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Melbourne priest Peter Grasby moves to Malaysia to pursue 'young Asian men' while on paid leave

A Catholic priest stood down amid child sexual abuse allegations has moved to Malaysia, where he is using a gay dating website to seek the company of "young Asian men" while on paid leave.
Stood down amid child sexual abuse allegations, Father Peter Grasby has moved to Malaysia.  
Father Peter Grasby, who is suspected of abusing boys from at least two Melbourne parishes during almost 40 years as a priest, also propositioned a former parishioner on a gay dating website, it can be revealed.
Father Grasby, the former parish priest of St Mary Magdalen in Jordanville, near Chadstone, was placed on administrative leave from the position when he was accused of abusing a boy aged 10 to 14 in another parish more than three decades earlier.

Father Peter Grasby describes himself on a gay dating website as a 'well educated and really soft hearted mature GWM [gay white male]'. 

He was also accused in a Victorian parliamentary inquiry of allowing boys to sleep in his former presbytery at St Michael's in North Melbourne and of surrounding himself with a concerning number of young Vietnamese boys at St Mary Magdalen.
The case of Father Grasby, who was placed on administrative leave in 2012, raises questions about the Melbourne Response, engineered by the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne to handle sexual abuse complaints, and the role it plays in allowing suspected serial offenders to go free on paid leave without supervision, a victim's support group says. 
According to his profile on a gay dating website Planetromeo, Father Grasby travelled to Kuching, a city in eastern Malaysia considered more liberal than much of the Islamic country, on January 23.
Father Grasby says on his profile that he is a 66-year-old Catholic who "happens to like younger Asian men" aged from 18 to 35 but is "not on here looking for sex, because I am getting a bit too old to get hard!".

Father Grasby has been popular on gay dating site Planetromeo, with his profile visited 7907 times. 
The profile also lists details about his genitals and sexual preferences, and he describes himself as a "well-educated and really soft-hearted mature GWM [gay white male]."
It is believed Father Grasby listed his location on Planetromeo as the "Kensington/North Melbourne region" - near where he had been suspected of abusing boys at St Michael's - before he moved to Malaysia.
It appears Father Grasby has been popular on Planetromeo, with his profile showing it had been visited 7907 times.
A former parishioner at St Mary Magdalen said he was stunned when he was contacted by Father Grasby on Planetromeo. The approach came before the priest left Melbourne.
The parishioner, who did not wish to be named, contacted the archdiocese and was told Father Grasby was on leave.
While the priest probably contacted the parishioner randomly as his profile stated that he was Asian, Father Grasby continued his advances even after the parishioner said he used to attend his church.
The parishioner was told by a friend that Father Grasby had also contacted him on other dating applications.
The former parishioner was told by Father Grasby that he was no longer a priest, seemingly contradicting the position of the church.
"Although I virtually have left Catholicism, this incident definitely help solidify my decision," the former parishioner said.
"I contacted the archdiocese right after finding out [because], given the allegations of church cover up, I wanted to know if Grasby was still a priest.
"It showed that the Church was clearly covering up."
Helen Last, director of the In Good Faith Foundation, which provides support to the victims of church-related abuse, told the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and other organisations there had long been concerns about Father Grasby.
She said it appeared Father Grasby was housed in the St Patrick's Cathedral presbytery, where many alleged abusers were sent, when he was between St Michael's and St Mary Magdalen during the 2000s.
"I had people coming to me, telling me — knocking on my door and telling me — that he had too many young men coming in and out of the presbytery and actually sleeping there — and other things.
"Whilst I was being told that, he was suddenly removed from North Melbourne and put in the St Patrick's Cathedral presbytery, where many men who are not behaving well spend quite a lot of time because it is very close to the administration systems, and they can be closely watched.
"The parishioners [at Jordanville] are saying that so many Vietnamese boys have been surrounding him and coming in and out ... nothing else has been done for that parish."
It is understood former parishioners and neighbours also raised concerns about the priest when it appeared a young homeless man was sleeping with him at the St Michael's presbytery.
Ms Last said the handling of Father Grasby and priests like him was sadly far too common, and there was clear evidence that those on administrative leave required closer monitoring.
The Melbourne Response has been repeatedly criticised for being less than transparent about revealing the identity of paedophile priests, and for paying inadequate compensation to victims.
Under the response, complaints made to the archdiocese are investigated and, if proven, compensation is paid to the victim, on the condition that further claims cannot be made. Compensation is capped at $75,000.
When Father Grasby was placed on leave in 2012, Monsignor Greg Bennet, the vicar-general of the Melbourne archdiocese, said the priest denied the allegations and was assisting the church in an independent investigation.
The alleged victim had been urged to report the matter to police by the church, but had declined to do so and signed a document to confirm the decision, Monsignor Bennet said.
The Age has confirmed that Father Grasby is not subject to any current police investigation. Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne spokesman Shane Healy confirmed Father Grasby remained on administrative leave.
He would not confirm whether Father Grasby had to comply with certain conditions while he was on leave, or whether the complaint made against the priest in 2012 had been proven.
"He is without the faculties to function as a priest," Mr Healy said. 
Priests on administrative leave are given housing, or a housing allowance, and the same wages and insurance benefits they had been paid prior to the complaint.
There are believed to be 30 priests - half of whom were convicted of child sex crimes, and the other half who are confirmed abusers but were not convicted - who are being given financial support by the archdiocese.
In 2014, during a hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the archdiocese announced that it would conduct an independent review of the Melbourne Response.

