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The ex seminarian claims he was asked to help sort files in the bishop's house and was invited to dine alone with the bishop.

The meal was taken with a more than adequate amount of alcohol and it was late in the meal when the alleged monologue occurred.

The ex seminarian says that he was flabbergasted by the monologue and simply listened without speaking.

He also says that at no point during the meal did anyone do more than discuss this topic.

However he thinks that it was a very surreal event in his life and it only happened on one occasion.


After the seminarian told me this story I wrote to the bishop and recounted to him the story I had been told.

The bishop replied to my letter and insisted:

1. That the event never happened.

2. That the dinner had never taken place.

3. That he had no memory of the name of the ex seminarian who was making the claim.

And for now we must leave it at that. It is the case of one man's word against another man's word. 

There is no corroborating evidence either way. 


Well we know that not only could such a thing happen. We know it has happened - and in more than in one place.

CARDINAL KEITH O'BRIEN of Scotland had to resign because he was proven to have seduced seminarians and young priests - even using the Confessional to do so!

Image result for cardinal keith o brien

And while he had to stay away from a papal conclave he is still a cardinal and still being financially supported by the Archdiocese of Edinburgh who maintain him in a nice home on Northumbria in England.


Image result

Cardinal Groer of Austria had to resign after it emerged that he had many sexual expolits with seminarians when he was a seminary professor.


Image result for bishop anthony j O Connell

Bishop Anthony J O'Connell of Palm Beach, Florida had to resign after several ex seminarians accused him of sexually abusing them.


Bishop Juan Carlos Maccarone 
Resigned in 2005, age 64, per canon 401.2 after video surfaced of him having sex with 23-year-old man. Remained in ministry. Seen 2010 saying Confirmation Mass for teenagers. Santiago del Estero bishop emeritus. Died March 2015.

Archbishop Edgardo G. Storni

Resigned October 2002, age 66, per canon 401.2 after reports he abused young men and boys. Convicted 2009. Sentenced to eight years in prison; given house arrest instead. Conviction overturned 2011. Remained Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz archbishop emeritus. 
Died 2012. 
Bishop Roger J. Vangheluwe
Resigned 2010, age 73, per canon 401.2 after admitting to sexual abuse of boy, later revealed to be his nephew. Sent by Vatican to monastery in France for "spiritual and psychological treatment." Admitted on television in April 2011 to abuse of two nephews, one beginning at age 5, over 13-year period in 1970s and '80s. Left monastery amidst public outcry three days after TV appearance. Not prosecuted due to expired statute of limitations. Current whereabouts unknown. Brugge {Bruges} bishop emeritus.

Bishop Raymond J. Lahey
 in 2009 for possession of child abuse images. Resigned as Antigonish bishop in 2009 per canon 401.2, age 69. Pled guilty in 2011. Sentenced in 2012 but given time served. Laicized in 2012.

Bishop Marco Antonio Órdenes Fernández 
Resigned 2012, age 47, per canon 401.2 after accused of late 1990s sexual abuse of 15-year-old boy. Admitted to "an imprudent act."Iquique bishop emeritus. 

Bishop Príamo Pericles Tejeda Rosario
Resigned as Baní bishop in 1997, age 63, then worked as priest in Venice FL. 
Accused in 2007 of sexual assault of a 42-year-old man for 11 years. Venice diocese removed faculties. Not charged. Baní bishop emeritus.

Archbishop Józef Wesołowski *
Polish. Resigned as papal nuncio to 
Dominican Republic August 2013 and was secretly recalled to Vatican, just days before DR news media exposed his alleged sex assaults of children on Santo Domingo waterfront. Church officials did not inform DR law enforcement. Prosecution sought by both DR and Poland. Vatican reportedly rebuffed extradition request by Poland January 2014. Laicization announced June 2014, four days after DR bishop tweeted about seeing Wesołowski strolling in Rome. Diplomatic immunity removed August 2014, day after NY Times exposé. Put under house arrest in Vatican City State September 2014. Found with 100,000+ child abuse images on his laptop and Vatican-owned computer. Released from house arrest after 60 days; free to move around Vatican City State beginning late November 2014. Hospitalized night before his July 2015 trial in VCS, causing trial to be indefinitely postponed. Released from hospital one week later, and freed to walk around Vatican City, according to BBC. Found dead in his Vatican apartment August 28, 2015. Trial never resumed.

