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Archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia embroiled in a row over alleged bullying of a female volunteer.
Paul Hutcheon Investigations Editor HERALD SCOTLAND

THE Archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia is under pressure over claims a female volunteer in the Catholic Church was bullied after a clash with one of his close allies.

Marie Lindsay said she was “traumatised” after the Archdiocese of Glasgow, led by Tartaglia, used retired police officers to try to deliver a “behavioural contract” to limit her dealings with controversial priest Father Paul Milarvie.

The document, which Lindsay has refused to sign, attempted to restrict her free speech and influence where she could sit in church. Her lawyer has advised she is entitled to a non-harassment order over behaviour that has left her distressed and anxious.

Lindsay’s legal representative has also reported a concern about the Archdiocese, which covers a large part of the west of Scotland, to the Information Commissioner.

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Glasgow said: “Since this matter is under consideration by our lawyers, the Archdiocese of Glasgow does not consider it appropriate to comment at this time.”

A pharmaceutical worker in her fifties, Lindsay is a lifelong parishioner of St Mary’s in Duntocher, a village in Dunbartonshire. In 2010, she was formally appointed as a catechist, a role that involves helping children with their spiritual development. She worked with Father Joe Mills, who had been parish priest for over a decade, until his retirement this year.
However, she has found herself embroiled in an extraordinary row with some of the most senior figures in the Catholic Church, a dispute that involves former detectives, 

Police Scotland and allegations of anonymous letters.

The beginnings of the dispute can be traced to last year when Lindsay made a complaint about a headteacher to West Dunbartonshire council. In an interview with the Sunday Herald, Lindsay said Tartaglia, one of the most senior figures in the Catholic Church north of the border, took a personal interest in the case and backed the headteacher.

As a result of the wrangle, she said Tartaglia wanted her out of the post. Mills, who was a parish priest for 50 years before his retirement this year, endorsed Lindsay's version of events.
Mills said of Tartaglia’s reaction to the complaint: “The Archbishop came straight to my presbytery, my chapel house, and said it was outrageous.”

He said that he, Tartaglia and the headteacher had a meeting, at which Mills said the Archbishop offered sympathy:

“As we left the school, the Archbishop said to me ‘you’ll have to get rid of her [Lindsay] and end her role as children’s catechist’.” However, Mills said he refused to let her go and the Archbishop softened his approach.

In February, Father Mills retired from the parish and was replaced by Milarvie, a friend of the Archbishop. Tartaglia installed Milarvie in a ceremony.

However, the appointment was not universally welcomed because of Milarvie’s controversial past.

 In 2012, the Sunday Herald revealed that Milarvie, as a parish priest in Kirkintilloch, was the subject of complaints by a man in relation to incidents at Milarvie’s home over two separate evenings in 2010.


According to a written judgment by the previous Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti, the first occasion involved a homosexual incident, the nature of which is disputed, after both men had "a large amount to drink". Milarvie later apologised.

At a second dinner at Milarvie’s house, the same man alleged he was subjected to unwanted harassment by the priest and claimed Milarvie had attempted to constrain him.

In his verdict, Archbishop Conti found there had been "consensual" gay activity, rather than an unwelcome approach by Milarvie. However, he added that Milarvie's actions had been "voluntary and totally unworthy behaviour on the part of a priest". He was allowed to stay in post.

The 2012 article also noted the professional connections between Milarvie and Tartaglia, who at that point was the incoming Archbishop of Glasgow.

Tartaglia was rector of the Pontifical Scots College in Rome in 2004 and 2005, during which period Milarvie was vice-rector. When Tartaglia became Bishop of Paisley in 2005, he described Milarvie as a "superb colleague and friend" in his ordination speech.

Despite the judgement that Milarvie’s behaviour had been “totally unworthy” of a priest, Tartaglia announced in February that he would succeed Father Mills at St Mary’s. After the appointment, Lindsay said Milarvie displayed an “attitude” towards her: “He told me my services were no longer required.”

In June, Lindsay said tensions escalated when she was in the church hall helping prepare for the children’s liturgy:

Two police officers appeared. And Father Milarvie was there. They walked the length of the hall to the table where my colleague and I were sitting. Father Milarvie did all the talking.”
According to Lindsay, Milarvie told her to collect her belongings, return her hall key and informed her she would have no more involvement in the Golden Jubilee preparations for Father Mills.