But the review by former Federal Court judge Donnell Ryan QC has not been released, despite being completed in September last year.

pat says:

Father Grasby is another one of Cardinal Goeorge Pell's priests when he was Archbishop of Melbourne.

Its very strange that Grasby is free to travel Asia looking for young men when he is on leave of absence and is still being paid and kept by Melbourne archdiocese.

Someone. somewhere is not supervising him properly!

There are many thousands of priests like Grasby throughout the Catholic Church worldwide.

And many like him in Irish dioceses operating under the radar.

People will see more of these cases emerge in the future.

I think that Catholics are having their eyes opened.


Paedophile Catholic priest Peter Grasby dies
A paedophile priest who fled to Malaysia on paid leave to seek the company of "younger Asian men" has died.
Father Peter Grasby left Australia in January, despite a travel ban issued by the Catholic archdiocese of Melbourne as a condition of his administrative leave.
The spokesman would also not confirm whether any complaints regarding the priest remained outstanding. The archdiocese previously said Father Grasby's conduct since he was placed on administrative leave would be reviewed.
A victim of Father Grasby urged the Catholic Church to confirm how many victims had reported abuse at the hands of the priest, who had been suspected of predatory behaviour at parishes across Melbourne over almost 40 years.
Investigators with the church's Melbourne Response upheld a complaint in 2013 that he abused a 10-year-old boy while he was assistant priest at St Joseph's West Brunswick in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Father Grasby was placed on administrative leave in 2012, while he was parish priest of St Mary Magdalen in Chadstone. 
Father Grasby was accused during a Victorian parliamentary inquiry of inappropriate behaviour at St Michael's in North Melbourne, a church where he worked before moving to St Mary Magdalen.

"I knew there was no possible way I could be the only one," the victim said.
"He was evil, and he was treated like a protected species. What he thought he could get away with was unbelievable.
"I certainly won't be shedding a tear that he's gone."
Priests on administrative leave are given housing, or a housing allowance, and the same wages and insurance benefits they had been paid prior to a complaint being made.
Father Grasby's disregard for the conditions of his leave, and the failure of the archdiocese to properly supervise him, was revealed  when he started using gay dating websites.
One of the men he propositioned on the website Planetromeo was a former parishioner from St Mary Magdalen who was alarmed at the freedom afforded to the paedophile priest.


Father Grasby is dead/ He died 12 months ago.

But the Archdiocese of Melbourne willo not say:

Where he died?

How he died?

How many victims he leaves behind?


God will judge Grasby.

But at least we know now that there will be no more victims.