Bishop Heinrich Maria Janssen
Hildesheim bishop 1957 until retirement in 1983, age 76. Died 1988. Accused in 2015 of sexual abuse of a boy from 1958 to 1963, beginning when the boy was age 10. Abuse was said to have included masturbation, anal and oral sex. Diocesan investigators deemed the accusations "plausible" and awarded Janssen's accuser 10,000 euros "in recognition of his suffering."
Bishop Joannes B.M. Gijsen *
Retired 2007, age 75. Dutch. News in 2010 of 1950s alleged abuse of two 
boys. Remained Reykjavik bishop emeritus. Died 2013. Dutch church acknowledged his guilt in 2014.
Archbishop Richard A. Burke, S.P.S. * 
Accused 2009 of 1983 sexual abuse of 14-year-old girl in Nigeria. [See victim's statement.] Resigned 2010, age 61, per canon 401.2. Admitted "failure to observe his oath of celibacy." Sued RTÉ, claiming victim was 20, not 14. Suit settled 2015: RTÉ paid legal costs but made no concession on victim's age. Benin City archbishop emeritus.

Bishop Eamonn Casey
Resigned 1992, age 65, after revelation that he fathered a child in 1970s. Fled Ireland, worked in Ecuador missions, then English diocese. Accused 2005 of sexual assault of girl, age 5, 30 years earlier. Casey denied accusation. Not charged. Returned to Ireland 2006. In nursing home since 2011. New accusation April 2016 by a Limerick woman. Galway and Kilmacduagh bishop emeritus until his death March 13, 2017.

Bishop Johannes Willem Maria Bluyssen
Resigned 1984, age 57, as s'Hertogenbosch bishop. Admitted 2010 to destroying abuse files in 1970s. 
Died 2013. Accused 2014 of repeated rape of Beekvliet minor seminary student 1957-1959. A church Complaints Committee announced August 2015 that evidence was not sufficient, although it did not "exclude" that the victim had been sexually abused.
Bishop Joannes B.M. Gijsen *
Retired 2007, age 75. Dutch. News in 2010 of 1950s alleged abuse of two boys. Remained Reykjavik, Iceland bishop emeritus.
 Died 2013. Dutch church acknowledged his guilt in 2014.

Bishop Jan Niënhaus
Utrecht auxiliary bishop. 
Died 2000. Dutch church admitted 2014 he molested young boys 1950s-1970s.
Bishop Cornelius Schilder, M.H.M. *
Vatican informed in 2007 of reports of Schilder's early 1990s abuse of a Maasai herds boy. Dutch. Resigned 2009, age 67, per canon 401.2. Accused in 2013 of early 1990s sexual abuse of a young seminarianNgong bishop emeritus. 

Bishop Joannes Gerardus ter Schure, S.D.B.

Retired 1998, age 76. s'Hertogenbosch bishop. 
Died 2003. News in 2010 that Salesians settled claim of sexual abuse of a boy by ter Schure at Don Rua monastery in Ugchelen 1948-53.
Bishop Georg Müller, SS.CC.
Admitted 2009 to 1990s sexual abuse of boy. Resigned as Trondheim bishop same year, age 58, per canon 401.2. Emeritus. Died October 25, 2015.
Archbishop Juliusz Paetz
Resigned 2002, age 67, after accused of sexually abusing young seminarians. Paetz denied the allegations. Banned from public ministry, but ban lifted by Vatican June 2010. Ban was at some point reinstated: in April 2016, Vatican warned Paetz to stop public appearances and resume private life of "repentance and prayer." Poznan archbishop emeritus.
Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien

Retired 2013, age 74, after 
accused publicly of sexual advances toward priests, dating to 1980s. Apologized. Saint Andrews and Edinburgh archbishop emeritus. Pope Francis accepted O'Brien's resignation in March 2015, meaning O'Brien would no longer be allowed to perform the public, religious or civil duties of a Cardinal.

Bishop Roderick Wright 
Resigned 1996, age 56, after admitting to sex with woman he counseled. Married the woman. Admitted to son with previous woman. Remained Argyll and The Isles bishop emeritus. Died 2005.

Bishop Hansjörg Vogel

Resigned 1995, age 44, after acknowledging impregnating woman. Basel {Bâle, Basilea} bishop emeritus.