Lindsay said she and the police officers agreed to have a conversation outside of the church: “The parishioners could see me going in the police van. I was humiliated beyond belief. The policeman did the talking. He said, ‘I have to commend you for the way you have conducted yourself’.”

“He said, ‘we were asked by Father Milarvie because he was going to ask you to leave the premises and we are here on a preventative measure. We are here in case you objected to him leaving the hall'.”

She added: “How could a parish priest, who is pastorally responsible for my pastoral care, treat me like that? I felt totally and utterly humiliated.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed that police were called to St Mary’s church, but said no criminality was involved and no further action was taken.

Lindsay said a further clash took place with Milarvie in August when, after Mass, she said he “publicly and falsely accused me of sending him anonymous letters”.

She said Milarvie asked if she would “swear on the Bible” that she had not written the letters, after which she said he fetched them. Lindsay said two of the documents had nothing to do with her, but the third had been a note she had personally handed to Tartaglia.

She said Milarvie read out the note in front of her and other parishioners: “It is utterly shocking that a personal note, personally handed to the Archbishop, finds its way back to the parish priest. Where is the confidentiality in that?”

However, it was a third incident that left Lindsay tearful and afraid, as well as furious with her church leaders.

In September, Lindsay said she was at home when she answered the door to two males who said they were representatives of the Archdiocese of Glasgow. The men, Brian Murphy and Campbell Farquharson, are retired police officers and are listed as directors of the Elite Bureau of Investigation Ltd.

“I was terrified. This overwhelming fear hit me. What on earth were these two men doing at my door?” she said.

She declined to cooperate but got Murphy’s contact details and handed them to her lawyer, David Kerr, who is a partner in Harper Macleod LLP.

Kerr contacted vicar general Monsignor Paul Conroy – a senior figure in the Archdiocese – after which the lawyer received the “behavioural contract”. The contract stated that the document had been “facilitated” by Murphy and Farquharson, who were “representing” the Archdiocese. It added that such a step was “deemed necessary” in view of “challenges made directly to Father Paul Milarvie” by Lindsay.

The document, if signed, would commit Lindsay to accepting that Milarvie would run the parish in line with his “strategic vision”.

She would be obliged not to seek “direct confrontation on any basis” with Milarvie, and she would have to raise “any issues” with him about the running of the parish by letter.
The contract added that she would not “in any way” publicly undermine his work and it placed conditions on where she could sit during mass.

Lindsay said the Archdiocese approach in sending two former police officers to her house was an attempt to bully her: “Have they not heard of Royal Mail? Have they not heard of couriers? Why was it not sent via post?”

“Who would send two males to a female? Why not send a lady and a man? Of course it was to threaten and intimidate me.”


In a six-page letter to Tartaglia, Kerr wrote of his client’s concerns about the incidents involving Milarvie. On the episode involving the police coming to the church hall, he wrote: “There was plainly no reason for Father Milarvie to call the police. Had Father Milarvie asked Mrs Lindsay to leave (whatever his private reasons for that request may be) she would have done so.”

He added: “This incident appears to have been deliberately orchestrated by Father Milarvie in an attempt to cause as much distress and reputational damage to our client as possible.”

On the letter allegations, Kerr wrote: “She was publicly and falsely accused of writing anonymous letters to Father Milarvie. This public confrontation has added to the stress, anxiety and emotional upset our client was already suffering.”

Kerr wrote that Monsignor Conroy had confirmed instructing the two men who arrived at Lindsay’s door, adding: “Mr Murphy confirmed that he was instructed by the Archdiocese to deliver a document to our client …”

On the contract, which Kerr described as a “rather petty, self-serving draft”, he wrote: “The terms of the document are in some ways extraordinary. It is replete with implicit criticism of Mrs Lindsay but does not mention a single act by which she is said to have done wrong.”

He added that the document and method of delivery were an “unpleasant and sinister” attempt to “intimidate” Lindsay. Kerr added: “From an outside perspective the conduct of the Archdiocese in sending two former high-ranking police officers to the home of any parishioner for this purpose (or at all) is beyond comprehension, let alone to the home of an unaccompanied female.”

He argued his client is entitled to a claim of damages from the Archdiocese and said she would also be entitled to a non-harassment order.

The report to the Information Commissioner about the Archdiocese relates to the disclosure of Lindsay’s correspondence to Tartaglia and the circumstances by which the two ex-police officers got her name and address.