  1. What a filthy pervert! I know the case of Rory Coyle is different to this as it didn't involve minors but you have to question Clergy who use apps and social media to meet men for sex. As Ireland is a relatively small place there is a great chance of meeting Priests whom you know and who are using gay websites. Priests in public ministry are recognised by many within their own parish and well beyond. Priests like Coyle are fools for allowing themselves to reveal intimate pictures of themselves online thinking no one will recognise them. I wonder how may are operating as you say Bishop Pat, "under the radar".

    1. What's overlooked generally is that it is the Catholic church with its celibacy rules and underlying message that human sexual desire is dirty and sinful. Made up rubbish used for crowd control. No wonder so many priests look for a refuge from loneliness, emptiness and sexual frustration in unwholesome and desperate ways. The priests and their young victims are all prey of a sick religion. In fact religion (all religion) I have no doubt is itself a form of mental illness and delusion. If you don't believe me see what the Buddhists have done to 700,00 Muslims driven from Myanmar. All religion is wicked and ignorant and stupidly tribal and the sooner Mankind can rise above it and see through it the better but don't hold your breath waiting.In the meantime let the Catholic and all other churches pay up handsomely to the victims of abuse, oh yeah they have the money, investments and real estate in billions.

  2. Pat did you even respond to one comment past night where people were being attacked by magna? It is abuse pure ajd and simple. Wise up.

    1. Pat, I hope you, yourself don't receive undue pressure today re/Magna.
      We have told you and now we can leave him to you. Every other interesting and varied type of posters that come on from time to time are fine. They are often helpful with information and spelling too.

  3. Can we forget about Magna on here today again please as we are giving him undue attention and publicity. Let's stick to the topic of the blog and not Magna.

    1. To poster 10.44__.I couldn't agree with you more!
      That's the way to deal with this.. Do not mention the name and never, ever respond, however tempted to anything he posts..

  4. It is a real blind spot for them and it is the one which will bring it down.





    1. Bishop Pat, much of the abuse that I receive here from commentors is motivated by one thing only: jealousy at my intellectual gifts. I've had this abuse all my life, right through school, university, doctoral, and post-doctoral research.

      If you wish to block me, then by all means do so. But you will have bent to the will of intellectual pygmies who post here.

    2. MC, I have no desire to block you in anyway.

      With the amount of education you have you are perfectly able to comment without the argumentum ad hominen.

      People may / may not be jealous of your gifts.

      But dont stoop to their level.

    3. You really can't help yourself, can you? Have you not taken on board anything of what Pat has said?

    4. Bishop Pat, can we make a deal here and now, in front of witnesses, as it were? I shall try harder not to resort to ad hominem, whatever the provocation. In return, you could issue a graduated series of warnings to commentors about their behaviour towards me and others, a sort of three-strikes-and-you're-out protocol.

      I remember what you stated on a blog quite some time ago. A commentor had urged you not to stoop to the level of fellow priests who had treated you badly, and you replied along these lines: if I hadn't, they'd have buried me.

      If people dish it out to me, then I'm sorry, but I shall dish it back in spadefuls, just as you did.

  6. 11 33 Pat I have to agree with you on this one. Most who hurl abuse on here tend to hide behind anonymous. Some can be partially identified through the phraseology they use. Perhaps some who are genuinely frustrated or have personal gripes should seek advice from an appropriate source. This does not mean I believe the people who hurl abuse on here are idiots They are not. As for this Grasby chap. It points to a black and white attitude in the RC Church to matters sexual and a protect the "lads" in the background.There is a huge difference between a gay person having a partner and a free for all where all morals and accountability go out the window. Any chance on a piece on genuine Christian communities on here to redress the balance. P S How is the "New Church" progressing?

  7. When are you going to learn, Pat?
    We did ask u to STOP the personal posts.
    And still u reply to them...
    Don't stoop to their level....REALLy...who the f is jealous?
    Please get a grip, Pat....you can do it xx

  8. Well u got today's blog a bit late , Pat
    He prob died from aids..the Rc church should be ashamed of themselves
    Giving him paid leave....at who's expense...the gullible laity as usual.

  9. Did anyone see Channel 4 News last night? Someone told me earlier that the Archdiocese of Dublin was mentioned. I didn't see it but I haven't been able to find out what context the Archdiocese was mentioned.

