moral and religious imperatives. Just as with other forms of abuse, eg. rape, there may well be elements of power, control and subjugation.
      And as for 'my creed' you refer to. I can't claim the credit for a 'modus operandi' universally acclaimed and found in almost all religions and ethical trditions and which predates Christianity.
      I take no offence and indeed welcome critical comment on my views. But as for being 'closer to heaven'.....well I would borrow something out of Stephen Fry's comments to Gay Byrne about God. Why would I want to pass the entrance exam to gain access to a heaven of the kind of God who permits the horrible pain, misery and afflictions suffered by innocent children, adults and animals?
      And to then spend eternity praising this God?
      Just doesn't make sense at all. And if this God supposedly gave me intellect and reason, why then does belief in this God demand I abandon all semblance of reason?
      And as for Adam and the apple: please spare me that!

    4. 19:52, you still obsessing? Unremarkable.

    5. @Magna Carta
      Let's see when you produce MMM's argument as your own. Or the idea of an independent Catholic church.
      So pointing out that you've reproduced my argument is obsessing? Actually I'm talking about you. You don't understand the word.

    6. @Magna Carta
      I knew you would bite. You're sore because you've come across someone on here who isn't intimudated by your bullying tactics and isn't pushed by them into shouting back.
      You've avoided saying why you left/were asked to leave/were dismissed from seminary but I have a different questuon - what do you do for a living?
      And does it involve asserting your imagined superiority over others? Traffic warden for example?

    7. So you avoid both questions about the end of your seminary days and current employment. I now don't need the answer because I've found your other presence online:

  7. Pat, I think its a mistake to go off on this independent church tangent. I think you will have less energy and time for what you do now.

  8. Many of us agree with you 15.45. It is not going to make a tad of difference whatsoever to what any posters do or don't believe - even if they claim to be "supporters". And it will be completely ignored by the main RC Church and disregarded as just another dissident quirky idea of those who are no longer faithful followers anyway and haven't been for a long time . So really, why bother?

    1. So why did you bother to comment, 17:07, if you aren't bothered by this proposal?

    2. Magna Carta, I wouldn't waste your time trying to figure that out. Intellectual coherence isn't a strong suit among many commentators I've noticed. For example, Pat's most ardent supporters on the seminarian issue appear not to have noticed that his theology on sexual ethics isn't remotely similar to their ultra conservative interpretation (which for 99% of them, "interpretation" means they read it on a Noddy's guide on the internet).

    3. @20:15 - you again!

      We are not "supporters" of Pat on any issue. It jut so happens that he is exposing a deep corruption that needs to be cleansed.

      Our theology on sexual ethics is the Church's teaching. Although we would not agree with Pat Buckley on most issues, we can support his exposure of the dysfunction, immorality and hypocrisy in Maynooth. It does not matter about his "motives", etc. As long as a great evil is brought into the light, a good result will be achieved.

    4. @22:00 I am amused by the use of the royal "we"! I rather suspect you might simply be speaking for yourself, but it is gratifying to see that you have finally gathered your thoughts, even if you have missed the subtlety of challenging an incorrect position on sexual ethics by analysing its content, rather than squawking about what the Church teaches which convinces precisely no-one. If you want to convince people of your point of view, bring forth arguments, challenge the arguments of others - don't squawk.

      Regarding your support for Pat, far be it from me to educate you on the Church's doctrine regarding formal and material cooperation with "evil"!

  9. I agree totally with 15.45 and 17.07, I think there is little apatite for this new venture. I know a few eager people have encouraged Pat on here to do this but I think it's pointless. It's always going to be regarded as an offshoot of the Oratory, I think you should stick to what your doing Pat.

    1. Re/post at 18.01. Correct version is ".. stick to what you're doing.." This is because "you're" is a shortened form of "you are" in this case.

    2. Your an ass**** 18.29.

    3. I see that @18:29 is making progress in mastering the art of the full stop, though disappointingly s/he has not quite got to grips with how the full stop operates in relation to quotation marks. Keep trying though, you amuse us a lot by correcting the grammar of others while getting it wrong yourself!

    4. Correct version would be "You're an ass". This is because "you're" is a shortened form of "you are".

    5. (different commenter)
      @20:28 Actually in British English it should be single quotation marks. Double ones are used for quotation within speech.

    6. To 21,08.
      Yes, you're absolutely correct but some time ago,after some discussion, we decided to not over-complicate matters and the consensus of opinion was that we should keep things as simple as possible and use the more usual double quotes option. Nice to have heard from you!

    7. Did 'we'?!

    8. (another commentator again)

      Oh dear, @18:29 and @21:30 cannot master the art of the full stop and seems completely at sea with the use of quotation marks. Now I'm concerned about the split infinitive in the post @21:30 ('we decided not to over-complicate' works much better). Not to mention the failure to leave a space after a comma! And the absent comma in the first line! But s/he is always on hand with a tedious post about the difference between 'your' and 'you're'....the irony is certainly funny!

    9. (Yet another commentator) To 23.06. Don't you think it's you who is being tedious in the extreme?