Bishop Robert H. Brom 
Accused in 1990s of coercing young seminarian into sex in 1980s, while Duluth MN bishop. Accuser retracted allegation, reportedly as condition of $85K settlement. Retired 2013, age 75. San Diego CA bishop emeritus.
Bishop Joseph A. Ferrario 
Honolulu HI auxiliary bishop and bishop 1977-1993. Accused of child rape in 1985 letter to papal nuncio. Lawsuit 1991 dismissed on SOL grounds. Retired as bishop 1993, age 67. Stayed in ministry and remained emeritus. Not charged. Died 2003. Named by more alleged victims 2013 and 2014.
Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick 
Alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct with seminarians and priests in 1980s while Metuchen NJ bishop and Newark NJ archbishop. Church settled with alleged victim 2006, reports Richard Sipe. Washington DC archbishop emeritus.
Bishop Daniel L. Ryan
Resigned 1999, age 69, week before lawsuit cited his hiring of male prostitutes. News 2002 that he solicited sex from boy, age 15, and sexually abused another, age 16-17. Not charged, due to SOL. Internal diocesan study 2006 confirmed Ryan's misconduct with adults. Remained Springfield IL bishop emeritus until he died in 2015.
Bishop Joseph V. Sullivan 
Baton Rouge LA bishop 1974-1982. Died 1982. Accused in 2000s of sexual abuse of three different teen boys, 1969-1982. Later bishop called claims credible, removed Sullivan's name from high school.

Archbishop Rembert George Weakland, O.S.B.
Resigned in 2002 immediately after news of $450K payment in 1998 to silence man accusing him of sexual assault when man was 32. Weakland had just turned 75, and resignation was accepted per canon 401.1 -- the age-75 rule applying to bishops in standard situations. Weakland denied abuse but admitted to sexual relationship. Remains Milwaukee WI archbishop emeritus, residing in PA monastery.

Can we say that Irish bishops are different from the bishops in the rest of the world and do not carry on with men, women, seminarians, priests etc?

I hardly think we can claim that.

What we can say is that TO DATE no proof of these matters have emerged except in a few rare cases.

I do expect that situation to change in the not too distant future!



Image result for ards retreat house



In the coming days Sean "The Wounded Healer" will be leading the Donegal priests to holiness!

The new Gifts of the Holy Spirit are: Arrogance, A Hard Neck, Bluffing It Out and Sticking Around.


  1. "Sister" Monica Joan would vehemently disagree with His Lordship's thoughts on the beauty of the male organ.

    1. Maybe. But I know some nuns who would agree with His Lordship.

      Horses for courses?

    2. @1.30 I enjoyed your "Sister Monica Joan" reference.. I got it completely! I think Sr Monica Joan would be heading straight for the kitchen to demolish the contents of the cake tin! I wouldn't blame her....

  2. The church's Defense is always that the one to one encounters are one man's word against the other. Predator priests ensure their abuse occurs in such scenarios and then site the lack of evidence and memory as Defense.

    It's sick.


    1. It needs two or three people to come forward, or for example, in Keith O'Brien's case, four priests and one former seminarian to validate the bum-bandit's misconduct.

  3. It comes as no surprise really, it must be their main topic of conversation... when they're not munching down on one.

    1. Ugh! - - sickening thought!

  4. Pat, in relation to the Diarmuid Martin and Michael Byrne affair, AB Martin's stated intentions, words and past and intended future actions are in direct contradiction:

    1. He withdrew his seminarians from Maynooth last year due to a "growing poisonous atmosphere" and sent them to Rome;

    2. One of the main causes of this "poisonous atmosphere", Deacon Michael Byrne, was sent to Rome (why - in order, maybe to poison the atmosphere there?);

    3. Diarmiud Martin spoke about anonymous letters swirling around Maynooth, in which Byrne was mentioned as one of the ringleaders of the bullying clique;

    4. DM is in possession of some very damning pictorial evidence also seen by the Irish Independent, whose Legal Department gave the go-ahead to print the story in January about Byrne based on the above;

    5. DM has seen all the photographical evidence published here which left little to the imagination about Byrne's "extra-curricular" activities;

    6. DM is hell-bent on ordaining Byrne to the priesthood this year;

    7. Is there any sign yet of DM getting to work on his new priestly formation programme for the Dublin diocese? If there is, I have not heard about it;

    8. DM has been very quiet regarding the recent overhaul of Maynooth - strange considering that he was the most vociferous bishop last August when the whole scandal hit the Media.

    All the above just does not fit when analysed.

