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I HAVE NEVER MET SINEAD O'CONNOR much less ordain her to the priesthood!

Every where I go people ask me: "How is Sinead". I always answer: "I don't know. I have never met her".

Sinead O'Connor was ordained a priest in a hotel room at the shrine of Mary in Lourdes in France by the Tridentine bishop Michael Cox. The only other person, to my knowledge, present was an Irish journalist.

At the time the ordination made the headlines and Sinead O'Connor rang me from Lourdes to ask me to publicly support her ordination.

I had, and still have, no problem with Sinead being a priest. God can call ANYONE - man or woman to the priesthood.

But as I explained to Sinead at the time I think it would have been very important for Sinead to have spent a considerable period of time preparing for ordination. As it was she had spent no time doing so.

So, is she a priest?

The short answer to that question, is that she is! She was ordained a priest by a validly consecrated bishop.

Bishop Michael Cox was consecrated a bishop in the episcopal lineage of  the Vietnamese Roman Catholic Archbishop Peter Ngo Den Thuc.

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The now retired Roman Catholic Bishop of Killaloe - William Walsh - a canon lawyer has also attested to Bishop Cox's priestly and episcopal validity when he wrote:

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Killaloe Diocesan Office
Co. Clare.

1. My understanding is that Patrick (Michael Cox) was ordained to the priesthood by a Catholic Bishop. His ordination would therefore be valid even if unlawful as the said Bishop was acting without the approval of the Holy See.

2. My understanding is that the priest Patrick (Michael) Cox was later consecrated a bishop by a Catholic Bishop. His consecration as bishop would be deemed valid even if unlawful because the said Bishop was acting without the approval of the Holy See.

3. To validly administer the sacrament of penance a priest requires the approval of and permission of the local bishop. Bishop Cox does not have my approval or permission to do so.

Signed, + Willial Walsh

So Sinead is indeed a priest. Of course the Roman Catholic Church does not recognise her as a priest because they claim that a woman is not capable of receiving the grace of Holy Orders!

I like Sinead a lot and for two particular reasons:

1. She is one of us "walking wounded" having suffered abuse etc in her early life. I think that God is always very close to those who suffer / have suffered.

2. She is amazingly generous. I have done some work with the heroine addicts who hang about Grafton Street in Dublin and they have told me stories about her bringing them food at night and about her kindness to them - especially at Christmas.

Cynical people have and will mock Sinead as a person and as a priest. They should remember the words of Scripture:

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. (1 Cor: 1 - 27)



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  1. I don't think Sinead O'connor is a valid or lawful priest. This is because even though Bishop Cox, as a validly consecrated bishop had the power to confer Holy Orders, he had not "the lines" or Vatican authority to confer the priesthood on this particular subject at this particular moment in history. That is not to say that this could never be the case. There were several impediments at that particular time eg he was not able to guarantee and give the gathered faithful public assurance of her thorough and correct formation process.

    1. You do not need Vatican authority to be validly ordained - Orthodox churches, SSPX, etc.

      We distinguish between validity and lawfulness.

      Who cares what the corrupt Vatican thinks? I don't.

    2. Pat who decides what makes the sacraments valid in the first place?

    3. The Canon Law of the Catholic Church is very clear on such matters re/lawfulness and validity of the Sacraments and many other things like that.

  2. A good girl who needs to motivate the others

    1. Women's vocations? (Amen!)(and most definitely Awomen! Our women. :-) )

  3. Sinead is validly ordained and I have wondered how and if she exercises her Priesthood these days. I also realise Priesthood is about more than just saying mass (I am not making little of mass) When I came to the UK I was not involved in any formal church for ten years. I can on reflection say my Priesthood never went a way and in an indirect way shone through who I am as a person. This was picked up on by my wife and members of her parish. I have been on a journey of discovery ever since. Priesthood does not exist in isolation and by nature must be exercised in community. I have often wondered about those who left to get married and how they are fairing in civvy street

    1. I always say:"A priest without a community / congregation is like a bike without wheels. It is a bike but it's going no where".

    2. Likewise perhaps, a priestly vocation involved in pastoral care, may feel wholly or with various degrees, separate from the full sacramental engagement of and with their vocation. The inward grace, though a pre-existing reality, is actualised by the outward sign, as God's love for The World, pre existent, is actualised and signified in the Incarnation.

  4. You must be looking for a few quid from this singer. Book opened and read, how much are you after from this troubled soul?

    1. I have met Sinead or received anything from her. I am seeking nothing from her.

  5. The Sinead O'Connor ordination was just another protest publicity by what was then a very disturbed young woman. Two fingers up to the Vatican with absolutely no intention of ministering as a priest or what was involved. You don't have to take my word for it. She has said enough herself!

    1. I agree that to get ordained with no intention of ministering is not right

    2. She's still an ordained priestess, though. For the wrong reasons, sure but that is like so many of the male priests, who do it for narcissistic self-inflation. Not for 'real' reasons.

  6. She is no worse than a lot of males who are ordained and living double lives
    What about Fr X
    Is he still courting ?

  7. New Church Pat, are you looking for money from Sinead, is that what todays piece is all about. Please head back to Maynooth , the semanarians and the dioceses, I am getting dissappointed now , this was my interest for the last year. i thought you would continue to shine a light on it

    1. I am not in contact with Sinead and am looking nothing from her or anyone else.

      Dont worry Maynooth etc will feature a lot on this blog.

      No good blog can be a one topic blog.

    2. I see the Juicy Salivating Gossip Mongers are having withdrawal symptoms.

  8. Hi Pat,
    I have been thinking about something written in this blog as week or so ago about the deacon byrne not being in images on the irish college , in order to make sure he isnt one would have to assume one of two things :
    1. he has been asigned to take all the photos himself
    2 or he is losing out on attending these events as one cannot gurartanne him not being in the photos

    do we know anything about his ordination'/

  9. Pat what is up with the totalitarian style censoring? I am just making some normal offensive points!!!!!

    1. "Normal offensive points".

      Nasty comments on peoples mental health etc?

      Not happening

    2. Thank you for blocking those comments, Pat

  10. 19.08 Pat I am glad the rubbish is being consigned to the bin where it belongs. I wonder though do you keep hold of this rubbish in case it will be of some use perhaps in a different forum to explore the depths of negativity there are out there. Im sure there are those in the community who are victims of this kind of attitude/s and are unable to fend them off as we are from the hiding place behind our laptops.

  11. I certainly wouldn't advise Pat to re-hash any rejected posts or use them on another forum or website of any kind without the writer's permission. Two wrongs,in this case definitely don't make a right. (Yesterday someone jumped up to remind us all that Pat "didn't come up in a bubble." I'm sure that will stand him in good stead now!)

  12. Yourself, Mother Mee, Cox and Sinead should take Coxs barge and put out to sea. Ireland will be better without you.

  13. Pat 23 .43 is a personal post and as such should not have been published.
    Maybe I should name myself....the bubble