Sunday, 11 June 2017



The last attack on my computer was a phisting attack and took place last Wednesday, June 7th at 3.37 pm.

"Phisting is when, after your usernames and passwords have been phished, your credit cards are maxed and your bank accounts drained".

I had recently upgraded my security and this last attack was completely resisted and unsuccessful.

But phisting is not the only type of attack we have been under.

Last year there was a determined effort to bring down the Blog completely.

People like Gorgeous have also had people contact Google on his behalf.

And then there have been efforts by Archbishop Amy Martin and the Catholic Church to use the Police Service for Northern Ireland to put pressure on me.


I had written several blogs about sexual "goings on" in the Archdiocese of Armagh and Amy Martin's failure to deal with them.

Amy was obviously angry with me and the Blog.

On January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany, one of Armagh's "Wise Men", the Child Safeguarding Officer or Armagh Archdiocese was despatched to the PSNI police station in Armagh to make a complaint about me and the blog.

That man was Mr Aidan "Balthazar" Gordon.

Image result for aidan gordon

The complaint alleged that a comment I allowed on the blog put Amy and his staff in danger.

It was a throw away the taking of artistic licence comment AND there was NO CHILD / VULNERABLE ADULT SAFEGUARDING ISSUE INVOLVED !!!

The Armagh PSNI referred the complaint to the Public Protection Unit at Lurgan who contacted me and asked to come and talk to me about the complaint.

I agreed and was waiting in my house for the PSNI to arrive when I got a call from Larne PSNI station that I had to go there to be interviewed formally and under caution !!!

The tape below is a copy of my interview I was given by the police.

I have obscured the name of the interviewing policeman for his safety and security.

The PSNI told me that I would hear what action, if any, was to be taken within two weeks - by January 31st.

It is now June 12th - nearly FIVE MONTHS LATER and still no co ntact - and no answer when I ring the PSNI to enquire about it !!!

It was simply a tactic used by the Catholic Church in Armagh to scare and harass me!

I don't blame the officers who interviewed me. They were only doing their job. But who sent them? And why?


Image result for psni officers

On two recent occasions armed PSNI officers were sent here to The Oratory in Larne 10 or 15 minutes before my 12 noon Sunday Mass.

On both occasions they told me that they had received "anonymous complaints" about this Blog being a "racist blog".

The second occasion was two week ago yesterday when I had written a blog about the new Papal Nuncio to Ireland who happens to be a Nigerian.


All I had said in the Blog was that as a Nigerian he would be likely to be both conservative and homophobic - as most Nigerian Catholics are.

The policeman apologised for the call but said that his "superior officers" had told him to call.

And it all happened just 10 minutes before our Sunday Mass!

I brought the uniformed policeman up to our chapel and introduced him to the congregation and it was a most pleasant exchange.


I have had other threats in recent weeks:

1. That a letter from my file from Clonliffe seminary 1973 - 1976 expressing affection for a fellow seminarian would be made public.

Can I make it absolutely clear that I never once had any type of sexual encounter in Clonliffe - apart from a priest giving us a retreat touching my leg in a weird way - and the legs of others.

The Clonliffe files are in the Archdiocese of Dublin's archives in Diarmuid Martin's house / property.

2. That members of my family would be brought forward to say negative things about me.

3. That a priest friend of mine who is still in the Church would be targeted for being friends with me.

In the past few days a certain lay diocesan worker in a Northern diocese tried to entrap this priest into admitting he knew me and was friends with me.

This Blog is hated by elements and senior people in the Irish Catholic Church because it is shining light into very dark places.

The Irish Catholic Church has friends in high places in the police, the legal profession, the medical profession, the civil service etc who can be called upon to make trouble for people causing them annoyance.

I believe that the knives are out for me and this blog and that anything that can be done against it / me will be done.

A small number of people have even expressed concern for my safety.

I wanted to make readers aware of these matters.

Will the Blog stop? NO!

Will I bow to threats and pressure? NO!

Will something happen to me and the Blog that I have no control over? I don't know.

If anything does happen remember what I wrote about here today !!!


PS: A Story from the Past:

Many years ago, immediately after Cahal Daly sacked me, I had a visit from the RUC superintendent in Larne. He asked me: "Did Bishop Daly give you the message out headquarters passed on to him"?

I said: "No. What message"?

He said: "That your name was found on a hit list in East Belfast"?

I was flabbergasted. This was the first I heard of it.

The following day the RUC arrived at my house and put bullet proof glass in my windows and behind my doors.

They also gave me a gun - a personal protection weapon - in case I was attacked. They even brought me to the RUC arms training centre to show me how to use is.