    What is DM up to?

    1. THAT is the 64 million dollar question!

    2. DM may have damning pictorial evidence of Byrne. I'm a betting man and I would put 100% of my dosh on the nose that Pat Buckley has even more damning images of Byrne, images yet to be revealed.

  5. Didn't Cardinal Groer have a cousin, Archbishop Shoer?
    I can't believe that bishop actually replied to your letter lol.

    1. I wonder were they "kissing cousins"?

  6. Some priests do have a strange sense of humor to say the least. I remember conversations which could be lightly described as mild boys secondary school humour with sexual innuendo. Certainly out of place for grown adults. I also remember a chap giving in Rome giving a retreat and glorified the joys of having a decent poo. Needless to say most of the lads dismissed this chap and some did not attend talks. I suppose what I am saying is that priestly training as it was/is can lead to unhealthy expectations and lifestyles to be lead by some. It seems we see more of what Jung would call the shadow than we do of healthy personality in some priests. Sad when the fantasy of some becomes the damage to another person

    1. Why in the name of God would a priest giving a retreat to seminarians talk about poo during one of those talks?

      Sounds to me like that priest was giving his fetish away?

      Having said that Sean Brady will be talking a load of poo in Raphoe this week from today until Thursday :-)

    2. Yes Pat and Sean----Freud would say that those immature priests had bits of their psyche still "arrested developmentally" in the infantile stage. (There is a toddler potty training stage when the young child becomes aware of and fascinated by how his body works and its "output". In his mind he associates a successful use of the potty with lavish praise from his mother or other significant person!! Most of us grow out of it.)

    3. The developmental psychology reference is correct. An even earlier phase is the "oral phase" when the young baby experiences and learns the properties of things through the mouth, first of all by feeding either naturally or through the bottle and then by testing things through tasting, sucking, biting and so on. Some people retain parts of this stage too and though it is normal that we enjoy and relish our food, we ideally should make our way through these early oral stages to successful adult development. Of course some people don't.... need I say more?

  7. Holy flapping loo rolls said Robin I wonder if much church poo will hit the phan in the coming weeks and days

  8. This blog aims for change in the church. We need to see further development on how sex n priesthood integrate. Sex is part of the human build. Priests are human. If these stories are true about Byrne, then Byrne is bringing priesthood and da Catholic Church into the new age by challenging the institution via the living out of his unique human story. No harm done. The sad part is that his progressive Church have abandoned him, but this happens to all good prophets. Byrne is couragousely doing more for progress than many, whether you agree or not is opinion and should also be respected. Being bullied for wanting progress is neandrhralian. Whether this boyo enters or leaves priesthood should be under guidance of the Lord in the Holy Spirit - which works the same in Byrne just as it works in me or you. Namaste brothers and sisters. And one thing I do know, byrne will succeed. We need to support Byrne here because he is challenging the hierarchy. We need to dialogue with change not burn it at the stake. Respect x

    1. I must say that I had never thought of MB as a prophet.

      But I am quite open to discussing that.

      It does raise a number of questions:

      1. Is there such a thing as sexual morality / immorality?

      2. Should sex be excluded from the morality discussion?

      3. Are all sexual acts ammoral - even rape?

    2. Rape is always immoral as it's about using power and control and sometimes violence to damage and force another person to do something against her/his will.

    3. Re/M. Byrne a prophet?!! - For goodness sake, let's not get carried away here! He was no such thing. He is simply an undisciplined idiot who hasn't the self-control to keep it in his trousers.

  9. I remain convinced that Roman Catholic priesthood is a vehicle for grave evil in the Church, in particular, its episcopacy.

    The number 666, from the Book of Revelation, has long been associated with Satan in the popular mind. Biblically, however, it was an allusion to the Roman emperor, Diocletian, with the number representing total moral imperfection. But if one wants to indulge the popular fantasy of its being a reference to Satanic forces, it should actually be understood, first, as the clergy count in the Church at any one time. It is through the clergy that such malevolent powers gain principal entry to the Church, wreak havoc, sow confusion, and create enmity and dissatisfaction.

    1. I'm afraid you are talking through your hat, Paul, if that's your name.

      Biblical studies is not your forte. Even a rudimentary knowledge of the discipline would tell you that Diocletian is late 3rd Century to early 4th. The Book of Revelation is dated to around two hundred years before then, so there is no possibility that its author was alluding to someone two hundred years into the future.