As a “possible resolution”, Kerr suggested apologies be given by Father Milarvie and the Archdiocese and for her to be reinstated as a catechist.

In a one-paragraph response to Kerr, Tartaglia wrote that he was “unaware” of a “lot” of the background to the situation, but added that he would not “enlarge on this”.

Father Mills, who described Lindsay an “extremely competent and committed” catechist, said of his Church’s alleged treatment of his former colleague: “She was bullied.” He added that the police involvement was “absolutely disgraceful”.

Murphy referred questions to the Archdiocese of Glasgow.


Another case of severe bullying in the Catholic Church.

Can anyone see a pattern?

A gay priest bully being supported by his bishop?

The police being used by the bullying priest against ONE DEFENCELESS WOMAN?

The priest being left in place?

These cases are common in Ireland, England, Scotland and around the world.

Archbishop Tartaglia is a strange fish. Apparently, he was a friend of Monsignor Michael Ledwith - of Maynooth fame!


  1. This was an example of a storm in a teacup which could have been initially sorted in five sensible minutes but no! Because it was so badly handled and people used sledgehammers to crack nuts, it escalated into a very distressing ordeal for this lady. Very poor judgement from so-called senior clergy added to Marie's distress. I do agree that a fair and sensible written contract outlining the parameters of her job would have helped and had it been there from day one, everyone would have been clear where the boundaries lay, on all sides. It is always better to do this at the very beginning rather than make up new rules and move the goalposts when the game has started. This avoids resentment and misunderstandings.
    However, nothing but nothing excuses bullying and intimidation and treating someone like a criminal simply because there is a work dispute to be sorted by arbitration!
    A further important reason why the lady should have had her job description and contract beforehand in written form is that she would have a stronger case of unfair dismissal in certain circumstances if the clergy had absolutely succeeded in preventing her continuing in her role without giving her acceptable and credible reasons for her employment to cease. She really required excellent advice on exactly where and on what way she was wronged. Too vague and wide a focus weakens a case like this and renders it possible to present it in court as simply a "personality clash". I think this is where she needs to concentrate her focus.
    She didn't have a clear and appropriate work contract in advance.
    Secondly, focus on the distress caused by being treated unprofessionally and without due privacy (ie bullying)
    Acting outside the parameters... an example of that was when they attempted to remove the normal freedom of choice of where to sit in church and exercise a bullying control...
    An escalating bad situation like that will always have nuances and layers way beyond what gets into print, otherwise they'd have to write a novel! But from what we read here, it does sound unfair and does not reflect well on the senior clergy who hadn't the first notion how to spot and deal with this problem in its very early stages of discontent. That could have quietly happened to everyone's relief and satisfaction before it became about "sides". Sometimes, of course, people are not carefully enough trained in the management aspects of their roles. A big mistake.. always.

    1. 02.19 sadly you have not understood the role of the Lay catechist in the church there are 100's of them and they do a two year course and are all volunteers for Free.
      It was handle badly by Archbishop Conti as Paul Millarvie should have been asked to resign okay mistake first time he came back for a second time, thankfully he was not sent to America at a cost to the diocese.
      Sadly Archdiocese of Glasgow and Motherwell Diocese have clergy c/o the Offices all on sabbatical one in Motherwell has been going on for 8 years.
      Scotland lacks leadership and most dioceses are in the red some by Millions according to the OSCR and that is not good 2018 they all go to Rome with their reports and truth is vast clergy shortages, too many parishes, trading in the red and lack of leadership.
      Archbishop Cushley in Edinburgh took over from the Disgraced Cardinal and he did a huge PR exercise with you tube dvd booklets "we have found the new Messiah" and that was 3 years ago with the major plans arriving Easter 2017 and NOTHING same in Glasgow and nothing so their reports to Rome would be interesting to say the least.

    2. According to the article, 'the dispute can be traced to last year when Lindsay made a complaint about a headteacher'.

      Maybe if we knew what the initial complaint was about we might understand things better.

  2. If you had to summarise in one sentence, from the clergy's point of view, what happened.. A mere catechist acts above her station and tries to dictate to the priest how to run the parish and so she must be stopped.
    But that was not how the lady visited her part in the situation.
    But here's the issue... Even if she was overdoing her "advice" and her criticisms, the clergy should have had the skill sets to deal fairly and courteously with all parties concerned fairly and privately and even handedly. Such a cackhanded mess!