  10. Can't believe you used those words, pat,
    ' don't stoop to their level'
    For crying out loud ??????
    What is going on ?





  12. Anyone got a link to the specific programme on that channel 4 ?

    1. I don't think it was last nights Channel 4 News. Reference was made that an investigation into Dublin Archdiocese may be coming up on Channel 4 News this week, a sort of preview of what's ahead. Gorgeous, Derwin or someone else has probably squealed and dropped DM in the shit.

  13. 'Don't stoop to their level'? I have been nothing but polite on here, despite repeated insults from Magna Carta. Since Pat clearly enables internet trolls and insults on here, and refuses to listen when commenters protest Magna Carta's behaviour, the message is very clear. Pat you have shown what you want your blog to be like and I for one will not read it again. Pat you say you hate censorship but you confuse that with enforcing acceptable standards of behaviour. I am delighted that I will not be reading his comments replying to this, in which he will make out I'm intellectually inferior to him.
    Pat your many enemies want to make your every endeavour out to be ridiculous and by allowing trolling on your blog you fall into their hands. There must be joy in many an episcopal palace at the battle field you have allowed Magna Carta to reduce your blog to.

    1. I'm not worried about my enemies.

      But I do care about blog quality.

      There will be changes from today.

  14. 'The alleged victim (of Father Grasby) had been urged to report the matter to police by the Church, but had declined to do so and signed a document to confirm the decision', according to a Monsignor Bennet.

    Bishop P., you didn't name the source of the above extract. Whatever its origin, the passage I quoted seems to imply that 'the Church' itself did not report this matter to the police. Was this in obedience to Pope Benedict's instruction, issued some years ago, that such matters, effectively, continue to be dealt with in-house?

    I know nothing of Australian law, but I presume that it is a criminal offence there for anyone (including any institution) to withhold from police information about a crime.

    1. Pope Benedict never offered any such instructions to deal with abuse in house. Far from it.

    2. Actually, he did, as far as I am aware. It wasn't made public by him and may have been issued before he was made pope.

    3. If you are referring to Sacramentorum sanctitatis tutela, 2001, that instruction from then Card Ratzinger has been a most effective means of removing offending clerics from ministry who were guilty as sin but escaped conviction in a criminal court due to "insufficient evidence".

    4. Yes, I was alluding to that document. Far from being a 'most effective means of removing offending clerics from ministry who were guilty as sin but escaped conviction in a criminal court', it forbade reporting of child rape/sodomy to police by reminding bishops worldwide that the infamous 1962 document issued by Pope John XXIII was still in force, including its notorious penalty of excommunication of anyone who breached the 'strictest' secrecy in dealing with allegations of child-sexual abuse.

      Your 'take' on Ratzinger's missive is, frankly, extraordinarily and unjustifiably benign.

  15. So is georgous away or not?

    If he is then martin is in the dodo

    1. You can't have it both ways

  16. It may be a general program about all the abuse scandals worldwide. It may be linked to cardinal Pell's recall to Australia.

    1. It's about Dublin and nothing to do with Australia or worldwide scandals. Lots of filming in Dublin last week and there are those who say Bishop Pat has been interviewed as part of it but he's giving nothing away. Some people have been talking and there is the suggestion that it's ex Maynooth Seminarians. DM could emerge from this very bad.

    2. He's not denying it either, or the appearance fee.

  17. So Father Grasby upped sticks and moved to Maylasia, in spite of an archdiocesan prohibition on his freedom to travel.

    The archdiocese appears not to gave taken Grasby's maverick tendency seriously enough. Had it reduced his allowance, this might (MIGHT) have prevented his departure.

    Did the archdiocese continue to pay his allowance when it knew he had breached the travel prohibition? If it did, then it's moral culpability here increases exponentially.

  18. So is it true that channel 4 have been doing interviews with ex seminarians from maynooth over the past week or so? Certain hotel at top of Wicklow st used as the venue ?

  19. Whats all this about Limerick not wanting to lose Fr Chris?
    Have to say I'm not impressed with 'youth ministries '
    I personally don't like to see teenagers manipulated and their heads filled with religious crap.