Thankfully I never had to use it and I have it back to the police many years ago now.

But the one question that remains in my mind:

"Why did Bishop Cahal Daly not pass on the message to me that my life might be in danger"?

I will allow readers to draw their own conclusions.

By the way Cahal Daly was extremely friendly with senior RUC officers like Sir John Hermon and senior officers from the British Army. Many of them dined at the Bishops Palace in Belfast during The Troubles.


  1. Pat your bring it all on yourself. I have no sympathy.

  2. Highly unlikely that a prod RUC would have gone to Cathal Daly, they would have approached you directly. Sounds like more defamation of the dead.

    1. Well Cahal dined with Prod top ranking RUC Officers and Prod Army Officers. At the time of his elevation to Armagh it was said at the time that the British establishment were happy with such an appointment.

    2. Daly was very very close to the British establishment. Sir John Hermon himself told me at a Sunday Times dinner in Belfast that Daly pestered him in his office and insisted on giving Lady Hermon, a Protestant, the Blessing for an Expectant Mother!

    3. Pat. 9.07. Blessings aren't magic potions. Blessings/Sacraments to not contain a Harry Potter elementšŸŽ©

  3. Pat, I'm very sorry to read this particular blog and hear about these events. I hope that your not living in any kind of fear, as this would upset me greatly. However, we will take note of your caution that should anything happen you, you have made a prophetic statement today.

    I would hate to think that anyone lives in any kind of fear, but it appears you have been the subject of intimidation and uncertainty. You have the right to sleep soundly in your bed and go about your business without any fear or trepidation, and knowing your character you have/will rise about such intolerance.

    We your blog followers will always support you in your determination to expose hypocrisy and deceit. we know your history, your hurt and injustice inflicted by the church. Be assured of our prayers and readiness to defend your name, your journalist integrity and compassionate humanity.

    1. I do not live in fear. I just wanted readers to know what is going on.

  4. That's what tends to happen when people in glass houses start throwing stones Pat.

    1. Yes. Whistle blowers need to be silenced - in the name of God, of course.

    2. These events are the proof that you aren't just an object of ridicule. While I don't always agree with judgements you make about what to publish on here I sometimes think you're the only real Christian I know. The RCs need to realise they're just making a martyr of you, and the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.

    3. Do you really mean people in glass houses? It implies Pat is in the same boat as the RC hierarchy. In fact he has published here about his relationship, his HIV, his brush with the law over weddings... The hierarchy's problem is that he's exposing them as a whited sepulchre but he has nothing to keep hidden!

    4. How can you silence whistle blowers if the said persons are 'Genuinely Blowing' in order to highlight wrong doing and operations of corruption.

      Maurice McCabe was vilified by the media and state representatives and wrongly and ashamedly so - not to mention having been referred to as 'Disgusting' in public testament.

      Since when was bringing the real truth of matters and operations to light a crime?

  5. Pat, if the police file is sent to the PPS, it would make sense to get your solicitor or yourself to phone them.

  6. Strange how some comments seems to indicate "you have it coming to you" Is this an indication what you say is true or are some just stirring the pot...I wonder

  7. Pat, rather concerned and disturbed by what the poster at 23.45 said last night yesterdays blog. Take Care.


    Anonymous11 June 2017 at 23:45

    Pity the shinners didn't give you a good hidin years ago.They wanted too but your nemesis Cathal B. put a stop to it.....pity. might have shut you up for good. Poor Cathal too much a pacifist.



    Anonymous12 June 2017 at 09:04

    Pat, I'm rather concerned at this veiled threat contained in 23.45's post. So much so that I've spoken to some Shinners very late last night. I was assured that the Shinners did not want to give you a hiding years ago, it was the last thing they would do. The Shinners were no fan of Cahal Daly nor he of them as he was regarded as Thatchers pipsqueak. You should meet the Shinners Pat in relation to your latest disturbing blog and the involvement of visits to you by the PSNI. As you know the Shinners now sit on the Policing Board. They are open to a meeting with you. Take Care. Ex Divis Resident.

  9. "The Shinners" would have had absolutely no reason to hurt me. While not always agreeing with me they knew I put my heart and soul into serving the people of Divis - 1978 - 1983.

    Daly, on the other hand, was a different case.

    One one occasion he told me to provide information to the RUC.

    My reply to him was: "Are there not enough reformers around without the priests starting".

    The look he gave me at that moment let me know my goose was cooked!

  10. PS: Can I also say I represented the interests of my then parishioners with the RUC and many other state bodies - and always in a professional and non aggressive manner. Those were tough days on the Falls and my parishioners were my absolute priority.