    2. I, of course, meant Domitian, who ruled from A.D. 81-96 and who exiled the compiler of Revelation (probably not its author) to the Rocky island of Patmos. My apoplogy for the error.

      Incidentally, the number 666 does refers not just to Domitian, but to Roman emperors in general (including Diocletian). It was a coded (or allusory) way to address imperial misrule, since direct reference to it was a capital offence and would inevitably have led to further persecution of Christians.

      As for biblical studies, it very much is my forte; don't let a 'typo' mislead you.

      By the way, my name isn't Paul.

  10. One of the features of the contemporary Catholic Church in Ireland is the presence of the New Movements- comprising of educated and committed Catholics who are genuinely trying to live Christian lives daily. Other groups such as the SVP and even the Legion are full of perhaps older men and women who are also saying their prayers and are engaged in apostolates. So the question arises,- where is their response to this toxic proposal -if it is true, that seminarians who were advertising on gay websites for sexual partners ca in good conscience be proposed for Ordination? I have seen good men sent away as " unsuitable" for much much less. I have seen candidates given a hard time for the way they moved around the Sanctuary and the Altar!!! It is just beyond comprehension. Stop it now !

    1. Agreed. Brendan Leahy of Limerick is big into FOCOLARE. Where is the prophetic voice coming out of the South West? What are we hearing from the Catholic Youth Groups who are now promoting the next WYD? What are we hearing from all the people so energised by the 8th Issue? Why the silence? Is a Gay tail wagging the dog? Are they so PC that thaye are afraid to stand up and be counted? It is very simple, if you want to go forward for Ordination, you have to accept celibacy. Otherwise get out. If you are a formator and you know your candidate is sexually active then you have the duty to send him away, for everyone's good including his and that of the Church. This is basic, fundamental, foundational, absolutely beyond question or doubt. And they know it. So, get on with it.

    2. I'd be wary of Focolare 12.30 big time. I hear horror stories from that movement in Italy. Stay clear, believe me.

    3. If Sally McAllister from Belfast belongs to Focolare in Italy then I'd stay way clear of Focolare. She was on the formation staff in Allen Hall, London. An awful dump of a Seminary, total gay orientated and anybody produced by that place.

  11. Pat, I'm going down to the Ards Retreat at 6pm to protest about Brady being on the premises. Others can join me if they wish to but it will be a peaceful protest wishing no one harm or ill will.

    1. The best protest is for the Raphoe priests not to turn up. Is there a man among them or are they ambitious sheep? We will see. My guess is that they are mere sheep, and neutered sheep at that, no balls in Donegal!

    2. Any one with balls will find himself on Tory Island :-)

    3. The best protest will not happen. That's why I'm going down at 6pm when they are stuffing their faces. My point is to highlight the bunch of hypocrites who have turned up and I will name all Priests who attend. I'm doing this in a peaceful and strictly lawful manner, please join me if you can. This man, Brady is not wanted in Donegal.

  12. I'll be there too 12.18, Brady not welcome in Donegal after Eugene Green carry on. They should be ashamed of themselves Raphoe and Boyce

  13. in fairness the male penis is beautiful

    1. In my experience the penis can be either beautiful, ugly or somewhere in between. Preferably I favour the Jewish form.

    2. In your opinion....

    3. TMI thank you!

    4. Not just my opinion. I have done widespread research during my time as a seminarian, Deacon and priest. I also speak as a practitioner of both hygiene and aesthetics.

    5. I found the Dublin and Down and Connor seminarians had better hygiene. The further west and south you went the greater the problem. Ex Maynooth Living Happily Ever After.

    6. I'll be there too 12.18 with my daughters and my Son abused by Greene. I want Sean Brady to see him and hear the awful story of abuse. He abused 26 boys and this parasite is preaching to the Raphoe Priests- disgusting. What are our newspapers and tv doing? Thank God someone told me about this web earlier in the day. It will be peaceful because us Donegal people are decent,we are proud and peaceful. Thank you Fr Buckley for telling us about this.

    7. Maybe the Bishop of Derry should be the visiting lecturer in Hygiene?

    8. The Bishop of Derry has hygiene issues.

    9. 13.57 Why humiliate the man, has he not been humiliated enough.