    1. 02.41 she was not above her station as said before there are 100's of them in the Archdiocese of Glasgow and could not do without them due to Clergy shortages and Archbishop Philip just seems to join parishes up with lack of leadership.
      This parish did not want Paul Mallarvie but were told it seems that then your Parish will need to join up with the next one in the "Clusters" however June 2018 is the master plan so we will see what happens as the Archdiocese cannot go on the way it does as it is losing money in a lot of parishes with fewer people.
      Paul MAllarvie should have done the descent thing and resigned after the second incident but Archbishop Conti did nothing.

    2. Paul Milarvie and Tartaglia are FRIENDS.

      That's why nothing was done about him.

      There is a long and complicated history behind all of this.

    3. As the content of her original complaint remains undisclosed, it is difficult to understand why the Archdiocese went to such lengths over the matter.

      Mind you, as we know, the Archdiocese of Armagh also went to similar extreme lengths over a just a figure of speech.

    4. @ 10.26.
      That poster to whom you replied did NOT say that he/she thought the catechist was acting "above her station" That is not his/own opinion!
      If you read carefully you will see that this poster was clarifying how the problem would be perceived beyond EACH SIDE IN TURN..
      That is the vital first step towards working out a solution. That is not at all the same thing as if the poster too was condemning the lady. I don't think s/he was.

  3. Another lovely scandal. As expected, drink and pooving feature somewhere in the mix again. What a shocker!

  4. Pat, yesterday, you sought to place all clergy in the den of iniquity compared to your "perfect" lifestyle and today's blog similarly seeks to paint all clerics as bullies. It is an abberation of justice to do this, most unfair to the majority of priests and Bishops. You continue to allow vulgar and ignorant language to be used in your defenses which are self serving. Yes, there are bullies in every institution and workplace, and yes, all of us who work in the name of the gospel of Christ should have higher virtues but we do fail in our humanity too. Do you not fail Pat? This Advent Sunday invites us to let the "light of God" shine through"... Pat, it's a challenge for you also. Take it seriously as the vast majority of clergy will...

    1. I did not.

      I know there are good priests.

      I was responding to an accuser - probably a priest - who accused me of having no ministry.

      I was pointing out that some priests do so little that they have time to spend many hours each week cruising for sex.

      I imagine you know them as well as I do.

    2. Pat at 9.28:Your "accuser" yesterday had valid, legitimate concerns. You boast too frequently - in defending yourself - of having an unmerciful work load, which I don't accept, when compared to the workload of the majority of clergy. There are lazy people in every profession, some with unscrupulous behaviour, but you cannot infer that all are at something "unedifying". You should be more careful in your analysis which is very flawed at times. And yes, your ministry is much easier compared to the workload of the priests in my Parish and of many others I encounter. No Pat, I don't know those who cruise - you obviously do - but I don't preoccupy my days sneaking into other people's lives. You have a patholigical obsession with the sexual misdeeds of others....That in itself is an illness.

    3. The Laity do NOT clergy like these ones mention on here remember they take vows or have we to forget that.
      + Pat is correct in this blog but I sincerely hope it is NOT just a talking gossiping shock and I sincerely hope the Archbishop's, Bishop's and Papal Nuncio is informed
      To Quote Pope Francis these clergy ordained and found out are a mortgage for life on the Church
      To quote a Bishop he said he does not have quantity in his diocese but has quality and that is what the people want not false clergy.

    4. Pat, I’m not beyond being critical of you myself but seriously that idiot at 9:14 & 10:00!

      Sounds like the same person and the same one as was banging on yesterday - an excuser of clerical scandals.

      Your “yes but” attitude to clerical misbehaviour and scandal says a lot about you - apologist and justifier of clerical scandal. Are you one of the Giant’s Ring boys yourself, or one of their friends?

      As someone has already said - we need quality not quantity. The false priests need to go!

    5. 11.54: Re: your dismissive note on my comment at 10.00: I am not at all an apologist or excuser of abuse of any kind. In fact I'm responsible for reporting two suspected abusers to relevant authorities and was proved to be correct. But I would never make wide sweeping judgments implicating all clergy which is the impression given by so many on this blog. We must all ensure the safety of children and weed out abusers. I do that very professionally. Your rhetorical question at the end asking if I use one of the rent boys etc...reflects on your limited understanding and your ingrained ignorance. You adequately prove my point that the impression is encouraged on this blog that "we are all at it". That I find offensive and unjust. Pat, your friend rarely corrects any injustices or falsehoods.