    1. PPS: Can I also be honest and say that I have always voted SF - and NOT because I agreed with the "armed struggle" but because of their socialist policies and their closeness to the ordinary people.

      The one exception to this was in the second last general election when I voted for my local MP Sammy Wilson of the DUP who did Trogan work for me at a particular time in 2013.

      I felt by voting for him,on that occasion, I was attempting to thank him for helping me.

      Needless to say I was not voting for DUP policies :-)

  11. Pat do you think you may be being followed?

    1. I don't know and I don't care.

      Everywhere I go I go completely openly.

  12. There was an extraordinary article in the Irish Times today headed "Catholic bishops speak of ‘hostility’ and ‘persecution’ of church". When are they going to wake up that they cannot behave in the way that they have and use God as their escape artist. If they were a commercial company or a political party they would have gone out of business years ago. They no longer have the power to rule with the 'Fear of God' and and the stick. The chief executive's of the church, sit in their ivory towers, dressed opulently, surrounded by their own people and totally oblivious of what is really going on on the ground. There philosophy of damage limitation, is it's fatal flaw. The few really hard-working good honest priests, are not welcomed in the inner circle. These CEO's have not learned that in a changing society they cannot do and act as they wish and, instead of changing altering and renewing they carry on doing the same and wonder why it is all deteriorating. Blaming others like Pat and his blog for airing some of the appalling truths and shocking behaviours is not going to alter things. The negative comments here today say it all. It is so very sad that it is continuing in the name of God. Until the RC Church stands back and takes a really long and hard look at itself from the very top to the bottom and really changes, it is its own self and not this blog is that will lead to its destruction.

  13. Brid Smith TD is an anti-catholic hate monger who last week in Dail Eireann said the Catholic church should be dumped in a bin. Can anyone name any other group or religion that she could trash and get away with it? I am glad the bishops are growing some balls and challenging these nasty venomous narrow minded bigots who insult large numbers of people because they know catholics are pathetic spineless wimps and will do absolutely nothing to defend their faith in public.

    1. Bride Smith appears to have gone too far.

      However the Catholic Church as it stands is a disgrace. By this I mean the corrupt institution and clerical club.

      Of course there are many good priests and even more good and sincere Catholic men and women.

      It is one thing defending your faith - which all of us as Christians must do.

      Of course we must acknowledge and condemn all the abuses and corruptions in institutional Roman Catholicism - and indeed in all established religions.

    2. Yes, that Brid Smith TD remark was an absolute disgrace and does her no credit at all. Can you imagine the furore if a member of government made the same remark about say, Jewish people or Muslims!!

  14. I agree Pat .The church is full of sinners. Otherwise me and you wouldn't be able to be part of it. In fact the main purpose of the church and the priesthood is to forgive sins. Those bishops priests and lay catholics who abuse their power in any way are first and primarily betraying christ and his body - the church.This is often forgotten about.
    Someone once said the best argument against the church were christians(sinners)
    The best argument for the church are also christians (the saints- those heroic kind generous cheerful souls who are all around us)

    1. Someone else said: "When you find the perfect church join it. As soon as you join it - it will cease to be perfect" :-)

  15. Why did an Armagh safeguarding person complain to the PSNI about you when there was no safeguarding issue involved. His he just a flunkie used by Amy Martin to do his dirty work for him.

    1. That's what they get £90,000 a year for.

    2. Don't be daft! @14.40

  16. Have you thought of complaining to the Police Ombudsman Pat? If I were you I wouldn't let this drop, it seems rather heavy handed. Have any Police Chiefs been entertained at Ara Coeli by Amy? Amy was shaking hands with Arlene Foster yesterday in Armagh at the war memorial, I wonder did he ask her which young man from her party is shagging around with Fr X? Like Cahal B he continues the tradition of cow towing to Unionists - not a good advert for a boy from the Bogside.

  17. Amy ought to be ashamed of herself getting that lapdog to run off to the Police is pathetic and shows what a spineless weakling we have in Armagh. The most depressing thing is we are stuck with her for years. She can't take action against any of her active gay clergy but she can run quickly to Armagh police station to inform on others.

  18. Pat, Whats the latest on chris Derwin ?

    1. I think hes praying the gay away. either that or hes gone to America to be 'corrected'. The clinic there can work wonders and change your intrinsic God given sexuality - so Amy thinks!

  19. Can't believe your blog today Pat. Was sorry to read what you've had to endure.

  20. Pat, just saw the blog, what an outrage. Surely you can do something about this. It's appalling they are involving your family and friends.