    10. Obviously not! He still has the brass neck to accept this job in Raphoe. Don't waste your sympathy.

  14. Sorry 13.52 The "In your opinion.." remark was not meant for you!
    It was meant for the poster at 12.35.

  15. Pat, knowing that you have media contacts, I would alert Highland Radio to the confrontation that awaits Sean Brady at Ards Retreat place at 6pm. I believe the Guards are on alert, why doesn't this man stay in the north

  16. I read how many are upset by Sean Brady. Is there any legal avenue to pursue. This many people can not be annoyed for nothing.

    1. The laws of the UK and Ireland are too lenient on the Brady type.

      Plus they can afford multi millions to have lawyers defend them.

      Laws must change!

  17. Byrne, by no stretch of the imagination, can be termed a "prophet". If anything, he is an anti-prophet. - the very antithesis of every purpose for which God calls and sends His prophets.

    He is a promiscuous and lustful man and he will rue the day he treated what is most sacred in such a sacrilegious fashion.

    Furthermore, I believe Diarmuid Martin is compromised with Byrne. His hellbent determination on the ordination of this man beggars otherwise belief.

    The statement DM made "I was only ever in a room with him once", is an astonishing statement for a bishop to make concerning one of his students.

    What bishop should feel the need to distance himself from a student in this way? It should be a normal thing, for a normal bishop to be in a room as often as necessary, with a normal seminarian.

    No this statement smacks of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. I fear Dermot is lying through his teeth.

    They are well able to lie these bishops,
    archbishops, priests, prelates and cardinals - to save their own hides. Or may DM was using mental reservation!

    No, I think he is lying and he is compromised.
    Byrne has him by the short and curlies. I think Byrne has a lot of priests and prelates similarly caught by their goolies.

    I would say he has been free with his favours and there has been no shortage of "daddies" who enjoyed them.

    I'd say he has been the recipient of many gifts and monies, for services rendered, to sad old clerics and definitely some bishops. He has them all over a barrel and if they move against him he will out all of them - including DM.

    This will all of course end in bitter wailing and weeping. The faithful Catholics of Ireland will be further scandalised and traumatised by further revelations in the not too distant future. Decent priests, as usual, will suffer much.

    1. Correct! (To poster 16.37) Absolutely and without a doubt.

    2. @16:37 well said

    3. Maybe Gorgeous was just asking Diarmuid if he would like his electric blanket switched on... well, they don't always like it, do they.

  18. Can the Raphoe Priests who attend this Retreat be named please. I won't be putting anymore money on the Church plate here in Donegal. Fr Eugene is still very raw here but to invite that man to give a Retreat here is rubbing salt in the wound. What is it the Church won't learn, do they care, it seems not. They don't seem to give a hang. I'm not going to say much about Bishop Boyce but if he spent more time with his people than time spent on the golf course would be better.

    1. I'm sure they won't starve without your tuppence halfpenny!

  19. Did the protest go ahead?

    1. Nah, the auld queens here just rant and rave but do fuck all.

  20. He was always a bit out of touch but asking the wounded healer to conduct this retreat shows a cold indifference to the suffering of scores of his parishioners and their families. Did none of his advisors caution against this charade?
    Will the first task of the new bishop be an apology for this colossal stupidity?

  21. Every time I see Diarmuid on tv or in the papers or hear him on radio, two pictures come to mind - a massive great big QUESTION MARK ??? ? - and an image of Michael Jack "not all good looking guys get married some of them become priests" Byrne (ha!)

    O Archbishop Diarmuid Question Mark, did you or did you not????

    Did you succumb to Deacon Byrne's "charms"????

    Does he have you by the goolies????

    Questions and questions.

    Diarmuid, if you did, you better resign.

    If you persist in ordaining "Gorgeous" because you are compromised, do you honestly think that he will stop at ordination?

    MJB will want to be an auxiliary bishop within five years at least. And that's just for starters.

    O Archbishop Diarmuid Question Mark, if you been a bad boy, you gotta go. Develop a very bad case of the colly wobbles and retire asap. You've only a few years left anyhow.

    It's all going to catch up with you in any case, if you been misbehaving with Micky Jack. It's all gonna come out - you know that don't ya?????

    1. Yep! You'd better believe it D.

  22. can someone please put on the kettle and nip to Tesco for some cake. It's going to be a long summer.

    1. (Sadie on the sofa) Tescos haven't a bad wee selection if you get in early. I would go for that lemony one - nice with a mug of strong tea.

  23. Archbishop Diarmuid Questionmark - a nickname that I can see lasting.

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