    6. Could somebody please translate the garbled first "sentence" at l0.32 into English, please? Many thanks. It perfectly illustrates why punctuation is not an optional extra!

  5. Where have I ever claimed to having an "unmerciful workload". No where.

    I was accused of having NO pastoral ministry.

    If you know NO sexually active priest you are very ignorant of what is going on in your Church.

    I do have a better insight than you because EVERY WEEK I listen to people who are victims of priests and bishops in various ways - while you seem content with your priest worship.

    People like you give these priests and bishops cover.

    It's time you switched from priest worship to God worship.

    I do not have any obsession.

    I am simply reporting facts and material I come across from many others.

    Today's Blog was submitted by a faithful Scottish Catholic.

    1. Pat at 10.15. Now, you are so wrong and paranoid. I most certainly would hang any abuser. And I would allow the law and courts of the land deal with such people. Obviously it's a sore point with you when you react so defensively. You don't have a monopoly on compasdion or the fullness of ministry - there are many many good priests in our midst. Many face the challenges of their ministry with courage and integrity and I am inspired by so many priests and relugious. I think you should acknowledge that the vast majority of priests are goid people. Yes, criticise the perpetrators of abuse, but be fair to the many.

    2. Where did I say I had a monopoly of compassion? No where.

      Please stop putting words in my mouth.

      I know there are many good priests and religious.

      But even these people are betrayed by a system that is rotten to the core.

    3. Pat, you don't possess the process of premises, logic and deduction. You must have missed your philosophy classes or else "you don't ever see the hypocrisy and contradictions of your life". My deductions are as easy as ABC....

  6. I am a senior and well known Scottish cleric. The rot in the Scottish clergy goes very high and very deep. I have no problem with gay men or women or gay priests who keep their vows. But let me tell you that the Scottish Catholic rot is very much about rampant, bullying clerical homosexuality and the bullying of the laity and the rest of us priests by that out of control gang.

    1. You are so right Reverend Sir. Keith O'Brien was only the tip of the iceberg.

    2. Milarvie has "the dirt" on others. He is untouchable.

    3. @10:47, 10:50 and 10:54 - spot on!

      The rot runs deep. There is need for a massive clear out of false bishops and false priests.

      Milarvie is a sick joke. Indeed, his connections and what he knows about others, are the only reason he wasn’t dismissed.

      He should be dismissed. What is Rome doing about this? It’s an open scandal and it makes a laughing stock of the Scottish Church and the decent clergy that are left.

    4. 10.14 are you a serving Priest ? however 10.50 Keith O'Brien is not a Senior member of the clergy he disgraced Scotland and has play NO part in the Scottish Catholic Church he is forgotten sadly like Ireland Scotland may not get another Cardinal.
      maybe correct in tip of the iceberg as two off the Cardinal's "Friends" are still serving in the Archdiocese of Saint Andrew and Edinburgh.

    5. 15:50 And by that, I imagine you mean "Friends of Dorothy".

  7. I was rather hoping to read Catholic Truth Scotland’s take on the controversy, but the blog is currently closed down for advent.

    However, twelve months ago, the old harridan editing the blog ran a piece on Monsignor Paul Conroy (also mentioned above), who has (I think) since stepped down for “a period of reflection”. No poovery was involved... drat!

    1. Monsignor Paul Conroy is very active in The Archdiocese of Glasgow he is the Vicar General and Moderator of the Curial and maybe soon he will be appointed the new Auxiliary Bishop of Glasgow as they await the appointment.

    2. Sorry for the mix up there. It must have been someone else, you can't keep up with it all sometimes.

  8. I think the poster at the beginning of today's comments hit the nail on the head when s(he) brought up the necessity for anyone, such as a voluntary catechist, having a clear job description and full and complete understanding of where the boundaries and duties of the task lies. That way both the priest and the volunteers know exactly what to expect of each other, what will be deemed suitable and acceptable and what won't be deemed appropriate or acceptable. Remember I am talking about both sides here. But that didn't happen in this case and each side began to weigh up and be critical of where the balance of power was slipping
    . I am totally familiar with the increasing dependency on good catechists and their important contribution, especially since they are volunteers. There are many issues to be taken into account by both parties and the whole situation needs careful monitoring and perhaps restructuring. Volunteers need to feel valued and appreciated and when that appreciation breaks down, they have nothing left. They are only human and want to feel respected. They too have to be fully aware and accepting of the fact that being a volunteer doesn't absolve us from working within the proper conditions and terms of our role that hopefully were explained to us at the beginning and definitely in writing..which brings me neatly back to why I think the poster at the top of the blog has the workable solution.
    Sadly too late for this particular case though....
    N.B. To not think carefully about how a bad situation developed and WHY it was almost bound to arise sooner or later is foolish.
    If you don't correct the reason for a problem, it will occur again and again.
    People lose sight of this when their judgement becomes clouded by the hurtful emotions.. Good arbitration unravels that...