    1. Pat has friends? your having a laff love

    2. I'm not having a (laugh) and I'm certainly not your love. Pat probably has more friends than you realise.

  21. pat you have truth on your side you always have and that will keep you in good stead. Thank you for all you do to shine a light on the wrongs, Christ asks us to be like him.

  22. I disagree with you, Pat, on a number of issues. I think you are completely OTT at times.

    Nevertheless, this harassment of you by Whomsoever is utterly unacceptable.

    Instead of addressing the grave matters you have highlighted (you didn't invent them), the 'powers that be' engage in silly beggars.

    I do hope you have a good solicitor. Indeed, think about going to the Police Ombudsman.

    The hierarchy should be desperately attempting to rectify the situations your blog has brought to light. Or to reassure people that matters are not as they have presented.

    Take the case of this Dublin fellow, Michael Byrne.

    If what has been alleged about him is untrue, then he is the victim of a most atrocious slander and should seek every remedy to restore his reputation and vindicate his character.

    Why has he not done so?

    His failure to do so leads many to believe that he is guilty as charged.

    In which case, Dermot Martin's seeming determination to ordain him is incomprehensible.

    If what is alleged about "Gorgeous" Byrne is true and Martin goes ahead and ordains him, then Martin deserves horse whipped (figuratively speaking, Diarmuid, in case you are reading this - or Wee Paul or Big Joe is reading it to you - for your bedtime story).

    But Dermot, a horsewhipping will be preferable for you, when you pop your clogs and find yourself in front of the Great White Throne and the realisation immediately dawns on you that the whole "Catholic Thing" that gave you such adulation and a comfortable life here below, is actually TRUE.

    Then, as the spirit-shite begins to leak out of your spirit-sphincter and drip down the back of your spirit-legs, you will be face to face with your record of appalling stewardship.

    Your successor will be left to deal with "Gorgeous", as your rancid carcass lies a mouldering in the Pro-Cathedral crypt and your soul a broiling in the Hereafter, for your astonishing negligence.

    What is the hold this boyo Byrne has over you, Dermot? What spell has he cast over you that has you thus mesmerised? You are not a man who suffers fools gladly and yet you are entirely in the thrall of this jackass?

    Be assured, Dermot, there is a MASSIVE QUESTION MARK ? over you NOW, in the eyes of many, over "Gorgeous".

    In fact, your milliner should design you a new mitre - a big tall white one - with a great big ? on the back and the front. Archbishop Diarmuid Questionmark!

    If "Gorgeous" is as has been described - and you inflict him on the diocese of Dublin - then you are either mentally ill or downright evil.

    It's no use blaming Pat Buckley, Dermy and co. If what this blog claims is even remotely true, then your asses are grass.

    1. I totally respect people's right to disagree with me.

      But we need to be free to discuss everything openly without being intimidated or threatened.

    2. Why would he go to the Police Ombudsman?

    3. Because of these bogus police visits and complaints by people making mischief and playing silly games. That's why.

    4. Really it's not the police's fault. It's those trying to use / manipulate the police AND wasting police time / resources.

    5. I know it's not the fault of the police, Pat. You should have some redress though against this nonsense. I think that's why some people are concerned. What is the logic of sending a Safeguarding person to the police with a complaint about a whole load of nonsense? Does Amy see herself as a vulnerable adult? And wouldn't you think the police would tell them to feck away off and wise up!

    6. It's absolutely nothing to do with the Police Ombudsman. (There seems to be a complete misunderstanding as to what the purpose and function of the Police Ombudsman is.)

    7. We need a Church Ombudsman :-)

    8. 20.48 You will find that it's very much a case for the Police Ombudsman. This goes back I think to January and we are now in June, why has it taken so long to deal with. It may not be all the fault of Police as it could also be an issue with the PPS. However, the blame lays squarely with the Archbishop of Armagh who should be charged himself for wasting police time.

    9. Yes, Pat is right. The PSNI are bound to respond and investigate any complaint and cannot merely decide beforehand that they will respond to this but ignore that....

    10. We repeat as clearly as we possibly can, that this is not a circumstance which needs the attention of the Police Ombudsman. No individual policeman or woman has had a controversial and disputed case formally brought against him /her by anyone at this stage, let alone one which was taken to the Courts and still remained an unresolved case, thus needing as a last resort the adjudication of the Ombudsman. Many cases are unsubstantiated or dropped etc and many are the complete responsibility of the Senior PSNI Staff. The Ombudsman is not invoked in these circumstances. For clarification refer to our PSNI HQ.

  23. ''Archbishop Diarmuid Questionmark''

    I spat out my tea with laughter when I saw this. I still cant stop laughing

  24. A phisting attack?? I think you mean phishing??
    The former would be abominable.