    10. @11:22, in answer to your question, no. Clearly the points I made would not be made in relation to any other comments posted. But when someone continues to denigrate the legitimate comments of others by ridiculously pointing out minor grammatical points, then it is fair game to point out their own grammatical failings, and thus undermine them in the same way as they undermine a commentator making a legitimate point. Perhaps the subtely of that approach rather passed you by.

  10. Why bother with this "new church" is a fair question. Many have shown dissatisfaction with mainstream church. Many want a place to worship where they feel comfortable. What are the options? Moan and do nothing. Turn away from church completely?. Christianity by nature follows Christ through community. There are already many denominations to choose from but in general Roman Catholics are not encouraged to jump ship. Good as he is The Oritory can not depend on Pat forever. Do people want Catholicism without the Roman? I.E. RC Sacramental Ministry without the Roman. These are all questions that need addressing. At some stage the debate needs to move from talk to practical choices. All I can say is that when I moved to CoE it did. "feel strange" for quite a while I pray God's blessing on whatever the future may hold.

  11. The Oratory is closely identified personally with Pat. I attended a Eucharist held by a former R.C. Dublin curate a number of years ago, in the Unitarian Church, St Stephen's Green. The congregation was significant and took part eagerly. It has seemed to me for a long time that we need to reach out to those on the edges, however they arrived there. Sean's comments above make a lot of sense. A high Church Anglican option might fill the gap but the Church of Ireland os too "low" for those of us brought up on sacramental Roman liturgy. We might be arguing, but we are still part of the family! I think Pope Francis has brought this into the public forum time and time again. This weekend he spoke of " not winners and losers, but brothers walking together" trying to find a solution and to build a future. So much more binds us than separates us.

  12. High church Low church, what this one or that one says, its attached to the Oratory, you moving away ftom your position Pat, being inside or outside tge Catholic family What a load of Tripe.

    Wgat is needed is a good open coherent and hobestlace for people to go and maybe yes it should have no baggage or attachments to the past. Things of the past cannot be changed the history of today should be what is created as good. It shouldn't matter if your a sinner like ME , PAT , SEAN , MMM, TOM, JANE or any Anonymous contributor to this blog. It's about tomorrow the future and what is left behind after we go. It must surely be about something good and Godly for that matter, for is it like John crying as he grows so I should diminish.

    Vattery about to fail on this so Ill post my rant

    Being in

    1. The die is cast.

      The Independent Catholic Church is now launched.

      If it is from God it will do well. Alleluia.

      If not from God it will perish. Again Alleluia.

      Let us see if the plants we are planting bring forth fruits?

    2. Sorry Big Hank, but correct version is "It shouldn't matter if you're a sinner." I know you're a fast learner and don't need further explanation!

    3. Ps: The Oratory has survived for 31 years.

  13. Pat, are you 65 this year?

  14. B H I often wondered about a religious gathering along the lines of an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting with 12 open principles. Also not every Sunday gathering needs to be A Mass. I think - without wishing to be disrespectful- The R C Church in Ireland anyway have massed Everything out of existence. Morning or Evening Prayer is not just the domain of Ordained clergy. There are various options for worship which could be explored. Non scriptural content could be included within reason.. Just a thought...

    1. Good points.

      Mass is central but does not always have to be Mass.

      It would be good to adopt traditions like "Even Song".

    2. Pat, I sincerely hope your Independent Catholic Church will form seminarians with a bit more masculinity and backbone than the sissies currently being spewed out of Maynooth.

      Dark times are on the horizon for Christianity in Ireland and Europe. It will take guts and courage to profess Christ in the future.

    3. Seminaries are probably not the answer.

    4. Pat, will the ICC be discriminating against sissies? I'm not sure I want to be in a church with heteronormative binary types like the poster @21:40.

  15. Pat, if people like Magna Carta join your venture I wish you luck. The coordination will be like "herding cats" Your track record seems to show that your charism is more of a prophetic nature.

    1. Isn't this what Rome has been attempting (and failing) for decades now? To herd cats? It's the reason that six Catholics leave the Church for every convert to it.

  16. Pat, imagine attending meetings with the character on your blog who feels compelled to correct the grammar and spelling of other posters.

    1. He is a brilliant character!

  17. C'mon Pat, don't be shy/ How many followers 31 years ago and how many today?

  18. Now that you have established a new website for the ICC perhaps you could encourage any debate about it to take place on that website rather than on this, your personal blog. The website is advertised at the top of this blog folks, you can continue your debate about it there to your hearts content. Only a suggestion! I know it only went up today but I'm sure more and more people will be encouraged to discuss the new venture there.

  19. You see Pat, the Devil is in the detail.
    How many followers 1981 -How many today?

    1. 1986.

      The Devil may be in the detail.

      God is in quality, not quantity.

      Two things:

      1. I celebrate Mass - not Bingo. Why are numbers important?

      2. On Calvary Jesus had 4 followers left - 3 women and 1 man.

      Until I go below 4 how can I complain :-)