    1. Yes, You are very grounded and wise.
      When a person is threshing his or her unhappy way through a problematic situation, the last thing they may have at that fraught moment is the courage and clear sight to pinpoint with ruthless honesty the reality of why the problem arose.
      But that is exactly the very best way to prevent a recurrence (oerhaps with a different employing institution)
      It is also, in my experience, the very best way to mentally heal and recover.
      It can time to get to that point though.

  9. Here’s another one -

    All of this points to a hierarchy and priesthood in Scotland that has entirely lost the plot!

    It’s compass has gone haywire - addled by a cocktail of unbridled homosexual lust and alcoholic drink!

    1. As per usual, parishoners back the cyber-stalking Fr Frank King.

  10. The police here in n.i do the Catholic churches bidding . It seems to be the same case in Scotland

    1. It was not Police Scotland that the Church in Scotland used as they said there were no bad situations it was Monsignor Paul Conroy who employed Private Detectives for the role paid for by the laity.

    2. 13.22. Utter rubbish and nonsense. Untrue. Get your facts right. Fool.

    3. 16.38 your the fool if you believe that . If you and a priest called cops at same time who do you think they wud go to first . And I don't need to get my facts right I'm out on the streets and in the comunity I know what gos on and what dusnt

    4. ". You're the fool."

    5. 17.41, if your grammar is indicative of your grasp of facts, God help us. I'm on the streets too and we live in a very different society than 20/30, even 10 years ago. There is no deference to Church anymore and rightly so. The police/gardai are intelligent people. I'm certain that they would follow correct procedures where there is abusive wrongdoing.

    6. Why did the head woman Guard have to resign if everything is honky-dory?

    7. 19.17 and 19.38 . Put down your little red pens and get a bloody life . Have yous nout better to do than correct grammar ? Honest to god get out of your houses and meet people get your 40 cats put down loose your virginity stop wearing dr scolls thora herd is dead songs of praise is not karaoke you won't go blind if you have a wank alan Bennett is not a celebrity duffle coats are not in fashion #GETALIFE

    8. And medieval English is a little passe...

    9. 20.07
      Every outworn cliché in the book.. Not impressed.

    10. 20.07. A banal comment. You wasted your time trying to be funny. Doesn't work. Stay with your day job!

    11. I wasn't trying to be funny because that would be wasted on you . Besides if you laughed Ud have to loosen your barbed wire knickers

  11. So Fr Paul "HJ" Milarvie was the vice-Rector of the Scots College, Rome? I wonder if any strange goings on happened in the college during his tenure there?

  12. 'Philip Tartaglia is under pressure...'

    Under pressure to do what exactly?

  13. I wonder what the relationship was between the AB and the head teacher and what the original complaint was about. If the previous PP backed and protected the complainant he must have felt the complaint was valid.

    1. Presumably, this is the crux of the matter.

  14. +Bishop, I have not yet had the privilege to meet you yet and thought I'd write to say you are doing a great job. Don't let the jealousy get you down. It is people like you who have the courage to bring reform. (p.s. you don't have to publish this poster)

    1. Thank you for your encouragement.

      I am far from perfect.

      But I hate to see what these men do to people.

      Hope we do meet.

  15. For many, I imagine it will be quite satisfying to see Tagliatelle getting his comeuppance.

  16. The whole thing stinks and there is a pattern. In the old days the revered people in the parish were the Parish Priest Garda Sergeant and the School Teacher. I'm sure many issues for good and ill may have been settled between them.

  17. Of course, all we can do is speculate, but reading between the lines here and comments elsewhere, it sounds like the complaint may have something to do with Miss Linsay being referred to as well known pianist from the sixties and seventies. Sounds plausible.

    Of course, I may be putting two and two together and getting five.