  20. 16.39
    You think georgous was having it both ways ??
    Oops don't think that's physically possible.

  21. Come on Pat
    Let's be having your gossip!!!!!,!!!!!

    1. Yes, it's high time faithful readers were due grave scandal.

  22. RTÉ Radio Drivetime has just mentioned Channel 4 and Maynooth. They didn't say if it was Channel 4 News at 7pm tonight, however the fact they made reference to it could mean it's on tonight. DM apparently has refused requests for any interviews.

  23. Dear Pay what is the website/blog site for the new church?

    1. www.independentcatholicchurch.co.uk

      We are making careful - and therefore, slow progress.

      We have started a weekly prayer / discussion / help group in Belfast.

      It is am ongoing process.

    2. I meant dear Pat not dear Pay! Morto!

  24. That's just right. Dermot
    Keep it alll under your hat
    Sure us laity have no need to know anything
    We don't wear yards of taffeta or try to manipulate our youth

  25. When has Dermo ever refused RTÉ an interview? No wonder he's been in Rome but then again he's never out of it. Perhaps he's seeking sanctuary like Law, Pell and others. Perhaps he's compromised like so many think he is, maybe the s**t has hit the fan.

  26. Oh my god! did you see Maynooth on the channel 4 news?

    That's right..it wasn't on the news. now back to bed you geriatrics.

    The filming around the Dublin Archdiocese/maynooth concerns a promotional video for the WMOF2018, in conjunction with icatholic and Kairos.

  27. There is an interesting article in the Tablet regarding the new head of the CDF.

    1. Can you, in a nutshell, tell us what it says?

    2. It isn't behind a firewall, its quite easy to get online. The story has changed twice today. If you google Luis Ladaria there is also a story on an Australian publication.

    3. I did go online. Found nothing very interesting, or out of the ordinary, about a man like Ladaria. All in all, pretty run-of-the mill stuff for a clerical careerist.

      I just thought, from your post, that the Tablet had access to something novel, and unusually interesting.

  28. No one was certain or no one confirmed at any point that it would be on tonight. You perhaps let your imagination run wild and you got over excited with anticipation. They will air it when they are ready not when we are. Investigative journalism takes time, lawyers have to be consulted over every fine detail and information totally verified. Circumstances can change and I'm sure ITN who produce Channel 4 News don't want to walk into a libel situation.

  29. So Fr Chris is only leaving limerick for one year.
    He appears to be a nice fella.

    1. And the story is exactly what here?

  30. Pat Buckley, you and your blog are a total disgrace. You only exist to pour scorn on innocent Priests and Prelates, making up stories about them and discrediting them with no reason. Your bile and nastiness sum you up for what you are and you remain a laughing stock for many. It took Waterford to put manners on you (long overdue), come to Armagh and we'll put greater manners on you. Armagh PP

  31. If u want to laugh in Armagh...I'm sure you will lots there.
    Mostly Armagh had lots of bile going on over the years...no laughing matter, only tears of sadness.

  32. You must be some disgusting PP....or a nasty imposter.
    It's long past your bedtime.

  33. 21.44
    If u referring to the post about Fr Chris
    It's lovely to read a good news story about someone...anyone
    Especially in Limerick...press there is not always good

  34. MournemanMichael4 July 2017 at 23:27

    Dear Anon @ 22:18 you obviously have a strong opinion of Pat. And of course are well entitled to it. However I well believe that if you accepted an invitation to debate and justify the evidence for your opinion before an objective audience you would soon realise how unsupported your contention would be.
    In the real world of no cradle Catholic subservient submission to RC PPs, it's hard factual evidence that counts: not blind acceptance of discredited belief as pronounced by out of touch decrepit clerics from a now well bygone age who still misguidedly believe in the absolutist fixed beliefs and perspectives of a medieval era.
    It would be great if such could be welcomed to a more open minded questioning seeking for cooperative understanding and significance for our shared existence and mortality rather than blind adherence to their dubious limited perspective.

  35. I think that Armagh Priest is right in what he says. Sometimes truth hurts.

  36. Just wondering for those who were involved if they can still come out and give testimony, even Fr Grasby is dead?